7 Best Paintballs For Woodsball & Speedball – (Durable And Accurate)

Best Paintball Reviews & Buying Guide

Nothing can be more exciting than paintballing. Isn’t it? Similar to video games, paintball lets players practice target, movement, and combat strategies in a high-paced environment. The game initially started in the year 1981 as a recreational sport and soon progressed into ultimate sports with significant tournaments on both local and international levels.

Regardless of where you fit in the experience spectrum, one thing is for sure that you need paintballs to play. Most paintballs are built in a similar way comprising of water-based paint inside a brittle gelatin shell. The ball is designed to break on impact discharging a colorful liquid inside.

Paintballs are available in diverse colors, calibers and aerodynamic architectures that are discussed in this comprehensive guide. Further, we have shortlisted the popular types of paintballs you would love to prefer. Let’s get started!

7 Best Paintballs Reviewed (2023)






Small Product Image of Valken Graffiti Paintballs

Valken Graffiti Paintballs


.68 Caliber.

Superior Accuracy.

Weather Resistant.

Small Product Image of Spyder Premium Paintballs

Spyder Premium Paintballs


.50 Caliber.

Thick Premium Paintballs.

High Quality Shells.

Small Product Image of Wrek Elite Premium Paintballs

Wrek Elite Premium Paintballs


.68 Caliber.

Highly Accurate.

Extra High Durability

Small Product Image of Tiberius Arms First Strike Paintballs

Tiberius Arms First Strike Paintballs


.68 Caliber.

Very Efficient.

Highly Durable.

Small Product Image of GI Sportz DXS Basic Training Paintballs

GI Sportz DXS Basic Training Paintballs


.68 Caliber.

Excellent Shell Breaks On Target.

Best Tournament Grade Balls.

Small Product Image of Empire MARBALLIZER

Empire MarBallizer


.68 Caliber.

Tournament / PRO Grade Paintballs.

Top Grade Quality.

Small Product Image of JT GI Splatmaster

JT GI Splatmaster Paintballs


.50 Caliber.

Round And Consistent.

Low Impact.

Best Paintballs

1- Valken Graffiti .68cal Paintballs (Premium .68cal Paint)

Image of Valken Graffiti Paintballs Box


  • Premium packaging that prevents the paintballs from breaking
  • Durable built
  • Reliable and only break on the target
  • Impressive marking abilities


  • The price is somewhat expensive

When we talk about high-quality paintballs currently available on the market, you cannot simply ignore Valken Graffiti Paintballs. These paintballs have been used for the longest time and highly recommended by proficient players.

The paintballs are durable and precise which makes them a great choice for woodsball and speedball. It won’t be exaggerating to say that these paintballs sell like hotcakes! With the Valken Graffiti Paintballs, you don’t need to invest several hundreds of dollars.

These dependable balls are reasonably priced which makes them a wise pick. Even though they cost less, the quality is up to the mark. These paintballs are tough enough that they don’t break when incidentally dropped on the ground. Though they definitely split up when hit the target.

Typically, many paintballs explode in the gun or mid-air and luckily you won’t come across this issue with Valken paintballs. Another important feature of the paintballs is their weather-resistant nature. This means your game won’t be affected whether you play in the rain or extremely hot temperature. Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons to get a better idea.

2- Spyder Premium .50cal Paintballs (Great .50cal Paint)

Image of Spyder Premium First Quality .50 Caliber Paintballs


  • Perfect for recreational use
  • Dual-tone metallic design
  • Non-staining and biodegradable fill
  • Features .68 caliber


  • Not enough biodegradable as other paintballs

Hit the paintball ground and show your opponents who is the boss. Load your paintball marker with Spyder Premium First Quality paintballs for optimal performance. The yellow shade offers a distinguishable spot so everyone knows who is dominating the field.

These paintballs work great even in a rainy climate and high humidity. A standard box comes with 500 paintballs with impressive marking and breaking ability. Overall, the Spyder Premium paintballs are known for great value for money, unmatched shooting capability and of course easy to wash.

