10 Best Paintball Hoppers (2023) – Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Paintball Hoppers reviews

Investing in the best paintball equipment can significantly make a difference. Among paintball specific gear, we would talk about the best paintball hopper which is also known as a paintball loader. A hopper is an effective gear that connects to the paintball gun or marker.

It holds multiple rounds of balls that drop into your paintball gun before firing it. Having a certain number of rounds allow you to fire them quickly without any interruption. Though remember you may not find the best paintball hopper unless and until you are well-equipped with relevant knowledge.

The fact that not every hopper is the same requires you to invest some time in thoroughly evaluating and scrutinizing the best available options.

After a detailed research on various factors influencing the quality of hopper and reviewing the best hoppers, we have compiled a comprehensive guide to help you make a better decision.

Top 10 Best Paintball Hopper Reviews (2023)




Best For


Image Of Dye R2 Electronic

Dye R2 Electronic

Beginners To Pro

Feeds 30+ Balls Per Second.

Lasts For Up-To 100k Shoots On 3AA Batteries.

Reload Alert And Low Battery Indicator.

Image of Proto Primo

Proto Primo

Beginners To Pro

Positive Shelf Designed.

Clear Spring For Easy Reloading.

Great Paintball Flow.

Image OfDye R2 Electronic

Dye LT-R Electronic

Beginners To Pro

Anti-Jam Sharkfin Release Trigger.

Feeds 30+ Balls Per Second.

3AA Batteries Lasts For Up-To 80k Shots.

Image of Virtue Spire

Virtue Spire IR

Beginners To Pro

Strong Nylon Back Shell.

Improved Sensors For Proactive Feeding,

Best In Class Quality.

Image of Empire Halo Too

Empire Halo Too

Intermediate To Pro

Low Battery Indicator.

Polycarbonate Shell.

Loader Feeds 20+ Balls Per Second.

Small Product Image of Virtue Spire IV Electronic

Virtue Spire IV Electronic

Beiginners To Pro

Wireless Programming Trough Mobile App.

Dual Led Reload Indicator.

Great Durability



Beiginners To Pro

Zero Gravity Lift Tray.

Hyperlock Toolless Maintenance.

Anti Jam Feeding.

Image of Prophecy Z2

Empire Prophecy Z2

Beiginners To Pro

Tool-less Maintenance.

Low Profile And Lightweight.

Gives Consistent And Faster Feeding.

Image of Tippmann SSL-200


Intermediate To Pro

Fits On Most Markers Available In Market.

Low Profile Design.

Bend Sensor Technology.

Image of Tippmann Cyclone Feeder System

Tippmann Cyclone Feeder System

Beginners To Intermediate

No Batteries Required.

Air Assisted Loader System.

Feeds Up-To 15 Balls Per Second.

Best Paintball Hopper

1- Dye Paintball Precision Loader Rotor R2 (Editor’s Choice)

HD Image of Dye R2 Electronic


  • Lightweight
  • Easy reloading
  • Large capacity
  • Battery indicator
  • Patented trigger system for quick activation
  • Rapid shooting speed


  • Plastic parts are not very durable

The Dye Precision Loader Rotor R2 is a nicely-built and practical option that aims at offering quick loading speeds and sufficient capacity.

Weighing about 1/1 lbs., it is light enough to easily handle without getting exhausted. The hopper is exclusively designed to carry a large number of paintballs somewhere around 250.

This means you can play for longer hours without needing to refill. If you are a part of paintball tournaments, this model comes with a wide mouth that allows quick loading.

You don’t need to incorporate any additional tools to make the unit effective.

Moreover, it features a patented design that lets more than 30 balls per second. If you are using 3AA batteries, you can expect approximately 100 shots before requiring to replace the batteries.

The patented trigger mechanism offers you a consistent transition between reloads. Lastly, we would talk about the battery indicator that notifies you about how much juice is left. It will glow red when the hopper needs a recharge. Highly recommend it!

2- Proto Primo (Most Affordable)

HD Image of Proto Primo


  • Features vertical feed
  • Reasonably priced
  • Operate smoothly without batteries or motor
  • Reduce the risk of jams
  • Offer high feed rates


  • Bulkier than other hoppers

Proto Primo Paintball Hopper is a great choice particularly if you are looking for an economical option.

