Can The Air Compressor Fill a Paintball Tank?

Imagine being part of an aggressive paintball game, and you run out of your air tank in the middle of the game. Naturally, you will wish to get the paintball tank refilled faster and get back. However, refilling the tank is not as easy as pumping air to tires. The air tanks tend to operate with 3000-4500 psi, for which you need a specific air compressor, and the typical ones might not be proficient. 

There are specialized air compressors that you can use for refilling the paintball air tanks. If you are serious about this game and are willing to spend money to improve the gameplay, buying these air compressors is crucial.

Refilling The Paintball Tank With Air Compressor

Most paintball players often refill their tanks in two places: paintball playing field or paintball stores. They allow you to use their specialized air compressor for a minimal price. The operations of these air compressors are the same as that of the typical ones used for refilling the tanks. Hence, it should not be a problem for you to learn how to use it! 

Moreover, the air compressors also come with a gauge that will help you fill your paintball tank with ease. Here are the steps that you should adopt to fill the paintball tank with the use of an air compressor:

Find Out The Tank PSI 

Your paintball tank should have an indicator of how much PSI it should contain. The maximum for the modern paintball tanks Is 4500PSI. Therefore, you should prevent going beyond that! If you have a CO2 tank, you should first refrigerate it and stabilize its temperature. Hence, that will make it easy for you to refill it completely. 

Connect The Tank

You need to look at the specific attachment connecting the paintball tank to the air compressor. A black O-ring should be designed to prevent the air from escaping when you attach the compressor to the tank. If you don’t have the O-ring, the air will escape from the tiny surface, and you cannot fill the tank. 

When you have the O-ring with you, just pull back on the attachment collar to expose the central needle. Plug it into the tank through a filling nipple and jiggle the hose slightly to secure it. The attachment should not be loosely fixed on the paintball tank or air compressor. 

Fill The Paintball Tank Slowly

When the attachment is fixed, you should slowly release air to your paintball tank from the compressor. Then, you need to push the lever of the compressor for the purpose. Some of the compressors come with specific buttons for the purpose. So, make sure that you need to pay attention to the same. 

You do not have to push the level or button throughout the filling process. You need the paintball tank to fill slowly without any rapid pressure. When refilling, take a note of the gauge, as it should move upwards. You should know the category of paintball tank you are using, depending upon which you should judge the PSI rating. 

How Many Shots With My Paintball Tank?

Please see below a PSI table that shows you approximately how many paintball shots you can get from your CO2 or compressed air paintball tank.

Image of an infographic showing how many paintball shots to get with a paintball tank


You can use air compressors for filling your paintball tanks! And this article has also put up a complete procedure that you must follow to execute the process.  


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