What is Speedball Paintball?

Speedball is another version of paintball. This game is played on a soccer-field style instead of playing in the woods by placing several inflatable bunkers on the grass field. It’s because people who like to sprint may get severely hurt when playing in the woods. To avoid this, professional players were introduced to this game format.

Now, these inflatable bunkers are placed differently all over the field to challenge the players and their skills. The game is all about communicating, fast reflexes, and speed.

If you play this game, you will be allowed to have a team of three, five, seven, and even ten people.

Hence, a speedball game is an upgraded version of a paintball game played in a flat field with inflatable bunkers. This version of the game is pretty safe if played under fair conditions.

If you play in a recreated field, which is a bit smaller than professional speedball playing grounds, you need to have an increased speed and faster reflexes.

Equipment Required To Play Speedball

If you wish to opt for a speedball tournament, here is what you must have –

#1 Protection

Protection is very important. This is a fairly-dangerous game, so you need to have some parts of your body well-protected –

  • Slider shorts
  • Knee-pads
  • Elbow pads
  • Cleats
  • Googles, lenses, and chin straps

#2 Pods

While gearing up for the tournament, carry some extra pods. You’ll surely need them along with the game, irrespective of the small or big tournament.

You might lose them, break them, or your teammate might ask for one. So, do keep extra pods.

  1. Tanks and Gun
  2. Jerseys and pants
  3. Microfiber cloths to clean yourself and your gears after the match
  4. Hopper and paintballs
  5. Batteries

You cannot afford to have a dead battery equipped for your hopper and your gun. Therefore, you should put new batteries in your hopper and your gun before every match.

Objective of Speedball

One cannot play well only by understanding the objective of this game, while the objective is to take out the enemies and hang the flag. Sounds so easy, right?

But you cannot win it by blasting some paintballs and hoping they get eliminated! You need to work with your teammates and take the enemies off the field. Each player in the field has to play their role. Some of your teammates need to focus on only eliminating the enemies.

If you take up shooting your enemies, you will have to anticipate where your enemies can be and move accordingly.

You and your teammates need to figure out the attacking plan. Some need to take off the left, while some on the right. Some players need to move through the center, while others cover them.

When you play, you are likely to feel the adrenaline rush in your body for sure. Players on the frontline should know the basics of where to look and where to shoot.

So, now you know that this game is not about shooting and hanging the flag. This game also needs tactics, plans, agility, and better reflexes to win.

Communication is the key! Individual skills are very important, hence place that gun on your shoulder and be ready to shoot!

How to Play

Are you already feeling an adrenaline rush in your system? Here are a few quick tips regarding how to play this game –

Step #1 Go to The Field’s Break Area

When you reach the field, you will get to meet the players who will play alongside you. When you meet them, you all need to fix your roles respectively, like who’s going to shoot, who’s going to provide covers, etc. Pick your role!

Step #2 Wait for The Referee’s Signal

After both the teams form up, you need to wait on the referee’s signal. Experience the rush!

Step #3 Get To Your Airbag

This is when all the players should take their spots and remain in cover. So, it would help if you sprinted as fast as possible to your bunker. Hold your position!

Step #4 Take Cover When Shooting

Use the inflatable bag or bunker for your advantage! Yes, use it as a cover when shooting, as other players will try to eliminate as you do!

Step#5 Keep an Eye On the Field

To keep an eye on what’s going on in the field, you will need to move from one bunker to another. If you make this move within 3 seconds, it’s all good. But if you fail to reach within 3 seconds, you will probably get traced.

If you love cardio, no doubt that this session can be a great one.

Step #6 Let People Know If You Have Been Hit

 If the paintball hits you, you must let the teammates and the referee know.

For this, you have to raise your gun in the air and scream that you have been hit.


Always use your goggles on, wear the mask when shooting. Always stay cautious, know what is going on in the field. Stay alert!

Frequently Asked Question

How Many Paintballs Does a Player Need in Speedball?

As you know the speedball is a fast-paced game played in a comparatively smaller area. This game has less running and extreme action.

Depending on its action base, it will not be surprising if a player will need 200- 300 paintballs in an hour.

What Is the Size of a Speedball Field?

 Even though it is smaller than the normal paintball fields, the average size of a speedball field is 220 feet long and 120 feet wide.

Is Speedball Paintball Dangerous?

To be very honest, speedball is safe. You can get hurt if you run into some obstacles categorically placed on the ground. However, if you have proper safety gear on you, you will undoubtedly be safe.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know what speedball is and how to play this game, you are all set for the paintball action.

All you have to do is master your shooting skills, reflexes, and communication. It is the key as individual skills are very important in this game.

Start practicing now, and feel the adventures in your vein!


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