How to Fix Common Problems with Paintball Guns?

Fix out Problems with paintball guns

Are you dealing with issues in your new paintball gun? As a complex device with many moving parts, the gun can develop an issue anytime without any notice. 

However, we would suggest you not panic in such a situation as this gun can solve paintball problems. And for that, you may not take an expert’s help. Therefore, this article will guide all the paintball gun owners and teach some steps to eliminate common paintball gun problems. 

Facing Issues While Firing the Paintball Gun? 

The paintball gun functions are similar to other mechanized tools. They are unpredictable and can be tricky to work with. After the paintball mask, this is another crucial paintball game equipment needed to play the game. Some guns function smoothly for years, and others constantly develop problems, making you lose the match. 

As discussed above, some issues are not complex, and with a little effort, you can fix them on your own at your home. Sometimes, you will notice people struggling to fire the balls when you are on the field. 

Such players generally walk off the ground or wait at a corner, hoping the teammates will notice and help them. And the major reason behind this is they don’t know how to solve the problems. Remember that apart from dirty barrels and bad paint, some other things can make your gun not functional. 

Exploring Some Useful Troubleshooting Tips for Some Common Problems

Some gun problems with normal blow-style models are quite common, and some are a perfect working tool, with little technical knowledge, and a manual can repair it. So you will explore those things here. 

However, sometimes, your gun may develop some serious issues that can be fixed only by taking the help of an expert. If your paintball gun is not working properly, then try out the following troubleshooting methods to fix the issue immediately. But, before going deep into that, let’s discuss some important components of a paintball gun for a better understanding. 

Basic Components of a Paintball Gun


This is the paintball gun’s body and can be made of metal, for example, aluminum. It is generally attached to the gun’s grip frame with some screws. 

Grip Frame

It houses trigger safety, hand grips, buttons, batteries, ECB- Electronic circuit board, and trigger mechanism. 


Air Source Adapter is used to shoot and re-cock the paintball gun. In addition, some new models come with an on or off bottle adapter. As a result, one can easily turn on or off the airpower, and they don’t have to remove the bottle. 

Ball Detent

This part of the gun holds the ball in its place while firing. This is responsible for offering a controlled fire. 


The major function of the paintball barrel is to make the CO2 push the paintball forward at a higher speed to hit the target. Some guns come with a small barrel, and some have a longer barrel. 


Electronic markers utilize a solenoid to effectively route the pressurized air when the players pull the trigger. Poppet valves or spool valves can be used in most electronic makers. However, you will find a power tube in the traditional paintball guns instead of these things. 

How to Fix an Air Leak in Your Paintball Gun?

Air leaks in paintball guns are quite common. Some major reasons behind this can be: 


Hitting the gun against obstacles, dropping the tool from a height, or crushing the gun can crack the shell, and the adopter will get loose. 

Wear and Tear

Adapters, O-rings, the seals, and the other parts will begin to deteriorate with time. Besides, the seal may also break. The material may lose elasticity and may lead to air leak issues. 

Handling The Gun in an Incorrect Way

Poor handling of the gun, such as improper storing, utilizing wrong air tanks, and banging it against any solid object, can damage the cup seals, gun’s air source adapter as well as O-ring. 

How to Test for Any Leaks? 

The air may leak from different places, and you should know its source. This way, you will save time and solve the issues as soon as possible. So, how to identify the leaks? Here are some ways that you can follow. 


Apply water to the possible areas to find the leakage. You can see bubbles forming around the leakage area. 


By listening carefully, you can find the spot from where the air is leaking through the air source adaptor or air tanks. 

How to Fix a Paintball Gun Air Leak?

A Leak at The ASA- Air Source Adapter

A broken adapter or damaged O-ring can lead to this. If the issue is with the O-ring, they prefer to replace it with a new one. If the air leaks from the adapter, you can tighten it using a wrench. 

You can also wrap the thread using brown tape and then tighten it. While doing it, make sure you apply the right torque to prevent over or under-tightening. 

Leaking On the Pipe or Air Source Hose

If there is an issue with the air source hose, we will advise you to replace it with a new one. But prefer to buy the part from a trustworthy site to enjoy the best quality. First, you need to remove the adaptor by removing the screws. 

Then apply a few drops of oil, or you can use lubricant on the new hose and the locking points. Once done, tight it using your hand and complete the task using a wrench.

