Tippmann Cronus Paintball Gun Review – Is It Perfect For You?

Tippmann Cronus Review

Tippmann claims that their paintball guns are exclusively designed to withstand the rough and tough outdoor environments. We strongly believe it’s true for Tippmann Cronus.

Undoubtedly, this paintball marker is of highest quality. It’s time to examine various features of this paintball gun and figure out why it’s a great option – particularly for beginners.

Key Features Of Tippmann Cronus

HD Image of Tippmann Cronus


  • 68 caliber
  • Open bolt black valve mechanism
  • Operates on CO2, compressed air or nitrogen
  • Semi-automatic and mechanical trigger
  • Ball feed gravity
  • 9.5-inch barrel length
  • 3.7 lbs. weight


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Offers multiple customization options
  • Military-style
  • Highly-durable Shoots 8 balls per second
  • Features comfortable rubber grip


  • The lightweight might not be suitable for everyone
  • The barrel needs to be improved


The Tippmann Cronus comes with a competitive benefit over other paintball guns for its ergonomic design. You will find it extremely comfortable when holding and operating the gun. Many paintball guns are somewhat bulky or not very user-friendly causing discomfort during the game.

Unlike other markers, this paintball gun is constructed considering user comfort as the foremost priority.

Ergonomics​ of this paintball gun

Further, the marker is designed to withstand rough and tough use. While the rubber grip is built in a way to allow a firm hold even in raining weather. The smart design and lightweight making it easier to carry around. You can also adjust the stock and grip size according to your ease.


The user-friendly yet striking design makes it fun to operate and fabulous to look at. When you are off to the paintball battlefield, you probably look for all-in-one experience including both how your paintball gun appears and how it works.

The design of this marker

The Tippmann Cronus features a military-style to give you a feel of a real soldier. This design can improve your gameplay to enjoy the sensation of a competitive sport. The model resembles an M3 rifle to make your game even more exciting than ever before.


You will find this paintball marker offering great value for money. The marker will probably last for several years for its solid build, unmatched engineering techniques, and dependable materials. This paintball marker is designed considering the Tippmann 98. If you are tight on budget, it absolutely makes an ideal choice.

Tippmann Cronus's value

Shooting Quality

Tippmann Cronus is a semi-automatic model that shoots quite smoothly. The semi-automatic firing model works great both for novices and intermediate players. The paintball marker can precisely shoot up to 150 feet which is surely a great distance.

Man telling the shooting quality of this marker

If you want to target your enemy from a longer distance, you will have a better opportunity of reaching them with this model. The key benefit of this semi-automatic model is its capability of shooting up to eight balls every second.


Many paintball markers may not provide you with a customization option. Here Tippman Cronus comes in handy and stands out among several other paintball markers. This feature is very useful particularly when you are deciding on upgrading the model primarily depending on your experience level.

You wouldn’t much care about when you are about to start and this can save you several hundred bucks. Instead of purchasing a new paintball gun, you can simply upgrade this model and enjoy a similar experience of having a new gun.

Fully customized tippmann cronus

You can always improve the carrying handle, stock, and suppressor offering you sufficient capacity for customization.

Here we will specifically mention laser sight which can be easily upgraded when you are playing in low light conditions or during the evening. However, the sides are not very adjustable and therefore you may have to get used to the default setting.

Minimal Maintenance

Tippmann Cronus is one of the simplest models since it doesn’t require any special products to make sure it lasts long. If you want to play paintball more often, the model won’t damage easily. This paintball gun is made durable to last for several upcoming years.

Unboxing the marker

When it comes to maintenance, all you need is a few minutes to clean it without putting in much effort. You may clean it using the specified oil for a smooth and quick maintenance. Today everyone is busy in the hustle and bustle of life, and requiring little effort makes your job done perfectly.

Suitable For Beginners

It can be hard to find a paintball that works perfectly for beginners. The Tippmann Cronus is a great paintball gun if you are going on the paintball battlefield for the very first time. This sport is true fun, excitement, and interesting activity for all enthusiasts.