One key benefit is the loader that sorts and funnels the paintballs while you are shooting. This results in a constant vertical feed.

The hopper boasts an adequate capacity that can handle up to 200 paintballs.

What’s more interesting about the loader is that you don’t have to worry about battery life since it’s a gravity-fed one. It will operate smoothly even without any batteries.

Further, the Proto Primo hopper offers high feed rates and guarantees an easy reload process.

Moreover, it comes with a large opening which allows shooting more than 8 balls per second. However, it is somewhat heavier than other hoppers on the market.

3- DYE LT-R Automated Paintball Hopper (Best Reliable)

HD Image of DYE LT-R


  • Highly practical and reliable
  • Efficient battery
  • Easy to maintain
  • Water-resistant
  • Adjustable torque


  • Prone to blocking

If you are looking for an electronic hopper, DYE LT-R Paintball Hopper is one of the best choices.

One prominent reason is the patented DYE loader technology that combines a premium level of functionality with effective practicality and feed rates.

The hopper is capable of firing more than 30 balls per second which is pretty impressive. With the batteries, the hopper can provide approximately 80,000 balls shot count.

Another factor is ease of maintenance that lets you enjoy a highly intuitive and effortless design. You can instantly clean the hopper with just a push of a button or by simply gliding the locking tab.

Further, the settings of the torque can be manually adjusted. Also, you can turn off an indicator light when playing in low-light.

The only issue we found is that the hopper is prone to jamming. Though you can conveniently deal with the problem by moving it upside down and pulling the unjam system.

4- Virtue Spire IR (Best Mobility)

HD Image of Virtue Spire IR


  • Compact and sleek design
  • Holds up to 200 paintballs
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Features spring anti-jam drive


  • Somewhat expensive

If you are searching for the best paintball hopper on the market, we would like to introduce the Virtue Spire.

It is one of the most reliable hoppers featuring an impressively sleek design. It works great both for beginners and intermediate paintball players holding around 200 paintballs.

Another prominent feature is the built-in slide-to-unlock that allows quick assembly and disassembly.

Besides, the sprint anti-jam is incorporated in the hopper preventing any risk of jams. Finally, a flex cycle paddle makes sure the paintball has minimal risk of breaking down.

5- Empire Halo Too (Most Durable)

HD Image of Empire Halo Too


  • Offers excellent fire rate
  • Features an effective gas tank
  • Anti-jamming design
  • Shell is constructed from durable materials
  • Easy to clean and disassemble
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Battery level indicator
  • Great value for money


  • The tank is slightly heavy

Empire Halo Too Paintball Loader is one of the smoothest and quickest hoppers you will ever find.

With a lightweight and compact design, it features a feed rate of 20 paintballs per minute and shoots at a speed of approximately 180 balls.

The shell of the hopper is built from multiple high-quality materials such as poly-carbonate which is extremely durable in the long run.

Moreover, the hopper comes with a LED display that notifies you when the battery is low.

In addition, the sound-activated program allows you to adjust the microphone sensitivity, motor speed, and feed stack monitoring.

6- Virtue Spire IV Electronic (High Performance)

HD Image of Virtue Spire III Electronic


  • Holds a sufficient capacity
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Comes in a long-lasting nylon shell
  • Features a battery life indicator
  • Equipped with sensors for consistent loading
  • Easy to maintain
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Capable of handling soft paint


  • The loader may require manual shaking to activate the feed

Virtue Spire IV Electronic Paintball Loader is a compact model that is easier to maneuver. It holds paintballs with an overall capacity of 220/280 and has been increasingly used for many competitive tournaments.

One unique feature about this loader is that it can be connected to your smartphone for alarms like when you need to reload it.

Download the application and you are ready to go. The Bluetooth facility is very useful while the LED indicator alerts you when the battery is low.

Since the hopper is equipped with advanced technology, it is slightly expensive. Also, It’s available in a plethora of different colors, it offers exceptional functionality.

Once you get familiar with this hopper, you would probably be going to love a lot about it.