3- Wrek Elite Premium .68cal Paintballs (Highest Quality .68cal Paint)

Image of Wrek Elite Premium Paintballs


  • High-quality
  • Hit the target conveniently and accurately
  • Some mid-air explosions
  • Withstand extreme weather conditions
  • Easy to clean


  • The price tag is comparatively higher

Another top pick! Wrek Elite Premium is one of the highest quality paintballs on the market. These paintballs typically come in a pack of 1,000 and let you easily hit your target. Undoubtedly, these paintballs are made with exceptional quality which is something you would certainly agree with.

The shell or silver-red covering is very durable and bursts only while hitting the target. Another prominent quality is that these paintballs are precise enough to shoot straight. Accuracy and reliability are the foremost features of these paintballs. Commonly, cheap paint leaves a permanent stain on your clothes or paintball gear.

This is something you will not find with Wrek Elite Premium paintballs. When these paintball bursts on the clothes, they can be easily cleaned. You may want to look at some pros and cons of these paintballs to figure out whether they make a great pick for you.

4- Tiberius Arms First Strike .68cal Paintballs (Best For Longer Ranges)

Image of Tiberius Arms First Strike Paintballs


  • Ultra-thick fill let you have enhanced visibility
  • Practically feasible in humid and moist conditions
  • Awesome range and unmatched accuracy
  • Aerodynamically shaped


  • The size is more than the standard .68

The Tiberius Arms First Strike paintballs come with premium quality and super-accuracy that will surely not disappoint you. They feature an aerodynamic design that gives you an edge over other players. Besides, these are weather-resistant balls that we truly appreciate.

The very first feature that will attract you is the unique shape and design of these paintballs. Featuring fin stabilization technology, they come with a consistent and stable design. While looking for paintballs on the market, you cannot simply compromise on the quality.

Tiberius Arms First Strike paintballs come with unmatched accuracy and superior range to let you play like a pro. Another perfection is the shell in which these paintballs are enclosed. These shells are made of polystyrene that is intended to break when hit the target.

In addition, the shell is exclusively designed to withstand humidity, moisture, and extreme temperatures. Here’s a quick overview of the pros and cons of these paintballs to help you with your buying decision.

5- GI Sportz DXS Basic .68cal Paintballs (Great For General Use)

Image of GI Sportz DXS Basic Training Paintballs


  • Hardly breaks down
  • Perfect for recreational paintball scenario games and tournaments
  • Come with a thick and durable shell that doesn’t break quickly
  • Easy to wash and clean when they come in contact with your paintball gear
  • Extremely versatile that works appropriate for multiple paintball versions


  • Poor packaging

Another set of paintballs we highly recommend for both regular and occasional paintball players is GI Sportz DXS Basic. It’s a highly reliable brand offering nicely built recreational paintballs while retaining their practicality. You can depend on these paintballs as soon as you get to the paintball battlefield.

They come with thick and durable shell boasting dual-tone look such as dark and light blue. Another popular aspect of these paintballs is the versatility. GI Sportz DXS Basic paintballs work impressively with diverse paintball versions such as scenario game or tournament practices.

They are compatible with the .68 caliber which is frequently used on the field. We appreciate the fact that these paintballs tend to clean easily so you don’t encounter any problem with your clothes or gear. The shell of the paintballs is also very sturdy with a low risk of breaking upright in the middle of the game.

6- Empire MARBALLIZER .68cal Paintballs (PRO Grade Paintballs)

Image of Empire MARBALLIZER Paintballs


  • Reliable and round-shaped
  • Come with fewer barrel breaks
  • Impressive accuracy from ball flight
  • RPS Advantage shell only breaks when hit the target
  • Neon fill leaves prominent marks on the target


  • A very few dimples are noted in some paintballs

Empire MARBALLIZER comes with several unique features. The innovative Empire Advantage Technology makes balls shooting straight and always breaking right on the target. These optimally shaped spheres are designed to withstand moisture and other elements to gain an edge over your performance.

