Best Paintball Guns – Beginner To Pro (Reviews & Rating) 2023 Updated

Best paintball gun reviews

We all love playing exciting paintball sports, isn’t it? No matter if you have just developed your interest in the game or have been playing for several years, at some point, you need to buy a new paintball gun.

With so many options available on the market, it can be quite overwhelming for you to pick the one suitable for your needs. Shopping for the best paintball guns can be a hassle and therefore we are here to help you.

After many hours of research and in-depth analysis, we have compiled this comprehensive guide to walk you through all aspects of a best paintball gun and list the best ones for you. Let’s get started:

Top 12 Best Paintball Guns Comparison Chart




Best For


Tippmann Cronus Tactical

Beginners To Intermediate

Tippmann's Proven inline bolt System.

Lightweight Design.


Beginners To Pro

Dual Feed option.

High Performing In-Line Bolt System.

Planet Eclipse EMEK 100

Beginners To Pro

Spool Valve operation

Custom Mechanical 3-Way Valve

Dye Rize CZR

Beginners To Pro

Hyper3 Regulator.

Fuzion Bolt System.

Tippmann A5

Intermediate To Pro

Cyclone Feed System.

Fire 15 Balls Per Second Without Batteries.

Empire Mini GS

Intermediate To Pro

Pressure controlled poppet engine.

Wrap-Around Foregrip.

Tippmann 98 Custom

Beginners To Intermediate

Anti-Chop Technology.

Tippmann's Inline Bolt System.

Tippmann X7 Phenom Attack

Beginners To Pro

FlexValve Technology.

All-Metal Trigger.

Dye Dam Assault Matrix

Beginners To Pro

DYE Tactical Sticky Grips.

Built In Hyper Regulator.

Tippmann U.S. Army Project Salvo

Beginners To Pro

Inline bolt system.

AR15-Style Shroud.

Azodin KAOS 2

Intermediate To Pro

Screw-Lock Feed-neck.

Lightweight Materials.

Empire Axe 2.0

Intermediate To Pro

Anti-Chop Eye System.

Pressure Controlled Poppet.

Best Paintball Guns

1- Tippmann Cronus Tactical (Best Budget Friendly)

Image of Tippmann Cronus Paintball Gun


  • Reasonably priced
  • Highly-durable
  • Gasses are readily available
  • Precise pinpointing feature
  • Efficient shooting ability
  • 3 shooting modes


  • Barrel is rather short

The Tippmann Cronus Tactical paintball gun is an ideal option if you are a beginner or an intermediate player. This paintball marker is reasonably priced offering perfect precision.

The Tippmann models are very popular among paintball enthusiasts, but this one truly stands out.

This premium quality marker is exclusively designed to withstand diverse settings. Besides, it comes with an ergonomic design and is extremely comfortable to hold.

Tippmann Cronus features a molded rubber grips with an internal gas line to further improve its comfort.

Equipped with a mechanical trigger, in-line bolt mechanism, 9-inch stock barrel length, air capacity of HPA and CO2 – it’s worth your money! What’s more?

Cronus Tactical has a vertical grip with a high-impact composite body. The paintball gun will last for several upcoming years with multiple customization options available.

2- Tippmann TMC MagFed (Most Accurate)

Image of Tippmann TMC MAGFED Paintball Marker


  • Comfortable rubber grip
  • Lightweight
  • Unique and ergonomic design


  • Charging handle is not very durable
  • CO2 gas leakage at times

The TMC Magfed has received tremendous appreciation from users all over the world. The reason is it delivers the unmatched results more than our expectations.

This paintball gun comes with modifiable sights both at the back and front. It features a rubber grip for secure support when using.

What we liked about this gun is that it hardly needs any maintenance. All you need to do is clean it thoroughly after use and lubricate the gun every time prior to participating in a battle. It’s starting cost really makes this marker an affordable option.

With Tippmann TMC Mag Fed, you can enjoy the best of both worlds where you can use the traditional loading option as well as the magazine-fed one.

It’s convenient to accessorize the TMC and enjoy more options. Don’t forget to benefit from both practicality and functionality.

