How to Heal Paintball Bruises?

When it comes to selecting a game that satisfies our thrill-seeking requirements, one can never ignore paintball games. By following the required safety rules, all paintball players can enjoy the game without developing any injuries. However, not following the instructions of the game might end your game. 

Paintballs can travel at 190 miles or above per hour. So, most players are well aware of the welts and bruises that come with this game. Not all the game shots make bruises, but if you develop one, you will not forget it very soon because these bruises take several days or weeks to heal. 

Paintball fired at a very close range can create scars if you play with bare skin. The severity of bruises and welts depends on the speed of the pellets and the distance. That’s why it’s crucial to use a mask while playing. 

However, if you have a bruise caused by a paintball, you should take good care of yourself to heal and enjoy a faster recovery. Is it possible to treat or heal paintball bruises or faster the healing process? If yes, then how? 

Keep reading this compressive guide on healing paintball bruises to get your answers. The methods are effective and easy to follow, and also effective. 

Let’s discuss paintball bruises in detail. 

paintball bruises

Reasons behind the Paintball Bruises

Paintball bruises are not meant to happen regularly, only when the players play the game weakly. Besides, the bruises are not always as severe as you think. Speaking more about this, bruises can occur under certain circumstances. These are:

Shot at A Close Range

When you are standing closer to a player shooting the balls, the ball will hit you with a great force, developing bruises or welts on your skin. In addition, some paintball matches follow a 20-feet minimum distance rule. So, players can’t shoot at a close range. 

When Paintball Hits On Bare Skin

A player should not play a paintball game while exploding the bare skin. It can create severe bruises when the ball hits the skin. We always advise using required clothes and other important paintball game gear to keep the body protected from possible paintball injuries. 

The average recommended speed of the paintball guns is around 270 to 280 FPS- Feet Per Second. If one shoots the ball at speed above this limit, it may cause bruises. 

How long do paintball bruises last?

We can’t give you an accurate answer for this, but we have seen that a moderate bruise can last for around three weeks. But the important thing that you need to consider here is how to treat the condition faster. 

Because the more time you take for this, the longer your bruise will take to heal. Well, this is something that will depend on some factors. 

Bruise’s Location

It is noted that bruises on the arm and face heal faster than those located on the back, stomach, or leg. It’ll take time as these areas have more blood vessels. 

Bruise’s Severity

If you have a severe and painful bruise, it can take time to heal. However, you can speed up the healing process by following the steps mentioned in this article. 

Personal Factors

It will vary from one person to person based on the current health condition. For example, if you have sensitive skin, the healing period may range from 3 to 4 weeks. 

Why Do Paintball Bruise?

Generally, all the paintballs are created from flexible gel spheres, and some are filled with bright-colored paint. In addition, the paintball guns are developed to fire the paintball at a higher speed. 

They can move at a speed of more than 150 miles per hour. This is like shooting a gun. But as the paintballs are soft, they don’t create any severe damage. However, the impact force is so powerful that it can create bruises. 

Well, that doesn’t mean that you should not play paintball. All you need to do is follow the gameplay instructions and use the right gear to prevent such conditions.

Welts or Bruises?

Before we dive deep into the treatment options to heal your paintball bruise, it will be better for you to understand the difference between welts and bruises. 

Paintball Bruises

Bruises are generally developed when blood leaks from the damaged vessels under your skin. When it happens, blood gets collected in an area and leaks. Based on the ball’s hitting speed, the color of the bruise will vary. 

For example, it may look black or purple. Some bruises may heal within three to four weeks, and they don’t require any medical attention. They don’t develop scars. 


In the case of welts, the player will feel a little tickle. The ball can lead to swollen vessels, and you may find a small red bump on your skin. However, we would advise you not to touch the skin as it will increase the chances of infection. But compared to bruises, welts will fade away faster. 

These are something that the players have to accept if they want to keep playing and enjoying the game. But don’t worry at all, as here are some tips for healing your paintball bruises. 

Useful Tips to Heal Bruises Caused by Paintball Faster

A player’s immediate consideration of medical aid after getting hit by a paintball can lower the swelling and pain. To help you out with this, here are some ways or tips that you can follow to heal the bruise faster. 