Air Leaks at The Front of the Gun

This generally happens to a damaged O-ring located on the gun’s volumizer. To install the new O-ring, first, you need to remove the volumizer. Then remove the damaged O-ring. Once done, apply lubricant on the new O-ring and place the ring. Next, you need to place the volumizer and tighten the screws properly. 

Air Leak Near the Grip Frame

Cracks on the gas line, on the ASA regulator, or a worn O-ring, can lead to this issue. Following the steps mentioned above, you can replace the O-ring. However, to repair a nick or crack, first, you need to understand the severity of the damage.

If the cracks are more, it will be better to completely replace the ASA regulator and the entire gas line. However, if there is a small crack, then using fiberglass or glue, you can patch the crack. 

Air Leak On the Gun’s Barrel

The primary reason behind this is a faulty or damaged seal. You can try replacing the cup seal or applying it to solve this issue. 

Once you are done with the repairing tasks, you should confirm that the air leak has been resolved. To test it: 

  • Attach a charged air tank to the gun.
  • Remove the barrel sleeves. 
  • Load the gun and then fire. 

Now, you shouldn’t find any leaks. However, if the leaks are still there, then redo the steps or take the help of an expert. 

How to Fix Re-Cocking Problem in Paintball Guns?

There is no doubt that a paintball marker is a crucial tool in your game after the mask, and it can develop some problems while you are using it. And one of such common problems is re-coking. When this problem arises, the gun will shoot the paintball but not re-cock for the second round. 

Well, such an issue can be developed by the gun’s gas tank. In some cases, the gas tank may not create sufficient pressure for shooting. Or perhaps there, the hammer’s tension level is very low. No matter the reasons, there are some ways to fix the problem. 

Some Methods to Fix Gun That Is Not Re-Cocking

  • The first thing you need to do is properly clean your paintball marker. While cleaning, ensure that no debris or paint goop is stuck inside. Always store the marker parts in a clean container to avoid such issues.
  • Another effective way is checking the O-rings of the gun. If there are any worn-out or damaged O-rings, remove them and install new rings. Based on the type of marker, you can use different rings. However, the best part is that one can easily buy them online. 
  • Sometimes, an issue with the paintball gun tank can also cause this problem. So, you need to give the tank a proper clean and make sure that the tank doesn’t have any leaks. On the other hand, ensure that the valve tank is sealed properly. 

Tips to Fix Paintball Barrel Breaks and Breech Breaks

Poor Quality Paintballs

You will find some paintballs created using substandard materials, and they are very poor in quality. A low-quality ball won’t be able to withstand the barrel’s force. In some cases, if there is a poor-quality paintball marker, then it will not work gently with the paintballs. 

So, if possible, you can try out different paintballs to know which paintballs work better. 

Very Tight Paintball Barrel

If the barrel’s diameter is very tight, it can easily break the balls, especially when you are using fragile models. So, to prevent such issues, you can remove the smaller barrel and use a larger barrel.

This can affect the accuracy level of the gun, but you will be able to shoot your gun. 

Very High Pressure

If the initial air hitting force of the gun is very high, it can make the balls shatter. This can develop the paintball breeches. To avoid such issues, you can lower the pressure and increase the dwell setting. If the pressure is low, then you can also lower the velocity. 

Loading Speed Is Low

Sometimes, the marker will not load the paintball fast enough. Well, this may happen when bolts move through the half-filled paintball. The best way to attain faster paintball loading speed is by lowering the fire rate. 

Tips to Fix the Gun That Won’t Fire

There is no doubt that paintball guns are an unpredictable and tricky tool. If you have participated in paintball games, you may have noticed that sometimes players struggle with paintball guns that won’t fire or shoot.

If you are one of them, then don’t worry at all as we have mentioned down some steps following which you can solve this issue with your paintball guns. 

A Few Effective Troubleshooting Tips

  • First, you need to power off and then power on the market again. By simply doing that, the gun may begin to start shooting.
  • If the ASA is disengaged, then the gun won’t fire. So, here, you need to engage the ASA and check if the issue is still there or not. 
  • What about the battery? The paintball gun won’t fire properly using a low-quality battery or low charge. Hence to eliminate the shooting problem, you can replace old batteries with a new one. 
  • Your paintball gun won’t properly if the DWELL parameter is very low. Try by increasing the parameter. 
  • Make sure that you have turned off the gun’s safety lock.
  • If you are still facing the issue, check the PCB for any damage and replace it with a new PCB. 