3- Planet Eclipse EMEK 100 (High Performance)

HD Image of Planet Eclipse ETEK 5


  • User-friendly
  • Super light and very quiet gun
  • Shot quality and amazing accuracy
  • Very reliable
  • 1-year warranty


  • Somewhat hard to clean
  • Does not come with pal loader feed

A new paintball marker is introduced on the market every day. Though many of them are not as user-friendly as required.

Here Planet Eclipse ETEK 5 is a game-changer and this is one of the best starter paintball gun.

Planet Eclipse has never disappointed users and delivered top-notch paintball guns that have been successfully going through rough and tough paintball sports and withstand competitions.

It uses a similar trickle-down as presented by its siblings.

The paintball gun has an incorporated LPR assembly with an SLR inline controller that ensures consistent functioning ultimately offering you stable and comfortable shooting.

4- Dye Rize CZR (Best Value)

HD Image of Dye Proto Rize MaXXed


  • Lightweight
  • Minimal or no noise
  • Highly dependable
  • Effective shooting with e-trigger
  • 1-year warranty


  • Needs frequent maintenance

This paintball marker is very budget friendly.

If you are truly fond of Dye products, the Dye Rize CZR is the very next thing you would love to invest for.

The gun comes with tremendous benefits and therefore we couldn’t find anything wrong with it.

Some of the best paintball markers are relatively expensive. On the contrary, this gun will surely make you believe that the more you invest, the more benefits you will enjoy.

Even though it’s somewhat expensive, but the Dye Rize CZR worth your money.

5- Tippmann A-5 (Best Reliable)

HD Image of Tippmann A-5


  • Durable and dependable
  • Easy to maintain without requiring any tools
  • Many upgrades and customization options available
  • Effective Cyclone Feed Mechanism


  • Loud

Tippmann A5 is an elder brother to 98 Custom. With several options for practical kits, you can surely consider this paintball marker. Featuring multiple barrels, grips, and stocks– the combinations are simply endless and this Tippman A5 is certainly the best long-range paintball marker.

The gun is equipped with a fire selector on the grip for single-shot modes and safety.

It is capable of firing up to 15 paintballs per second.

Also, you can modify the grip with an upgraded electronic trigger that supports fully auto and single-shot fire modes. Another prominent feature is the A5 threaded barrel which is compatible with multiple paintball guns.

Besides, the gun has a great cyclone loading system for smooth loading and avoid any chopping paint.

This makes Tippmann A5 a versatile option for serious players. It’s best for intermediate players who are looking for the finest paintball gun for their money. Balanced price and super-performance is all about this paintball gun.

6- Empire Mini GS (Best Speedball)

HD Image of Empire Mini GS


  • E-trigger
  • Lightweight
  • Redline OLED board
  • Features internal gas line
  • Soft flip flop
  • Anti-slip rubber grip cover


  • Not a great option for long-range actions

One cannot deny the fact that Empire paintball guns are very powerful since they are equipped with the latest technology.

Empire Paintball Mini GS Marker offers exceptional performance and comes with several features to help you during a tournament.

This paintball marker has incorporated break-beam anti-chop eyes along with a pressure-controlled puppet engine.

The model makes an excellent option if you are looking for a fast gun with incredible accuracy. It features a wrap-around fore grip with unmatched control and grip.

The firing precision is very high and we cannot forget to thanks the puppet engine since it uses minimal PSI. To check the remaining air, you can simply see the pressure gauge on the air connector.

Overall, the Mini GS is a great option for indoor play and speedball.

7- Tippmann 98 Custom (Top-Rated)

HD Image of Tippmann 98 Custom


  • Durable
  • Customizable
  • Dependable
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Air-efficient


  • Slightly hard to use especially for beginners

Tippmann 98 Custom comes with a mega set. It’s one of the best-sellers appreciated around the world.

If you are tight on budget, here you go. You will get this paintball gun under few dollars.

It’s easy to use, dependable, high performance and can be easily upgraded.

The entire body is made from aluminum. This paintball gun features internal components for quick upgrades and modifications.

Further, the Picatinny rail makes this marker more comfortable to carry. Tippmann 98 Custom uses anti-chop technology to make it truly productive and ensure the paintballs don’t break.

