Empire Sniper – The Ultimate Paintball Gun?

Empire Sniper Review

It’s time to take a look at a popular tournament-level paintball gun that not only looks awesome but constructed with exceptional durability. Empire Sniper paintball gun guarantees super performance on the field.

This high-quality market is based on the renowned WGP snipers or you may also call it auto-cocker design. The Empire production organization has brought us this paintballing marker that can progressively match and compete with several other tournament markers.

Empire Sniper Review

HD Image of Empire Sniper


  • Functions at low pressure
  • The perfect option for seasoned tournament
  • Auto-trigger for quick firing
  • 10-round feed mechanism cycle
  • Vertical feed
  • Features in-line regulator
  • Auto-cocker barrel threading
  • On and OFF ASA with bleed
  • Sniper Delrin pump hand and sled
  • Dual stainless steel pump rods
  • 14-inches aluminum barrel with 3 barrel inserts including .675, .680, .685


  • Silent during firing
  • Efficient and smooth shooting performance
  • Auto-Trigger
  • Handy and ergonomic
  • Saves ¾ of paint in comparison to semi-auto marker


  • Limited upgrade options available
  • Features 3-piece barrel kit​


As we have already mentioned above, the Empire Sniper is a pump style paintball marker that functions on low pressure. This paintball gun comprises of premium auto-cocker barrel threading, 10-round vertical feed system, and an auto-trigger that fires off instant shots.

The inclusive design in aluminum featuring 14-inch barrel and three barrel inserts. Further, the in-line regulator features a swivel adaptor. With a dual stainless steel pump, you can have excellent stability on the field. We cannot forget to talk about 300psi gauge that can be easily positioned anywhere on the marker.

The design of empire sniper


The Empire Sniper grips feature molded wrap around them for added comfort. You will find an effective finger groove as well. The marker feels simply great in your hands its shooting performance stands out in the paintball community.

Though it slightly looks like the original Sniper, the updated version has modern pump features that keep it ahead.

There is a lot of buzz around the Empire Sniper since it performs like a victor. It shoots as fast as most of the semi-automatic paintball guns.

We are not exaggerating but many people consider this a gold standard for elite pump models for its super-speed and precision. You can fire shots from 50 plus feet away and most of the time hit straight to the target or come extremely close.

Now let’s talk about the marker’s pump handle that empowers ballers to re-cock the gun by only squeezing two fingers. You can achieve this while still keeping the barrel directed at a target.

The performance of this gun

Further, the follow-up shots can be efficiently performed with smooth precision. The gun’s adapters let both right and left-handed individuals to shoot with ease.

The .45 grip frame is very ergonomic while the single auto-trigger has been pierced for the perfect weight.

What’s more interesting?

There is a convenient and quickly accessible safety button. Though it’s a point of discussion, several people consider the Sniper’s shot to be relatively quiet. This is endorsed to the gun’s two-piece aluminum barrel that let for substantial amounts of port.


Similar to the performance of this paintball gun, it comes with top-notch functionality.

To use Empire Sniper effective, all you need is an air bottle, paintballs, and a hopper. The manufacturer has designed the gun in a way to evenly distribute the weight resulting in optimal balance.

It’s among the very few CCM pump guns with just 2 pounds. Besides, the on-and-off bottle connector is controlled through a lever that shoots air to the air bottle and the paintball gun’s in-line controller. This can be done through an angled air adaptor.

Further, it includes a small Delrin bolt that remained sealed with O-rings.

Image showing the functionality​

Also, it uses a clamping feed neck to properly hold the hopper. Constructed from stainless steel, the pump rods are firmly tight in their places and ensure all internal parts function perfectly.

One awe-inspiring feature is the capability to hold the target and fire off quick shots in no time – thanks to the spring return type pump handle. Also, you can use several hoppers and air bottles and easily select the ones that flawlessly goes with playing requirements and style. The marker functions exactly as it was designed for.

Pump Feeding Tube

One key aspect of this paintball gun is the feed mechanism that comes along. The 10-round system is easily installed and transforms your gun into a paintball scattering machine. You can always upgrade it without any tools and a little effort to execute.


You might be thinking about this paintball gun from the price point, one thing is for sure it won’t disappoint you. The high-quality construction allows this marker to last long regardless of how rough and tough you use it.

Remember with adequate upkeep, this marker is surely a lifetime investment. Also, make sure to thoroughly read the manual so you can better understand the markers’ maintenance requirements.

Empire Sniper Pump Action

If you are looking for a dependable and durable marker to complete your paintball kit, you are in the right place.

Empire has designed everything on this gun from the barrel to the handgrip to bring you a great play. The very first thing you should perhaps consider is a comfort.

Multiple features of this gun come together to make an ergonomic design. Manufactured from aluminum, it lasts long for several upcoming years. This paintball marker features an ambidextrous adapter – good news for both left and right-handed players.

Empire Sniper Pump Action

The auto-trigger is another prominent feature that lets for the appropriate weight allotment. With all the advanced features discussed above, it’s an excellent option for proficient players who are looking forward to the popular paintball tournaments.


Considering all features, the Empire Sniper offers limited options both for upgrades and colors. Speaking of visual appearance, the paintball gun is available in two colors with most parts in black.

Empire sniper gun disassembling

This might not be very cool for you if you are considering a military-style marker on the field.

But look matter to only some extent in comparison to the functionality and here this paintball marker performs exceptionally.

For upgrades, you will have a few options as soon as you get accustomed to the piece. Though it doesn’t offer a lot of upgrades like other markers on the paintball market. Still, we would say that it’s a high-performance piece with a little variety of customization options.

Empire Sniper Maintenance

This model is ready-to-use once it’s out of the box and needs little or no maintenance. Similar to many paintball guns or any other electronics that you have, maintenance is an important factor that can determine the durability of this product.

Make sure to maintain it frequently, clean it in the right way and lube it after the paintballing. This will make your gun last for several upcoming years and you will definitely enjoy some great shots with minimal maintenance.

The best thing you can do is to make it a routine and lube the entire unit.

Also, you should ensure to lube the pump rod as it will boost the pump blow incredibly. Besides, detach the regulator more often and lube it.

The gun on the floor

Final Words:

To summarize this, the Empire Sniper is a top-rated paintball gun.

If you are looking forward to a budget-friendly paintball gun on the market, this model might not be the perfect option for you.

It is exclusively designed as a tournament marker and features all the operations that you need to get proficient in paintballing skills. For that reason, you should invest in this gun that will surely bring you great value for your money. It makes a fanatic option for those who are fond of playing recreational paintball games or pump-tournaments.

Overall, Empire Sniper marker is equipped with features that you would love to own and the best part is it comes ready out-of-the-box.

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