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Best Paintball Pistol Reviews & Buying Guide

We all love the rapidly emerging paintball sports, isn’t it? Whether you have been playing the game for several years or just have developed an interest, there comes a certain time when you truly need to feel the need of buying a paintball pistol.

We always recommend you to go for the best paintball pistol that gives you value for money. Nevertheless, looking for the top paintball pistols can be quite a hassle particularly if you have recently started as a beginner.

It’s a fun sport where the players shoot at one another or the opposite team using paintball pistols. With every passing day, the game is becoming more renowned since it’s a great stress reliever and helps in developing management skills and teamwork.

Also, the game assists in maintaining your physical health. If you are confused about where to start, you need to get yourself familiar with important pointers before making a decision. This all-inclusive guide will provide you with all the fundamental points you need to know for an informed decision.

The first section will shortlist the best paintball pistols while the second section deals with the crucial factors you need to consider. Let’s Begin!

7 Best Paintball Pistols Reviewed (2021) – Comparison Chart




Best For


Small Product Image of Tippmann TiPX

Tippmann TiPX Mag Fed


External Velocity Adjuster.

True Military-Style Paintball Pistol.

Tru-Feed Straight Magazines.

Small Product Image of JT Splatmaster z100

JT Splatmaster z100

Beginners To Intermediate

Quick Cocking Action.

Ejectable 7 Ball Mag.

Shoots Up-To 100 Feet.

Small Product Image of Tippmann TPX

Tippmann TPX


True Military-Style Paintball Pistol.

Two 7-Ball True-Feed Mags.

Efficient Spool Valve System.

Small Product Image of First Strike Compact

First Strike Compact


20% Smaller Grip.

Two 6 Round Mags.

Standard 8.1/9.1 Mags Compatible.

Small Product Image of JT Er2 Pump Pistol

JT Er2 Pump Pistol

Beginners To Intermediate

Smooth Firing Pump Handle.

Three 10 Count Paintball Tubes/Mags.

Lightweight Composite Construction.

Small Product Image of Walther TA4 PPQ M2

T4E New Walther PPQ M2 (Gen2)


Metal Slide And Barrel.

Co2 Hard Kick Blow Back System.

8 Shots Magazine.

Umarex T4E Walther PPQ .43 Caliber

Umarex T4E Walther PPQ


Highly Realistic Size.

Adjustable Rear Sight And Fixed Front.

8-Round Drop Free Mag.

Best Paintball Pistol

1- Tippmann TiPX (Best Premium)

Image of Tippmann TiPX


  • Offers excellent range
  • Compact and precise design
  • Multiple customizable features
  • Sturdy metal, the trigger is constructed from aluminum
  • Features self-locking 8-ball magazines
  • Camouflage customization
  • Two-year warranty


  • Magazine is rather small

When it comes to paintball, Tippman is one of the most popular names. One cannot deny the fact that they are among the leading paintball pistols manufacturers. The intricate design of the Tippmann TiPX pistol has quite a resemblance to a military firearm.

The design of this gun is the foremost selling point. People around the world have appreciated its compact and smooth outlook. You can handle it smoothly in the intense game with a firm grip. The trigger is built from metal to ensure its long-lasting nature.

What’s interesting about this pistol is both novices and advanced players feel comfortable and easy to handle the gun. Speaking of functionality, the semi-automatic feature will shoot from an open bolt, and subsequently the pistol’s blow-forward system reduces the coil.

Featuring spring-loaded Tru-feed magazine, the spring instantly pushes the paintball into the pistol’s chamber. Remember when you squeeze the trigger for the first time, it won’t shoot immediately. Though the second squeeze will shoot the paintball gun.

2- JT Splatmaster z100 (Best Budget)

Image of JT Splatmaster z100


  • Authentic slide action
  • Instant release magazine holding 7 rounds of ammo
  • Include cocking assist handle for improved cocking leverage
  • Marksman precision up to 50’
  • Shoots up to 100’
  • No batteries or CO2 required
  • Spring action firing


  • The pistol is made of plastic and may not withstand the toughest conditions
  • Not a very powerful conventional pistol

The best you can do in paintballing is to practice your aim with the awesome JT Splatmaster z100 Marker. This paintball pistol offers sufficient straight shots and quick action. Featuring a real slide action and instant-release magazine, it can surely serve you best in the game.

It has a cocking assist handle to help with increasing spring-action firing and cocking leverage. Further, the marker has an instant release magazine holding about 7 rounds of ammo. Isn’t it amazing? The shooting accuracy is up to 50’, though you can always shoot up to 100’.

Lastly, the marker comes with a barrel plus, user manual, a few reusable targets, and detailed game instructions. Overall, it makes an ideal choice for both novices and paintball enthusiasts.