8- Tippmann X7 Phenom Assault (The Ultimate Option)

HD Image of Tippmann X7 Phenom Assault


  • Incredibly quiet
  • Little to no recoil
  • Effective Cyclone Feed Mechanism


  • Short stock barrel
  • Somewhat bulkier

Like the Tippmann A5, the X7 Phenom is insanely customizable. The tactical visual modification looks fanatic sitting over the lightweight frame. The paintball gun is equipped with a single mechanical shot, though you can always upgrade it to the E-Grip which is completely auto, single shot fire modes, and 3 round burst.

Another awesome feature is if the battery dies right in the middle of the game, you can switch to a single shot which is operated by the propellant.

That way, you can always stay in the fight. You can switch the gun to safe mode and turns off the internal integrated circuitry to save battery power.

This gun is precise over medium-long range and works efficiently for woodsball players. Combined with a compact and lightweight body, it’s an ultimate option for close-quarters Recball/scenario play. And it’s certainly one of the best woodsball paintball gun you can buy.

From the price point, it has won the hearts of millions of advanced level players. Definitely a top-of-the-line marker with multiple upgrade options and available accessories.

9- Dye Dam Assault Matrix (Best Tactical)

HD Image of Dye Dam Assault Matrix


  • Aluminum body built makes it easy to carry around
  • Use two different calibers of paintballs
  • Allow customization as per your preferred playing style
  • Versatile marker featuring OTF system
  • Very accurate
  • Quickly switch between the hopper and mag
  • Shoots quick first strike rounds
  • Easy to maintain


  • To some extent noisy shooting
  • A bit expensive

You can see the beauty of the Dye Dam Assault as it comes out of the box. No matter if you are left or right-handed, the reloading function is very easy to perform. You can still uphold a low profile on the battlefield when you are reloading.

All you need is position yourself, adjust the accuracy and the trigger will do the rest of the job perfectly. This monster gun allows you to perform head-shots every single time as soon as you get a better grip over the gun.

Furthermore, it’s very easy to operate the DAM.

With a single push of a button, you can instantly switch from semi-auto to full-auto mode easily.

Also, there are extensive options for firing modes to select from. Every part is exclusively designed to cater to your preferred play style.

We can’t forget to mention the OTF system that this paintball gun features. On-The-Fly system gives the user enhanced control over the performance of the gun. Shoot and kill!

10- Tippmann U.S. Army Project Salvo (Best Military Style)

HD Image of Tippmann U.S. Army Project Salvo


  • Robust and high-quality body
  • Highly practical
  • Super-shooting accuracy
  • 2-year warranty


  • A little bulkier
  • Length is typically longer than regular paintball guns

Are you looking for a military gun for paintballing? If you truly want a thrilling experience, the Tippmann US Army paintball marker is the best option for you.

Featuring high-quality built, it works effectively on the field. The gun is capable of handling rough and tough conditions.

It features an additional space in the magazine to store other essential tools while at play. The mechanism of inline bolt comes quite naturally.

With modification in the electronic and cyclone feeder version, this paintball marker is simply unmatched on the field.

The cyclone feeder has a very high capacity of 200 balls to boost your confidence while shooting at opponents. Further, you can switch from semi-auto to full-auto if required.

If you are looking forward to real-world battle experience similar to a US military, go ahead with this paintball gun.

11- Azodin KAOS 2 (Best Beginner)

HD Image of Azodin KAOS 2


  • Comfortable to use
  • Reasonably priced
  • Super-accuracy


  • Loud
  • Some feed neck issues

The Azodin KAOS 2 is one of the best beginner paintball guns your money can buy. This paintball gun is dependable, simple and works on the same pop value that has been used for several decades.

When it comes to buying your first paintball gun, you should never ignore the reliability.

It can be your worst nightmare when going to the paintball battlefield for the very first time and come across problems related to your gun. This is where KAOS II just works right. This paintball gun is simple and needs very few moving seals and parts.

There is a single moving O-Ring among the 6 total which makes the gun less prone to leaks or prevents firing issues.

Moreover, the paintball gun is very easy to maintain and clean. It hardly requires 5 minutes to fully break the gun.

