Top 10 Best Paintball Jerseys 2022 – Review & Buying Guide

Paintball is all fun and wild, but not when you scratch up your hands or legs. So one rule of thumb in paintballing is to leave as little skin exposed as possible. Unless you don’t mind getting your clothes dirty, consider getting paintball gear. 

Here in this write-up, we have discussed some of the best paintball shirts currently available in the market. We have also discussed each jersey’s benefits and provided a short buying guide that can help you figure out which jersey will be the best for you.

Now, if you are into paintball, you probably know that this jersey is something more than an average piece of clothing. You should always choose your jersey according to your requirement. Like other gears, the jersey is another major requirement to play this. It safeguards your vital body parts from any sort of injury, can give a better scope for advancing your game.

So, without any further talking, let us just jump off to the main part of this article.

Top 10 Best Paintball Jersey 2022 – Comparison chart




Best For


Planet Eclipse Rain Jersey

Beginners To Pro

- High Quality- Product Brand.

- Full Sleeve Shirt.

- No Padding so more breathable.

Empire Prevail F6 Jersey

Beginners To Pro

- Several colors available.

- Optimal Safety of your chest.

- Elbow Pads.

HK Army Hardline

Beginners To Pro

- Purely Handmade so very good quality.

- Super Comfortable.

- Slider Gloves Included.

Valken V-TAC Zulu Jersey

Beginners To Pro

- Perfect To Blend In With Nature.

- Adaptable To Fluctuating Temperatures.

- Gussets Included.

Evil Racer X

Beginners To Pro

- Friendly Price For The Quality.

- Available In plenty Of Shades.

- Lightweight.

Empire Paintball THT

Beginners To Pro

- Jacket Included to Maximize Safety.

- Good Shoulders Padding

- Breathable And Durable.

Dye Ultralight Jersey

Beginners To Pro

-The Most Comfortable And Lightweight.

- Very Durable.

- Snug Fit

Empire Contact Zero F6

Beginners To Pro

- Very Good Air Circulation.

- Very Stylish.

- Pannels On The Side.

Empire Paintball Prevail F5 Jersey

Beginners To Pro

- Wide Range Of Colors Available.

- Paddings Well Placed.

- Nice Style

HK Army Freeline Paintball Jersey

Beginners To Pro

- Handmade And Very Good Thermo-Regulation.

- Hand Protection And Slider Gloves Integrated.

#1 Planet Eclipse Rain Jersey

Well, if you are a fan of paintball, then chances are you have probably heard or even searched for Platinum Eclipse. Yes, Platinum Eclipse is a pretty recognized brand for its high-quality products. So if you buy a jersey from them, first, you will fall in love with the material, and second, you can expect its products to live up to their name.

Planet Eclipse offers you many options, and the rain jersey is one of them and the most popular one, we might add. This shirt feels nice and comfortable, allowing you to move freely.

This is a full-sleeve shirt, which is a good thing to protect your hands from elements. And does not add up weights on you.

In terms of its looks, it looks modern and pretty stylish. This jersey does not have any such padding, making the shirt more breathable. Also, it will add proper ventilation to the body. Of course, you will be sweating when playing paintball, but it can help keep you cool.

The jersey is made with pure polyester with some microfiber on the inside. The cuffs have a snug-like fit around your neck. This product is washable, but make sure you handwash this jersey.

#2 Empire Prevail F6 Jersey

The eye-catching thing about this paintball shirt or jersey is that this looks good on you, and this jersey will protect it.

This jersey is also available in various shades and designs, giving you the advantage of choosing your color. Surprisingly, Empire offers you more colors compared to other brands.

As I said, it offers you security, and it looks good as well. So, this jersey does a bit more than just being stylish. Yes, this jersey comes with padding, so you have fewer chances to get hurt if you get hit by a paintball. A lot of padding is placed near the collar bone region. But, primarily, it ensures the optimal safety of your chest.

Also, you will have padding in the elbow area, which can be a real blessing. This can prevent injury if you have a habit of sprinting fast and landing on your elbows. In addition, this comes with in-built elbow pads, so here you can save an amount of money as you do have to buy elbow pads.

#3 HK Army Hardline

This jersey from HK is on a different level. Jerseys from HK have always been trustworthy brands to many professional paintballers out there.

It has valid reasons to be a perfect pick for players. This jersey you see is purely handmade. Handmade jerseys offer more breathability and a pretty lightweight as well. This jersey will serve you with the benefit of moving freely on the ground and does not compromise your mobility.

