Dye Rize CZR Review

The Dye Rize CZR is the latest model of this line of paintball guns. It is equipped with a spool valve bolting system, has the brake beams eyes, on/off switch, and the 2pc barrel, as the standout features for you to decide upon this marker gun. It also has many other intuitive features that make it an ideal competitor for top trending paintball markers such as Planet Eclipse Etha 2 and Empire Mini GS. 

Dye Rize CZR Paintball gun Review

Every feature in the Dye Rize CZR is usually available in high-end markets. The 14-inch dual barrels are meant for ensuring precision while taking the shots. The fuse bolt has made this marker a new gear with high-end performance. Rize CZR is proficient in the game and is comfortable holding onto for a long time. 

The comfort through the grips allows better control over the marker gun. Beginners will enjoy no problem maneuvering the paintball gun at their will. They can aim at their targets and hit them accurately. It is an ideal pick for beginners because of its well-designed control aspect. It is also a perfect asset for intermediate-level players who have a good grasp of game tactics and ideal skills. 

This Dye Rize CZR has a compact design and has vibrant color options. So, along with the performance proficiency, you will also get a high appeal quotient with the Dye Rize CZR marker. So, if someone told you to check out or get a Dye Rize CZR review for your purchase for the paintball marker, then you have landed on the right page. This Dye Rize CZR review guide will make you aware of all sorts of features and considerations that make it one of the best markers in the lot. 

Key Features of Dye Rize CZR Paintball Marker


  • Rize Fusion Bolt
  • Tournament ready marker
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Embedded with Rize Fusion Bolt
  • 2Pc. Barrel setup
  • Adjustable trigger
  • Embedded with Hyper 3 regulator
  • Anti-chop break-beam eye system
  • Lightweight model
  • Ergonomic design


  • Ideal For Tournaments
  • Beginner Friendly
  • High Accuracy
  • Reduce Paintball Breakage
  • Stylish and Aesthetic design
  • Ergonomic Handle
  • Year Warranty


  • Lack Of Durability at Barrel And Feedneck Clamping
  • Price is on expensive side

When you first glance at Dye Rize CZR, you will count on it as a simple, colorful paintball marker. But it is much more than that. There are impeccable features embedded in this product that you can get an enormous leading edge in the paintball game rounds. To help you get a better understanding of how this product stands out above its competitors, here are some of the ideal features for your knowledge:

Paintballer using Dye Rize CZR Paintball marker

#1 Rize Fusion Bolt

The patented Fusion Bolt of Rize paintball market is one of the most important features. The purpose of this bolt is to give a consistent and smooth push to every paintball shot.  Hence, this will reduce the probability of missing the shots and handling varying velocities. In addition, this reduces technology works upon reducing the need for air for each of the paintball shots. The use of less air makes sure that the recoil and kickback are also suppressed while using this paintball marker. 

Therefore, the control, accuracy, and stability aspects are higher with Dye Rize CZR. Additionally, this Fusion Bolt is partnered with the Spool valve system. With this collaboration, the Fusion Bolt implements an easy mechanism for the whole gun. By just pressing one button, you can go ahead and access the bolt. If you were unaware of this feature, the low pressure on paintballs would also reduce the spool valve checking times. 

#2 Anti-Chop Break-Beam Eye System

You might have the complaint from different paintball markers that the ball often breaks even before you shoot them to the target. You should know that this is the problem with you and reduces many others. Dye Rize CZR eliminates this problem as the brand intends to offer the best paintball experience to its users. 

Keeping that in mind, the brand has embedded the anti-chop break-beam eye system to reduce the number of chopped paintballs during the game. It is a complementary technology to that of the Fusion Bolt technology, which intends to use lower PSI than most of the paintball guns of this range. So even though you are using low-quality paintballs, there is a very low chance that they will split in half before you shoot them. 

#3 Firing Modes for the Tournament

Dye Rize CZR is not like any other usual paintball markers. It is designed especially for tournaments and is equipped with respective features. The Dye Rize CZR comes with multiple tournament firing modes. Depending on the tournaments, the players choose their ideal strategy to play the paintball game. The players can use these firing modes, even in friendly games, to get a leading edge over the friendly opponents. 

An easy switch is embedded on the marker body that allows the individuals to change the firing modes. Moreover, this gun comes with an adjustable firing rate that is ensured for better complementing the chosen mode of firing. It means that the Dye Rize allows you sufficient flexibility for experimenting with the marker gun. It will let the paintball players implement their strategies and test the in-depth functionality of this special paintball market. 

#4 Adjustable Trigger

The trigger of Dye Rize CZR is made up of aluminum, just like any other paintball marker. This trigger material allows the players to fire quite a lot of paintballs instantly. The material is destined to be smooth and also customizable. If you feel like the aluminum trigger is smooth for your liking, you can change it with a different trigger. This flexibility is what the players need to master their skills and free their hands-on take multiple shots. 

