JT Outkast Paintball Gun Review

The JT Outkast Paintball Gun is a semi-auto paintball marker gun with a double finger trigger. This feature enables the player to implement fast-firing during the games. In addition to that, this gun is also equipped with a vertical front foregrip for additional control and comfort.

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JT Outkast Paintball Gun kit consists of all the essentials you need to enter the playing arena. The paintball clothing you need to arrange all by yourself, and the rest of the equipment is available in this kit. If you have a good space around your property, you can arrange your paintball game easily. You can also arrange the paintball game on the farm side, outskirt woods, and open fields if you have access to them.

Get some of these kits, and you will be all set to launch your team to have a paintball battle. If you don’t want a team for this game, choose one battle with your mates by getting two sets. But before you make up your mind and place your order for these paintball kits, you need to get a complete JT Outkast Paintball Gun review, understand its features and usage to use it properly on the battleground.

And this article intends to offer you the complete elaboration upon every detailed aspect of the JT Outkast Paintball Gun kit.





Best For




Semi-automatic paintball marker.

Double finger trigger

It Comes with multiple Picatinny rails.

Vertical front foregrip.

This lightweight semi-automatic paintball marker and the associated kit have a lot to offer for beginners, intermediate and expert level paintball players. However, you need to keep in mind that loads of other brands offer paintball guns with similar to higher features! But most of them are overpriced or inefficient by lagging in one or more features compared to the JT Outkast Paintball Gun.

Here are a few of the aspects that will explain to you better whether you should buy this gun and its RTP kit or look for other available options:

Features of JT Outkast Paintball Gun

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The gun is an integral and most expensive part of the RTP (Ready-to-Play) kit. The brand is popular for making quality and low-maintenance paintball guns for interesting purposes and long-lasting game sessions. If you are willing to get into the passion of playing paintball without investing a lot of money right from the start, then the JT Outkast RTP Paintball kit is the perfect pick for you.

Moreover, the JT paintball gun is cheaper than most other guns with similar features. Therefore, people prefer to get the complete packages to start with the game quicker and cheaper than buying the JT Outkast gun alone.

JT is a brand that is not only known for its paintball guns but also holds popularity for carrying an excellent assortment of JT clothing, JT masks, JT loaders, and other such accessories. But before heading out to all of the accessories, you must get a glimpse at why the JT Outkast paintball gun is accountable as one of the best picks in the lot. The features for this gun include:

#1 Semi-Automatic Paintball Marker

The paintball marker or gun that reloads itself without manual efforts right after one shot is fired is called the semi-automatic paintball gun. It is a perfect gun for the starters, as you don’t want fully automatic markers, as it might lead you to lose ammunition in the middle of the games.

Semi-automatic paintball guns are quite popular, as they are a mix of pump and automatic actions. Every time you fire a paintball, the other ball from the magazine will be loaded automatically for you to take the next immediate shot. The shots might not be flying fast like the fully automatic guns, but they are still good for beginners to have enormous fun.

The JT Outkast semi-automatic paintball marker gun allows the players to have better control over their gameplay. They do not lose control over their shots, as fully automatic markers accidentally fire more than one bullet in one trigger. In this way, you can strategically manage the paintball stock you carry in your game without missing the shots you intend to take.

The professionals discuss how fully automatic guns have reduced the skills needed to execute paintball match plans. For example, the players with fully-automatic paintball markers are bursting open fire upon seeing an enemy who accidentally hits the opponent by any means. But with semi-automatic functionality, you need to put up skills, timing, and accuracy to take the perfect shot.

After taking up a couple of matches with semi-auto marker guns, you will find yourself with better accuracy of shots. It is because this gun fires one paintball per squeeze. So you need to aim your target and fire!

Another best thing about semi-automatic guns is that they are cheaper than fully-automatic ones. Therefore, beginners often prefer it on priority! However, if you want to test the waters and decide whether this sport is meant for you or not, then it is better to go with cheaper, durable, and efficient options instead of expensive ones. Buying expensive things right at the beginning can be waste of both time and resources.

