Spyder MR100 Pro Paintball Gun Review

Spyder MR100 Pro Review

Spyder provides you with the finest product every time, and here we will introduce you to their military-style paintball gun.

The Spyder MR100 Pro is a semi-automatic paintball marker that shoots perfectly straight on the target. With a bold military appearance, you can perform exceptionally each time.

This paintball gun comes with a mechanical style offering some of the best features you may hardly find anywhere else. For beginners, it makes an ideal option since it provides you with freedom of customization. If you are looking for a top-notch paintball gun that operates efficiently, let’s see this Spyder MR100 Review and what the marker offers.

Key Features Of Spyder MR100 Pro

HD Image of Spyder MR100 Pro


  • High-durability
  • Mechanical style
  • EKO value mechanism
  • Military-style
  • Aluminum mounting system
  • Quick and effective shots
  • Several Picatinny rails
  • Offers value for money
  • Operates on compressed air or CO2
  • High power polymer feed neck
  • 20 oz. tank
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Great for beginners
  • Velocity adjuster
  • Vertical aluminum trigger
  • Spring guide anti-double steel plaited hose


  • The perfect option for beginners
  • Durable aluminum build
  • Highly precise
  • Requires a few minutes for maintenance
  • Shot enemies from 300 feet with accuracy
  • Shots are quick without breaking balls
  • Several customization options


  • Limited compatibility when you want to upgrade marker
  • Accessories that come along the kit are of low quality


When it comes to design, MR-100 is an excellent option to consider. Unlike ordinary paintball guns, it features a military-style design. It gives you an exceptional look of a real sniper that can be handled easily. Further, it has a long front grip that keeps it from the hose.

showing you the spyder mr100 pro design

Considering the performance and style, this marker is sure to give you maximum results. The marker comes with many rails for customization. As we have already mentioned, it’s a perfect pick for beginners. Though if you are a proficient player, you don’t have to worry about its look.

It’s an awesome-looking gun with multiple customization features. This lightweight paintball gun is all you need for an amazing tournament.


Spyder MR100 Pro offers excellent performance in comparison to many other paintball markers on the market. Featuring an air efficient EKO valve mechanism, it allows you to shoot up to approximately 1500 shots in one tank.

MR100 on beds blanket

The overall capacity of the tank is 20 oz. that let you shoot more than other paintball guns and therefore it truly stands out. MR-100 shoots flawlessly right on the target with a powerful shooting capability.

The two-finger trigger provides you with enhanced control over each shot. You can also use compressed air or CO2 with this paintball marker.

Firing Ability

The pull of the trigger is somewhat longer, you can still use one finger and shot 6 to 8 balls per second. For the EKI Value System, you can get the maximum air in your 10-ounce paintball tank.

A man shooting this marker in the field

This paintball gun is all about efficiency to get 1600 shots before filling the tank again. Now here comes the kickback which is less than most markers. Your precision can be as good as 300 feet if you practice more often.

Spyder MR100 Pro Maintenance

Spyder MR100 Pro is not the one that requires high maintenance. All you need is a few minutes to clean everything nicely. You will be requiring to remove only one piece and there you go with an easy cleaning process.

Though make sure to use a little oil to the piston to keep it functioning smoothly. The costliest accessory for this paintball gun is the paintball itself since they are not very cheap. It’s important to keep an eye for balls breaking in your barrel. Clean this paintball gun after every game and you are ready to go!


The price of this paintball gun is very reasonable. It’s a great option for players who are just about to start paintballing. We won’t recommend you to buy a high-end marker at this stage. Remember the low price comes only with the gun. If you are looking for the whole kit, you will have to pay a little more bucks.

Typically, the price of the paintball gun varies, though you will still get an affordable deal. For players who are new to paintballing and looking forward to explore the game more closely should go for a reasonably priced paintball gun and here Spyder MR100 Pro comes in play.


One of the key ingredients of MR-100 is Aluminum. Lightweight yet durable, it allows beginners to improve endurance. One of the issues I find is the extra accessories included in the kit.

Considering the durability of the gun, rough handling will not affect its quality and perform optimally in the long run. Besides, the super-quality aluminum side Picatinny rails will serve for several upcoming years. The anodized finish of trigger makes the gun corrosion free.

Spyder mr100 on my wooden table

Spyder stands for its durability through its Detent steel braided hose. Surely, it will give you some of the most accurate shots every time. The highly practical and durable design of this paintball gun will provide you with a better control and you might not need any further modifications to shoot straight.

Many users complain that the paintball mask is not of the highest quality. It slips more when players sweat and tend to break more often. When it comes to paintball gun, we cannot simply deny its quality. Definitely, a superb built!

Closer Look

Kingman Spyder MR100 is a product of the popular Kingman group. The company started manufacturing paintball guns and accessories in the year 1992.

Initially, they introduced the Hammer pump action marker that soon came out with the revolutionary Spyder semi-automatic guns. Today, they are regarded as one of the leading paintball manufacturing companies enjoying a great repute of making reasonably priced paintball guns that are both high-quality and durable.

Why You Should Buy Spyder MR100 Pro?

Spyder MR100 Pro is a great paintball gun ideal for both beginners and professional players. It gives you excellent number of shots with super-efficiency. The 20 oz. tank is more than enough to cater all your needs and therefore a seasoned paintball player should definitely consider this gun.

Very few people have pointed out one or two drawbacks regarding its bolt and O-ring or else it’s a very durable paintball marker with an impressive grip.

Another important factor that makes this gun stand out is the maintenance.

A boy with mr100 marker showing in-depth analysis

This paintball marker is easy to clean without requiring any special care.

The gun comes with standby parts and wrenches for most assembling tasks such as velocity modification. With an ideal hose length, it delivers precisely positioned shots every time.

If you are someone looking for military style gun with an enhanced efficiency, Spyder MR100 Pro is a perfect choice. It works as flawlessly for proficient players as for beginners and you will be satisfied with your purchase.

Other Great Features

Spyder MR100 Pro is one of the most versatile options. In addition to 20 oz. a tank of CO2 and shots up to 1500, it features a clamping-feed neck and high impact polymer. The two-finger trigger shoots accurately on the target while the aluminum finished side Picatinny rails offer great customization.

Routine check up of mr100 paintball gun

Moreover, a disconnect pin lets a quick rate of fire. To achieve the perfect velocity, the one-piece velocity adjust is there to help you. In addition, the detent steel hose is capable of maintaining the integrity for several shots.

For a number of customization options available, this paintball marker can be completely transformed into something unique.


If you have read this far, we hope it will help you in making an informed decision. Spyder MR100 Pro is a great option for paintball players at all levels especially for beginners who are looking forward to exploring the big sports.

Its reasonably priced and you can easily get the marker at an affordable price. A new player can handle this gun more easily and quick maintenance is an absolute bonus. It’s time to set up your paintball marker and start practicing!

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