GOG eNMEy Paintball Gun Review (Updated)

Gog eNMey Review

The GOG eNMEy is a durable paintball gun. The simple design makes it user-friendly especially for beginners. Its lightweight allows you to hold the marker for several hours without feeling exhausted.

There are many quality paintball guns available on the market, though not every unit comes with all features.

One feature of GOG eNMEy that truly stands out is that it is entirely pneumatic that allows smooth and quick shooting. Users simply love the quietness and less recoil. Well, let’s dig a little deeper and explore all the features of this tremendous paintball gun.

Key Features of GOG eNMEy

HD Image of GOG eNMEy Paintball Gun


  • Functions on compressed air or carbon dioxide
  • Easily modifiable short trigger
  • Composite polymer body and aluminum receiver
  • Can be upgraded from .50 caliber to .68
  • Consistent 160 PSI gas pressure
  • Entirely pneumatic design
  • Features 10/12-inch stock barrel
  • Awesome speed and accuracy
  • Low-pressure functioning even out by a vertical controller
  • Vale core detach and substitutes easily through the bolt-out-the back design
  • Relief valve to guard the valve constituents against CO2 pressure
  • Spool valve design doesn’t need any springs or batteries
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty


  • Durable and reliable
  • Can be easily upgraded and customized
  • Comes with an anti-chop mechanism
  • Needs minimal maintenance
  • Less kickback or recoil
  • Doesn’t require any batteries
  • Easy and quick to assemble and disassemble
  • Compact and lightweight for beginners
  • Silent and smooth firing with the spool valve design


  • It’s somewhat difficult to depressurize the tank before removing it as the paintball gun’s ASA doesn’t feature any switch to turn it on or off
  • Includes a braided steel line for air as a replacement for the macro line. Though you can easily upgrade it


The manufacture of eNMEy makes it an excellent choice for beginners. The design is quite different from other mechanical paintball guns on the market. Firstly, this marker uses a spool valve which is typically not found in mechanical guns.

The system makes sure the firing is smooth from the blow-forward mechanism and the spring. It features only 4 O-rings that can be quickly accessible.

The design ensures minimal maintenance.

Though there are multiple ways to maintain your paintball gun, one common way is using oil more often.

Design look of gog enmey

With only moving part that works both as the main valve and the bolt, no metal or springs come in contact and therefore it’s easy to clean. Considering its low maintenance, beginners can clean the gun in no time. It hardly consumes a few minutes.

Furthermore, the handle of this paintball gun and the contoured frame makes it a user-friendly and comfortable option to serve you in the long run.

The pneumatic design also minimizes the metal to metal wear that makes it exceptionally durable. That way, users can concentrate more on sports instead of fixing the gun after every hour.

The gun has utilized some of the best quality materials. The nylon fiber is armored and offers complete covering over the durable gun. The grip frame looks quite similar to those found on current military rated rifles for optimal stability.


GOG eNMEy comes with a very natural feel. After testing many mechanical paintball guns on the market, this one felt quite comfortable. Not only it is lightweight, but also shoots very smoothly. For the light trigger, it allows walking or running more easily.

You may hardly find any recoil even when shooting consistently for long periods. For its low recoil, the gun is very stable and easy to aim. This is among those paintball guns that you can instantly use as it comes out of the box without requiring any customization.

The black gog enmey

Let’s figure out the technical aspects of the gun. Featuring a standard 20 oz CO2 tank, the gun can shoot about 1,500 rounds in a row. These numbers are great considering the price range of this gun. Just incredible!


The eNMEy claims an anti-chop technology and low bolt pressure to significantly improve the paintball gun’s ability to fire. The technology quickly returns the bolt to its original position. The paintball doesn’t get seated properly which considerably reduces the possibility of a chop.

A boy playing paintball with gog enmey marker

You can easily remove the bolt and clear if there is any blockage. It includes a high-end spool valve that further improves the accuracy of the gun by offering continuous airflow every time you pull the trigger. Enhanced accuracy and better shots will make your experience truly fun and exciting.

Lastly, you can quickly adjust the pressure of the gun to withstand various tournament conditions and play areas that you are looking forward to.


GOG has been top-notch paintball guns and accessories for quite a long time and therefore you have several options to choose from.

You can begin choosing the gun color that reflects your personality and play style.

Once you have the paintball gun in your hand, it’s time to test it.

Also, you need to see whether the marker allows you to upgrade the hopper. You may also want to invest your money in the barrel upgrade. Here the Freak barrel from GOG is one of the best options you can consider.

The product box mentioning the main features

Easy Maintenance

The GOG eNMEy is easy to maintain and clean. It will take around 2 minutes to disassemble the whole body and clean all internal parts. All you need to do is remove the barrel, use an Allen wrench to allow the back cap, take out the bolt assembly, and clean all the dirt and filth.

You should not forget to go through the instructions on the manual. With simple internal components in the paintball gun, you will enjoy quick and easy maintenance.

Red color paintball marker with additional barrel

Though make sure to clean it after every game since it’s not a very low maintenance marker.

One thing sure about this paintball gun is its incredible simplicity. Even a beginner can open, clean and lubricate the gun without knowing a lot of instructions. The marker has a competitive benefit over many similar products with the same price tag.

Not only it works flawlessly, but you can also always customize the gun with one-hopper, barrels and whatever you like to fulfill your needs.

How Do Other Players Rate the eNMEy?

The GOG eNMEy is considered one of the very best options for entry-level players. By clicking on the product, you can see the opinion of other players.

Unboxing The GoG eNMEy

The eNMEy comes in a malleable case that’s easy to open. All you have to do is pull apart on the tabs on both sides. In the plastic package, you will find a small one-page company’s manual, barrel sleeve, a few Allen wrench, and some spare parts.

The actual paintball gun and barrel are closely packed together in the box. It has a very basic packaging as all you need to do is set up the paintball gun and twist the barrel onto the body.

A paintball player testing the range


Most paintball guns from GOG offer a great value considering the price point and here the eNMEy is no different. The starting retail price is super budget friendly which positions it at the low end of high-performance paintball markers.

If you are looking for a competitive paintball gun that doesn’t comprise on the quality but at the same time you don’t want to invest hundreds of dollars, this is absolutely a great option for you.

White color marker for paintballing


The user-friendly built and minimal maintenance required by this best-selling paintball gun makes it an ideal choice for beginners. It can be upgraded in several ways to let users grow with the gun as they enhance their paintball skills.

The awesome accuracy and quick-firing make it a great entry-level gun since it offers you the confidence to learn more. Also, the GOG eNMEy makes for an excellent back up gun for advanced players and thanks to its versatility and price.

Paintball is an energetic and fun sport so make your time worth it with all-time favorite GOG eNMEy paintball gun!

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