Empire Axe Paintball Marker Review

With a cost price of round about $450, Empire Axe is paintball marker of high quality, it is quite the same as the other marker of high ends like the Ego, Reflex, Etek, FX and Geo but is superior.


Shooting Quality

While the Empire Axe is analyzed, the performance of marker’s shooting is the best for starting. The Axe is accurately and easily fire-able. Without delaying unnecessarily, shots can get rattled off in sequences which are smooth.

The pressure of the marker’s operation is excessively low, and it consists of the eyes of anti-chopping style that allows the shooting of paint by the ballers which is fragile. It has been reported that the players went through the paintballs more than 5000 with the marker Empire Axe without breaking any ball.

PSP ramping, semi and Millenium ramping are the various shooting styles of Axe. This range of wide modes of shooting is more than the requirement of most players while keeping in mind that semi-auto is the permitted mode of most fields. For keeping it simple, the Empire Axe is a very fun marker for shooting.

When it comes to consistency, between the +-3 and +-5 are offered by the gun on chrono. As it is consistent incredibly, it would be brought out by the players will a peaceful mind on the playing field. Even the trigger of the marker is superior to most other paintball markers.

It allows the ballers to fire shots off at faster speed rates without pauses. Especially, it is easier to fire quick shots off while bringing to use the modes of semi shooting and ramping. Between the guard of the trigger and the fore grip, there exists an ample space which makes shooting, a process which is simpler.

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When the marker is put in the semi mode, 2 fingers can be put below the guard of the trigger and the trigger can be walked with relative ease. In fact, the index finger lay to rest on the trigger while 3 fingers can be put below the guard of the trigger.

The trigger adjustment can be made at 4 various positions, and it has an activation point of the micro-switch. Overall, Empire Axe will be functioning at a higher level on the regularly. This marker is the one, on which a player can rely.


Feel of Empire Axe

The maker’s feeling in quite surprising when be held by the player. As the axe is lighter and easier to hold, the frame of the marker is spacious for accommodating any size of the hand. Players can make runs while holding it for many hours without any fatigue increasing in their hands or arms.

It is a very significant advantage because paintball sometimes is the competition of speed and endurance. The players can dive, jump, slide and crawl in shear confidence as the loaders of Axe won’t be slipping off. It consists of a feedneck which securely clamps, so the loader remains attached firmly.


The Style of Empire Axe

The marker’s finish is nicer and smoother which ensures the paintballer that the $450 were spent well. Many paintballers will agree to the fact that the look of the marker does not create any discontent. Yet, the fact remains that the Axe has a high quality, esteemed look and supports in justifying its high price.

The frame of the marker has a wrap which is crafted well around the grips of style to make sure that the hold of the player remains solid for the whole time. Various other manufacturers of the markers of paintball rely on the grips of flat panels which are lesser reliable and economical more.

Empire Axe is a marker which is hose-less which means that players won’t have to worry about the malfunctioning of the hose. Whereas many other players of paintball waste energy and time in concern of the leaky or broken hose possibility and their repair eventually.

Because of the marker’s design of the air transfer of the grip, the owner will have the ease of shooting confidently.


Maintaining and Disassembling Empire Axe

Empire axe is quite simple and easier to clean when it comes to maintenance. Just by pressing the button on the side of the marker, the engine can be accessed. When the button of release is pressed, it depresses the ball bearing, and the engine is accessible through the back.

The engine is a single piece of many o-rings. The marker’s design simplicity will be pleasing its purchaser. Because of the straightforward design of the marker, it would be easier for the owner to reassemble it with confidence. Blocking the holes of air transfer or placing engines upside down is not a possibility.

For the removal of the bottle marker, the Relay ASA which is a built in nifty feature is placed. A lever is utilized for initiating the flow of air to facilitate and ease the removal of the bottle marker quickly. A rubber’s small softer piece is attached to the front bolt of the marker.

With the support of the conical spring of the marker, the bolt can be brought back to its original position. The company enhanced its game by providing a small kit of tools along the marker. Inside the toolkits, the players get o-rings, a lube, extra detents, screws and key of allen for the opening of the marker.

The access screws are handy especially while considering the fact that the original screws of the marker are stripped off with time by the player.



Empire Axe is comfortable for beholding overall and is a marker that fires with speed, accuracy and ease overall. Without any hassles, mechanically, it shoots at a quick pace quietly. If the bolt and the seat which are lubed consistently touches the o-rings, very little recoiling is needed by this gun to shoot.

Greater lengths are achieved by the Empire to assure the proper working of the Axe the marker because of its features is worth its price tag of $450+ absolutely.

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