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Nothing is as satisfying for paintball players as finding a way to clean up a sweat after a hard exercise or game. Unfortunately, the act of sweating during paintball is a hassle, mainly because it can leave your face dry. 

Image of a paintball player wearing paintball headbands

In addition, after participating in a fierce battle with your adversaries, there is the challenge of dealing with stinky hair and an uncomfortable mask for playing. That is why experts suggest wearing the top paintball head wrap.

This article will give you the top best listings of paintball headbands with complete specifications and features, including customer ratings. But before that, let me give you a brief quick overview of Paintball.

What is Paintball?

Paintball is a team shooting game in which players take out opponents by striking them with spherical dye-filled gelatine capsules, also known as paintballs. 

The game was first invented in 1991 at New Hampshire by Hayes Noel, a Wall Street stock trader, and Charles Gaines, an outdoorsman, and a poet.

Paintball is a great way to encourage collaboration, organization, and a sense of fun competitiveness. A growing number of businesses (large or smaller), schools, and even youth groups are using Paintball as a vital tool in their teams’ development plans. 

Best Paintball Headbands Lists





Temple Tape Headbands for Men and Women

Unisex, one size fits most - 4-inch-wide band.

Stretchy, breathable material.

Super slim and lightweight.

Hot Leathers Head Wrap (Paintball Headbands)

100% Cotton.

Micro-fibre with mesh lining.

Ties in back.



Cooling Skull Cap Helmet Liner for Men

89% Polyester, 11% Spandex.

Pull-On closure.

Hand Wash Only.

Ergodyne - 12479 Chill Its 6615 Dew Rag 

Quick Drying.

Super Absorbent.


Cooling Helmet Liner Paintball

Superior Comfort.

89% Polyester 11% Spandex blend.


Poshei Men’s Paintball Headband


89% Polyester 11% Spandex blend.

Dries quickly.


It fits with different types of headgear.

#1 Temple Tape Headbands for Men and Women 

Image of Temple Tape Headbands

Quick Features:

  • Temple Tape Headbands can stretch up to 4 inches (10.16 cm)
  • It is super slim and lightweight.
  • You can wear it under hats, helmets, and visors.
  • It is made with breathable material to provide grip.


The Temple Tape Paintball Headband is a great value and offers. Leather Great value. This product will absorb your sweat and evaporate it instantly, even if you’re a sweaty person. 

This headband is comfortable to wear and 8 (eight) times more reliable than other cotton-made ones.

It is comfortable to wear and provides support during exercise. No matter what size your head is, it will stay in place. This headband is made from specially blended materials that ensure a secure grip and no slippage.

It is ideal for outdoor and indoor activities, and it can also keep your ears warm in colder climates.


  • This headband (Temple Tape Headbands) can absorb intense sweat. 
  • It is made for multipurpose uses.
  • It can evaporate absorbed sweat.
  • And it can also provide all grip with no slip. 


  • No Cons to display.

#2 Hot Leathers Head Wrap 

Quick Features:

  • This product (Hot Leathers Head Wrap) consists of 95% polyester and 5% spandex.
  •  It can absorb the sweat and dry off quickly.
  •  This lightweight headband is easy to use and has the perfect fitting.
  • And compatible with different types of headgear.


Do you want a headband that absorbs sweat and evaporates it? Hot Leather Headband is a great option. The headband is a microfiber and has a mesh lining to provide greater comfort. You can wear it alone or with a paintball helmet. 

This paintball headband will ensure that you are comfortable while performing any sports and working out. It is suitable for both men & women, regardless of their head size.

The Hot Leathers Headband will allow you to engage in fierce paintball battles with your opponent without feeling uncomfortable. You can wear this headband to paintball, cardio classes, or any other activity that generates sweat.


  • You can wear it underneath a paintball mask.
  • You don’t need any additional paintball headgear.
  • It can remove moisture from any situation.
  • The sweat-drying technology used is of the highest quality.


  • The color of the headband fades away after washing it several times.

#3 Cooling Skull Cap Helmet Liner for Men 

Cooling Skull Cap Helmet Liner for Men - Sweat Wicking Bike, Cycling, Bicycle Head Cap Beanie - Motorcycle & Hard Hat Liners

Quick Features:

  • This headband consists of 89% polyester and 11% spandex.
  • Perfect sweat absorbent.
  • Suitable for paintball and other sports. 


