Tippmann TMC [Full Review] What To Consider Before Buying?

Tippmann TMC Review

The Tippmann TMC is one of the best addition to the Tippmann paintball marker family. This paintball marker has received tremendous popularity owning the most exceptional features together to improve your game.

With super-quality and solid built, you can definitely lift your game.

It’s a mag fed version of the Tippmann Cronus, a great hit among beginners and intermediate paintball fanatics. Keep on reading this Tippmann TMC review if you want to know whether this marker meets your needs.

Tippmann TMC

HD Image of Tippmann TMC


  • Filled pneumatic markers
  • Hopper feed selection
  • Nicely shaped rubber grip
  • A high-end in-line bolt mechanism
  • Magazine feed choice
  • Practical charging handle
  • User-friendly pull trigger
  • Attached ASA at bottom
  • Two 20 round spring magazines
  • Inside stainless steel gas line
  • 4 lbs. design
  • Cohesive sling mounts
  • Aluminum headset
  • Forward-facing and hindmost adjusting sights
  • Position folding stock
  • 12 inches’ barrel
  • Built-in 4 sided Picatinny bars
  • Twofold position outer selector


  • Tactical Setup
  • User-friendly switch feeder options
  • Reasonably priced magazines
  • High-quality metal construction
  • The ergonomic rubber trigger frame
  • Lightweight and dependable



As we have mentioned above, TMC is a mag fed version of the Cronus. Undeniably, the Cronus is nicely built and a reasonably priced gun and the TMC looks no different.

Over the past 20 years, Tippman has been consistently using a similar blowback style valve in addition to a few minor changes.

The central body of the marker is constructed from Aluminum while other tan parts are primarily made from nylon. They are made from durable rubber. One of the problems you may encounter in the design is the charging handle.

Photo of TMC Design

Since the handle is made from plastic, you need to pull it back every time you re-cock the gun. Also, the quality is not up to the mark and it may get a little weak or eventually break.

We cannot forget to mention that the gun is used with magazines or a hopper. As soon as your TMC box arrives at your doorstep, you will find a hopper adapter along which is super-efficient and easy to install. Though the gun cannot use the magazine and hopper at the same time.


Tippmann TMC is known for its unmatched precision. It is one of the most precise paintball guns with economical round balls. The paintball gun brings you an opportunity to eliminate your rivals from as far as 150 feet with its 12-inch barrel.

With well-shaped projectiles, the probability of hitting your target is improved by 50%.

Further, the rail mechanism features an optical scope to make sure the paint doesn’t drop. Using this optic set, you can shoot from at least 400 feet, mainly depending on your skill level.


The TMC offers easy upgrades that allow you to customize your marker. For this, you can connect some added accessories for its rail mechanism. That way, you can make your gun even more powerful.

TMC Customization

Also, we need to mention that the inner parts of the gun are similar to the Tippmann 98.

If you ever own a 98, you can use its barrel on the TMC offering you the desired results. In addition, you can always upgrade the trigger and the hopper.


The body of Tippmann TMC is built from superior-quality material for rough and tough handling. Besides, the grip is significantly comfortable to hold and use. The top-notch durability makes sure that you can fall or crawl without disturbing its performance.

Tippmann TMC Maintenance

A paintball gun needs everyday maintenance and cleaning. You might be amazed to know that it requires relatively less maintenance in comparison to other competitors. This dependability primarily comes from the durable design and high-quality of Tippmann guns.

Besides, to regularly maintain your Tippmann TMC, you must ensure to clean off dirt and mud from the gun. You should probably get a clean cloth that’s useful if you incidentally drop the weapon or trip into some sludge.

Photo of TMC Paintball Gun Maintenance

In addition, you can use some oil for cleaning it. Though remember to pick the right oil designed for this purpose or else the O-rings inside the gun may get affected. Finally, clean down the excessive oil, paint, or debris off the gun. Cleaning your gun is particularly essential if you want to keep it well-maintained.

Tippman TMC – Shot Quality

If you have any experience in shooting a Tippmann TMC, you will probably have a better idea of how the TMC shoots. It features a blowback style bolt/valve that functions at tank pressure. This means the TMC can operate around 750 PSI. For its high-pressure operation, it produces a somewhat loud noise.

Image of Shot Quality

Though it is not overly loud. Unlike other paintball guns that operate at high pressure, the additional girth of the marker will significantly help you reduce some of the noise. The additional material of the body also helps in dissipating sounds.

Hopper Or Magfed

The Tippmann TMC uses magazines with an overall capacity of holding 19 balls. Since the paintball gun features 2 magazines and therefore it will be loaded with 38 paintballs. The magazines are durable and built with quality materials for rough handling.

Another great addition is the clamping hopper feed neck that let you connect the hopper easily. One thing to consider is to remember it fits according to your playing style and requirements.

Easy Usability

As we have discussed above, the marker is very easy to use. Also, make sure to practice and learn so you will be able to hit moving targets with enhanced precision.

Moreover, the rubber handles make it easier to hold and aim. As well, the trigger has the ideal size for both smaller and clumsy fingers.

Who’s The Tippmann TMC For?

The Tippmann TMC is an excellent beginner gun for all those who want to play with magfed. It’s lightweight and offers easy usability and great precision. Also, it features a solid structure, and therefore it will be your best companion on the playing field.

What’s more? The cost of TMC is very economical, so it makes a smart investment for anyone who wants to play with magazines instead of hoppers.

Image showing the type of players that can play with this marker

Further, the safety switch makes a perfect choice for novices to make sure you never get into trouble. Depending on what exactly you are looking for, it can be both a good and bad choice. If you want a speedball marker, this might not be a perfect selection.

On the other hand, if you’re going to play woodsball and intend to have a magfed gun, this makes an excellent choice.

With a tremendous solid built, it features a rear sight, front sight, flash suppressor and foldable stock. You may want to swap to playing using a hopper instead of a magfed so that way it’s pretty flexible. But remember you can’t play with both at the same time.

If you are fighting on the battlefield, trying Tippmann TMC will make sure you perform with excellence.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, the Tippmann TMC is a capable gun for novices who are looking forward to breaking into a mag fed gun. It’s a versatile, durable, and user-friendly option. The price offers excellent value for the build quality it offers.

The ergonomics and overall feel of the gun are simply unmatched, and you may hardly find any jams or paintball bursts within the marker. There are very few issues you will find with this gun, including shot sound, first strike paintball incompatibility, and complicated disassembly.

Considering the overall features and functionality, you will find exceptional value at the beginner and intermediary levels. We can now say that TMC is leading its competitors within the price range.

If you want to add something to our Tippmann TMC review, we would love to hear from you.

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