The adjustable trigger is an advantageous inclusion to the paintball marker. It can help you make the paintball shots super easy and keep them within control. The trigger is the element responsible for the actual shot. Not just that, but it will also affect the accuracy at the time you aim and take the shot. When you have a trigger that you can press easily, you have the potential to shoot right away without much effort on your grip or hands. 

#5 Long Double Pc Barrel 

This paintball marker by Dye comes with a True Bore Core 2 pc barrel of 14”. This inclusion in the market system makes it highly accurate while taking the shots. Unlike most of the other two pc barrels that are complex to detach and install for cleaning purposes, this setup is easy to install at the time of need. In addition, it is a precision barrel setup that maintains the stability of the gun when the shots are fired. As a result, the probability of paintball deflection will be less. 

It comes with a vent hole pattern within the trademark Steady Port tip. The Core control back of this marker is embedded with an internal bore, which is machined and finished under extreme tolerance specifications. This paintball marker gun is compatible with Dye barrels and various auto cocker threads. This self-aligning 2-piece construction of this paintball market ensures a centered assembly between steady port tip and control bore. 

Combining these precision components delivers quieter shots, enhanced performance, and superior accuracy. Therefore, it is destined as a critical factor for determining the accuracy rate of this paintball marker. Additionally, the self-centering system ensures proper back-to-tip mating with compound angled surfaces by eliminating the tolerance variations and thread wear. With this concept utilization, you can ensure that all the tip and back combinations within the kit will be straight, just like a one-barrel marker design. 

#6 Hyper Regulator

The hyper regulator embedded within the Dye Rize CZR paintball market is smaller, consistent, and sleeker. Moreover, it also offers precise increments of efficiency air pressure adjustments. The shim stack within this gun is also responsive and reacts quickly for the pressure changes that allow better flow. This paintball marker has compatibility with even 800 psi tanks of compressed air. It is also an optimal pick for low-pressure regulators. 

Hence, the new Hyper 3 allows the low 140psi operating pressure exertion. It allows smooth and accurate performance and helps the paintball market get the most out of each air refill to the tank. The RAMP solenoid embedded within this setup offers long-lasting and consistent flow and complete reliability. Hence, there is an optimization for the airflow aspects. The gun is also embedded with reinforced components responsible for increased longevity and durability. 

Dye Rize CZR Review

Pros and Cons of Dye Rize CZR Paintball Marker

Now that you are aware of all of the Dye Rize CZR paintball marker features, it is time for you to get a clear glimpse at the pros and cons of buying this product. It will help you make a final decision upon whether or not this market is suitable for your paintball playing style:

Dye Rize CZR Pros: 

  • Ideal for Tournaments

It is an electronic market and is expected to be ready for tournaments at all times. Unfortunately, not all the markers have the proficiency to be used for tournaments because they don’t have sufficient constructional features to withstand intense and competitive stress. Nevertheless, the professionals use it in their intensified competitive gaming rounds. You get high accuracy, stability, and control to ensure that you don’t miss out on any shot that could win you the game.  Playing in tournaments can be challenging if you don’t have precise markers; that’s why using this is important. 

  • Beginner-Friendly

It is an entry-level marker, which is great for beginners or learners. The useful functionality is simple, and you do not have to spend much of your time understanding the operating steps. As a result, this paintball marker is convenient for the newcomers to take their chances with their passion for playing paintball. Paintball games can be challenging for beginners; hence using this for paintball games by beginner players can be a good idea.

The use of this marker is so beginner-friendly that the newcomers can also seek to install the barrels and other parts right on the day of their first game without much hassle. The next thing that makes this a beginner marker is its low-maintenance aspect. 

  • High Accuracy

If you are a beginner or a newcomer to the paintball game, you might not be proficient in your shooting and aiming skills. It might get intimidating with ordinary guns when you cannot shoot the opponent at your desired spot. It is mostly due to the lack of accuracy in the markers. The reason behind low accuracy can be its built quality and lack of essential features. But Dye Rize CZR has all the features intact, making it a highly accurate gun and easy for beginners to play Paintball.

The accuracy problems will be solved with the Dye Rize CZR due to its low PSI level and the 2pc barrel setup. Therefore, it allows the users to target their opponents better. In addition, the kickback and recoil aspects are also suppressed when there is a low PSI level requirement. Hence, you can aim a paintball to your desired target every time a paintball is shot from the barrel. 

It doesn’t have problems similar to that of ordinary marker guns. The barrel design is made with the concept of straightening the push of paintballs through them in an accurate stretch to a considerable distance. You can even take accurate shots from a distance with these 14” barrels. 

  • Reduced Paintball Breakage

The Dye Rize CZR is one of the few paintball markers that have the technology embedded for reducing the breakage aspects of paintball. The anti-chop technology within this marker gun helps ensure that the paintballs do not break easily within the barrel before it hits the opponent. Reduced paintball breakage helps beginners to hold the gun firmly. They can easily hole and shoot around in the Paintball game.