It is super comfortable and breathable and offers universal fittings to every player. Also, it is available in all sizes, allowing the player to choose his jersey as per his requirement.

This jersey also comes with integrated mesh panels for extra air circulation purposes if you feel the normal ventilation is not enough. This paintball shirt will keep you cool regardless of the temperature.

If you have seen more products from BK, you know that they do everything in their power to make their customers happy. Furthermore, you also get a pair of slider gloves to safeguard your hands from any injury and elements.  

One more thing, as you can see, this is a full-sleeve jersey. It adds extra security to your hands. You also get a dye sublimation with a slightly higher density and contoured foam padding to safeguard areas like your chest.

#4 Valken V-Tac Zulu Jersey

Talking of the V-Tac jersey from Valken, you should know that Valken prioritizes comfort over other features. So, if you prefer comfort, this one is for you.

Yes, this shirt is pretty comfy, and if you wish, you can also wear similar gears like the vest underneath and then put this jersey on. Hence, if you use this jersey, neither safety nor comfort will be compromised.

You can guess by seeing the shade of this shirt, and it is an excellent pick for woodland paintballers. If you want to blend with nature, this is a good choice. Also, it is pretty adaptable to fluctuating temperatures and can protect you from typical bad weather conditions.

It has a proper ventilation system and is made using a moisture-absorbing fabric that helps in keeping you cool. It is the best for aggressive players as they sweat a lot. This jersey is a better choice than zippered and skin-fir jerseys.

The shade of this jersey helps you to camouflage and makes it pretty daunting for others to trace you. This jersey comes with gussets that help you carry small items with you.

All in all, if you wish to give your opponents tough competition, this is what you need.

#5 Evil Racer X

At first glance, you may think like it is pretty boring and does not have many features. But, here is what this jersey has to offer you.

Let me tell you that the Evil Racer X has more features than you think. If you like to play unnoticed, this jersey is for you. And this is available at a budget-friendly price and does not compromise with the quality.

But, if you select the perfect size, I bet this shirt will fit on you like a glove, and you feel pretty comfortable than ever. Also, if you tend to sweat while playing, this jersey will keep you refreshed even if you play aggressively.

Many players are a bit picky about their gears as they do not want to lose their mobility when they get themselves equipped. You can stay assured of this because this jersey will make you less likely to act as a barrier restricting you from moving.

This is pretty lightweight than you think, has a clean, decent look, and this jersey is available in plenty of shades. If it gets dirty by any chance, then do not worry. This jersey is purely hand-washable.

#6 Empire Paintball THT

Here is another best option for you if you are looking for some best paintball shirts. This is the upgraded version of the previous jersey. This jersey is pretty advanced, and chances are you may feel the urge to purchase this jersey.

This jersey looks excellent and comes with a jacket that maximizes your safety and helps you perform at your very best.

As you can see, this jersey has a pullover top so you can feel the ease of wearing it. This jersey also has a high collar and does not make it lose. However, there is are pockets in this jersey, but sometimes keeping things simple is the best option. The shoulder area of this jersey has enough padding to keep your shoulders safe from any injury.

This shirt is made using laser perforated, ripstop material that makes this shirt very durable. This is why this shirt is often considered one of the best jerseys for players.

The material used in its fabrication makes it pretty durable, and there are lesser chances for it to rip off even if some part of this shirt gets stuck while you move.

Look, you should not pay attention to any other feature that does nothing but make you bulky. If you stay focused on choosing the right product, you can play efficiently. This shirt promotes optimum breathability and does not make you sweat.

So it’s about time to move ahead and knock your enemies.

#7 Dye Ultralight Jersey

After the brand released the Ultralight, Dye entered a new phase of manufacturing products solely for paintballers.

This is one of the most comfortable and lightweight jerseys you will ever come across. They have used high-quality materials for making this jersey and do not restrict you from moving.

Every brand we have discussed so far has its own set of goals, like safety and comfortability. This shirt from Dye helps you stick to your game.

When you play paintball, you will sometimes be compelled to change your position or take different positions. With this jersey on, you will be comfortable in any position you take.

And talking about its features, this jersey is very durable and can be used for years without changing it. Also, this is pretty lightweight and modest, and if you wish, you may wear it casually and go anywhere.

It is made using four different fabrics, gives you a snug fit, and protects your skin from scratches or any other injury. In addition, the lycra used in this jersey consistently maintains proper airflow and a firm grip.  

Furthermore, it can withstand any weather condition, be it hot or cold, it hardly matters.

