What Should You Pack In Your Paintball Gear Bag?

Traveling for a paintball game requires one to be fully equipped and prepared for the game. The preparation includes having all the gear well packed in detail to ensure nothing is left behind that would interfere with the game.

This is an image with all equipment that must be packed in a paintball gear bag

The best way to pack the paintball gear is by using a paintball gear bag. The paintball gear bag functions just like a regular traveling bag. It allows one to carry all the full gear in a disassembled way. Packing the correct type of gear will guarantee the successful completion of the game without any form of disruption.

Here are some of the significant must-have paintball gear to have in the paintball gear bag

Don’t Forget Your Paintball Marker!

Paintball markers are the leading equipment in the paintball game used for aiming and shooting paintballs toward the opponent. Depending on the game requirements, there are three types of paintball marker mechanisms;

this is a girl with a paintball marker

Pump Paintball Marker:

The Pump Paintball Markers operate like the traditional short gun where the user needs to cock first before taking a shot. Their shooting power is slower than the Mechanical and electronic mechanical paintball markers.  

Mechanical Paintball Marker:

the semi-automatic paintball has a higher firing rate compared to a pump paintball marker making it ideal for paintball beginners. It’s also very affordable and easy to use.

Electronic Paintball Marker:

the electronic paintball marker utilizes circuit-driven mechanisms that get power from a rechargeable battery. They have the highest firing speed making them the best choice for experienced paintball players. 

Participating in a paintball game becomes impossible without the paintball marker. It should, therefore, never miss in the paintball gear bag.

What Safety Paintball Gear Are Needed?

A paintball mask is a piece of must-have equipment as it keeps the player from paintball-related injuries. The paintball mask should never miss in paintball gear as it will keep the player safe and enhance proficiency during the game.

this is a paintball mask

Having the wrong paintball mask could lower the performance in the game. To ensure that the paintball mask in the paintball gear bag is of good quality, check out the following;

The Lens is made to prevent paintball impact on the eyes; hence should be made from hard material to resist the paintball impactfully. It should also be scratch-resistant and fog-resistant to ensure the player maintains a clear vision during the game.

The Frame plays host to the Lens and should hold the Lens stiffly to prevent it from falling on impact. It should have a thick foam that absorbs the moist warm, exhaled breath, preventing the breath from fogging the Lens.

The Protection level may vary from one paintball mask to the other. For instance, beginners need a full-coverage mask, while the advanced players have masks on the face making them more comfortable. They both offer protection from the paintball impact.

The Strapping of the paintball mask needs to have a clamping type of lock for easy adjustment for enhanced comfort during the game without performing regular re-adjustment. 

Don’t just pack a paintball mask. Instead, pack a comfortable mask that’s not too tight and not too saggy but well-fitting. 

When playing paintball, the significant safety rule is to leave as little skin exposed as possible as a precaution to avoid injuries. The critical safety rule of paintball is to have as little skin exposure as possible.

Lower Paintball Body Protection Gear

In the paintball gear bag, include the lower body protection gear like a pack in a pair of outdoor boots to protect the feet from related injuries like pricks and cuts. A pair of cargo pants will protect the lower body from paintball-related injuries. 

Upper Paintball Body Protection Gear

The paintball gear bag should also contain upper body protection gear like a long-sleeved heavy t-shirt or a jumper. The attire needs to be able to break the impact from the paintball. Depending on the place’s weather, one can include a waterproof jacket in the bag.

For colder and chilly weather, include a pair of gloves that will keep the hands warm and enhance a good grip on the paintball marker. Having a camouflaging overall will aid in hiding from the enemy and prevent clothes from being covered in paint.

Paintball Barrel Cover

A paintball barrel cover is a small sock-like cover placed at the opening of the paintball marker nozzle. The paintball cover is made of heavy cloth material with rubber strapping that aids in holding the cover in place.

 The paintball cover prevents paintball-related accidents in case the paintball accidentally fires. The paintball can cause severe injuries if it hits someone. When packing the paintball, ensure it has no hole and the strapping holds tightly around the paintball marker.

What Are the Firing Power Needed?

A paintball marker released some paint gels that have a slightly tough shell called paintballs. The firing process is aided by either an air tank or batteries; either Lithium or rechargeable batteries.

Paintball Air Tank

The paintball marker uses air tanks in its firing process that are either filled with carbon dioxide (CO2) or Compressed Air.