#2 Double Finger Trigger 

The double finger triggers are signs for mechanical paintball guns or markers, and IT is a marvel in achieving that! The availability of double finger triggers is to help you pull the heavy triggers easily. As a result, you will be able to fire faster than usual! Hence, this will also increase the count of shots you can shoot in one second. The amount of fatigue that your hand experiences will also deteriorate.

With a semi-automatic paintball gun, having a double trigger allows them to fire more paintballs quickly in tight situations. The trigger pull becomes very light with the double finger trigger feature. You can break your per-second firing records by leveraging the potential of a double finger trigger in the JT Outkast paintball gun.

Having a double trigger over your paintball marker allows you to choose your desired finger for firing the shot. You don’t have to stick to your index finger for firing your marker gun, but you can use any two fingers to set in position for pulling the trigger faster. Engaging two fingers at once will make the job easier if you feel like the trigger is quite tough and is causing excess strain on your fingers while pulling.

The single trigger guns do not have enough space around the trigger loop for putting in two fingers at once. But still, people try to do it to make the game easier on the field. For a semi-automatic gun, it becomes important to ease the players for gripping the triggers and pulling it at will. You cannot keep wondering which finger you should use for your shots with the enemy upfront amidst the game.

Therefore, it is better to have two of your favorite firing fingers on the triggers and be ready for surprises on the game field!

#3 Multiple Picatinny Rails

You get multiple Picatinny rails over the JT Outkast paintball guns to let you fix many accessories over them like paintball loader, grips, optics, lights, and other such essentials over it. Some of the accessories are available with the JT Outkast RTP kit, while the other essentials that you need should be purchased separately.

But remember that the more accessories you use, the more weight you will add to your paintball marker gun. So, if the weight of the p[aintball gun doesn’t bother you, then you can add tactical accessories over those Picatinny rails to make the game easy for you. Some of the Picatinny rail accessories that you can equip with your JT Outkast Paintball guns include:

  • Angled rail mount-

It is for mounting the accessories at a specified angle for better hold and grip. This makes the attached accessories accessible in a more convenient manner. In addition, it increases the ability of your existing Picatinny rails to hold more of these units to make the gun look more realistic. Hence, the gameplay will be more interesting for the player!

  • Angled Foregrip-

This gun comes with an attached vertical foregrip, so you can get an angled one to fix it upon one of the Picatinny rails. It enhances the gun’s aesthetics and allows you to take more stable and accurate shots.

  • Foldable Foregrip-

You can replace the attached one-piece vertical foregrip with a foldable one. Its purpose is to give you sufficient accessibility for using the gun with a single hand when you are in relaxed situations on the playing ground. You need not have a tactical two-hand grip over the gun at all times. Be confident with your one-hand gameplay and access the foregrip anytime you want.

  • Foregrip Bipods-

This special kind of foregrip comes with a bipod installation, which allows the individuals to set up the gun on any terrain to take a more accurate shot at the opponent. If you are more into disguise gameplay, then foregrip bipods are a good accessory for your Picatinny rail. On the other hand, if you intend to stay hidden, away from the field, and hunt down the opponents in disguise, you need to set your gun on the ground for easy aiming and movements. These bipod fore grips are of best use.

  • LMG Carry Handle-

The JT Outkast Paintball marker is not heavy, but you can still give it the look of a light machine gun. If you have space left over after putting up the necessary accessories, then count on getting this one as well. It has a good grip for you to hold on to and enhances your paintball marker’s aesthetic look. You will feel like you are holding a light machine gun.

  • Swivel Sling Rail Mount-

It is one of the most useful accessories you can pick to attach with your Picatinny rails. It is a combat-style sling that easily attaches the gun to it to prevent potential drag in the game ground. It will keep your low profile on the ground to stay hidden from the opponents. You can use it for easy maneuvering of the gun on the playground.

#4 Vertical Front Foregrip

The vertical front foregrip allows you to control the paintball gun better. It is because vertical foregrip is accountable for people to control the gun recoils. Moreover, it makes it comfortable for the players to hold and manage the weight of the paintball gun more proficiently throughout the game.