Fixing The Rapid-Fire Issue in The Paintball Gun

Another common problem that most paintball guns develop is double firing or rapid firing. In general, such problems arise when there is an issue in any part, such as O-rings, sear, bolt, or the ball detent. 

If the gun shoots two paintballs when you press the trigger means the ball detent has some issue. If it shoots more than that, you should check the rear or sear bolt for any damage. Well, keep reading to explore the effective solutions to this problem. However, before applying the solutions, you should identify the rapid-fire issue. For that: 

  • Go to a safe area with your paintball gun.
  • Now, shoot your gun.
  • Carefully mark how many balls the gun fired. 

Firing Multiple Paintballs

Ever wondered how a gun can fire more balls in a single go? Well, every paintball gun comes with a Ball Detent that allows the balls into the chamber. So, when this part develops an issue, your gun will shoot more balls on pulling the trigger. Hence troubleshooting this un problem is essential. 

Fixing A Ball Detent

One of the easiest ways to eradicate this issue is by replacing the gun’s ball detent. We have written down a guide on that. But if you are using the gun for the first time, watch a YouTube video to take your gun to a local shop to get the ball detent replaced. 

  • Check the gun’s screw size and arrange a screwdriver accordingly.
  • Now, carefully remove all the screws. 
  • Once done, you need to remove the cover located on the backside of the gun. 
  • While doing this, this spring or sear would pop out. Well, don’t worry at all as it is normal. 
  • Now, you need to take out the receiver part.
  • Based on the model of your gun, you can see a slot that will appear like it is created for the ball.
  • This is the place where you need to install the new ball detent. 
  • Apply some pressure and hold the ball detent properly to place the detent on the right slot properly.
  • It can pop out. So, keep trying to place into that slot.
  • Depress it using the front bolt and make sure it perfectly sinks into the detent slot. 
  • Not put all the parts at their respective places and screw the gun. 

After replacing the detent, it’s time to test it out to ensure the gun is ready for your next match. To test it, follow these steps. 

  • Install the hopper to the gun and fill it properly. 
  • Now, you need to cock the gun and pull the trigger. 
  • Check how many balls it fired.
  • After that, hold the gun vertically for a few seconds and check if the balls came out or not.
  • If everything is good, then you have successfully replaced the ball detent. 

Shooting A Single Paintball

Sometimes your gun may use two or some quick shots when you pull the trigger but fire only one ball; then, you may need to check the hammer or search for any issue.

What Do You Mean by A Gun Sear?

Speaking about the sear of the paintball gun, it is an important part of the gun that keeps the hammer or rear bolt in its position after every shot. When the trigger is pulled, the sear will release the hammer. 

What Do You Mean by A Gun Hammer?

Also called rear bolt, it carries out the firing action in your paintball gun. It also plays a crucial role in the performance of the gun. The sear catches and holds the bolt at the right place in normal conditions. 

If damaged, it will not hold the bolt, and the gun will fire rapidly. Besides, a loose bolt can also lead to such an issue. So, you need to replace both the bolt and sear. Here are the steps to perform that. 

  • Get a screwdriver and remove the screws. Once done, take out the backside cover.
  • In general, the sear will come automatically from the position. You can also remove it manually if it doesn’t pop out.
  • After that, you need to remove the rear bolt attached to the gun’s front bolt. 
  • Now, carefully install the new bolt inserting the O-ring and the spring.
  • Once done, you can place the new bolt in the socket and then add the new sear. 
  • Ensure that the seat is installed correctly in the gun’s socket.
  • Then put everything back into their place and screw the gun tightly. 

Bonus Tips

If the rapid-firing issue is still there, you need to solve the O-ring excess lube issue. The O-ring is an O-shaped ring that is generally used to eliminate excess space in the paintball gun. You can find the rings in different places. Here is how to fix this issue.

  • First, you need to remove all the screwdrivers. 
  • Then remove the cover from the backside and carefully remove other parts.
  • Now, remove all the O-rings and place them inside a little bowl.
  • Using a dry and clean cloth, gently remove the excess lube from the gun as well as the O-rings.
  • Now, re-lube them by applying the proper amount of lubricant. 
  • Once done, place everything back into the gun and re-screw it. 