The firing process starts with having a tank filled with enough compressed air or carbon dioxide. The air in the tank creates pressure that pulls the paintball into the barrel. When the trigger is pulled, pressure gets released, causing the paintball to fire through the barrel to the target. The release of the trigger paves the way for the repeat of the process.

Before packing the paintball air tank, ensure it has enough air to last the whole game since without the air, either compressed air or carbon dioxide, the firing process is affected.

Paintball Batteries

The electronic paintball markers use batteries to fire the paintballs towards the target. Many players use a lesser milliampere paintball batteries (mAh); hence, the power does not last long. 

The best battery should be between 2000-2500 aMh for 1.5 volts. For 9 volts batteries, they need to be between 500-1200 aMh to aid in completing the game without the need to keep changing the battery.

Whenever the paintball does not trigger reasonably, or the paintball does not come out as expected, it could signify that the paintball’s ordinary batteries or the rechargeable batteries may be running low. To correct it, change the storm, and the problem immediately disappears.

In the paintball gear bag, ensure spare batteries are well packed while fully charged for the rechargeable and a set –of new batteries for the lithium batteries.

What Extras Need To Be Packed In Your Paintball Gear Bag

Apart from the paintball game related gears, the paintball needs to contain some essential extras for personal welfare. They include;

Paintball Cleaning Equipment

Paintball uses paintballs that are made of paint gel. During firing, the paintball end releases paint on the barrel. In the outdoor paintball game, the paintball marker gets dusty. After the game, it’s advisable to clean up the paintball marker.

Some of the everyday items used for paintball maker cleaning include a wet and dry microfiber towel that helps in removing the accumulated dirt. The towel must not be dripping wet; instead, keep it damp wet.

After scrubbing off the accumulated paint and dust with the wet microfiber towel, dry it with the dry microfiber towel. Repeat the process with some of the gear, like a helmet. It eliminates the chances of staining.

After the game, clean the exteriors, and the interior cleaning can be done on arriving home. In the paintball gear bag, include two or more microfiber towels for the cleaning process.

Fully Equipped First Aid Kit

this is an image of first aid kit for paintball

Accidents are almost inevitable in most games despite the prevention measures. Similarly, in the paintball game, the protective gear does not eliminate the risk of injury. Some of the common accidents are twisted joints, fainting, minor cuts, and bruises.

Having a first aid kit in the paintball gear bag goes a long way in managing these minor injuries. Some of the significant advantages of having a paintball first aid kit among the belongings in the paintball gear bag are;

A first aid kit has a manual on how to perform some of the basic first aid procedures correctly. One may run out of breath during the game, collapsing. A first aid kit with a Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) makes reviving the patient easy.

Playing paintball in the woods may bring the players in contact with poisonous plants and insects. Bites and pricks from these plants and insects can cause intensive infections. A first aid box provides medication that mitigates the infection rate of the bite or prick.

In the outdoor paintball game, some may fall and get cuts either shallow or, at times, profound. Cuts can cause bleeding in severe cases, and excessive bleeding may occur. First aid will offer the needed apparatus for cleaning and dressing the cut.

The first aid kit will give players peace of mind knowing that if anything were to happen, help is easy and accessible.

Food & Water Supplies

The body may feel tired, emaciated, and dehydrated during or after the game. Having some water in the paintball gear bag will help rehydrate after the game. Starchy snacks can help refuel the body by providing used up energy.

Some of the nutrition needed by a paintball player must include;

Consumption of Proteins will help the muscle regain the used up energy. The best amount of protein to consume is 15-30 grams. The body’s muscles need protein for their growth and functionality.

Carbohydrates are a great source of energy. After the paintball game, the body needs to regain the used-up power. Consuming 75-100 grams of carbohydrates will significantly refill the lost energy. 

Have some water and several sandwiches in the paintball gear bag for fast refueling after the game.

Personal Effects

After the game, feeling sweaty and exhausted is a normal feeling. Most paintball centers will offer shower rooms for players. It’s essential to pack a few personal effects during and after the bath. 

Packing a clean towel to dry after taking a bath, some oil or body lotion for the skin, and some change of clothes, both inner and outer, for better hygiene. Having some body-wash detergent will make the bath time worthwhile.

Final Thoughts

Packing the paintball gear bag should be done carefully and accurately to avoid missing some essential items. Packing it for the first time may look tedious and confusing, but one gets used to packing the paintball gear bag with time. To ease the packing process, create a checklist that includes the items mentioned above, plus other items that may be essential in the checklist.


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