Properly Clean Your Affected Area

Before you begin the process, you need to wash the bruise using warm water to clean it properly. Then, you can add any antiseptic liquid to the water and gently remove the area’s dirt, blood, or debris.

By doing this, you can lower the chances of developing skin infections. Now, dry the bruise using a dry cloth. 

Apply Hot and Cold Compress 

To lower the severity of pain or inflammation, starting from the first day, you should apply both cold and hot compress regularly. We suggest you apply three to four times every day for around 15 minutes. By applying an ice pack, you can prevent swelling. 

Another important thing that you need to do is keep the blood flowing to the affected area to trigger the healing process. And for that, one can apply warm compresses. For that, you can use a heating pad or can apply hot water. 

Go for Epsom Salt Baths

Epsom salt baths can relax your body. Different studies have proved that this can soothe different types of soreness. Along with that, it can also promote the healing process. After a match, your body will become achy, and after an Epsom salt bath, you will feel better.

Use Vitamin K Cream

Vitamin K creams can be used to treat your broken capillaries. By applying the lotion, you can make the skin heal much faster. You can get such creams without any prescription, and they are available at both online and offline pharmaceutical stores. 

However, before applying the game, carefully read all the instructions. The creams work by improving the blood clotting ability of the body. However, if you have any underlying medical conditions, consult a doctor before using the creams. 

Use OTC Medications

If you know OTC pain relievers, you can use pain-relieving tables or NSAIDs to lower the pain and swelling. One can also use acetaminophen or ibuprofen to relax the body. However, if you are using other medicines, you should talk to a doctor to prevent possible side effects. 

Use Some Home Remedies

Don’t worry if you like using pain medicines and prefer natural ways to heal your paintball bruises. There are many natural alternatives that you can try. You can use them at your home. However, if the pain lasts for more than five days, you should visit a doctor as soon as possible. 


Pineapple has sufficient levels of bromelain. As per some medical studies, this enzyme can lower the inflammation and the severity of your bruise. Therefore, you can consume pineapple or take supplements that have bromelain. 

Potato and Banana Skin

Regularly applying potato skin and bananas can help you heal your paintball bruise. They have potassium that reduces inflammation. Just apply it on bruises and leave that for a few minutes. 

Aloe Vera

As per the experts, aloe vera, using its medicinal properties, can lower pain. Therefore, one can apply it on the welts or bruises. However, to prevent infection, use pure aloe vera gel. 

Different Herbal Plants

Many herbal plants like comfrey and more are widely used for treating swelling and inflammation. Comfrey has amazing healing powers and can eliminate different skin ailments. 

Such plant extracts can be used as ointment and gels, and you can directly apply them to your bruises. Within a few days, you would witness the results. 

You can also use arnica extract. It lowers inflammation and swelling. As per a study, using this element, you can lower the appearance of bruises. You can easily find ointment made of arnica. Get one and apply it directly to your bruises. 

Keep The Affected Area Elevated

To lower swelling and bruising, all the health experts advise keeping the affected area elevated above the heart. For example, if you have bruises on the skin, lie down on a couch or bed and keep your leg raised—this way to prevent the blood from gathering in the affected area. As a result, there will be less swelling and pain. 

Use Witch Hazel

This topical astringent is used as a traditional paint reliever. It is proved to be very effective in treating bruises caused by a paintball. You can use it for both old and new bruises. Here, the healing process is very simple. 

When astringent comes into contact with the body tissues, it prevents bleeding. In addition, this natural element comes with Tannins. Therefore, it has great anti-inflammatory properties. Besides, this element also has antioxidants.

Well, applying this healing treatment method is quite simple. All you need to do is apply a few drops of this natural extract and hold it for a few minutes. But, of course, you need to do this 3 to 4 times every day to get the best results. 

Use Vitamin C

Besides using Vitamin K, you should also use Vitamin C to speed the healing process. This element is quite common in creams, serums, and gels, and you can apply them topically. To use it, take a few amounts of cream on the affected area and leave it for around 12 to 20 hours. 

You Can Use Quercetin

Quercetin, a well-known flavonoid, comes with amazing anti-inflammatory properties. These properties can heal the scars. Some skin creams come with this element. You can easily get one from the local stores. 