Testing this marker in the paintball field

When owning a paintball gun that feels comfortable in holding and operation, you will enjoy the game more. Appreciatively, this model is designed with novices at the heart of it. It is convenient to operate and handle which is a great feature when finding among several paintball markers.

The Tippmann Cronus offers a simple yet fun experience and thanks to its compact and lightweight design. Obviously, we cannot forget to mention about vertical grip so you don’t have to feel like holding a bulky gun.

What Makes Tippmann Cronus Special?

You might be thinking how Tippmann Cronus makes a perfect paintball marker for both beginner and intermediate players? The very first reason is the unmatched reliability. Paintball players are fond of Tippmann for true practicality and durability.

The marker can take a real beating and still last for several upcoming years. The proficient engineers at Tippmann have exclusively designed this paintball gun considering the user-experience.

The marker shoots precisely and quickly that must be your first preference. For its easy maintenance, novices can easily learn to assemble and disassemble the gun within a few minutes.

The Tippmann Cronus Tactical Edition

The Tippmann Cronus Tactical Edition is an excellent alternative if you intend to buy the Cronus and at the same time looking for some preinstalled upgrades. It’s a semi-automatic marker that effectively delivers a smooth shot.

Further, an extra grip is secured on the front of the gun that can be added or detached as per your preference.

Showing The Tippmann Cronus Tactical Edition​

The back of the paintball marker features a folding stock so the gun can immediately be modified. The topmost of the gun has an installed rail with a sign secured on top of the barrel’s shroud.

You will also find rails on the sides of the marker. Moreover, the Tactical Edition comes with a distinct barrel among which the A-5 is the most common upgrade for many players.

The additional fixtures come standard with the Tactical Edition for smooth cleaning and better barrel sleeve for storage. The Tippman kit includes exclusive oil/lubricant to help attach and disconnect accessories and replace O-rings for the marker.

Pros of Tippmann Cronus (Additional)

Budget-Friendly Model

Its pleasure to say that the Cronus package model comes under decent budget. You can get your hands on the popular Tippmann Cronus with just few bucks. Isn’t it amazing?

Also, we would say that a low price doesn’t mean low-quality.

It’s a product of a popular brand and therefore it features high-quality built, user-friendly design, and great customization. It makes an ideal option for anyone who has just started paintballing. In case you want to take your gun to another level, you will be provided with a range of easy upgrades.

Suitable For Novices

If you are new to paintball, you might be overwhelmed with several paintball markers options available on the market.

Since it’s a major equipment for paintballing and therefore one cannot compromise on the quality and features. Tippmann Cronus is exclusively designed considering the beginners and subsequently, it comes with a lightweight and vertical grip that makes handling super-easy.

You may not find these features in advanced models.

Ammo Friendly Internal Body

Paintball players often encounter one common issue and that’s the damage of the ammo before it reaches the target. This might be due to the quality of paintballs but at the same time, it also depends on the design of the internal body and barrel of the gun. Tippmann Cronus performs an excellent job of keeping the ammo in place and prevent it from any damage.

Cons Of Tippmann Cronus (Additional)

A Startup Gun

We have already mentioned that the Tippmann Cronus makes a perfect beginner paintball marker. However, you will find a drawback attached to it. You may want to upgrade or modify it to a superior version particularly if are looking forward to participating in competitions or want to play with professional players. To compete with experienced players, you might prefer a gun with advanced features and functionality.


Though some add-ons can help you in great gameplay, yet certain features may not help you. For instance, four Picatinny rails might not add anything special to the overall performance of the paintball marker. We expected the model should focus more on the add-ons.


As we have discussed above, the Tippmann Cronus is a perfect option for any beginner since it’s designed in a way to be easily operated. It’s considerably light, precise, and doesn’t break paintballs which is one of the best features. To clean and maintain the gun, you need little effort and time.

Further, this is one of the most reasonably priced guns on the market and the high quality makes it truly stand out among the competitors. We hope this review on Tippmann Cronus will help you in exploring the features of this product. We wish you good luck on the battlefield.

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