Top 8 Best Paintball Vests Of 2022 (Updated)

Best paintball vest

A vest is the only piece of equipment that gets the most attention. When you wear a paintball vest, you experience the legit feeling of being a soldier. This is a crucial gear that protects your chest and your back. Not only that, the vest acts as a perfect carrier for your essentials in the field.

If you adjust and organize it the right way, everything you need will be readily available to you. And it is undeniable that players have won more matches with a vest than without one.

If you’re too confused with the flooding options online, we’ll help you out. Here we have shared our top-rated eight tactical vests for paintball.

Here is the list of our best picks for the paintball vest. Let’s see what we have got

Top 8 Best Paintball Vests 2022 Comparison Chart




Best For



Beginners To Pro

- Perfect for people weighing from 100lb to 350lb.

- Long Velcro Straps to asjust shoulders

- Many Storage spaces

Military Airsoft Lightweight

Beginners To Pro

- Very Comfortable and Durable

- The best to carry tools and other essentials

- Minimum waist 30", max 48"

ALEKO PBTV52 Paintball Vest

Beginners To Pro

- Pretty durable padding

- 5 Velcro accessory pockets

- Pretty comfy dimensions

GXG Paintball Tactical Vest

Beginners To Pro

- Fully washable

- Very good adjustability

- Comfortable

Tippman Paintball Chest Protector

Beginners To Pro

- Good back and chest protection

- Made with premium-grade materials

-Fit on any body type.

Valken V-Tac Echo Paintball Vest

Beginners To Pro

- Very good mobility

- Very comfortable

- 9 strong and hard sleeves for paintball pods

Maddog Tactical Paintball Harness Vest

Beginners To Pro

- Good protection from all type of shots

- Easy access to your tank pods

- Pretty comfortable

Voodoo Tactical MSP-06

Beginners To Pro

-Very good assault type vest

- Perfect for call close fight

- Pretty good in terms of usability and security


This GZ XIN XING S tactical vest is made to give you the safety you want. The paintball game is pretty fast-paced hence;, you need proper safety measures to hold your ground.

A nylon mesh has been used to fabricate this tactical vest, promoting maximum air circulation. In addition, its interior has two zip pockets to safeguard your documents.

It offers perfect fitting sizes from Small to 4XL sizes. A perfect fit for people weighing from 100lb to 350lb. Most vests have a chest fit of 54”, to stand out, this vest certainly has more straps and belts to fit people with bigger body size. The maximum chest of 61”, and the bare minimum chest fit is 35”.

This vest has long Velcro straps that help you adjust the shoulders. Furthermore, it comes with two more mental-D rings to attach the gears and equipment.

The back of the vest has a double-layer poly mesh. Also, this vest has a handle for easy carrying and strips on the back for camo materials.  

What makes it the best is this vest offers you pouches to store your essentials. For example, for a game like paintball, you need to carry a lot of ammo! Hence, the more the storage spaces, the better it is!

On the left, it has got a holster to carry your preferred gun, and on the right, you have three pouches for your shooting pad and ammo. Furthermore, you get separate pockets to keep your secondary weapon and magazines.

#2 Military Airsoft Lightweight Adjustable Tactical Barbarians Paintball Vest

 What makes this tactical vest so good? Its affordability. You will be surprised to see the plethora of features you get with the vest.

The quality speaks. Yes, this tactical vest is made with comfortable, durable, and high-density 600-D polyester. It has long and strong zippers and mesh. This vest is pretty tough and designed to play games like CS, Paintball, Airsoft, etc.

This offers you a better scope of organizing your essentials. This vest offers you three pouches to store your magazines, three small equipment pockets, one holster for your secondary gun, an interphone pocket, an accessory pocket, a bullet holder (removable), an interior mesh pouch for hydration bags, and two pockets to carry your documents.  

Additionally, a rear panel is mounted at the back with modular webbing that helps you carry your camouflage materials and gears. You also get 2-D rings to attach your carabineers and other equipment! Furthermore, this product is entirely skidproof as it has an antiskid panel that helps fix the rifle.

Now, if you are the guy for tools in the team, it is undoubtedly a great choice. This vest is the best to carry tools and other essentials. Until you find your desired fit, you can play along with this, and this is a great tactical vest indeed!

The maximum waist is 48” while the minimum is 30”.

#3 ALEKO PBTV52 Paintball Vest

Proper and durable padding is very important for a vest primarily used in games such as airsoft and paintball. So, if you wonder which vest has this quality, well, this is it!

Yes, the ALEKO PBTV52 is a tactical vest with pretty durable padding. After all, protection and safety always come first.

Whether it’s just BB pellets or paintballs, ALEKO’s thick padding will minimize the effect of getting hit by a paintball. This vest fits on you like a glove, securing your chest and rear part of your body. If you have been watching paintball for now, you already know about this vest. Many professionals prefer using this vest over any other.