7- HK Army TFX Paintball Hopper (Top-Rated)

HD Image of HK Army TFX


  • Offers a consistent feed
  • Comes with a storage covering
  • Available in an extensive range of colors
  • Keep a good battery life
  • Offers 2-months warranty
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Comes with a battery life display
  • Quick speed and water-resistant coating
  • Efficient responsive eye-sensors


  • The lid may be somewhat difficult to open
  • The LED light is very bright that some users may not like

HK Army TFX Paintball Loader is another popular option that features 216 round capacity.

With a hard outer shell, it’s easy to maintain. The battery life is another bonus with 2 AA batteries that function well under most conditions.

Besides, the loader has a shooting speed which ranges from 22 to 50 balls per second.

Isn’t it impressive? This model is water-resistant and features an anti-jam technology that lets you have an ultimate paintballing experience.

If you are looking for user-friendly design and mechanism, you can never go wrong with HK Army TFX Paintball Loader.

8- Empire Paintball Prophecy Z2 (Best Budget)

HD Image of Empire Paintball Prophecy Z2


  • Durable built
  • Available in appealing colors
  • Large holding capacity
  • Do not require frequent reload


  • Poor construction of the battery house

We would reassure you to list down Empire Paintball Prophecy Z2 Gun Hopper among your selected options. Constructed from high-quality materials, it is sure to last long.

The hopper is capable of holding approximately 200 paintballs at a time that works exceptionally for long competition shots.

Further, it is designed in a way that lets you stay stress-free since it doesn’t need frequent reloading.

With such a compact profile, moving around the playing field will make it easier than ever before.

Moreover, it boasts a sound-activated feature and quick shooting ability. One downside is the battery housing is not up to the mark. Overall, it’s a fanatic choice with a large holding capacity.

9- Tippmann SSL-200 (Best Beginner)

HD Image of Tippmann SSL-200


  • Activates the loader smoothly and prevents any jams
  • Compatible with most paintball markers
  • Function quietly
  • Reasonably priced


  • Slightly heavy

The electronic Tippmann SSL-200 paintball loader comes with remarkable benefits that you don’t want to pass on. The lightweight is a key benefit offering ease of manageability.

Featuring bend sensor technology, it works efficiently in activating the loader and prevent any jams and chopping.

The modifiable O-ring neck incorporated into the paintball loader is another prominent feature that will significantly help you on the battlefield.

Since the loader operates quietly, you don’t have to worry about exposing yourself to opponents.

We are sure, you will be satisfied with the LED low battery indicator. Though the loader is slightly bulky.

10- Tippmann Cyclone Feeder System (Fast And Easy)

HD Image of Tippmann Cyclone Feeder System


  • User-friendly mechanism
  • Prevents jamming or breakage
  • Encourages a synchronized ball feed
  • Easy to install
  • Hold up to 200 paintballs


  • Depends more on air to operate

Lastly, we would commend the Tippmann Cyclone Feeder System. This user-friendly design doesn’t require any batteries.

With an air-assisted loader mechanism, you can easily feed paint into your paintball gun at a maximum of 15 balls per second.

Also, you will find its feeder sprocket which connects to the hopper’s air system and promotes synchronized ball feed.

Moreover, the wide mouth can manage up to 200 paintballs and can be secured through its quick-release elbow.

The procedure for installing this system is very simple and easy. Also, it boasts a quick feed rate and jam clearing system.

One slight drawback is that it depends a lot on air to work which means the super low tank will affect the functionality under certain circumstances.

What To Look For When Buying A Paintball Hopper

Choose The Paintball Loader For Your Competition Level

There are three levels of paintballing and each level comes with a compatible hopper.


If you are a novice, you don’t need to invest a lot in a professional paintball hopper.

Instead, look for a lightweight option that features simple structures and is comparatively economical. As a beginner, you can go with gravity loaded and electronic models.

Gravity Loaded Hopper

The gravity models don’t require batteries and simply depend on the users’ movements.

You will frequently find simple models featuring low feed speed of 8+ balls per minute while motorized electronic models offer speed of 16+ balls per minute. The electronic loaders rarely get jammed and therefore make a reliable choice.


These hoppers are intended for individuals who have learned skills but are not at a professional level. The mid-range hoppers are comparatively expensive than beginner models since they have more advanced features.