Marballizer offers the preferred paint for many of the popular teams. These paintballs minimize the impact of paintball products on the environment. Typically, in paintball fields, paintballs frequently hit the trees and vegetation and that might be a concern for you. Well, don’t worry!

These high-quality paintballs are eco-friendly and won’t have any negative effects on the surroundings. This ultimate paintball product is biodegradable, oil-free fill and certainly an environment-friendly solution. Empire paintballs are designed to tolerate harsh elements and therefore most beginners and professionals have embraced the product.

In addition to its eco-friendly nature, the paintballs come in black and green combination filled with neon green. The brightness of the green fill makes it a great gear particularly for nighttime playing settings where there are low light conditions.

7- JT GI Splatmaster .50cal Paintballs (Low Impact Balls)

Image of JT GI Splatmaster


  • 100% biodegradable, non-toxic
  • Round and consistent nature
  • Thick and sturdy shell with a bright fill
  • Easy to clean
  • Minimal prone to breakage or damage


  • Some players find these paintballs a bit pricey
  • May not be good enough for professional players

Our final pick in the paintball category is the JT GI Splatmaster. These are non-toxic paintballs so you can safely use them on the field. You don’t need to be concerned about experiencing any harm or damage while getting hit.

In addition to their non-toxic nature, 0.50 caliber paintballs are built to be low-impact with having entirely biodegradable quality. The shape is round and consistent and every shell comes with thick and bright fill. The paintballs work best for 0.50 caliber paintball guns.

Another key benefit is that they can be easily cleaned. Simply use water and wash the stains in no time. Every package is thoroughly protected so you don’t have to worry about leaking paintballs or sticking them together. The exclusive design tends to shoot straight and accurately.

Choosing The Best Paintballs – Buying Guide

Whether you are a speedball or woodsball player, shopping for the best paintball version is probably your very first preference. Though you need to determine certain factors that can considerably influence the ultimate buying decision. Below we have compiled a few factors that you must consider.

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Caliber is definitely one of the most important considerations. Similar to real bullets, paintballs require to be chambered in a suitable size for the marker you intend to use, or else it may result in risk jamming or misfiring. Caliber is the diameter of the projectile. For instance, a .68 caliber paintball measures .68 inches across. With several calibers available on the market, we have listed the common examples.

Image Paintballs in Bottles

.50 Caliber: These are small paintballs designed for beginners or casual players who frequently use slingshots or blowguns. Considering equal pressure, they carry minimal energy than large calibers and consequently hurt less as well as travel short distance.

.68 Caliber: These are the most common paintball caliber and are often used by serious players for their high impact. The increasing weight needs more energy and every shot utilizes more compressed gas.

.72 Caliber: These large paintballs are commonly used by hardcore paintball players.

Paintball Prices

Inside of a Paintball Store

Economical: You can commonly find inexpensive packs of about 100 paintballs for approximately $6. Remember these paintballs may not be very consistent featuring low-quality shells that are more likely to break during shipping. At times, they may not break immediately after hitting the target which makes them somewhat accurate. Though they are suitable for fun play.

Mid-Range: You will get 100 paintballs pack for around $10. These paintballs come with better consistency in shell quality. They burst upon impact and shoot straight.

Expensive: These are the most expensive paintballs that commonly come with high-end gelatin or polystyrene shells. They have many stabilization features and unique characteristics such as glow in the dark coverings. They typically cost $25 or more per pack.


Regardless of the caliber you opt for, paintballs need to come with durable and rough and tough outer gelatin shell. Make sure these paintballs are very durable and withstand rough weather conditions. In most cases, expensive paintballs have a better chance to minimize the risk of getting broken inside.

Image of A Broken Ball of Paint

If you are tight on budget, you can still find reasonably priced paintballs with the same level of quality. All it requires that you carry out thorough research and find the ones that keep you comfortable throughout the gameplay.

In addition to the toughness of the shell, you should prefer selecting round paintballs. Make sure there aren’t any swellings to ensure overall quality and more importantly accuracy.