3- Tippmann TPX (Very Accurate)

Image of Tippmann TPX


  • Perfect for martial gameplay
  • Concealment customization
  • Super-accuracy and consistency
  • Well balanced use
  • Two-year warranty


  • While shooting the seventh paintball, the air may leak

We already know Tippman has a big name as the best paintball pistol manufacturers. Looking at the Tippmann TPX paintball pistol, we see a martial styled firearm. The marker is highly dependable for its accuracy. It features a velocity modifier along with the remote adapter to make the pistol more efficient.

The model has an under-barrel CO2 air mechanism complementing the Picatinny rail for attachments mounting. This is the second generation creation featuring a magazine-fed and semi-automatic mechanism that makes it one of the popular guns.

The compact design incredibly focuses on maximum efficiency. The body is designed to improve maintenance so you can easily access the internal mechanism. The functioning is relatively simple which makes it a good choice for both beginners and seasoned paintballers.

The semi-automatic quality allows it to shoot from its open bolt while the spring-loaded feature pushes the paintballs into the pistols’ compartment. As the CO2 cartridges are loaded by the pistols, they will be perforated as you push the trigger.

4- First Strike Compact Pistol (Great All-Rounder)

Image of First Strike Compact Pistol


  • Comes with an under-mount rail
  • Compact and conveniently concealable
  • Two six-round magazines
  • Operates with 8-gram or 12-gram CO2 cartridges
  • Highly customizable


  • The grip is relatively small
  • CO2 leakage at times when releasing the magazine

When it comes to First Strike Compact, it’s worth mentioning the quality design and overall built. The design comes with a compact frame and a grip of about 20% smaller than the standard 8.1 model. One thing to notify is the paintball pistol features 8-gram CO2 cartridges.

For its highly customizable nature, you can opt for 12-gram CO2 cartridges. Even though the grip is somewhat smaller, but we truly appreciate its ergonomic design. Looking at the functionality, the accuracy of shooting paintballs is quite impressive. Highly recommended!

5- JT Er2 Pump Pistol (Beginner Friendly)

Image of JT Er2 Pump Pistol


  • Simple to use for beginners
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Fire smooth shots without blockage
  • Reasonably priced with highly competitive features


  • Louder
  • It is somewhat slower compared to other semi-auto markers

The renowned JT Er2 Pump Pistol is one of the most appropriate paintball pistols for beginners who are looking forward to budget-friendly markers. This paintball pistol worth consideration to deliver smooth shots.

One important feature is the anti-chop technology that ensures fire consistency without any blockage. JT Er2 comes with an inline feed system that improves its overall effectiveness. It is capable of shooting up to 5bps with great caliber.

Similar to other paintball pistols, it comprises a 12g CO2 cartridge and spring that pushes paintballs through the barrel. The long barrel helps in enhancing accuracy and shooting performance. Further, the gun includes a high-quality CO2 cartridge, three paintball tubes, and a barrel plug.

With every 12-gram CO2 cartridge, you can shoot approximately 25 paintballs. One slight drawback is that you need to cock it each time you shoot a paintball. This makes it comparatively louder. Overall, the functionality and practicality are up to the mark.

6- Walther TA4 PPQ M2 (Best For Professional Use)

Image of Walther TA4 PPQ M2


  • Ergonomic polymer grip to ensure the paintball pistol doesn’t slip off from the hand
  • Intuitively positioned magazine release
  • 3-dot sight with modifiable rear sight for enhanced precision
  • Safety lock mechanism to prevent any accidental firing


  • Small magazine capacity
  • Somewhat delay trigger action

Walther TA4 PPQ M2 Paintball Pistol is another popular gun and definitely for many good reasons. This 0.43 caliber pistol is ergonomically designed keeping the user comfort in mind. As a matter of fact, it gives you a feel of holding a real gun.

This paintball pistol built comes with a metallic slide and high-quality barrel, a polymer finishing on the grip, and about 8 round drop metallic magazines. The paintball gun is capable of firing 8bps from a 12-gram CO2 cartridge equipped in the magazine.

The CO2 cylinder is loaded up to 3 times which means you can fire 24 shots along with a quality pneumatic blowback system. With this exclusive feature, you can shift into varying balls such as powdered balls, rubber balls, and pepper-shot balls.

Another popular feature is the fixed foresight and modifiable rear sight. With this feature, you can improve the accuracy level to ensure the impact points are aligned. In addition to that, you will also find a laser or flashlight.