The only feature that makes this vest rave is that it has five Velcro accessory pockets, which is a lot.

There were some adjustability issues, but it has been improved through the addition of Velcro and by giving it a buckle design. This is where it gets really easy; many vests cause trouble when putting on and taking off. This does not happen with ALEKO because its buckle design makes it extremely easy to take the vest on and off; it’s really quick!

Its chest measures 20 x 16”, while the shoulders are 20 x 18”. It has pretty comfy dimensions, giving you the ease of moving.

Another advantage of this vest is this vest has a color that can help you camouflage and is also lighter and durable. Therefore, this vest is a good pick for the game. Not only this vest looks good, but it can keep you safe.

#4 GXG Paintball Tactical Vest

Paintball is no different than some old-fashion gunfight. Instead, it is like a miniature war between two teams.

As you know, if you play intense games such as airsoft or paintball, then you are most likely to return home with a muddy vest. Well, the GXG vest will solve your problem, as this vest is fully washable.

This vest is pretty roomy and gives you a comfortable fit. No matter how intensely you play, it has hydration that does not let you suffocate.

This vest is thick enough to safeguard you from distant and close shots in terms of safety. And in terms of storage facilities, you get a pouch for your walkie-talkie, pouches to keep your tubes.

And the manufacturer also added a pouch to keep a tank bot as well. In other words, if you pack your essentials wisely, everything that you will need during the match will always be available to you.

Another striking feature of the GXG vest is that you can adjust and use this vest as you like. Yes, be it altering the position of your pods and letting you move efficiently even if you have some really heavy equipment.

Additionally, this vest comes with four harnesses for better adjustability.

#5 Tippman Paintball Chest Protector

If you are looking for a vest that can safeguard your back and chest without fail, the Tippman chest protector is the one.

This vest is made with premium-grade materials and is solely made for protecting your body from all types of shots. When you have your back and front fully secured, you may get aggressive about the game.

It fits perfectly and gives a sufficient amount of breathability. Also, this vest is pretty durable because it has been stitched twice and can efficiently last a few years.

If you are devoted to paintball, you should know that Tippman is a renowned company in the world of vests for paintballs. But, do you know what makes these vests so unique?

Tippman makes these vests with high-quality padded foam, and the Velcro straps give the vest the ability to fit on any body type.

You will not feel any sort of roughness as every area of the vest has sufficient padding. Also, this vest gives you the scope of carrying your essentials and customization.

Overall, this is a great chest protector, gives you the type of protection you need, and is very affordable.

#6 Valken V-Tac Echo Paintball Vest

Here comes one of the best paintball vests that have almost everything you need in just one vest. This vest is widely known for the incredible mobility that it provides.

In a close-call situation, you have to be fast as the wind. Here is where you will get to experience the true potential of this vest. Many vests fail to provide mobility, but Valken is not among them. With tons of accessories loaded on the vest, you can move pretty fast.

The vest delivers a perfect sense of security as fully padded at the back and shoulders. A good quality mesh has promoted optimum air circulation and support. The straps for the shoulders come with MOLLE Web (Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment), allowing you to add more stuff to the straps.

Talking about the waist of the waist, then this vest comes with a 2x Velcro support and is more than comfortable. The first Velcro layer provides firm and tight support, while the second Velcro layer provides the needed elastic support. The elastic support ensures you get optimum flexibility and does not lose your mobility.

This vest offers excellent rubber support that you won’t feel like wearing a vest. It sticks to you so close. This vest also offers a great hydration pouch inside hence; you can stay hydrated throughout the match.

The surprising feature about this vest is that it provides you with nine sleeves for paintball pods. These sleeves are strong and hard, so you don’t need to worry about if the pods will fall off. So, all you have left to do is focus on the game.

#7 Maddog Tactical Paintball Harness Vest

If you want a vest that helps you carry your tools efficiently and helps you move from place to place easily, no wonder this vest has the qualities that you are looking for.

This vest from Maddog is solely made to help players move around with their set of equipment. This is a very durable vest specially made to last for quite a few years.

This vest has interior foam cushioning that protects you from all types of shots.

Similar to other vests, this too has some Velcro straps near the shoulders and waist for better adjustability. Again, this is an ideal product for active paintball players. In terms of storage, this vest gives you two big to mid-sized pouches to store your necessary gears and comes with six pods that you don’t get to see on other vests. Not only that, but it also features a zipper pocket for you to store your map now; how interesting is that?

Belt loops come in handy while adjusting the vest. Also, this vest ensures that you get easy access to your tank pod as well.

Over the years, Maddog has been a trusted companion of many paintballers. And your body type hardly matters because the four Velcro straps will you fit inside the vest pretty comfortably.