Furthermore, it also keeps the body protected from free radicals as it has sufficient antioxidant properties. However, remember that you can’t take it orally as there is insufficient research to support this. 

Take Rest

Try avoiding participating in games if you have bruises or welts. Take a break and let the pain reduce. Eat healthy foods and take salt baths regularly for a few days. And if possible, keep the affected part elevated. Now, let’s talk about preventing bruises while playing the game. 

Tips to Prevent Paintball Bruises

An easy way to prevent bruises is to try your best not to hit the balls. However, it is also important to wear protective paintball gear. Therefore, we would like to share some effective tips to play the game safely. 

Multiple Layers of Clothing

You can wear multiple layers of pants and shirts, especially long sleeve shirts. With multiple layers, you can lower the impact rate of the ball. First, however, make sure that the clothing is comfortable to wear. 

While playing the game, you should use long sleeves to protect your arm. It’s because people generally overestimate the arms’ strength. But remember that the arms can take direct hits from the pellets that can move at around 250 FPS and more.

So, always use a paintball jersey. If you have the budget, then you can buy specialized paintball gear. 

Use Paintball Game Eyewear

Don’t forget to wear paintball helmets, googles as well as visors. If the pellets hit the face, it will hurt very badly and damage the eye if they hit your eyes. In the worst case, it can lead to permanent blindness. So, it is advisable to use OTG glasses. Besides, you should ensure that the mask you are using meets all the required safety requirements. 

Use Groin Protectors

If you don’t have crotch protection, you can face serious consequences. So, every player should wear groin protectors. 

These are designed to absorb the impact, lowering the pain effectively. So even though crotch shots in this game are very rare, you shouldn’t ignore the protectors. 

Neck Protectors

If you don’t like to appear overdressed, you can use a scarf instead of special neck-protecting equipment. Just wrap it properly around the neck. Opting for a neck protector instead of a scarf can be a good option if you sweat more. 

Protect The Hands

You should never enter the paintball ground without wearing gloves to protect your hand. These gloves are designed to absorb the pellet’s impact, preventing injuries. Besides, the gloves can also prevent bruises. 

Cover Your Legs

Remember that your lower body can get a lot of hits while playing paintball matches. However, you can use paintball jerseys to protect your legs as they come with additional padding to lower impact force. Wear jeans, denim, and other thicker pants if you don’t have these jerseys. 

Don’t Forget to Calibrate the Marker

One of the major reasons behind the bruises is markers shooting at a higher speed. Sometimes, a marker can fire at a speed more than the rules of the match. Before taking part in the game, it will be better to calibrate the fire. Keep it lower than 280 FPS. This is a common rule.

Another common rule is one can’t shoot a player standing close to 20 feet from another player. This is because close shots are powerful and can cause severe damage. 

Learn More About the Game and Enhance Gameplay Style

You should get good at your game. So, you need to train yourself every day to enhance your gameplay skills. Paintball games are like shootouts, and the pellets are like flying bullets. So, here the safety rules are; take cover, reload the gun and take the shoot when the area is clear. 

Besides, you should roll over, crawl, crouch, and perform some acrobatics to keep yourself protected from flying paintballs. If you are new to this game, take your time learning the basics. 

Don’t Play the Game with Cheaters

Some people play the game very recklessly without considering the safety of other players. They don’t follow the rules and can cheat whenever they get a chance to win the game. And you should stay away from such players. 

Always play with a team that strictly follows the rules. Besides, you should also follow the game rules. If players are not following the basic rules, they may get disqualified from the game, or they may need to pay some penalties. So, if you are new, first, you should learn the game. 


Final Thoughts

Paintball bruises can be very annoying and painful. Sometimes, it can become so painful that you need to see a doctor for medications. So, while playing paintball with your friends or other players, you need to use the right type of paintball gear to lower the chances of developing bruises or welts. 

However, if you already have bruises, you should try to lower the inflammation and swelling to trigger the recovery process. With the treatment options mentioned here, you can easily heal your bruises. 

If you think you should consult a doctor, then don’t think much and get yourself checked as soon as possible. Then, follow the rules, use the right type of equipment, wear protective gear, and enjoy your paintball game at its best.


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