Best Paintball Pro! How Much Do They Make?

Paintball is one of the best thrilling sports that rush the adrenaline to the next level. It is a pretty standard game for all adults and teenagers. Most people play this game for fun, while some participate in it competitively. Many professional paintball players across the globe are winning the competitions and making money out of it as well.

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Have you ever imagined what a professional paintball player earns to make a living? The answer is they make no less than millions. Skilled professional paintball players are monthly millionaires. They use the best paintball guns and ammunition to set the competitive stage. If you are willing to make a career out of this fun yet competitive game, you should know about the people who have achieved lots of respect and fortune in this field.

Therefore, this article intends to educate you about the top 5 best paintball players, their guns, and the amount of money they make in a single game. Their game journeys are an inspirational source of information that you might just need to plan out your journey with the paintball game in the future. If you’re seeking out such journeys, then you’re at the right place; keep reading to find out.

Top 5 Best Paintball Players – Review

#1 Oliver Lang- The Number 1 Player of the World

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Oliver Lang, a.k.a Ollie, is a pro paintball player with enormous winning titles on international levels. He got the award of best international paintball player of the year in 2005 when he was mere 22 years old.

In 2002, Lang started his journey in the competitive paintball games. He teamed up with his childhood friends in a ‘San Diego Dynasty’ Team. During his golden career, he played the game with many teams. Later in 2006, he left that team and became part of ‘Ironmen.’ From that moment, he received his six-figure payment for the game rounds.

Later, Lang joined his old team, Dynasty, and won the 1st PSP (Paintball Sports Promotions) event in 2011. In the history of professional paintball games, Oliver Lang was the best player of all time. He won the Triple Crown three times in PSP, Millennium, and NPPL. After winning the NPPL event, the Dynasty marked its 50th win record.

Oliver is the artist of the game and the leader that the winning team needs. He takes many game-breaking decisions to win over the losing battles. No one can match his abilities in reading the field and planning a strategy. He was the spiritual leader of his team and was taking responsibility for planning a unique approach to all the game situations. This experience and hold over the game make him the highest-earning paintball player globally.

Not just his performance, but he is also influencing the sport. Even after his retirement, he is still one of the most influential contributors to the sport. He visits the game grounds to guide the young players with unique strategies and gameplay measures.

His presence on the ground itself raises the anxiety levels of opponents. The Splat Magazine passes a declaration about him to be the best paintball player all across the globe. No player to date has such powerful and impactful skills as him. And that is an outstanding achievement, making him the No.1 player. He is currently a retired player but can still beat the young players on the field if he returns.

As per the records, Oliver Lang makes around $165,000 every year with his professional paintballing experience in the team. He used the Planet Eclipse Geo 3.5 paintball gun for his excellent gameplay.

#2 Konstantin Fedorov- The Aggressive Dominator

Konstantin Fedorov was born in Moscow, Russia, and is currently 35. He has a great professional career in the competitive paintball industry. He won an honorable award in the 2006 World Cup for the Russian Legion. The career points in the paintball world matter a lot to define the potential of a player. And Konstantin Fedorov settles with over 9123 points so far in his paintballing career.

He has his name amongst the top three Russian Superstar Players and is one of the top 10 paintball players of the world. He started his paintball journey from one camp when he was 16. After that, he took training to become a pro-level paintball player by practicing with the ‘Russian Legion’ team. Later, he left the team in the year 2012.

Konstantin is famous for his crafty gameplay and aggressive approaches during the game. He wasn’t having any specific role or spot of playing within the paintball game. He loves to play all around the field and dominates the opponents. Many teams have won their games with Konstantin by their side. Konstantin’s favorite teams are the Art Chao, Philly Americans, and Russia BRL.

He is the greatest non-US player of all time who has ever played the paintball sport. He won the US & European professional leagues to dominate the entire sports world. The US professional league federation got the insight about a non-US player dominating the entire sport with his skills and expertise. He is a modern-day professional who was into full-time training, schedules, and fierce gameplay.

His greatness encouraged many newbie players within the league to follow the same training and gameplay paths. In the list of unorthodox paintballers, he is one of the biggest names with a unique style. Unorthodox players are the ones who do not go by the rules of the book and create their style of playing the sport.

In this paintballing career, he has taken on many opponent teams single-handedly. And this is what has driven his name to the list of top players across the world. He has many achievements to his name, out of which few are genuinely remarkable. He won the first of his World Cup of professional paintball in 2005. As per the 2012 report, he has been into the finals of the World Cup 38 times. ‘Huston Heat’ with Konstantin by their side won the World Championship of paintball consecutively for 2018 and 2019.

He is reported to make $7375 per month as a professional paintball player. The first gun that Konstantin Fedorov used at 14 years old was System X NME. Later, he also used the DLX Luxe 2.0 paintball gun.

#3 Ryan Greenspan- The Iconic Paintball Player

Ryan Greenspan was born on February 25th, 1982, and is 39 years old. He is the founder of the team, ‘San Diego Dynasty.’ San Diego dynasty also had Oliver Lang in it for an extended period, and during his stay in the team, he played very well against all his opponents. This team won several championships, as the team housed not just one but two best players of the world altogether. This team bagged huge wins and reputation points compared to other professional paintball teams in history.