7- Umarex T4E Walther PPQ .43 Caliber (Very Durable)

Image of Umarex T4E Walther PPQ .43 Caliber


  • Solid and durable paintball pistol
  • Complete metal slide that locks back on the final shot
  • Modifiable yellow dot sights
  • Metal magazine
  • Shots are extremely precise
  • Features safety trigger
  • Finishing is impressive
  • Magazine spring release for quick shots


  • The magazine can hold only 9 rounds
  • Trigger pull appears to be somewhat long as it shoots similar to a double-action trigger

Our Final Pick! The Umarex T4E Walther comes with an exceptionally durable build. It features metal parts where you would most probably expect such as slide, catch, magazine, barrel, and other internal parts. The paintball pistol has a lightweight of approximately 2 pounds with the magazine somewhat heavier.

Fit and finish are also up to the mark. Get ready for all-day battles by choosing a spare of 9 round magazine for the PPQ paintball pistol. This magazine is particularly designed for the T4E Walther PPQ series. Constructed entirely from metal and high tension internal spring, the magazine can successfully withstand hard drops and super high rate of fire.

Further, a single 12g Co2 cartridge improves this magazine and is boarded directly inside. Stock up on almost everything you require before your very next match with this 9 round magazine from Umarex.

Best Paintball Pistol – Buyer’s Guide For Beginners

Types of Paintball Pistol

Below we have given an overview of different paintball pistols types to give you a better idea of these categories. Let’s get started:

Electro-Pneumatic Markers:

If you have read this far, you are more likely to have figured out that electro-pneumatic paintball pistols come with the quickest firing rates and effective firing metrics. However, the major drawback is that they are relatively complicated to use and at the same time sensitive in comparison to mechanically operated pistols.

For these reasons, these markers require better maintenance. Though they comprise similar elements as the mechanical marker. The topmost thing that makes them stand out among other markers is their firing rate capabilities.

Person Holding Paintball Pistol in Hand

One key difference between electro-pneumatic and mechanical markers is that the mechanical connection between the trigger and the action is substituted with an electronic switch. The switch then connects with a circuit board or solenoid valve which makes it easier than simply pulling the trigger.

It won’t be exaggerating to say that pulling the trigger in an electronic marker is very much similar to clicking the mouse of your laptop. Many electronic markers feature settings that let you set your firing rate. That way, you can set your firing rate limit to ensure fair play with the opponent team. Hold the trigger and the gun keeps on firing at a continuous rate.

Ramping Paintball Pistol:

This is one of the renowned paintball pistols for quick firing. The ramping paintball pistol is everything you need to press the trigger consistently. The firing rate will increase gradually with the help of the circuit board. If you press the trigger 5 times, it will instantly release 5 shots.

By holding the trigger, the firing rate will keep on increasing. After a certain period, the firing rate will reach up to 20 pounds per second. These pistols are best for quick shooting that can be enjoyed by both beginners and professionals.

Three Shot Burst Paintball Pistol:

Also known as 3-round burst pistol is very advanced in comparison to pump and semi-automatic paintball pistols. By pressing the trigger just once, you can shoot three times continuously.

These electro-pneumatic paintball pistols are equipped with several firing models so you can easily switch between 3-shot burst and semi-automatic mode. The type is not very suitable for novices since it requires quick switching.


This specific type of paintball pistol offers the slowest rate of firing since you need to manually pump it prior to every shot. It works quite similar to a shotgun where the shooter is required to pump the gun for the shot.

Pump Pistol on Desk

If you are using the paintball gun against the opponent team who have mechanical or electro-pneumatic markers, you are perhaps at a disadvantage. Though if everyone on the battleground is using pump paintball pistols, it’s going to be fun.

These guns will require you to come up with a better strategy since there is a lot of effort involved. If you have just started paintballing, we recommend you not to opt for pump paintball guns so you won’t be at a shortcoming.

Mechanically Operated Markers:

These are commonly used paintball pistols in recreational play and commercially-operated paintball fields. One feature that makes them popular among players is they can be easily used and maintained.

Also, they withstand most weather conditions and still offer a great firing range and rate. At times, these pistols are frequently compared with point and shoot cameras because they are simple and straightforward. Their impressive functionality is user-friendly in different games and conditions.

Person Reloading Paintball Gun

Further, they feature a semi-automatic mechanism that allows you to fire around simply by pulling the trigger. Do not be misled with the assumption that paintball pistols are only known for their functionality and design. They can be practically used for speedball.

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Keep in mind if the rival team is using the electro-pneumatic marker, you are at a disadvantage when it comes to shooting rate. Overall, mechanical markers are reasonably priced, diverse and withstand rough conditions. They make a great choice for beginners to enjoy their first paintball game.

Mechanical Or Electronic Markers?

Mechanical paintball pistols don’t require any electricity while electronic markers operate on batteries and circuit boards. Mechanical markers are more reliable, though they are comparatively slow and loud.