It is important to check the color of the paint before buying it. The color is a major sign of whether you are getting the finest paintball paint. If you want to play woodsball during the evening or among the thick trees on the field, consider choosing bright and neon colors.

Golden and Red Colored Balls of Paint

A few popular color options are red and orange. Vibrant and neon colors are significant since they have enough tendency of contrasting against the camo clothes worn by the rival team.

Shooting Efficiency

Looking for the finest and most precise paintballs is done by investing time in evaluating the shooting efficiency. High-quality paintballs are known for being adequately efficient in shooting. On the contrary, low-quality paintballs tend to break any time you shoot which creates a messy or chaotic situation.


Generally, paintball is a safe sport if you consider all the appropriate precautions and use of adequate equipment. This is how this fun game is supposed to be. When it comes to paintballs, do not meddle one way or another and use these paintballs the way they are intended by the company.

Image of a Paintball Mask

Paintballs commonly travel at high speeds and there are chances of getting an injury. In addition to wearing the right protective paintball gear, buy reasonable quality paintballs for the peace of mind.


Many paintballs frequently break within the barrel while shooting. On the other hand, you can find many models that don’t break unless and until they hit the target.

If you are playing the game more frequently, expect some sort of residue left from the paintballs after every game. Subsequently, it’s important to clear your marker after each session so the paintballs can easily move through the loading system and barrel to accurately hit the target.

The Freshness Of The Paint

One important factor you should notice is paintballs tend to age fast. It is primarily because gelatin gets weak over time resulting in the paintballs breaking even before hitting the target. Further, other factors may ruin or cause swelling to the paintballs.

These factors include moisture and humidity. Keeping this in mind, you need to ensure that you are getting a complete box of fresh paintballs. Though you will have a choice to test their freshness and quality before every use.

Testing them includes taking a handful of the paintball and then tumbling them into concrete form approximately a 6-feet distance. Make sure the paintball bounces back to you. Keep dropping the paintballs a few times till they burst.

If a paintball breaks in less than the third bounce, it is not recommended for play. On the contrary, if they break more than five bounces, it means they are fresh and completely suitable for the game.

Essential Tips For Using Paintballs For The Very First Time

  1. A paintball marker and ammunition aren’t the only paintball gear you need for this intense sports. You will also need to buy a protective mask, cleaning equipment, air tank, gear bag, and protective clothing such as elbow and knee pads.
  2. Paintballs don’t cause any serious or permanent damage. Though they may hurt resulting in bruising. It’s best to wear several layers of clothing to protect yourself. Paintball specific clothes work better since too many layers can compromise on mobility and cause sweating.
  3. You should keenly evaluate the conditions at the paintball battlefield. This helps you get familiar with diverse angles, routes, and cover locations on the playing ground.
  4. Make sure to thoroughly clean your paintball gun hopper before the game. If there is any residual paint or debris inside, the leftover pellets could stick together resulting in poor accuracy or jamming.
  5. Blind firing is not encouraged in paintball and it is considered an illegal tactic. Try to avoid this temptation. Blind firing is perhaps releasing your weapon from behind an object without looking around. This can result in potential safety implications. As a shooter is unable to figure out where their shots are hitting, this may accidentally hit a referee or any player who has just removed the mask.
  6. Keep your paintballs in a dry place with room temperature. If paintballs are exposed to extreme elements such as heat or moisture, the gelatin shells begin sticking together and eventually become stiffer.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much is a Box of Paintballs?

The number of paintballs in a box mainly depends on the actual size and type you have selected to buy. Typically, in standard and most cases, paintballs are available in a box comprising of 4 bags of 500 paintballs each. This means you will get at least 2,000 paintballs.

What Color are Paintballs?

Paintballs are available in a variety of color contrasts. Typically, the colors are bright and vivid to mark a clear stain on the target. From single tone colors to dual-color contrasts, you can choose any color according to your play style.

The color of the paint in your paintball may seem very little detail but if you are playing with a group, it will help you with consistency and distinction among players. You will be able to identify your opponents more clearly. Select a color that goes well with your team’s logo or general aesthetic.