Ryan Greenspan got an award in the year 2010 for being one of the best ambassadors of the paintball sport in Australia. He held onto the title of elite-level player for over 20 years in a row. Along with Oliver Lang, Ryan was also accountable as one of the team’s most important players. He was also referred to as the person equipped with the best paintball IQ to navigate the position versatility during the game rounds. The teammates and opponents say that he is a dangerous player in all facets of the game.

Ryan kept the entire team under motivation, which made him unique. He also enhances their skills to utilize it all for the better outcomes of the game. He demands excellence from the team members, which has given some best paintball players in the world. Some of the big names who have started playing under Ryan and are big names today include Kyle Spicka, Blake Yarber, Tyler Harmon, and others.

He is also an ambassador to the sport and has promoted the professional paintball sport to tens of thousands of young and new players from across the world. Hence, his contribution to the sport is tremendous on and off the field. Ryan and his team introduced this sport to many people and several industries across the globe. They still provide exposure to young players in the field in this game.

He is reported to earn $5500 per month for the professional paintball games. During his game on the field, Ryan Greenspan used the Planet Eclipse Ego LV1 Paintball Gun.

#4 Dave Bains- The Hard Working Player

Dave Bains, 38 years old professional paintball player, was a hard-working player of his time. He currently resides in Elk Grove, California. He was an integral part of the teams while playing the paintball game. His dedication is what gets the most appreciation and rewards. Some events and reports state him as one of the best pro paintballer across the world of his time.

However, in 2017, Dave Bains approached the journey of being a coach for the sport. And to be frank, there cannot be a better coach than Dave Bains for this highly active sport. The transition from being the best player to being the best coach was smooth and successful. All of it started for Dave Bains in 2015 during the Millennium series.

Even though he possessed the skills, he still didn’t play for much longer. But instead, he was always there to give directions to the players for the best outcomes. People witness him mainly on the sidelines than on the field. It is yet another superior skill of a professional paintball player to know the game inside out. Knowing how to act upon situations is not easy for any rookie professional player. It needs a lot of experience and off-field planning. Dave Bains has the brains for that.

He was on the sidelines during the NXL event as well. He did play some games in this event, but the frequency was low. Even if he has the less on-field experience, he still showcased the optimal level of performance. His ranking in that game was 1/16 in the event, which is truly remarkable. The points counter was at 1600 for Dave Bains in that game.

As of now, he is a full-time coach and is not a player on the field. The next generation of paintball players will see him as a prime coach. But the existing generation will never forget both the on and off-field potential of this magnificent player. He is the winner of over 22 championships in his playing career. He took part in many international tournaments within a short period of his paintballing career on fields.

As per an estimated record, the net worth of Dave Bains is around $100k to $1 million. Dave Bains was using Planet Eclipse Geo 3.5 Pro Player Edition Paintball Gun.

#5 Alexander Berdnikov- The Sensational Player

Alexander Bernikov is yet another sensational name in the world of paintball. His debut was in 2006, and he holds the title of one of the most skillful professional paintballers. He is currently 31 years old and resides in Moscow, Russia. His position within the game was in the mid-field, and from that spot, he attained a high rank in this sport.

Today, Alexander is the man whom the youngsters follow to master the domination style from the mid-spot of the paintball field. He played in the team ‘Russian Legion’ for 8 long years, right from the initial years of his career. In 2014, he left the team and some of his mates and joined the ‘Art Chaos’ team. He played with that team for around a year and then switched to another one.

He was an integral part of the ‘Houston Heat team and scored an immense amount of points. After bagging so much reputation and wins, he returned to his old team, ‘Russian Legions,’ to support the team in acquiring more wins. In 2017, before Alexander re-joined Russian Legions, his ranking in the list of best players was at 14. In the year 2019, he did run a fantastic show of skills and expertise.

He is consistent with his performance so far in the game. His command over the teammates and impactful strategies make ‘Russian Legion’ one of the most disciplined teams of all time. He is a combination of systematic and controlled aggression approaches. Hence, this is what makes him a sensational player on this list. Even today, he is playing and marking his reputation in the entire paintball world with his impeccable skill show and performance.

His income is around $6400 per month within the team for the professional paintball sports. He has used Dye M3+, Field One Force, Eclipse LV1, and many other paintball markers so far in his career.



These are the best 5 paintball players that this world has witnessed until the 21st century. Many other players have an incredible sense of game for the paintball sport, and they pretty decent reputation and good pay for the same. Many amateur players are climbing up the ladder to be the essential player of their team one day.

But every team needs a leader to enhance the skills of other team members. These 5 names were the ideal candidate for being leaders of their team. People look up to Oliver Lang to match his skills, win ratio, and potential game sense. Many young players of today and the next generation will eventually develop their skills to compete with his records.

With this article, you might expect to build a real career every time you commit yourself to sharpening your skills. Like any other job that pays you, your hard work is essential to raise your value in the industry. You need to practice and work to increase your worth in this paintball industry and get good pay.

The players listed in this guide are the best. But that doesn’t mean you cannot be on this list in the future. If you have a passion for paintballing, keep up with the practice and training routines. You will eventually master the role you play within your team. And soon, the world will recognize you as a professional paintball player.

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