Planet Eclipse EMEK100 Review- For Beginners Only?

There is no doubt that paintball tops the charts as an incredible sport. The laser-like focus, the thrill of chasing players, and the rush of the hunt, all these experiences are beyond unmatched. Whether you want to practice the shots, are a strategy enthusiast, or are just a regular adrenaline junkie, this game offers thrill and satisfaction leading to a fantastic experience.

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However, to make your gameplay memorable and comfortable, you need to ensure that you possess the correct paintball gun. Beginners or newbie paintball players can easily get overwhelmed when they look at the wide range of paintball guns available in the market. 

More than a hundred options are available, and choosing the best one might not be easy. Hence narrow it down from all the available Paintball gun options based on your requirements and what you want out of your paintball gun. Apply the divide and conquer rule while choosing your paintball guns, as the gun’s quality matters a lot during the game. Well, in that case, you can never go wrong with Planet Eclipse EMEK100. This gun suits and matches the requirements of all the freshers, experts, and medium-level players. 

Planet Eclipse EMEK100 is a practical option for those players looking for an excellent mechanical marker Experience. However, should you go for this paintball gun? Keep reading this detailed Planet Eclipse EMEK100 review to get your answer. 

Speaking about this fantastic and powerful paintball gun, this model is quite sturdy, lightweight, and compact. With this, every paintball player will enjoy an outstanding shooting performance. 

A Compact Yet Powerful Paintball Gun For All

It is a fact that spending time with your team playing paintball games can be a fun time, but it can get much better if you are using the best and high-quality market. That’s why most paintball players take a lot of time finding the best paintball gun with a perfect combination of market value and advanced features that offer the users an edge over their rivals on the field. 

One paintball marker or gun that has witnessed massive popularity in the paintball world is the Planet Eclipse Emek. Planet Eclipse has more than 25 years of experience developing some of the highest performance, exclusive and luxurious paintball markers. And one of the best products of the company is its EMEK100 model. 

This entry-level marker from Planet Eclipse is designed to offer a fantastic performance as well as incredible value. The gun provides the players with a great gameplay experience by combining it with the new battery-free PAL loader system. 

This high-quality mechanical marker combines all trades, including ease of use, durability, high performance. This marker can keep going for months and even years without letting the player down. 

So, if you are low in budget and still want to buy a good quality paintball gun to win the game, you can always give Planet Eclipse EMEK 100 mechanical a try. Have a look at the below-given sections to understand what you can expect from this paintball gun. 

Amazing Features Of Planet Eclipse EMEK100 Mechanical Paintball Gun

Image of Planet Eclipse EMEK100

Planet Eclipse EMEK100- Main Features

Advanced Gamma Core Technology

Durable Material

Smooth And Single Trigger

Tool Less-Grips

Hose-Less Air Transfer System

#1 Advanced Gamma Core Technology

As per the experts, the most stunning feature of the Planet Eclipse EMEK 100 is the Gama Core drivetrain. Well, this feature is only available on selected paintball gun models. In addition, the Gama Core spool valve system can efficiently operate at low pressure and can be dismantled very easily. 

The gun doesn’t need springs or sear to fire as well as re-cock. Besides, this system makes your paintball gun maintenance a lot easier. In order to shoot fragile paintballs, the system utilizes a well-controlled three-stage bolt acceleration system to pick up the paintball and then push that using the right amount of force. As per the manufacturer, the Gamma Core can efficiently operate properly between -20-degree F to +100-degrees F. 

#2 Made Of Durable Material

As per the information mentioned on the official site, two different types of materials are used in making the Planet Eclipse EMEK 100 paintball gun. The outer structure of this gun has GRN- Glass Reinforced Nylon. Well, most paintball guns’ outer shells include aluminum.

However, you don’t have to worry about the GRN, as it is pretty famous for its sturdy and durable properties. Your gun will feel lightweight, and it will be relatively easier to clean. You can even use it in very low or high temperatures.  

Meanwhile, the second material used is aluminum. The manufacturer uses aircraft-grade aluminum to cover the inner body and bottle-line adapter of the gun. One of the significant reasons this gun has two different materials is to offer additional strength and durability to other parts.  

#3 Smooth And Single Trigger

Planet Eclipse always wants to make sure that their paintball guns are super easy to use. And you will notice the same when you pull the trigger of Planet Eclipse EMEK100. The gun comes with a single trigger. 

The gun’s Pivot Tigger System is there to make your firing comfortable. With this gun, you will enjoy impressive rates of fire when you want to fire a consecutive shot. 

This compact and powerful paintball gun, per second, can quickly fire 8 to 10 paintballs. As per some users, the trigger of this model is smooth but not very soft. So, you shouldn’t expect its trigger to be very soft to pull. However, it offers a satisfactory feeling whenever you pull it. 

#5 Tool-Less Grips

The users don’t need any tools to open the Planet Eclipse EMEK100. They can easily access the gun’s internal components just by pressing a button. If you are a beginner, this design will be handy. This feature makes your gun maintenance more convenient, and you can easily access the inside of the gun while playing. 

#6 Hose-Less Air Transfer System

Another significant feature of the EMEK100 is a hose-less air transfer system. The manufacturer has done away with the external hose system that connects the grip and gas tank. While using the gun, you will feel more comfortable. 

Planet Eclipse EMEK 100- Other Features To Consider

Integrated SL4 inline regulator
Singe trigger hinge frame
Deltek offset feed 
External velocity adjustment
POPS upgrade
Functions with compressed air and more. 