Mechanical Vs Electronic Markers

On the other hand, electronic markers come in two types including electro-mechanical and electro-pneumatic. Electro-mechanical markers are pretty much similar to mechanical markers. They only have an electronic trigger the shoots typically in 3-round burst or complete automatic mode.

While electro-pneumatic pistols operate by triggering a solenoid valve that allows the paintball to shoot. They work better since the firing is continuous and quieter. However, they are costly and need the practice to operate.

Long-Range Or Medium-Range?

If you are a novice who wants to play paintball and enjoy the real fun has to decide whether to opt for a low or medium range gun. There are several paintball pistols available on the market and online cost around $60 to $150.

Image of Firing Range Area

Typically, low-end models are durable, dependable and modifiable to serve you for many years. These pistols commonly run on CO2. On the contrary, if you want to purchase a gun that costs somewhat more and works excellent in terms of precision and reliability, you need to spend some extra bucks.

Medium-range paintball pistols cost between $200 to $300 and are nicely designed for the scenario game on the paintball field.


The weight of the paintball pistol should be your important consideration that will influence your buying decision. It plays a crucial role to ensure overall comfort and effectiveness on the field.

We recommend you to opt for a lightweight pistol that shouldn’t exceed three pounds so you can easily carry it out and target all those rivals.


Different materials considerably influence the pistol’s precision, weight and durability so make a selection wisely. The most frequently used material is aluminum as it keeps your paintball marker lightweight and reasonably priced.

Aluminum barrels don’t feel very durable and they might wear if not maintained. Stainless steel barrels are another durable option that certainly withstands a lot of wear and tear.

However, they are comparatively heavier and might not be practical for all those who are looking for very lightweight markers. Lastly, you can go with a carbon fiber material. Its sturdy, lightweight and easy to maintain.

Check this guide out: In-depth guide in case you are buying the best paintball barrel for your gun.


At times, you may compromise the quality just because you are looking for a low price paintball pistol. Quality is something you shouldn’t sacrifice because your one-time investment will help you in the long run.

A durable marker withstands extreme weather conditions and keeps shooting at an optimal level. On the other hand, a cheap paintball pistol will cost you less money but you are more likely to change it time and again. Quality is Everything!


One important consideration to remember is that the paintball pistol is not only the piece of equipment required for the game. You will need to have a mask, belt pods, clothes, shoes, goggles, and other essentials. Keeping these factors in mind, you will set a budget.

Though the marker makes up most of your budget, you should still leave some budget for other gear. Also, other aspects will help you figure out this budget. Being a frequent paintball player or enthusiast, you may want to invest more money.

image of Paintball store

Compare and contrast all the aspects to determine if your purchase is worth it. If you are a beginner or skilled player who plans on playing paintball at least twice or thrice a month, we do not recommend a cheap gun. These pistols are not good enough since they are neither reliable nor upgradeable.

To compete in tournaments and grow as a player, you need to give a tough competition to your opponents with a good pistol. To get high-quality paintball pistol, you will want to shell out some more bucks.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long do Paintball Pistols last?

If you have bought a high-quality paintball pistol, it is more likely to last long. These paintball pistols last up to 20 years if maintained frequently. The life of a paintball pistol primarily depends on its quality and maintenance.

Are Paintball Pistols any Good?

You can consult the above guide to figure out the best paintball pistol for you. Paintball markers made of hard metal are more likely to deliver natural performance while retaining their strength. They work best for both novices and proficient players.

How much does a Paintball Pistol cost?

The cost of a paintball pistol primarily depends on the brand, quality, and features. Typically, it starts from as low as $50. While a premium-quality and heavy-duty model may cost you hundreds of dollars. It’s good to budget your paintball gear.

Do Paintball Pistols have Recoil?

Paintball pistols are not designed to have recoil. However, certain factors can create a kickback. Though the recoil of a paintball pistol is not similar to a real gun.

What is the best Paintball Pistol to buy?

Short paintball pistols are designed for short to medium range. The markers work amazing within few yards or in quarters. On the other hand, long paintball pistols are designed for long-distance shooting. These markers can shoot your opponents from several yards away.

The type of paintball pistol you purchase primarily depends on the kind of paintball you intend to play. For scenario games or woodsball, you may want a gun that can be carried like a rifle and has a feature to connect a stock.

Also, look for a small and compact pistol that shoots faster. Shiny colors of pistols are not recommended for woodsball, though you can have them in speedball.

Final Thoughts:

Paintballing is a lot of fun! Though the process of selecting appropriate gear requires a thought process. Above we have discussed the top 7 paintball pistols currently available on the market. If you are unable to find one, you can always consider our top picks.

Also, don’t forget to consider all the important factors to better compare and contrast with your paintball pistol. If you still have any concerns or queries regarding paintball pistols, feel free to leave your comment in the comment section below. We would be happy to answer your questions. Enjoy!


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