Which Is More Fun, Paintball Or Airsoft?

Paintball or Airsoft

Choosing between paintball and airsoft has been debated for years. It’s a trending topic among youngsters whether airsoft is more joyous or paintball. Both games have their plus and limitation points.

So, we’ve compiled a list of the top ten differences cum similarities in our comprehensive guide: Which is more fun, paintball or airsoft?

Please keep reading and decide for yourself.

#1 Guns

Guns: Paintball

There are three basic types of guns used widely by the players in paintball.

Pump Guns

Pump Gun Paintball

Pump paintball guns are the classic form of paintball gun that has seen a recent rebirth. One must manually operate pumps in order to fire.

One often uses a shotgun-like pump to propel the marker and chamber the next paintball for each shot. Pump guns are highly dependable and allow players to concentrate on their field skills and accuracy rather than their firepower.

While pumping is a fun challenge, it is also the most challenging for a new player to work within the sport, especially if they are constantly up against semi-auto opponents.

Mechanical Guns

Mechanical Guns

The most common markers used in recreational paintballing are mechanical paintball pistols. They are semi-automatic, with each trigger- pull can fire one shot. As a result, they’re simple to keep up with and relatively inexpensive.

When equipped with the appropriate attachments, they are the paintball equivalent of a point-and-shoot camera. You can use CO2 or compressed air with most mechanical markers. If you’re playing on a professional field or near a well-managed pro shop, you can get either tank refilled quickly.

If compressed air fills are challenging, use CO2 to run your markers. This is true of most mechanical markers.

Stack Tube blowbacks, such as Kingman Spyder guns, inline blowbacks, Tippmann guns, BT-4s, or Valken SW-1s, are the most common markers used in paintball games. 

In addition, Stack Tube designs are more gas efficient, so if you’re playing in an environment where you can’t obtain air refills all day, you might want stack tube-designed markers.

Inline weapons are less fuel-efficient and customizable.

Electronic Guns

Electronic Guns

Electronic paintball guns are considered a luxury item. However, they are now more inexpensive than ever. Electronic paintball markers are powered by a 9-volt battery and use an electronic solenoid to fire the marker.

An electronic gun’s trigger clicks a micro-switch or trips a laser beam instead of a long and hefty pull like a mechanical marker. An electrical solenoid moves the sear catch lid in electric sear trippers. They boost the fire pace and expand the number of shooting modes available to you. But, they’re still quick and simple to maintain like their mechanical marker predecessors.

The Kingman Spyder Fenix, Tippmann A5 with E-Grip, and Empire Battle Tested BT-4 ERC are just a few of the more popular electronic sear tripper markers.

Guns: Airsoft

Airsoft weapons are classified into three classes based on their power source. The most prevalent types of weaponry are gas, electric, and spring-powered, each with its own set of benefits and drawbacks.

When a first-time customer is unsure which type of gun to buy, we recommend spring versions because they are less expensive and have the same essential maintenance as an expensive model airsoft pistol.

Spring Guns

Spring Gun Airsoft

Airsoft guns with spring versions need users to pump or load the gun every time they shoot it. As a result, they are pretty dependable in close-quarters contests. Leading to a slower rate of fire, but you won’t have to reload as frequently.

As a primary or backup weapon, we recommend selecting a spring model. The most dependable weapon is the spring gun. While they aren’t as powerful as other guns and don’t have the same range, they are the easiest to wield and play with.

Gas Guns

Gas Gun Airsoft

Airsoft weapons are often used only once every round and kept as a backup or secondary weapon. This is because the gas or C02 typically only lasts for the duration of the clip, and your shots will be inconsistent a lot of the time.

Automatic gas weapons are commonly called “pellet hoses” because ammo is shot all over the area with little regard for accuracy or consistency.

Automatic Electric Guns (AEGs)

AEG Airsoft

Electric airsoft guns are relatively the strongest and, in most cases, the most precise. Many electric guns have a hop-up system that allows you to discharge a continuous, accurate line of fire until your clip is depleted. The first time you charge your battery, it will take 5 to 8 hours, but any time after that will suffice.

#2 Ammunition

 The most significant distinction between airsoft and paintball is their ammunition.

In airsoft, bullets are referred to as BBs, which means ball bullets (which most sites say). The barrel diameter is lower, and the BBs used are 6mm in diameter. Because practically all airsoft guns use the same BB size, you won’t have to worry about looking for diameter.

 The only thing you have to be concerned about is the weight. This ammo is available in steel, regular (plastic), or bio (biodegradable). However, several local airsoft fields do not allow steel BB due to safety concerns.

Bottles, plastic bags, and cases can all be used to sell BBs. Packages of 2000, 5000, and 10000 BBs are available. Manufacturers naturally sell BBs for less than paintball rounds since they are smaller and easier to produce.