The system primarily depends on the sound produced after a gun fires to release the paintball.

Also, these hoppers feature sensors that figure out the movement of the paintballs. As soon as the eyes spot a paintball passing down the trigger, the other one is released just in time for the upcoming shot.

Loader on Table

Further, we would talk about cyclone models that depend on a cyclone feed for efficient loading. These hoppers don’t require batteries since they need gas to launch the paintball gun into action.


If you are competing professionally, then getting an advanced hopper should be your preference. These models come with a large capacity and feed speed rate in comparison to the basic models.

The units feature nicely-designed motors that offer consistent performance and prevent jamming. Also, they have sensors to make sure nothing goes wrong.

Size and Weight

You must look for the paintball loader or hopper with just the perfect size for the number of paintballs you wish to hold. There is no need to get the biggest hopper. All you have to do is search for the one which has just an appropriate size as per your needs.

A nicely designed hopper can hold a minimum of 50 balls. While the advanced models are capable of holding even hundreds of balls that let you shoot when your opponents are still reloading.

Multiple colors of Loaders

Now let’s comes to the weight which is another important consideration. We recommend you to go for lightweight hoppers. Following that, modern and compact hoppers that do not have much weight are good enough.

You will never want the weight of hopper to restrict your movements and therefore a smart approach is to hunt for units with less weight.


It’s important to figure out whether your selected paintball hopper is compatible with the paintball marker. Most paintball hoppers are built in a way that they fit with most guns.

However, you still need to thoroughly inquire if the specific hopper you want to buy fits the model. With this consideration, you can surely prevent the risk of costly returns. Also, it guarantees you that your hopper will work with your marker.

red marker with tank


We recommend you choose a hopper with a style that matches your paintball marker. If you are someone who truly wants their gun and hopper go hand in hand, you will love to consider this factor.

As hoppers are available in multiple colors, you can easily choose one that goes perfectly with your style.

An added benefit is if your hopper has a compact and sleek design. It should be comfortable in your hands and allow you to be active during paintballing. Also, you would never mind if you have a good looking gear while playing.

blue color marker with a loader on the top

Rate of Fire

While searching for hoppers, look for some options that offer an excellent rate of fire. Here you need to understand what you will be requiring on the paintball battlefield and what sort of trigger matches it.

We suggest you a hopper that lies in the category of mid-range or high-end models. If you are a beginner, you can go for a simple and basic model.


Durability is another important consideration you must not ignore in any way. Many hoppers are built from plastic, though the material differs. At this point, you should look for a model that is not prone to cracking or breaking.

It should be capable to withstand the rough and tough circumstances.

If you are looking forward to an electric hopper, then one thing to note that it depends on a proprietary system that feeds down the paint into the feed neck.

Also, you can go for models that are known for gravity-reliant. Make sure these units have a durable outer part to withstand drops and shots.

A boy with his paintball gun playing


One easy way to ensure your hopper’s durability is to choose the materials and opt for something that can endure direct impacts and heavy blows. Here we have listed a few options:

Aluminum: It’s the lightest material commonly found everywhere. They are old yet durable and affordable. Though you need to maintain it more often since it can easily get dirty.

Ceramic: This is as lightweight as aluminum. However, they are more prone to breaking.

Steel: This is one of the most durable materials. They experience minimal wear and tear. We cannot deny the fact that steel is a rough and tough material, yet it weighs relatively more.

Polycarbonate Fiber: Many hoppers are made of this material. It’s durable, lightweight and easy to clean. Also, it allows zero friction which makes the paintball speedier and easier to release.

Speed Feed

It’s an important part of the paintball gun mechanism. This accessory is fitted into the hopper lid. It appears small and circular that significantly facilitates the loading.

Speed feed helps you easily refill your hopper and makes the process of refilling quicker by almost two times. Also, they are compatible with most paintball guns.

dye speed feed loader

Feed Rate

If you are proficient in paintballing, you need a hopper that further enhances your skills. Different hoppers come with varying speed rates.

Some advanced hoppers feature a very high feed rate which gives you a competitive edge over other players.

