How To Play Paintball Like A Pro (Updated)

How To Play Paintball

Paintball has a great power to turn your companions into competitive rivals.

It’s an intense game, and every beginner feels nervous before the very first match. An exciting sport that requires players to play in teams or as individuals using their compressed-air guns.

If you want to know how to play paintball, the foremost things you should do is to get familiar with the basic gear, rules, and regulations, and styles as you are on the sports ground.

Gear Up:

Paintball Gun

You can operate your marker using compressed air, which shoots paintballs at a high velocity. If you are a beginner, you may consider buying a marker between $100-150. For experienced and professional players, we recommend high-end models that cost more than $500.

Make sure to do thorough research before making your purchase. In addition, learn to maintain and clean it so you get the most precise shots on the playing field.

Paintball Gun attached with a bipod

Safety Mask

A safety mask and pair of goggles are required for this intense sport. You are not allowed to compete without wearing a mask. Investing in a quality safety mask will help you in the long term. Though you can always rent for one if you are tight on budget.

You will find many safety masks that tend to fog up, which makes it challenging to see. To avoid this, you may want to consider masks that help you with easier breathability and minimize the fogging for a clear vision.

Paintball Safety Mask Photo

Get Some Paint

Paint for paintball

Paintballs look quite similar to pods comprising non-toxic and water-soluble dye with a gelatin external shell. Whether you want to contest individually or in a group, you will be provided with a unique color set.

That way, it becomes easier to determine the winning team or individual. It’s up to you whether you want to buy directly from the arena or sporting goods stores.

Other Safety Gear

As soon as you are hit with a paintball, it may leave a small bruise on your skin. Though it doesn’t hurt much. Yet it’s still important to protect yourself. These extra safety gear include:

Picture Showing A Boy Using Paintball Safety Gear
  • Wear thick gloves on the playground. Typically, it hurts more when you get hit in the palm or knuckle. For added protection, you can wear thick pants and vests.
  • You may want to wear thick clothing with long-sleeved shirts and pants. Since battlefields are usually muddy so it’s a great idea to wear protective clothing.
  • You can look for an athletic cup. Though you will find some pants with a thick pad in the crotch.

How To Play Paintball?

1- Communicate With Your Teammates

Picture showing how much communication is good in this game

Communication is the foremost key when competing among teams. Effective communication will help team players to coordinate attacks, moves, and strategy. It’s essential to have a team meeting before heading out on the pitch and make a strategy who will coordinate and what hand signals your team will use.

Yelling out about your moves will make it easier for the opponent crew to reveal your next movement or position. Therefore, using gestures and hand signals is a great way to operate.

2- Keep Moving

2 boys standing with their paintball gear and guns

When you are on the playing ground, one important strategy is to keep moving quickly. Remember not to ramble around without aiming. You can pick a certain move and follow a move accordingly. Also, you should know precisely when to take cover and bunker up.

Wait for the right time when your rivals reveal themselves and make mistakes. From here, get a competitive benefit and make a smart move.

3- Gain Intel And Act Accordingly

If you are fond of action films, you may want to follow a heroic approach for the ultimate action. Before launching your attack, make sure you familiarize yourself with the surroundings and collect sufficient Intel to create an effective strategy.

Stealth is essential for gaining new intel throughout your exciting game. That way, you can easily monitor your rival movements and ensure your team is well familiar with these certain positions.

This is particularly important to achieve your defending objectives, preparing for ambushes, and getting one step ahead from your competitors.

Photo showing how to get intel and act according to the situation

4- Establish Boundaries For Paintball Games And Rules

Before your competition, you can take a walk around the field and designate the boundaries for all players. Remember your pitch should be neither too big nor small.

An appropriate size is a 150-yard field for three on three players team. If you have a bigger team of around 16 to 18 individuals, you will perhaps need more space. Make sure to mark the boundaries and aware everyone regarding it clearly.

Paintball Field with boundaries

5- Know Your Game Objective

Every group member must know about the ultimate goal of the game. Whether you intend to capture the flags or playing a simple knock out game, communicate rules and objectives to your team.

Also, list down the timing that we preferably recommend you not too long. Long tournaments are boring for those who are knocked out in the beginning.

Therefore, make it short and exciting. The competition starts as both groups are settled on their respective basis. Both teams signal one another that they are ready and from here the game is ON.

Paintball Game Objective

6- Play By The Local Rules

Every paintball ground comes with a particular set of rules that must be followed at all times for the safety of players and the audience.

For instance, some places apply a 3m rule. If you are at a distance of 3 meters from another player, you are not allowed to shoot.

Besides, some places offer exclusive bonus points to performers primarily depending on their tactical skills. There might be numerous variations and local games, though the fundamentals are typically the same.

Bunch of people in the paintball field for paintball games.

7- Be Vigilant

On the battleground, you need to be prepared for everything. Don’t get stuck in the middle of the battlefield and run out of paintballs.

This will hinder your excitement, and you will eventually lose. It’s essential to stock up during the breaks and make the best use of battle packs to carry along additional ammunition.

Also, thoroughly review your surroundings when moving around the battle zone. Formulate a psychological map of the area where you are playing and try to predict the moves of your rivals during the game.

8- Coverage And Stealth

One of the essential skills you need to learn for paintballing is taking the right coverage and stealth. While it’s crucial to defend yourself and hide at the right places, you need to consider that it doesn’t block your view.

Many beginners often hide to keep themselves safe and consequently miss all the action. Also, this set themselves up for a potential trap. Make sure you can see other opponents and adjust your next moves accordingly. Stay stealthy and shoot intelligently!

Paintball player taking cover

9- Victory in Game

As soon as one team has achieved the objectives, other players on the field should also be informed. Make sure not to remove your masks until barrel covers or plugs have been positioned on a loaded gun.

As you have completed the first competition, try out another one, and repeat the tips from the beginning.

Safety Rules

Safety Rules

You will find paintballing with diverse game versions, but most of them have a set of common rules. Here you go:

  • Do not try to remove your safety facemask on the ground.
  • If you are struck by a paintball and it leaves an evident mark, you will be no longer part of the competition. Also, remember paintballs that bounce off without bursting don’t count. Make sure to notify that you are out and walk off the field when referee acknowledges you.
  • Only shot at your rivals from the given minimum distance. Also, don’t shoot someone who has been already marked. As we have discussed above, some fields don’t allow you to shoot when you are a certain distance from your opponent.
  • Remember you are responsible for calling yourself out. Therefore, you must ensure to do this honestly since this is one of the most important factors to keep the rivalry interesting and friendly.
  • Do not try to rub off the tint when you are hit or else you may get a penalty from the referee. Though some fields have a reincarnation rule for novices. This means if you get shot in the initial stages, you can clean it off and come back.

Final Verdict:

You will find non-ending major and minor variations on how to play paintball, with several fields offering their twists and turns. Don’t forget to check out the field’s website or ask someone to get yourself familiar with the rules. Once you arrive on the battlefield, read up the tips listed above and take your game to the next level.

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