Can I use Paintballs in a Slingshot?

Yes, you are allowed to do so still you need to crosscheck since some playfields don’t permit the use of slingshot. It is primarily because you are unable to chronograph it in a continuous way.

A reasonable slingshot can get you above 300 fps speeds. These velocities are considered very high in comparison to what goggles are exclusively designed for. At times, this may fail.

What Caliber Paintballs should I Buy?

As we have discussed in the above guide that multiple paintballs caliber is available. 0.50 is typically beneficial for novices. Though they are very reliable to use for casual play. On the other hand, 0.68 paintball caliber is frequently used by both beginners and proficient paintball players.

The paintballs are more dependable and withstand rough and tough conditions. If you are looking for a very advanced play, you can opt for a 0.78 caliber model that comes with unique features that you may hardly find anywhere else. However, they are quite pricey.

Are all Paintballs Biodegradable?

Yes, they are. It’s important to consider the fact that paintballs are completely biodegradable. You can expect them to easily wash away and clean most of the stains on your clothes or paintball gear. Due to their biodegradable nature, you can also expect them to wash away right in the rainstorm.

Another important factor is these paintballs can be referred to as gelatin capsules comprising polyethylene glycol or oil as well as food coloring dye blend. Both the fill and shells are naturally biodegradable so they are unlikely to leave long-lasting marks.

Are Paintballs Oil or Water-Based?

You can find both oil and water-based versions of paintballs. The inexpensive option is the oil-based type. Though many people prefer using a water-based type. Oil-based paint has a tendency to destroy or strain the paintball field’s property, the skin, gear and clothes of the players.

Considering the cleaning aspect, it may not always be a great choice. Moreover, it tends to create a tacky mess inside your gun if the ball breaks. These are some of the reasons why many paintball players prefer water-based paintballs.

In addition to being good for the environment and your paintball gear, it doesn’t cause a lot of mess. If you are tight on budget, you may opt for oil-based paintballs. Though choosing water-based type is also worth it. Make a selection as per your requirement.

What are Paintballs Made of?

Typically, paintballs are made with a shell built out of gelatin. The gel is exclusively designed in a way that it holds the fill optimally and makes sure the paintball doesn’t break unless and until there is a heavy impact.

Other important elements of the paintballs are the fill which is the liquid present inside the paintball. Most modern paintballs are built with water-soluble dyes inside the polyethylene glycol. If you are concerned about whether the paintballs are toxic, you don’t have to worry anymore.

It is primarily because the paintballs are entirely non-toxic. This means you don’t need to concern even if the paintball directly hits your mouth or comes in direct contact with your skin.

How Many Paintballs do I need?

The number of paintballs you should preferably use primarily depends on your play style and the kind of paintball gun. A simple rule of thumb is to have 500 paintballs per person for every gaming session.

If you are very excited and made up your mind to play for longer durations, its best to use more. On the other hand, if you want to play in accuracy-first style, you may use fewer paintballs.

What Makes a Good Paintball?

As you can see, there are several paintballs available on the market. There are details about each of these paintballs that makes a difference on the playing field.

Considering the diverse paintballs, it is important to understand what makes them best to make a smart choice. These factors primarily include durability, caliber, and quality. We have discussed these factors above to help you with your decision.

Final Thoughts:

After in-depth research and several hours of testing a variety of paintballs, we have shared this comprehensive information based on our experience, customer reviews and ratings, and statistics. We have tried to compile all the information you need to opt for the best paintballs and take your game to another level.

Remember high-quality paintballs are the essential requirement for a good game. You might be thinking that a good-quality paintball gun is all you need to have a successful game on the field. However, success isn’t possible without paintballs.

In the above thorough guide, we have discussed the top 7 best paintballs and reviewed each of them to help you make an informed decision. Finding the finest paintballs on the market should be your foremost preference to ensure you have the ultimate fanatic experience on the playfield.

If you have read this, it won’t be hard for you to spot the best one. All it requires is to be well-informed about this topic. If you have any questions or concerns, drop them in the comment section below. We would love to help you out!

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