One downside is that the gun runs at the pressure it is receiving out of compressed air tank and or CO2. Since this paintball gun operates at high pressure, it is comparatively loud and is quite hard on paintball.

Overall, the Azodin KAOS 2 is a great paintball gun for entry-level players because it’s simple, affordable, reliable and lightweight.

12- Empire Axe 2.0 (Most Affordable)

HD Image of Empire Axe 2.0


  • One of the quickest firing sequence
  • Very precise
  • Easy bolt-removal system
  • A quiet and reliable marker
  • Stylish design


  • Stock barrel requires an upgrade

One of the most affordable good paintball guns on the market is Empire Axe 2.0. It’s a newer generation marker with a unique design and extended grip for smooth and efficient firing.

Featuring a tool-less push-button, it allows you to easily assemble and disassemble the system and clean it in no time.

Further, the marker comes with an internal gas line so you don’t need to worry about any crossing wires.

Also, you can quickly remove the tank with an Empire relay regulator. Lastly, the gun has many firing modes you can choose from such as Semi-Automatic, PSP Ramping, and Millennium Ramping. Highly recommend it!

The Ultimate Best Paintball Gun Buyers Guide

Types of Paintball Guns

Paintball guns are typically divided into three major types primarily depending on their mechanism. Here you go!


This type of paintball marker has a low firing speed as it is operated manually before every shot. The design is very much similar to a standard shotgun that requires the shooter to pump and cock the gun and the chamber.

If you are fighting with a pump paintball gun against an opponent with the mechanical or electro-pneumatic markers, you will be at a disadvantage. Though if every player is using a pump paintball gun, it can be truly fun to play with.

Image showing pump marker

If you are new to paintball, we recommend you not to opt for a pump paintball gun because it requires a lot of practice and strategy that comes with time.

Mechanically Operated Markers

These are very common paintball guns used for recreational play and in commercially-operated paintball fields. The frequent use of these markers is perhaps due to their easy-to-use design. Also, they can be conveniently used under most weather conditions and still offer a great firing range and rate.

spyders marker

You can compare these markers with the point and shoot cameras. Using them is very straightforward and simple – that’s the best part. It can also be referred to as the Swiss Army knife of all paintball markers due to its super functionality and capability to be used in wide-ranging games and conditions.

The semi-automatic setting allows you to fire around simply by pulling the trigger. However, if the opponent members are using an electro-pneumatic marker, you will have a disadvantage for comparatively low firing speed.

Electro-Pneumatic Markers

If you have read this far, you are more likely to know that electro-pneumatic markers come with the fastest firing rates and remarkable firing metrics. One drawback is that they are slightly complicated to use and therefore more sensitive in comparison to mechanically operated paintball guns.

dye marker on a black wall

Subsequently, they require relatively more maintenance. You might be thinking about how these markers have better firing capabilities. The key difference between the mechanical and electro-pneumatic markers is that the action has been replaced with an electronic switch. Some electronic markers also feature certain settings that let you set your firing rate.

Types of Barrels

The barrel is a component present at the end of the gun. It is responsible for practical and consistent shots from the gun. Here we have listed different types of barrels available for paintball markers:

A long barrel for marker


Aluminum is by far the best material for paintball barrels since it is reasonably priced as well as lightweight. Besides, it’s easy to manufacture because it can be machined to excellence without any trouble.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is frequently used for designing a paintball barrel. It is somewhat heavier than aluminum and is relatively expensive. The material is hard to machine which adds the overall cost to it.


Ceramic paintball barrels are not very commonly used as they are unable to provide sufficient shock resistance and easily crack when hit hard. The material is difficult to machine and therefore it is not preferred by many manufacturers. Though the material is cheap and is easily available.


Titanium paintball barrels doesn’t long last, but they are lightweight. They are lightweight in comparison to aluminum barrels and stainless steel. However, they have a time-consuming production and are costly.

Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber is the latest material that has been increasingly used for designing paintball barrels. They are lightweight and more durable than aluminum. Unfortunately, they are somewhat costly.