Biodegradable materials are more expensive, but they are better for the environment. Several airsoft communities require you to use them as they break down in nature.

What Is The Cost Of Pellets?

Depending on how many you want to buy, their price ranges from $10 to $20. It may not seem like much, but if you were to buy a paintball gun, you’d have to spend at least $50, and a case only holds 2000 rounds. These balls are either paint-filled balls or ordinary balls that you can reuse.

#3 Customization

The outstanding feature about airsoft is that you can customize it according to your heart’s wish, whether to make it seem distinctive or to make it more potent by replacing internal parts (gearbox, spring, and hop-up).

If you’ve been playing airsoft for some time, you can get creative and add other attachments to improve your aim or stability, such as a red dot sight, a longer barrel, and a stock.

Rather than purchasing a new gun, you may update your existing one without spending additional money, which is a fantastic investment. Parts are readily available and inexpensive in the market. This allows you to get more inventive, and the sport becomes more pleasurable, allowing you to show off your weapon to other players.

Once the rifle gun is purchased in paintball, it does not need to be upgraded. 

Unlike airsoft guns, they don’t need to change any parts because they are excellent and robust without any maintenance. You can change parts in the paintball market. However, they are more costly than airsoft parts.

The disadvantage of paintball is the lack of visibility. Because the paintball gun’s magazine is on top, you can’t connect sight to it. Because it hides your view, you must aim at the barrel’s side and guess where the bullet will land.

#4 Gear & Clothes

As there is no danger of paint exploding into your mouth in airsoft, you can use goggles instead of a full mask. However, BBs may land in your mouth if you don’t shield your face thoroughly. Therefore, we recommend covering your lower face with a handkerchief or a half mask (with goggles).

Even though BBs are tiny and do not cause as much agony as paintball, our faces are pretty sensitive, and the pain will not go away quickly.

You must wear a full mask when playing paintball. It might be pretty terrible and lead to serious harm if your face isn’t adequately covered.

If you’re new, choose old clothing and boots that you don’t mind getting soiled or torn. This will save you money, allowing you to invest in better disguise equipment and clothing later.

#5 Cost

Airsoft weapons typically cost between $150 and $200 as a starting point. Before you begin playing airsoft, you have the choice of selecting your ideal gun. They have the same appearance as real guns. They’re also a terrific opportunity for individuals who wish to get into it to get some practice.

You may buy a variety of gun sizes on the market, including:

  • pistol – close range
  • shotgun – close range
  • submachine gun — medium/close range weapon
  • Rifle (middle range)
  • Long-range sniper rifle

Paintball costs between $100 to $300. They are more expensive and have more options than airsoft. The most noticeable distinction is that paintball uses a tank, and ammunition is fed through a large hopper.

The cost of an airsoft gun varies depending on the brand and quality of the item. However, in most circumstances, airsoft guns are less expensive. So, if you’re having trouble getting started due to a lack of funds, we recommend starting with airsoft.

When it comes to security equipment, they are nearly identical in price. The purchase of a helmet, vest, elbow/knee pads, and gloves should be your top priority (recommended). If you have a paintball helmet, you can use it (as long as the BBs don’t go under your mask because they’re tiny projectiles).

#6 Accuracy

In airsoft and paintball, the key to winning a match is selecting the right weapon and being precise with it. The firing range is determined by the weapon chosen. However, choosing a high-end weapon is pointless if you can’t hit the target.

The ability to affix a sight to an airsoft gun is an advantage. Iron sights come standard on new weapons, but you can replace them with different sights that are compatible or acceptable. Red dot, holographic, and scope attachments are examples of sight attachments. With nothing impeding their view, the players can aim more accurately.

Thankfully, you can buy a scope lens to secure the scope. They aim to shield the lens from being damaged by stray pellets.

Another reason airsoft is more accurate is that pellets (also known as BBs) are smaller and lighter (approximately 0.2g). Because they are small (6mm in diameter), they are less visible to the opponent, increasing accuracy.

On the other hand, Paintball pellets are heavier and more prominent in diameter, resulting in more wind resistance. The other issue you’d face is sight accuracy; sadly, paintball guns don’t have sight attachments. Instead, they have a hopper that blocks the vision because it is mounted on top of the gun.

Because there is no other way to move the hopper, you must aim at an odd angle and pull the trigger. Because there’s a chance you won’t strike the target, you’ll have to fire many pellets to be sure. Then, you’ll have to guess where it’ll go and go from there.

Of course, if you haven’t used a gun before, it won’t be easy to use it properly. We would recommend starting with an airsoft gun if you have the option because it is easier to learn. The easiest method to improve your accuracy is practicing and learning from your mistakes.