You can easily find different aftermarket upgrades for this model created by Planet Eclipse and other brands, such as feed necks, body kits, triggers, bottle adapters, and more. Using these, you can build the paintball gun of your dreams. 

Understanding The Pros And Cons Of The EMEK100

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If you plan to buy Planet Eclipse EMEK100, that is good. But as per the experts, you should check the pros and cons of this gun before making your final decision. So, let’s check it out here:


  • Price Under USD 300
  • Compact And Lightweight
  • Perfect For Beginners
  • Smooth and Consistent Performance
  • Ergonomics Design
  • Efficient System


  • Trigger Is Small
  • Not Good For Speedball
  • Short Stock Barrel

Pros Of Planet Eclipse EMEK100

#1 The Gun Is Affordable

There is no doubt that the cost is one of the most impressive features of this gun. By considering the stunning features you will get with this gun, the price is worth it. You can get it for under USD 330. This gun can be an excellent investment for beginners as it is rigid, and its quality will last for years. 

#2 Compact And Lightweight

When you first pick up this paintball gun, you will wonder how lightweight the gun is.  When it comes to buying the lightest paintball guns, go for Planet Eclipse EMEK100. It weighs around 1.87 pounds. 

You will not face any hard time carrying and swinging this paintball gun around during the match. One thing that makes the gun lightweight is the use of GRM for the outer shell. The overall design is also very compact. However, if you add accessories, then the weight will increase. 

#3 A Good Option For Beginners

One of the best things about the EMEK100 is the gun’s ease of use. If you look at the gun, you will not find a lot of switches and buttons. Besides, the gun requires low maintenance. Apart from cleaning, there is nothing more to do with the guns. 

#4 Smooth And Consistent Performance

Thanks to the Gamma Core drivetrain system, you will enjoy smooth shots every time you pull the trigger. The manufacturer always thinks about durability. That’s why they have used both aluminum and nylon materials in this gun. 

Well, it may not look long-lasting, but the results and reviews are impressive. You will be impressed by the level of beating the EMEK100 can take. It has a 12 to 16-inch barrel, which is a good length and will create a good sound signature. 

What’s more? This model is very consistent. It doesn’t matter if you are new to the game or rusty from not playing it. The product doesn’t need any break-in period to work well. Without extensive maintenance, the gun will offer consistent performance. 

#5 Ergonomics Design

Well, the gun doesn’t just feel lightweight but also feels quite natural when you hold it in your hands. Compared to other guns in the same price range, the EMEK100 can offer you a better sense of comfort. 

The grips of this gun are covered with durable rubber material. You will not face any discomfort while using it for hours. The back grip is a little curved and angled so that it can perfectly fit into your hand. 

The trigger of this model is very comfortable to pull and offers a decent return. With this gun, you can easily attain a speed of 10BPS. However, for the continuous rates of fir, set it at 7 to 8 BPS. Even though there are more guns than offer light triggers, a few models will match the satisfaction level that the Planet Eclipse EMEK100 offers.  

#6 Very Efficient

If you are looking for an entry-level marker for your game, the EMEK100 will be a perfect option. It has been seen that most of the paintball guns that have efficient systems can cost you more. 

Some players expect a beginner gun will offer lower efficiency. However, when using the EMEK100, you don’t have to worry about these things. It shots just like a professional gun and will not chop your paintballs. 

Cons Of Planet Eclipse EMEK100

#1 The Trigger Is Small

Even though it offers a comfortable grip, some users may find the trigger area a little small, and they may find it uncomfortable to move in. The space may be too small for the players with large fingers. However, there is nothing that you can do to solve this issue. The only best thing here is that the gun’s trigger is very smooth.  

#2 Not Good For Speedball

Even though the EMEK100 has many features, this gun is not suitable for speedball. As this is a mechanical model, you will need to use an electronics gun to play speedball. However, you can play games that require a mechanical marker with this.  

#3 Short Stock Barrel

The Planet Eclipse EMEK100 comes with a 10-inch length. Some users may find it a little shorter than the ideal barrel, and your shots may not be 100 percent accurate. For accurate shooting, it is advisable to buy a barrel with a length of 12-inch. So, you may need to buy an extended barrel for this. It is not mandatory to use a new barrel. But for accurate shots, replace it with a longer barrel. 

Final Verdict

You can say that the EMEK100 is an impressive and practical mechanical paintball gun for all. The gun is lightweight, and you can shoot the paintballs at a high consistency rate. You will love this gun’s features for under USD 350 and sometimes this gun is also proposed with a protector paintball package Kit (Hopper, Gloves, Masks, Gear Bag are included) for under USD 400. This is really a bargain at this price!

One of the most impressive things about the Planet Eclipse EMEK100 is its PALs Hopper. Under this budget, no other manufacturers offer such a feature. You can easily make 20 shots before shaking the Hopper. Most non-electrical hoppers fail to offer such a level of performance. 

Some players compare this model with the Tippmann Cronus paintball gun as both have the same features. But given I tried both of them, I can say that in terms of efficiency, I found the EMEK100 much better than the Tippmann Cronus. 

This can be an ideal option for paintball players who want to taste the mechanical paintball experience under their budget. Professional players looking for a competitive device can also give it a try at a low budget. Sure, this EMEK 100 will not disappoint them.



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Planete Eclipse

My short Personal Experience with this paintball gun. I tried this Planet Eclipse EMEK during one afternoon (Very good experience!)

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