#8 Voodoo Tactical MSP-06

The VooDoo tactical vest is one that every paintballer wishes to get his hands on.

This is entirely an assault-type vest. It showcases adjustable webs, side-release buckles, and the Velcro straps let you adjust the vest according to your needs.

This vest provides you with three mag pouches and is placed in a position where you can easily withdraw your magazines whenever needed. This feature can help you respond faster in close call fights. In addition, an adjustable holder is intelligently placed right below the mag pouches, which makes it super easy to withdraw your secondary weapon (pistol) in case of an emergency.

 On the rear side of the vest, it has a MOLLE tab and two emergency zippered map pouches inside.

One more feature which makes this vest pretty amusing is that this vest also allows you to hang a gun at the backside of the vest. However, it is pretty uncomfortable during close-call combat. The vest’s back is fully ribbed, providing proper stability to the gun.

Overall, this vest is pretty good in terms of usability and security. As a result, you are less likely to feel any inconvenience using this vest.

How To Choose A Vest For Paintball: Buying Guide

Buying a vest can be easy for a pro, but it is equally hard for a newbie. If you wish to play this game, the vest is one of the most important requirements that you need to fulfill.

Now that you see that paintball has skyrocketing popularity, it is hard for anyone to avoid this game. Well, this game has a straightforward objective, you have to swipe your enemies out by shooting them before you end up being shot.

This game gives you the vibe like you are at war. This game requires shooting skills and mastery over reflexes and strategies, and you should learn how to play as a team.

This is a very important gear, and here is what you should consider before buying a vest –


The main idea behind a vest is to store all the essential gears that you need during a match. In addition, an ideal vest will have a pouch to store your walkie-talkie so that you can stay in touch with your team.

An average paintball game lasts for hours, and sometimes it takes a day to complete. So, you will need water to stay hydrated, so always pick a vest that comes with a hydration bladder.

You need paintball to choose a vest that can hold your pods without dropping them to play a game. Also, pick the vest that can carry a secondary weapon with zippered pockets to carry maps of the area. Then, if you get lost in the area, the map will help you.

As a matter of fact, not every vest will offer you the same capacity, so pick the ones that can be adjusted according to your needs. Another important factor is you should carry what you need, do not carry unnecessary items because that will slow you down, hampering your mobility.

Pick a vest with a MOLLE, as these vests will allow you to customize the pockets and pouches the way you want!


What vest is it that does not last long?

It is normal to expect that a newly purchased product will stand the test time and serve efficiently for quite a few years. So yes, you should pick a vest that won’t start to rip after using it for a month or two or even taking a couple of shots.

A great quality vest can tolerate the abuse and has the life to fight the upcoming matches.

But, the fact is the longevity of your vest entirely depends on your playing style. If you are one of those players who like to play in aggressive environments, you will need a vest that can stand all sorts of extreme climates.


Size is very important when you are looking for clothes. And the same is applicable for the vests as well. The greatest vests are of no good if they don’t fit your body.

This game is pretty fast-paced, and anything can happen any second. You should know every second is pretty vital in this game, so you would like to have a vest that does not impose problems and hampers your game.

Always pick the vest that has multiple sizes and can be adjustable. The vest should give a snug-like fit around your neck and easily take it off.


Yes, this is the prime reason why you are spending so much time analyzing vests—the prime idea of wearing a vest to safeguard your chest and back. But, unfortunately, a premium vest has sufficient padding that works like shock absorbers, and each shot feels like a pinch.

You can feel that a paintball has hit you, but the impact of the hit will be pretty low.


The design of a vest plays a crucial role than you think.

For woodland-style games, stealth is of prime importance. When it comes to the design, choose black or camouflage color.

Camouflage goes with wood color, and it gets difficult for your enemy to trace you. If you are playing a night-time match, choose a black vest.

Do not go with bright colors, as they are the easiest to notice.


Whenever you are participating in a match or tournament, you should keep track of the climate. So, before you buy the vest, think about the climate and conditions you will be playing in.

For these things, you have to research the different padding types thoroughly and what benefits they can provide you.

All in all, the key is to balance the features with your needs equally. Whichever vest you choose, padded or non-padded, it should never affect your mobility when loaded with essentials.

Considering these factors when buying your vest will definitely ease your work.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have read this article through the columns, you have probably realized how important a vest is for this game.

This is a famous and extremely fast-paced sport, so be ready for anything, literally anything. To keep yourself, you should never go to the field without a vest.

In this write-up, we have shared our top eight tactical vests for paintball and talked about it in every minuscule detail.

For choosing your vest, do anything you have to, researching the different pad types or visiting stores in person. It may take you a bit more time, but trust me, it is better than compromising safety.

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