#7 Age

You could be wondering how old you must be to carry the guns and begin playing in the field.

You don’t have to wait for ages if you’re having trouble deciding which of these sports you or your child can begin due to their age. Fortunately, you can begin at any time. In the United States, there is no minimum age to participate in airsoft or paintball. 

However, younger children must be supervised by a parent or adult in many fields.

You must be at least 18 years old to purchase a gun from any airsoft store that sells them before you can begin playing. This is for your safety. You can rent one locally if you can’t afford it or aren’t authorized to possess a gun.

Both airsoft and paintball have an age restriction. Children under the age of 18 years old, on the other hand, can still play with them. Children must be 12 years old or older to play in most fields or tournament events.

In brief, younger players must learn about the non-fire zone, use safety equipment, and know when to shoot appropriately. You can learn these procedures on the job in a nearby field. Make sure to put safety first; if you don’t handle the gun as if it’s loaded, people around you could get injured.

#8 Is Airsoft More Dangerous Than Paintball?

Paintball is a fun and fair activity as when you shoot a player, it leaves a stain on their clothing, making it impossible to claim they were not hit. They can, however, be painful if these projectiles strike you. Therefore, we think airsoft is more enjoyable than paintball since it is less unpleasant, and if you ask other players, they would prefer to play airsoft over paintball for the same reason.

Even though BBs travel quicker than paintball, it would not be as uncomfortable. Although speed isn’t the only factor, bulk plays a significant impact. Put, the larger the bullet, the more energy it holds and the greater impact force.

Paintball pellets weigh around 17 times more than airsoft pistol pellets, which weigh about 0.2g. Paintball pellets are 17 times heavier than airsoft pellets, weighing 3.5 grams and firing at 250 feet per second (16mm diameter). As a result, paintball. In addition, pellets have more energy and spread the impact across a larger surface area when they hit.

Airsoft guns employ 6mm rounds, which are smaller than paintballs. Therefore, a close-range hit with an airsoft gun would only produce minor welts and pain for a brief time. That would not be a problem for me. However, a paintball gun can be pretty painful if you are engaged in close-range fighting.

If the bullet had shot you in an exposed section of your body, it could result in large blisters and stings lasting a few hours or a day, depending on how you have been hit. According to some people, their skin has broken in some cases due to the tight proximity.

Thankfully, there is a rule called a contact in these dangerous sports. It’s a standard guideline to keep athletes from experiencing undue agony. Even without shooting players at close range in airsoft, players are greeted with a “bang” or a plastic knife/tab. Some fields allow physical contact, such as hitting rivals with a barrel, a pretend sword, etc.

#9 Airsoft V/S Paintball: Which Is More Realistic?

It is critical to use visuals to make things appear realistic. If you want to get as near realism as possible, we recommend looking into airsoft firearms. Soldiers use airsoft to prepare or replicate a real battlefield in military training.

You can use airsoft weapons to play paintball, but the look of the guns and the sensation of pulling the trigger will be different (no recoil feedback). In addition, you can conceal yourself with airsoft guns by using camouflage to avoid other players.

This is an excellent method of concealment, as people will not notice you lying or hiding behind trees. This is why military personnel frequently use airsoft to simulate a real-life battlefield.

Paintball, on the other hand, is a unique sport. The large mag put on top of most basic paintball guns is standard. However, it could be tough to conceal because it doesn’t have a sight attachment. It’ll also reveal you if you don’t hit on your first try.

Finally, suppose you want to participate as realistically as possible. In that case, we recommend airsoft because it provides players with a battle situation and a military vibe, which will pique their interest if this is what you desire.

#10 Airsoft V/S Paintball: What Role Can You Play?

Regarding the game styles, both games have a lot in common. However, it’s uncommon for paintball to be played at a slower pace. Usually, paintball matches are fast-paced and have a short duration.

Sniper roles are neither necessary nor valuable. Their job is to stay in one place for a long time while remaining unseen. They must be exact and deliberate in their actions before pulling the trigger. Paintball games do not require sniper roles since the games are so short.

On the other hand, airsoft is perfect for individuals who like to play strategic and objective games like capture the flag, medic, and so on. Using a sniper rifle is also more prevalent, and you’ll see players carrying one around the field. Playing object games necessitates a higher level of stealth.

So, if you think that racing to the goal is the most excellent method, think again. If you were playing paintball, you wouldn’t have to run nearly as much while playing the objective.

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Final Thoughts

As per our survey, we got mixed answers about the question what is more fun paintball or airsoft? . It’s a tie between choosing the best one: Paintball or airsoft. However, we found one thing in common, people who liked combat on-field kinds of stuff tend to like airsoft over paintball.

I would suggest to try both to get your own feeling and make your proper choice !


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