16 Best Paintball Tips & Tricks For Beginner

Paintballing is both fun as well as adventurous. Opponents shooting each other using low-impact guns splashing paint bullets seem easy. However, when you are in action, it has several challenges.

Especially if you are a beginner, these 16 Best Paintball tips & Tricks help you polish your efforts related to paintballing.


While paintball began as a simple game in the woods, it has grown into a sophisticated sport that can be played in several ways. There are two significant varieties of paintball to play: woodsball and speedball; however, there are other variants within each game type.

Woodsball is the name given to the type of paintball played in the woods, but it is also typical for woodsball matches to extend up to 24 hours or more and is also known as scenario paintball. In a scenario paintball game, you will be on a considerably larger team than in a standard woodsball battle, and you will also be following a “scenario” or narrative arc.

Paintballing is a conflict between the battle of the dead and the living battle. There is no room for retreat or capitulation. When the stakes are this high, and the implications are so dire, it’s essential to give yourself and your men the best chance of survival and success possible. 

The key to victory on the battlefield is possible while following these paintball tips and tricks mentioned by the brave men and women who had fought earlier in the battle.

Paintball Tips and tricks 

Best Paintball Tips and Tricks For Beginner

#1 Goggles 

Goggles play an essential role in the game. Selecting, using, and adequately maintaining the goggles will help protect your eyes, ears, and face.

  • Clean your goggles with an anti-moist solution before entering the field
  • After returning from the game, spend a few minutes cleaning your goggles; allow the goggles to dry once cleaning is done.
  • Avoid keeping the goggles on the head in between the games
  • While selecting the goggles, make sure they fit tight to your costumes and face.

#2 Hats

Whether to use a hat or not on the battlefield arises. Using the hat will produce more sweat on the head and cause the goggles to blur. But using a hat will protect your back head in the battle.

Hoodies are most preferable to use while playing the game. When using goggles, the hood may be pushed up over your head and flicked down again if you feel too hot.  

#3 Understand the Gun Basics

Understand each part of the gun clearly, like holding the paintball gun and utilizing techniques. Once the setting up gun is done, test it by firing it in the air.

Make a note that paintball markers are not bullets and are naturally imprecise; therefore, you may need to lift the barrel to a certain distance to reach the target. Small changes in the gun position will drastically affect the intended location, so work in smaller increments until you’re exactly where you want.

#4 Be Prepared For Combat

If you are a newbie to the game, carrying the required items and proper dressing is required. Clothing that is loose-fitting, black or camouflaged, and sufficiently conceals your body is ideal for paintball. Long sleeves and pants are highly preferable. 

Properly suited running shoes or combat boots are also advised. Other standard items include numerous microfiber cloths, water, and extra cash. 

#5 Realize Your Objective

The paintballing is based on the elimination process, firstly realizing that the objective is surrounding the enemies in the paintballing field. So have good communication with the team members.

#6 Maintain Proper Communication

When you become a team member, start communicating by assisting your team by calling out enemy positions, current kill count (number of enemy players eliminated), and any other form of surveillance that will aid in your team’s victory.

It’s also essential that you look after your teammates and do your best to collaborate to achieve the task at hand. Remember that a group of players working together will always yield good results.

#7 Avoid Hiding Yourself In The Field

Best Paintball Tips And Tricks For Beginner

Don’t get afraid of the first shot, and start active participation in the field to enjoy the fun. When you start hiding, it may reduce your chance of elimination, but it will be an advantage for the enemies to occupy the larger area on the battlefield.

#8 Plan Your Strategies

Learn the field layout, start effective communication with the team, or observe what the other team members are planning. Having a good strategy will ultimately make your team win the battle.

#9 Calm And Patience

Being patient while aiming at your opponents on the battlefield will give you a better opportunity to attack the enemies.

#10 Practice Or Awareness Is Required

Reading papers and watching videos online can only get you so far better in paintball. To be genuinely good at this sport, you must practice and play regularly.

Of course, if you want to train at home, you’ll need your own; once you have it, you’ll be able to enhance your talents much faster. Muscle memory with one’s marker and current gear arrangement is vital in making you a strong player

By firing the same marker repeatedly, you will ultimately no longer need to aim to hit your target since your brain will take over and do it for you.

#11 Practice Exercises

To maintain accuracy, it is advisable to practice many varieties of exercises. Follow the drills or exercises available online, and it will be better if you create a couple of exercises based on your actual experiences.

#12 Clean Your Paintball Gun

Make sure to clean the gun after completing the game and make it free from mud, paint, or any dirt particles.

#13 Avoid Reusing Of The Pellets

It’s always intriguing to reuse paint pellets that have already been shot or fallen. These appear to be loose pellets. However, they frequently result in a jammed pistol. The pellets are encased in a gelatin shell, so they may absorb water fast, resulting in soft pellets, which merely bounce off, and the pellets may expand in some cases.

If you spilled a few pellets when loading your rifle and are still dry and clean, they are OK to use. Discard the pellets fallen into mud or in wet places.

#14 Refill The Gas Chamber 

Before entering the battle, check the gas quantity in the gun. You will fill each gun with a compressed Carbon dioxide gas of 20 ounces. This gas can be used for 800 shots. 

If the gas quantity is low, the pellets will fall shorter distances by losing their velocity. To refill the tank with gas, contact the marshal. They will fill gas in the gun.

#15 Carry Additional Pellets Pot

Even after 10 minutes, if you are in the game, you may be running out of pellets. At the moment, reloading the gun with the pellets is advisable before the opponent starts attacking you. So it is advisable to carry two pots extra of pellets which may be helpful to reload the game.

#16 Firing

A gun can fire between 5 and 8 bullets per second; however, most players can only manage 2 or 3 shots per second in the actual battle. The gun is semi-automatic, which means that the trigger must be allowed to move forward after each shot before the gun fires again – you can’t just hold the trigger down as we do for a standard gun! 

If you experience any difficulties firing the pistol rapidly, consider using your middle finger, which is often more robust and quicker.

Confirm that the pellets are going into the rifle. Gravity is necessary for the pellets to fall from the hopper and enter the cannon breach. The pellets will not go upward if you bend around a barrier with the gun on its side — the gun will make a noise, but no pellets will come out. Ensure to keep the gun in the correct position at all times.

Additional Paintball Tips & Tricks

  1. Know and follow the game rules
  2. Avoid exterior paint on the gun
  3. No indiscriminate firing
  4. Avoid firing within 10-15 feet of anyone.
  5. When you are eliminated, yell the word OUT!
  6. Avoid unwanted talks when you are eliminated from the battlefield
  7. A maximum velocity of 280 FPS is possible.
  8. Don’t play under the influence. 
  9. Avoid using glass cleaner liquid, tissues, paper, towels, toilet papers, and other soft materials for cleaning goggles.
  10. Practice snap-shooting game
  11. Try to shoot with your two hands
  12. Practice shooting when you are moving
  13. Practice targeting multiple objects at once

Final Thoughts

If you’re reading this before going out to play paintball for the first time, I hope you’re ready for one of the most exciting, adrenaline-pumping events of your life. Not only is paintball a terrific way to liven up a dull weekend, but it’s also a great way to remove your stress after a long week at the workplace or in your studies. 

Remember these best paintball tips and tricks while choosing to go with the paintballing to remove all your tensions and have fun. If you feel these devices for paintballing are good enough, you can share these with your friends or any newbies on your team. 


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