You will frequently find medium feed-rate types and low-speed hoppers that work quite effectively to make your game stand out. You can choose one according to your comfort and expertise level.

black loader with green speed feed


The system of a paintball hopper is uniform across various brands yet there are a few differences that may influence the performance.

The hopper features a drive shaft and a motor with an outside protective cover that works consistently across all hoppers. You may look for different mechanisms, but make sure to choose one that supports your playing style.


Hoppers are available in varied price range depending on their material, brand, effectiveness, etc. If you are a frequent paintball player, you will want to invest in a high-quality hopper that would improve your performance.

On the other hand, if you are someone who rarely plays paintball, hopper in a low price range will work perfectly fine for you. It’s important to make an informed decision considering your experience, budget, and expertise.

pig icon

Risk of Jams

At times, the hopper gets jammed right in the middle of a game. It’s a troublesome situation, particularly during a game.

Make sure to do proper research for a hopper which precisely mentions the anti-jamming feature. The best paintball hoppers will surely have this feature, though some reasonably priced units may also be equipped with it. It primarily depends on the design of tray fillers.


Some hoppers come with a capacity of 20 balls per minute while for others it can even go up to 200. Your choice should mainly depend on your requirements. If you are a beginner who has just started playing, you can look for the low capacity hopper.

On the contrary, being a proficient player, you will want to opt for the hopper with a capacity of 200 paintballs per minute.

Paintball Gun and Mask

The high capacity hopper will make sure that you keep on shooting even when your opponents are loading their paintball guns.

Also, it depends on the duration of the game. For those who play more often should largely opt for guns with a large capacity.

Water Resistance

The big sports of paintball can become quite wet with all the paintballs flying. For that reason, your hopper can quickly get destroyed if it is not water-resistant.

While making up your mind which hopper you should buy, make sure it is equipped with a water resistance feature. This, in turn, ensures a long life and works effectively throughout.


Nowadays every product comes with a warranty and its quite common that your paintball hopper has a warranty. You should ensure that your hopper has at least a warranty of one month.

This means your purchase is safe and well protected. The longer the warranty duration, the better protected your purchase is.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between an electronic paintball hopper and a gravity-fed hopper?

Electronic and gravity-fed are the two most popular types of paintball hoppers you will ever find. Both of them are equipped with individual features that make them unique. For example, the gravity-fed hopper operates similar to a basic paintball hopper which can be easily secured to a gun’s feed neck.

It feeds paintballs into your marker by dropping them with the help of gravity. What’s best about this hopper is that it performs efficiently. The only issue is that it inclines to feed very quickly. We can say that it can feed about 10-12 paintballs per second.

If you are a paintball player who wants to shoot faster then electronic hoppers come in handy. These hoppers typically use battery-powered motors and feed trays that let feeding paintballs quickly in comparison to the gravity-fed units.

Considering these features, an electronic hopper may allow you to shoot approximately 15-20 paintballs per second. Though you can always aim for quicker shots than that.

What is the approximate number of shots a paintball hopper makes before needing to change the batteries?

The answer depends on the selected model and version of the paintball hopper that you want to own. For instance, if you choose to purchase the Dye Rotor, you can expect the battery life to drain after it provides up to 50,000 shots. If you play paintball more often, you need to replace the batteries after a couple of months.

What are some of the hopper maintenance tips?

Every hopper is different from another and therefore comes with an individual maintenance structure. Here are a few maintenance tips you may want to consider:

1- Disassemble the hopper in an organized way so you can avoid losing any parts and ensure nothing gets wrong.
2- Clean the leftover paint to avoid any jam or piling up.
3- We suggest water and soap for cleaning purposes. Avoid any chemical detergents to clean the unit.
4- Use recommended oils to preserve the surfaces.
5- Store the hopper in a proper covering or case to keep it away from dirt pile up or impact.

Final Thoughts:

If you have read this far, you are now informed about paintball hoppers. This comprehensive guide will make it easier for you to narrow down the options and determine which one will work best for you.

While searching for the best paintball hoppers on the market, make it a point to do thorough research and ask the right questions before making your purchase.

Make sure to check out the qualities and features of every product on your list. Further, remember to consider what kind of paintball player you are.

It will significantly help you choose the best paintball hopper which perfectly matches your skill level.

Enjoy Paintballing!

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