The Cooling Skull Cap Helmet Liner is the ideal paintball gear for those who need a headband that absorbs sweat and evaporates it into the air. 

This product is recommended for athletes, heavy sweater wearers, and players who work hard. Instead of sweating excessively, which can affect your performance and cause you to lose your ability to perform well, you can wear this product to sweat in your playing sessions.

To keep the Cooling Skull Cap Helmet Liner clean, throw it in the washer. What’s more? The headband protects you against UVB and UVA rays regardless of whether you’re bald.


  • You can wear this paintball headband (Cooling Skull Cap Helmet Liner).
  • It is perfect for paintball.
  • It will quickly dry your sweat.
  • And it also blocks UVA and UVB rays.


  • It has less elasticity. 

#4 Ergodyne – 12479 Chill Its 6615 Dew Rag 

Quick Features:

  • Ergodyne – 12479 paintball headband is extremely slim and light.
  • It can stretch up to 4 inches (10.16cm).
  • It provides grip and is made with breathable material.
  • You can wear it under helmets, visors, and hats.


The Ergodyne Chill headband will protect your head from sunburn and wind, and it will make you feel relaxed and evaporate any sweat. You can use it with any headgear. 

This paintball headband is comfortable wearing a helmet or a paintball mask. The headband is made to be secure while you work out, so there’s no chance of it slipping.


  • It can evaporate absorbed sweat.
  • This headband can absorb intense sweat. 
  • You can wear it for any workout activity.
  • It provides all grips with no slip. 


  • It has a tight elasticity.

#5 Outdoor Essentials Cooling Helmet Liner 

OutdoorEssentials Cooling Helmet Liner - Do Rag Head Bandana Wrap for Men - Biker Skull Cap for Cycling & Motorcycle

Quick Features:

  • This paintball headband consists of a blend of 89% polyester 11% spandex
  • It is sweat absorbent and dries quickly.
  • It is lightweight and comes with perfect one-size-fits-all technology.
  • You can fit it with different types of headgears.


This paintball headband (Outdoor Essentials Cooling Helmet Liner) is suitable for women and men. It’s made from 89% polyester and 11% spandex mixture. 

It is a great choice for players who play paintball or those interested in sports such as basketball and yoga. It is also great for heavy sweaters. This headband will make you feel more comfortable and help evaporate sweat from the air.


  • This headband is 100% comfortable.
  • It is highly breathable and washable.
  • It is great for all sports & leisurely activities.
  • And it comes with adjustable ear straps.


  • This product is not for large head sizes.

#6 Poshei Men’s Headband (Paintball Headband)

image of poshey's mens paintball headbands

Quick Features: 

  • Poshei Men’s Headband consists of 95% polyester and 5% spandex blend.
  • This Paintball headband is sweat absorbent and dries quickly.
  • It is lightweight and comfortable to wear while playing paintball.
  • And it fits different types of headgears.


The Poshei Men Paintball Headband is a durable headband that can use for paintball or other sports such as Yoga, Cycling, Running, and Basketball. 

Wearing this headband during a workout is a smart way to soak up sweat, especially if you’re sweaty. It’s ideal for all types of fitness, and it’s not just going to make you feel relaxed. However, it will also let your sweat evaporate out into the air.

It is made from 95% polyester and 5% spandex. Poshei Men Headband is suitable for all kinds of headgear for paintball. If you are looking to wear an air-soft mask or helmet, you’ll feel relaxed wearing this item. 

What’s more? There’s no chance of slippage since the headband is made to remain in place while exercising. 


  • This headband is 100% cotton.
  • Poshei Men Headband is highly breathable and washable.
  • It has adjustable ear straps.
  • You can perform various sports and leisurely activities wearing this headband. 


  • This headband is very thin to absorb a significant amount of sweat.

Why Do You Need To Wear a Headband While Playing Paintball?

#1 Vision

If you’re playing paintball, especially during the intense battle, the last thing you’d want to do is allow your vision to become unnecessarily hindered.

Inattention can lead to a loss of focus. As a result, you might be smashed by the opponent, tripped over, or else make an error that can cause you to lose the game.

Paintball headbands have been designed specially to protect your hair from your eyes. They can also keep sweat from getting into your eyes, and they can also ensure that your mask stays in place and stop it from sliding over your face or head.

Headbands ensure that you have a clear and precise vision throughout the game. It allows you to fire with precision, aids in identifying the opponent, and ultimately improves your odds of winning.