Types of Triggers

A paintball trigger is the specific part of the paintball gun that allows you to shoot. The trigger transforms the force you apply and put it into the shot through which a paintball gun is fired. Here we have two types of triggers discussed below:


A mechanical paintball trigger is operated by the mechanical operation. The firing process is activated as soon as you pull the trigger. The energy is stored in the springs. There is compressed air in the gun such as CO2 which provides sufficient power to make a shot.

Mechanical triggers are comparatively slower when it comes to shots per second. It allows you to fire a maximum of 10 shots per second. However, the firing consistency is not maintained and you will find variations between shots.

Gun on the Floor

The mechanical trigger paintball marker is very durable and can operate in diverse conditions. Further, these triggers are reasonably priced and cost around $200. If you have a limited budget, you can opt for paintball guns featuring mechanical triggers.


Paintball marker 2

In an electro-pneumatic paintball gun, the shooting system is controlled by a solenoid which is an electro-mechanical actuator. The power is provided by the increased compressed air. When the trigger is pulled, there is an electronic pulse that completes the task.

The electronic pulse influences the solenoid which open the regulator and the paintball reaches the chamber – ready to shot! An electro-pneumatic trigger needs a battery which requires to be replaced more frequently. Here, you should also consider the weather conditions.

Besides, it allows you to make approximately 20 shots per second which is far more than mechanical trigger shots. These sorts of triggers allow enhanced consistency and the gun is less likely to vibrate. However, electro-pneumatic triggers are expensive in comparison to mechanical counterparts.

Types of Propellant Available

A paintball propellant is a certain type of gas that expands and exerts force on the paintball as it moves forward. Paintball enthusiasts have typically two choices to fill their tanks with propellants. Here is a quick overview of the two types of propellants available:


CO2 is a renowned propellant used by many paintball gun manufacturers as they are low-cost and easily available. It makes a perfect option, especially for beginners. CO2 tanks require minimal maintenance as they don’t burst.

Overall, the performance is up to the mark. These tanks are small and lightweight in comparison to HPA tanks and can be easily get refilled. If you have a refillable CO2 tank, you can quickly get it filled from any paintball market. It’s up to you how many times you want to refill the tank.

Co2 and nitrogen cylinders


Many paintball markers frequently use HPA tanks as they provide more stable pressure. You will hardly find any fluctuations in pressure leading to quick-fire shootings. Typically, there are two types of HPA tanks including aluminum and fiber-wrapped.

Aluminum HPA tanks are economical but they weigh more in comparison to fiber-wrapped ones. Overall, HPA tanks are costlier than CO2 tanks and it’s not easy to find a replacement.

What Is A Good Paintball Gun?

Finding a reliable paintball gun is a challenging task since there are a variety of models available on the market. Though there are some factors that you need to consider to choose the best paintball gun primarily depending on your needs.


The precision of a paintball gun varies from one model to another. The factors influencing the accuracy are the diameter and length of the barrel.

The accuracy is also affected by the propellant and consistency of the paintball gun. A high-quality paintball gun offers optimal precision in comparison to other models. You need to consider this factor if you truly want to win the game.


The weight of a paintball gun is another important factor to consider. A quality paintball marker is lightweight and easy to hold. You should comfortably carry it around during the gameplay. A lighter model will help you move around the paintball battlefield effortlessly and make shots with ease and precision.


Every player has different choices that influence their preferences. Metal guns are more durable and sturdy in comparison to the plastic models since they are designed to withstand the harsh conditions. Make sure your paintball marker is durable and long-lasting.


Paintball markers come with a wide price range. You can get affordable models as low as $200 whereas the expensive models cost around $1000 or even more. Most paintball guns have a moderate cost ranging between $200 to $600.


To get the best paintball gun, you need to consider the design. The look and feel of a paintball marker matter a lot. Paintball guns are available in diverse shapes and sizes. Some models also come with an ergonomic design.

The shape of a paintball gun has a significant impact on the precision of making shots and maintaining consistency. A compact and lightweight design are easy to operate as it offers more coverage and provides angles that aim at the target.

Choosing The Best Model For Your Play Style

Your favorite game type should significantly influence your buying decision when it comes to choosing the best paintball gun. Your experience level matters as well as the area where you will be playing.