It is perfect for starters, as learning with the angular grips might be difficult, and discomfort during the game might spoil the mood and fun. Therefore, this gun comes with a vertical front foregrip which makes it easy for new players to get used to the ideal holding of the gun. The shooting part comes later!

But having only the vertical foregrip available with this gun doesn’t mean you are bound to use it. Depending on your needs, you can always detach it and use angled ones or bipods. As the previous feature section considers, you are open to using multiple accessories depending on your gun rails. Every shooter is different, and vertical foregrips are suggested for beginners.

You might have your preferences for being a professional paintball player. You can either go with the fixed vertical foregrip that you have got with the gun or the RTP kit by JT or change it with foldable ones, bipod variants, or shorter vertical grips. You can also replace it with angular grips depending on your grip preferences.

#5 Works Well with CO2 or Compressed Air

The paintball marker guns are designed to get 50 shots per ounce of liquid CO2. As pressure differences depend on the weather, you will get slower and fewer shots during the cold climate, while few more in the summer season. You get a pre-filled 90-gram CO2 cylinder with the RTP kit by JT. If you are getting the kit, you can use it to power your gun and paintballs right away.

But you need to keep in mind to re-chronograph the paintball gun if the temperatures frequently fluctuate around your region. For instance, if the morning hours are cold, but it turns warmer during the game sessions, then it is important for you to re-chronograph the JT Outkast paintball gun.

#6 JT Warranty

JT offers a six months warranty upon its Outkast paintball marker. If there is any technical difficulty in this product over six months, you will get a complete replacement for it. JT uses quality products to make the best paintball markers that don’t quickly malfunction.

So, regardless of whether you are a beginner or expert in paintball, you can opt for a rough game session without worrying about any deformity to the gun or any other accessories you are using from this kit. Every item used from this kit is a durable material that will last for many game sessions. They are strongly made to cater to rough gaming sessions in paintball games.

With timely maintenance, you can also expect these guns to give out the same level of performance for years to come. In addition, many paintball game organizers also prefer to use JT Outkast paintball guns and RTP kits. So, you can trust this gun’s durability and quality quotient.

#7 Made up of Lightweight Polymer

The lightweight polymer used to build this gun helps cause its weight to be merely 5.57 lbs. Its lightweight feature helps players easily aim and shoot targets more easily in the paintball game.

But don’t let the lightweight polymer deviate you from the quality aspects of this gun. Even though it is light in weight, it is still durable to equip the essentials and enable a rough game session. You may wonder if the gun gets destroyed in a rough or long game session? Do not worry about damaging the gun during game rounds, as the build is strong enough to take the in-game blows. Of course, being a player, you might get hurt during the rough game session, but this gun lasts longer than expected.

It is a 0.68 caliber gun that is way too feasible for beginners. The mechanical build of this gun gives it enormous functionality, while the polymer construction gives a durable encasing to that mechanism. 

Available Accessories with the JT Outkast Paintball Kit

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If you are convinced about buying the JT Outkast gun, this section might make you reconsider your thoughts. Why go with the gun if you have a complete set of accessories available with it at a little additional pricing?

The JT Outkast Ready to Play Paintball Kit consists of several items and its marker gun. Essentials like a mask, count loader, pre-filled cylinder, paintballs, cleaning squeegee, and barrel plugs are important for carrying in your paintball game rounds. Since these essentials are necessary, it’s also really important to know about them. Below you can read what you get in it before you purchase the essential item for your paintball game:

#1 JT Guardian II Mask 

This mask is durable and has a basic system that comes in black color. The material is ASTM certified and has a fog-resistant single pane lens. The lens is non-replaceable over this mask. This mask is a perfect accessory to protect your face from getting harsh paintball shots. It is an entry-level paintball mask made for you by the best paintball mask manufacturers, JT.

The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) is liable for approving the build quality of certain products to give it a certification of safe usability. Hence, this Guardian II mask is an internationally acclaimed safer product for use, which permits it for facilitating trade. JT brings you the best products in the line that are cheap and serve the optimal purpose for which it was built.