Even if you are using paintballs of low quality that easily break off before shooting, this marker has the potential to keep them safe from breakage. As per the reviews from users, it is stated that this market rarely breaks any ball within the barrel before it shoots. Hence, the reliability factor for this paintball gun is enhanced. 

  • Stylish and Aesthetic Design

Beyond all technical masterstrokes, the Dye Rize CZR also stands out in style and aesthetic design. The color combinations are truly vibrant and give a visual treat to players of attractive marker guns. It will help you stand out among your team members and get some compliments. 

The color, at times, is a disadvantage to the paintball game for sure. But adding up elegance to the adrenaline and tactful game is not that bad a decision. You can pick the color that will camouflage with the surroundings and give you a leading edge over the opponents. But even if you are going with the vibrant options, eliminate your opponents with your skills, and prove to them that your colorful marker is not your weakness but strength. 

The color options you get with this paintball marker are Black/Lime, Black/Gray, Gray/Blue, Olive/Tan, and Red/Black; you can pick brand picks all. These make amazing pairs of dye for the paintball players. But, before buying the colors, consider the reviews and suggestions of existing Dye product users. The players demand more vibrant colors in the game with their markers. And Dye is truly a customer-oriented brand, to take ideal concern for all of those possible requests. You can also order a personalized gun to begin the game with personal interest.

  • Ergonomic Handle

The grip of Dye paintball markers is astounding and is meant to offer superior comfort. If you didn’t emphasize this factor, then now is when you should consider this a priority. The angle of this grip over the handle has a slight slant and subtle ridges. This design was intentional by the brand to ensure that the players find it easy to hold the handle and grip it for a long time in the game. 

You will possibly realize the difference when you hold this ergonomic Dye paintball marker after you have used any ordinary one before. The beginners, who take up this Dye Rize CZR as their first paintball marker, will not count on switching to any other brand in the future. And that is the assurance Dye has on its products. 

  • Year Warranty

Warranty is an essential factor in buying this gun. You also get a one-year warranty with the Dye Rize CZR paintball marker against any kind of manufacturer defect. It means that if you experience any kind of flaws in using the gun or accessing its functionalities due to potential defects, then you can contact the brand to get it replaced without much hassle. 

The brand is sure of its build quality, for which they are offering such a large warranty window for their marker guns. A few brands take up this initiative to satisfy their customers and give them peace of mind upon investing a heavy chunk of money. 

Dye Rize CZR Cons: 

  • Lack of Durability at Barrel and Feedneck Clamping

Even with all of the perks and features, the Dye brand missed out on imposing focus on two of its parts – barrel and feedback clamping. These two parts are not the most talked-about, but they still have some role in making the paintball markers perfect. Unfortunately, both of these parts are made up of average materials that are less durable. 

These two evident parts contribute towards defining the overall gameplay experience with the paintball marker. Therefore, you might have to replace these parts with durable models to eliminate the shortcomings. You can use it for a few of the initial games, but if you are going intense with more gameplays throughout the day or week, then it is better to get it changed within a short time. 

  • Price is on the Expensive Side

As the features loaded onto this paintball marker are extraordinary, the price cannot be cheap at all. But still, the price for this product is nominal compared to other professional paintball markers with similar features. So when you are destined to add more firepower and efficiency to your paintball experience, you should probably be ready to spare some extra bucks on getting the right gears for it. 


Final Verdict: Should You Buy a Dye Rize CZR Paintball Gun?

So, with all of these descriptions of the features, product pros, and cons, it becomes important that you decide now. You need to judge whether this product is perfect for your beginner or intermediate level paintball games or not. You just want the best for your paintball game, and so does the brand, Dye. Therefore, the purpose of this review guide was to cover every positive and negative aspect of this gun to help the paintballers make thoughtful decisions. 

Many paintball markers exist in the market right now, and choosing the best amongst them is tiring. However, the dye has built a reputation with its impeccable markers over time. The Rize CZR has surpassed the competitive aspects and is now leveling with the top professional paintball marker guns. Therefore, it deserved a detailed review, summed up by practical surveys and user reviews on various sites. 

A paintball marker is accountable as a very important piece of equipment for this game. Without it, you will just be like a brick to hide on and the wall to try the shots on. Of course, no one wants to be that in a paintball game, right? So, when you have decided to buy a marker gun, why not count on quality over affordability? Dye Rize CZR doesn’t ever compromise on the affordability quotient, as the price is justified for the features that it has to offer. 

The paintball marker replicates quality and is designed to offer top-level performance at reasonable rates. You can do all of your research and take your time. But if you are seeking the best beginner to intermediate level paintball marker, you will always find Dye Rize CZR as your prime shortlisted option. The beginners will never return to any other marker if they use it first. The skillful paintball players will eventually know the difference between Dye’s offers and their existing paintball markers. 


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