Also, it depends on what game modes your local field supports along with your experience.

If you want to move towards the pro circuit, then perhaps you are emphasizing only on a specific playstyle and getting good. Though casual players may want a paintball gun that suits the conditions on the local field.

Woodsball Paintball Guns

Woodsball Paintball Field

If you are fond of woodsball, scampering around outdoors in between the trees, you are more likely to get a paintball gun with a long-range. Woodsball is a paintball game commonly played in the woods. Although there are some boundaries, the fields are typically very large.

All covers are made of natural items such as rocks, sticks, dirt, and trees. Teamwork is the foremost aspect of this game and the type of play is asymmetrical.

Also, it requires a stock for additional accuracy during long-range shoot outs.

If you want to maximize the dollar value, you can surely go for a Tippmann 98 Custom. If you intend to use an additional barrel for more range in addition to an extendable stock and red dot sight, you will end up with great reliability.

Speedball Markers

A player of paintball in the speedball field

For speedball, precision is not a major issue. Speedball is a fast paintball game that requires highly accurate and quick guns. It is commonly played in a small arena and the category of play is symmetrical.

As a paintball player, you need to shoot the opponents as quickly as possible using thousands of paintballs in a single round. We would like to recommend you Dye Protorail or Empire Mini as an all-rounder gun for diverse situations and fields.

With compact designs and adjustable fire modes, it’s easier to get various angles to fire at the opponents. High-end electronic models using HPA will allow you to get more shots per tank fill, which is important when you fire hundreds of balls in a single round.

RecBall And Milsim Paintball Guns

RecBall players may prefer something more compact and possible with stock for enhanced stability when rounding tight corners. In this case, we would recommend you Chronus and Tippmann X7. Recball is an absolute fun since it combines diverse elements of all game types.

The tactical nature of woodsball and Milsim covers the shooting of speedball. Beginners should definitely try this game. Scenario or mil-sim is a paintball game involving a military touch that makes it more exciting and appealing.

Paintball player taking aim

Some certain scenarios and objectives are a part of the game and these pointers contribute to the total points. For Milsim players, you will probably have tactical hardcore war and here you must opt for realistic paintball guns like US Army Alpha.

Milsim players prefer the awesome looking markers and paintball gear. From tactical setups to more specific equipment, you should look for good paintball guns with long barrels and scopes to provide you with long-range support. Make sure your paintball gun allows for quick mobility.

Big Games

A Big Game is an exclusive paintball game involving several players. These games include players ranging from 40-2000. WOOH! Also, it adopts various formats but most of them are a woodsball type.

There are several paintball gun manufacturing brands and some of them are popular than others.

Tippmann, Empire, and DYE are strongly appreciated by paintball enthusiasts as they manufacture durable and reliable products. Below we have listed some of the most popular paintball brands you will ever find.


Tippmann is one of the top leading manufacturers of paintball markers and other gear. The company stepped into the industry in the year 1986. It has been tremendously manufacturing top-of-the-line and latest paintball markers. We would like to mention Tippmann 98 Custom, Tippmann Cronus Tactical, and Tippmann TMC MAGFED.

Tippmann logo image


DYE is another popular paintball gun manufacturing company based in California. Founded in 1994, the company has a long way and bought a lot of businesses. Some of the renowned paintball guns manufactured by DYE include Proto Rail MaXXed, DYE M2, DAM Assault Matrix and Proto Rize MaXXed.

Dye logo image


Spyder is a ski apparel brand founded in the year 1978. The company has a long experience in manufacturing premium-quality and durable sports products.

Spyder paintball guns are extremely popular for their top-notch designs and versatility. Some of these models include MR100 PRO Semi-Auto Paintball Marker, Kingman Spyder Victor Semi-Auto Paintball Marker, and Spyder Fenix Electronic Paintball Marker.

Spyder​ logo image


The Empire is the oldest paintball brand founded in 1963. The company is known for great performance and durable paintball guns and are preferred by many paintball players out there. We can’t forget to mention Empire Paintball Sniper Pump Marker and Empire Paintball Axe Marker.