#2 Heat Control

It’s simple to get overhead when playing paintball, particularly in summer, especially if you’ve got all the protective equipment on. The paintball headbands are an excellent method to keep cool during your game.

The majority is composed of absorbent or hyper-evaporative substances which remove sweat and encourage air circulation.

Specific high-end headbands are also able to be used in a wet state. Just soak your headband with water, then wrap it around your head. The water creates an effect of cooling that can help stop exhaustion and overheating, allowing you to continue playing for longer.

They also keep the sun from your face, especially if you choose to play without a helmet for your head.

#3 Protect From Impacts

The headband can shield the forehead from damage by serving two primary purposes, they protect your forehead from direct impact and the second one is to cover your scalp and hair during play. 

Both of these features can benefit players, which is why the paintball players wear headbands.

Paintball is a game that requires precision and speed, and it’s important to be sure you’re ready for any obstacle. 

Paintball headbands will provide additional padding for your forehead, as well as deliver some benefits like keeping your hair from falling away from your face.

It is essential for aesthetic reasons, but it’s also beneficial since it helps players focus on their surroundings while having the least distractions.

#4 Identity

Cool paintball headbands are available in a variety of designs and colors.

Our top choices and the ones we would recommend most are the neutral ones.

A headband designed with an army or camo pattern will make you blend into the surrounding.

Particularly during high-level paintball with a slight advantage over the game’s details could lead to a win!

#5 Camouflage

However, you may be participating in a game, and you’ll need to know your teammates quickly. Headbands are an excellent option to achieve this because they are easily visible and are not protected by any equipment.

A brightly colored headband will allow you to locate your teammates more quickly and make them look bad to the opposing team.

How To Wear Paintball Headbands?

The most effective way to wear a headband made of paintballs is to put the middle of the headband in an arrangement that will contact your forehead. 

The headband should be held by its two ends. Twist it in a direction so that the middle of your forehead is in the center of your headband.

The headband must be placed underneath your hair so that your hair does not get caught in it. After that, wrap both edges of the band wraps all around the head. 

Be sure the headband does not contain food items when you try to cover it; otherwise, it will not fit properly onto your forehead.

In the case this explanation is not clear for you, please watch this video that should help you.

Paintball Headband Buying Guide

It would be best if you considered many things before you rushed to purchase a headband for your paintball practice. This section will discuss the three main factors every paintball player must remember when they go to the market to purchase the best pinball wrap for their workout.

#1 Type 

The type and model of the headwrap are the most important factors in choosing the best paintball helmet. Unfortunately, many manufacturers of headbands are on the market, making it difficult for new players to pick the right paintball head wrap 

Some well-known brands and manufacturers are known by experienced players. If you want to find the best paintball headbands, you should look at what experienced players use for their workouts.

#2 Shape and Size

The next thing you should consider is the size and shape of the headband that you will purchase. 

Amateur paintball players often make the mistake of buying any cheap paintball headband at the store. Unfortunately, there is a chance that the headband you purchase may not be right for your head, and this headwrap won’t make you feel comfortable while working out. 

To avoid such situations and improve your experience on the field, make sure you purchase a headwrap that is right for your head. You don’t have to try every headband you find, but it is worth it to get the right one.  

You are now one step closer to being a professional paintball player by finding a headwrap that fits your head comfortably.

#3 Product Reliability

It is the last but most important factor to consider when shopping for a headwrap for paintball. It is crucial to ensure the reliability of any headwrap or product you purchase. 

It is not a good idea to purchase a headband today, even if you use it in fierce competition.It is important to get a reliable paintball headband, and any less than that will only exacerbate your injuries and not reduce the impact of a paintball hitting your head.

How Often Should You Wash Paintball Headbands?

It is recommended to wash your paintball bag as often as possible. In addition, it is best to wash your headband for pinball following every exercise, and it will ensure that the headband can keep its flexibility for the next workout.

Suppose you don’t regularly wash your paintball headband, aside from the reality that it could be dirty. In that case, it will become smelly and unpleasant for the next game, and it could not be a good thing when your adversaries discover that you’re wearing the headband that smells or is dirty.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, a headband can be a massive difference to the enjoyment of your game playing on the field of paintball.

It can keep your hair out of your eyes, reduce sweat, eliminate heat, and provide a comfortable comfort zone between your helmet and the helmet. 

There’s no way over a high-quality headband to play paintball.

We hope that this article has given you the information you need to select the perfect headband for your paintball attire!


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