How to Use Your Paintball Gun Properly?

To lower the chances of developing an issue in the paintball gun, first, you need to learn how to use the gun properly. This is something very important for beginners. If you don’t know how to use it correctly, keep reading down for guidance, as we have mentioned a few golden steps for you.

Install The Batteries

Before you can start using your gun, first, you need to install the batteries to turn on the marker. Some electronic markers require a 9-volt battery, and some use AA batteries. On the other hand, if the gun can shoot a high RoF- Rate of Fire, users may need to use an electric loader to shoot maximum balls per second. 

Install The HPA or CO2 Tank Properly

The users need to fill an HPA- High-Pressure Air or C02 tank and attach it to the gun’s ASA- Air Source Adaptor located on the grip frame’s bottom part. Not all paintball guns require CO2, and some function using compressed air. Like the gun, we use “Automag by AGD,” which requires HPA.

Loading The Hopper

Well, this step is very simple. First, we suggest you load the hopper with a maximum number of paintballs. For those who don’t know what the hopper is, a paintball holder loads the balls into the frame utilizing batteries or gravity. 

Press The Power Button

Once you are done attaching the air or CO2 tank and hopper to your gun, you need to make sure that both are properly filled and then turn on the marker. For that, you can simply pull the cocking knob, or you can also press the power switch. 

You can find the cocking knob on the markers or top of the body. On the other hand, the guns’ power button can be found near the trigger frame or on the back of the grip frame. 

Turn Off the Safety Button

Most of the paintball guns come with a safety button, which can be found near the trigger. The primary aim of a safety button is to prevent accidental firing. To shoot the gun, the users need to turn off the safety button. 

Once done, they can see a red line. That means you are now ready to fire. However, you may not find this option in some paintball guns as they come with a power button. 

Marker’s Placement

If you are all set to fire, you need to shoulder the marker’s air tank into the armpit. Again, prefer to shoulder it on the dominant side. And use the other hand for holding the marker’s foregrip.

Well, we will suggest you learn off-hand shooting as it will allow you to shoot the marker from the barricade’s opposite side, and you don’t have to expose your shoulder and elbow. 

Properly Adjust the Velocity

To make the gameplay safe for yourself and the players, it is crucial to adjust the paintball gun’s velocity to around 250 fps 300 fps. Here fps stands for Feet Per Second). Remember that if you look at more than 300 fps of velocity, it may injure other players and develop bruises. 

Solve Any Paintball Issues

Learning and understanding how a paintball gun works and how to use it correctly is a great thing. This way, you can prevent any problem from arising. However, sometimes, you may face issues like low-velocity, gun not firing, excessive breakage, and more.

When such problems arise, you can follow the solutions that we have mentioned here, or you can take the help of an expert. If your gun suddenly stops firing, immediately raise your hand to tell others that you are not shooting or out of the game. 

Maintenance Tips for Your Paintball Gun

The experts don’t wait until the paintball guns break down on the site. It will be better for you if you can maintain your gun properly. So, here are some paintball gun maintenance tips that you can use. 

  • Make sure you have the correct oil for your paintball gun. Besides, it is not good to disassemble the gun frequently, making the bolts loose. 
  • Another important thing that you should keep in mind is the oiling of the O-ring. Before entering a match, oil the O-rings located at the front and back of the gun. But don’t apply a lot of oil.
  • After using the paintball gun, you should clean it properly. While cleaning, remove the CO2 tank to avoid possible issues like gas or chemical leaks. 

Keep all these things in mind, and you can keep your paintball gun functioning smoothly for years and lower the chances of developing an issue. 


Final Thoughts

If your paintball gun has some issues, you don’t have to worry about it, as it can fix it. Even though the problems are easy to fix, it will be better for you to avoid developing the issue. By maintaining your paintball in the best possible way, you can make sure that the tool is in good condition and enjoy your game. 

We would like to advise you to carry out the maintenance following the instructions mentioned in the manual. For example, use the right type of oil and oil the O-ring before using the gun.

And don’t forget to follow the tips mentioned above to repair the common problems. Then, use them properly and enjoy a unique gaming experience. 

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