#2 JT 200 Count Loader

The 200 count paintball loader or hopper comes in black and is made of tough polymers, enhancing the paintball gun’s durability. It comes with a clear sprint-loader lid and holds up to 200 paintballs. It is perfect for short paintball game sessions. If you want bigger paintball loaders, you will have to buy them separately.

You can replace these loaders anytime you want. But if you are a beginner, it is better to play a few rounds with 200 count loaders. It is because you can limit yourself to the number of paintballs you have in your loader. You don’t want to spend so much money buying paintballs and shooting them for practice rounds.

So, go along with 200 loaders first, practice the paintball game with this gun and master it. And then when you go to the competitive games with your skills, get a bigger loader to never run out of ammunition on the field. You have that advantage with the JT Outkast Paintball gun.

#3 JT 90 gram prefilled CO2 Cylinder

You also get a 90-gram prefilled Co2 tank with this kit which cannot be refilled. It is a standard use JT market that is useful in most paintball markers. It is ideal for use with the JT 90 gram CO2 Adaptor.

CO2 tanks are the best power source for paintball guns. You can get spare ones that are available in different sizes. This can is not refillable, but you can get the refillable ones separately. Any paintball accessory store or on-field organizers will refill the cans whenever you need them.

There is a connector valve at the bottom end of your JT Outkast paintball gun, and you get a connector pipe for linking the CO2 cylinder with that of the gun’s rear part. First, you need to connect one end of this pipe to the gun, while the other part will go on top of the CO2 cylinder.

If you don’t have the connector pipe, you can remove the bottom connector attachment for the pipe and directly fit the cylinder onto it. So, as you have 90 grams of cylinder available in this kit, you can try assembling it upon arrival to try it out yourself.

#4 50 Paintballs

You get 50 paintballs with this kit for starting and practicing with the game. Later you can purchase more of it from the store depending upon your playing ratio. The 50 count ammunition is perfect for putting up free practice rounds around an open space.

If you are a beginner, you need to remember that you should not fire the paintballs at a closed space or aim at anyone at close range. You will be causing chaos and making your house dirty adding up to the cleaning hassle. Also, aiming someone at close range and firing the paintball will injure them to cause bruises.

#5 Cleaning Squeegee

You can get a squeegee for cleaning the gun and other paintball game accessories. This squeegee is made up of durable rubber material that can whisk away any kind of debris from the gun barrel.

There will be a time when the JT Outkast Paintball gun barrel will jam up in the middle of a game round. But, to avoid further interruption, use a squeegee to pull out debris from the gun or push it through the barrel to eradicate the dried paint that is jamming it up.

#6 Barrel plug

A barrel plug is essential for blocking the accidentally shot paintball from the gun’s nozzle. Therefore, a safety accessory is included in this kit. There have been many cases in the gaming grounds where accidental close-range fires have injured the players. Therefore, plug the barrels with it whenever you are not in combat mode, are in close range with your teammates, or are in the in-game lobby. 


FINAL VERDICT: Is JT Outkast Kit Good To Start? 

These are the features and other explanations upon the JT Outkast Paintball gun and the Ready-to-play kit of this brand. Going with the complete kit is always advised rather than buying only the gun. It is because you will ultimately have to buy all of these accessories, without which no paintball organizer will let you enter the field.

If you plan to organize your own game, make sure you have all of these safety accessories in hand. Without this equipment, you will eventually injure yourself throughout the paintball sport. When buying the kit, you do not have to make multiple purchases for buying other essentials thus it’s perfect when you start to play paintball. You get JT products that are durable and promote quality execution.

The paintball ammunition and the CO2 gas cylinder available with this kit are of low quantity to give you the trial of JT accessories. However, once you understand the proficiency of the accessories of this brand, you will not be switching to any other ordinary products. In addition to that, JT is cheap and offers products for beginners and expert paintball players. So, it is time you decide whether you want to grab this deal or let it stock out!

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