#8 Empire Contact Zero F6

The Empire Contact Zero F6 is pretty different from other jerseys. The difference is in its fabrication. Yes, this jersey is made using a unique fabric known as “Em-Dri’’.

The Em-Dri fabric makes this jersey incredibly lightweight, promotes extraordinary air circulation that does not make you sweat.

Empire made this jersey with the prime goal of thermoregulation. Therefore, the shirt has panels on the side that reduce heat build-up.

It has better and upgraded enhancements, and I see no reason for it to be a bad choice for a paintball player.

And, if you have seen other products from Empire, you know that you can do anything possible to make your game better. So, yes, the primary objective of releasing this jersey is to advance the player’s game and be a bit stylish about it.  

#9 Empire Paintball Prevail F5 Jersey

The Prevail F5 is one of the most popular jerseys from Empire and is a famous jersey that players worldwide pick.

Not only this jersey looks awesome, but it provides you with the confidence you need and maximizes your security.

Furthermore, if you are worried about its shades, then let me tell you that you can get a wide range of colors for this jersey. You may purchase a couple of these jerseys so that you alter your get-up frequently.

The F5 is not just about style and looks. And it has other features as well. For example, compared to the previously released products, the F5 has better upgrades. Such as a lot of padding to safeguard your vulnerable body parts and other forms of injuries.

Empire concentrated padding on the collar bone area and upper chest, as these areas are pretty delicate.

Also, it has sufficient padding near the elbows as well. This way, you can safeguard your elbows if you habit using your elbows.

All in all, this is a great shirt indeed. Also, it can save a lot of your initial padding cost as the pads come in-built with this jersey.

#10 HK Army HSTL Paintball Jersey

If you are still looking for jerseys, here is another best alternative. The HK is a well-known brand in the world of paintball gears. This jersey is made with premium materials and has some serious features.

The Hardline jersey from HK is purely handmade, making it lightweight, very breathable, and helps move around without any form of restriction.

This shirt is unimaginably well-ventilated and has various sizes to make sure all their customers find their best fit.

As you know, this jersey is pretty lightweight but also has integrated mesh panels that promote an extra amount of air circulation. Hence, you will be staying cool and refreshed, even if you are playing in typically hot temperatures.

Furthermore, this jersey comes with integrated hand protection and slider gloves that maximize your sense of safety. And as you can see, this is a full-sleeve shirt, and it effortlessly fits over any elbow padding gears that you use.  

With the right adjustments and gears, you can advance your game pretty well.

How to Buy a Paintball Shirt: Buying Guide 2022

Before buying anything, literally anything, you have to be aware of your needs. Next, you should prioritize your needs then pick up a more features shirt. Unsure of what factors you need to prioritize, here is our buying guide.

If you are trying to buy a paintball shirt for yourself, here is what you should consider before you end buying the wrong jersey –

Consider the Material

No matter which type of clothing you buy, the most important factor is the cloth or material used in the making. The same applies to the paintball shirts as well.

If you are an amateur, we recommend you opt-in for a lightweight jersey, has a sufficient amount of padding to safeguard your vulnerable areas and is durable.

The material is also responsible for breathability, ventilation, and mobility. So, make sure you choose your jersey wisely.


Do consider the length of the jersey, as you would want to wear oversized jerseys because that can potentially ruin your game.

Pick the perfect size for you; if you choose small sizes, you will feel suffocated as this game includes a lot of running and other physical activities.

Also, if you pick an inappropriate size, it can ruin your mobility.

Anti-Moisture Features

If you are looking for a paintball shirt, then look for one with water-resisting capabilities. If you do so, you won’t feel the need to wash it often. Washing jerseys can result in rapid wear and tear.

A jersey with such quality can last a long time. These jerseys are not for machine-wash. If it gets dirty, simply wipe it off using water.


If you are buying a jersey, make sure you are buying from a good and trustworthy site or store. Not just jerseys, it is about anything you buy from a trusted source.

Here are some of the major factors you may consider before buying your paintball shirt.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many newbies have plenty of questions in their minds, so we thought of adding some answers to some of their questions.

Final Verdict

Now that you have read through the columns of our write-up. I hope you have realized that the products mentioned here are some of the best for their reason.

If you are still facing problems figuring out the best paintball shirt, you can use our buying guide. We have given you a couple of parameters to be considered while making a purchase.

All in all, you should always choose a jersey or shirt that gives you the comfort you need, heightens the security, provides proper breathability and ventilation.

And, now you are good to go and knock some ennemies!


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