Empire logo image

Paintball And Safety

Paintball is a popular sport full of fun and excitement, though there are certain safety measures that you must consider. The following are some crucial safety tips to come out safe by the end of the game.

safety first sign board
  • Wear a mask throughout the game. Serious injuries can result if you remove the mask at any point of the game.
  • Do not shoot without aiming as blind firing can result in severe injuries to players.
  • Use barrel plug or sock to block the gun because it offers adequate protection.
  • Carry essential paintball gear such as camouflage clothing, gloves, paper towels, long pants, mosquito repellents, and spray bottles.
  • As the game ends, make sure to store the paintball guns unloaded and uncharged.

Paintball Basic Strategy

Paintball is a sport that requires both your athletic ability and mental skills. In the heat of battle, you are required to maneuver, aim, reload, and fire while at the same time track your opponents. At times, you also need to hide.

Paintball is a strategic game similar to chess if only rooks could shoot 10 balls per second. The basic strategy revolves around maintaining control of the edge and corners of the fields, also known as wires.

Once you are aware and gained better control of the wires, you can get a competitive benefit over your opponents. You can further gain a strategic defensive position and ensure the opponent team is not aware of it.

Since players move around the battleground freely, the strategies for novices are somewhat looser instead of a strict zone.

three paintball players

Tips To Up Your Paintball Game

Two girls with their markers
  • Be aware of your surroundings! You must be familiar with any changes to the environment so you better know where to move for cover when someone is about to attack you. Also, make sure to keep moving throughout the game.
  • Do not pop out of cover in the same place twice at the same time. Move somewhat lower or higher and shoot from a different side so the opponents are unable to predict you.
  • Staying may confuse your opponents to gain an appropriate position. Also, they might not be able to learn about the terrain. While you are moving, make sure to move with secrecy.
  • There is no point in letting everyone know about your moves and you will be at a disadvantage. Blinding your opponents without their knowledge is absolutely a great strategy.
  • You should be with your team for as much time as possible. Going off all alone may sound heroic but the reality is different and you will have more chances to be attacked and lose the game.
  • Groups can watch one another and therefore it’s challenging to sneak up and eliminate someone. You must not undervalue the use of a friendly cover on the battlefield.
  • Keep your opponents occupied! Shooting is an effective way to keep their heads down and prevent them from gaining any beneficial position or sneaking up on you.

    By doing this, your other team members can come forward unexpectedly as you keep the opponents occupied. Further, it allows you to gain a better hold of the position. This technique is often known as leapfrogging.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which paintball gun offers perfect accuracy?

A: Several markers claim the title of being the most accurate paintball guns but our top picks are definitely among those.

Q: How much does high-quality best paintball gun costs?

A: Well, that depends on your budget. A high-quality paintball gun is typically around $500. But if you have a limited budget and still want to get the most bang out of your money, the Tippmann’s guns are a great choice for under $$$.

Q: What PSI do paintball markers use?

A: Most good paintball guns use high-pressure air tanks or HPA that store air or compressed nitrogen at varying pressures ranging from 3000-4500 PSI. This high pressure is used to shoot the paintball using a regulator.

Q: How long does a paintball gun last?

A: Paintball guns have certain moving parts and there is some chance to wear out. If you frequently clean and maintain your gun , it is more likely to last long.

Q: Does it hurt when hit by a paintball?

A: Paintball guns have certain moving parts and there is some chance to wear out. When you get hit by a paintball from a close range or bare skin, it will hurt. Therefore, it is advised to wear protective clothing and minimize the chances of the sting. Besides, you should always wear a protective mask to guard your face and eyes.

Final Thoughts: Best Paintball Gun

As discussed above, paintballing can be a lot of fun. If you have an appropriate paintball gun, you are more likely to gain a competitive edge over other players. From carrying out in-depth research about the local paintball field to enquiring about the preferred markers, the type of gas refills, safety measures and much more, this buying guide has compiled multiple aspects.

Also, it is worth mentioning that electronic paintball markers make a great choice for efficient firing rate. Since there are several paintball guns on the marker with individual features and styles, we have picked the top 12 best paintball guns to make your job easier.

If you have read this far, we hope you are all-ready to make an informed decision.

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