Best Paintball Gun Stand – You Need It!

Paintball gun stands are crucial! It is because you don’t want the paint stains within your gun to spill around your wooden or glass shelves. So people found an alternative to keeping it flat on the base. 

They were now leaning it against a table or wall but only to see it slide, fall and slam on the ground. Hence, this will not just spill the paint but might also damage the paintball gun

The best way to get rid of this problem of improper storage of the paintball guns one should get the ideal stand for the same. The material can vary, depending upon your ideal considerations! 

But irrespective of the gun stand material, you will be able to store your paintball gun upright. In addition, it ensures that your hopper doesn’t spill colors to dirty your house. 

Moreover, the best thing about having a paintball gun stand at your place is that it will help add up an appealing look to your entire setup. They add up a gorgeous display and are quite easy to set up. In addition, it allows you to get a permanent sitting place for your paintball markers

When you are not using them for a considerable period, you can just stack them onto the stands in your garage or sheds. Now, the type of stand you intend to prefer is completely your choice! Therefore, you need to do your research based on personal preferences.

But if you do not know the aesthetics and specifications of these products, then you might just take a lot of time even to shortlist your options. Therefore, here are the three best paintball gun stand options to make easy choices.

Best Paintball Gun Stands: Categories

Best Overall

Guru Gun Stands Micro Paintball Gun Stand

Value For Money

Hongmei Gun Racks Wall And Mount

Best Cheap

Kikstands And Displays Of Handguns

#1 Best Overall: Guru Gun Stands Micro Paintball Gun Stand

Guru Gun Stands Micro paintball Gun Stand review

This product has made its name the best overall category for several reasons. Guru Gun is a great brand when it comes to manufacturing paintball accessories. This Micro Paintball gun stand is small and has many features embedded in it. The features for your reference are: 

  • Color Options

This product comes in three color options to add style and design segment to the overall appeal of the stand. The colors that you can avail are black, vibrant red, and white. 

The base and body will be of different colors! For instance, the vibrant red-colored product will have a black base and a red gun-holding stand. 

  • Field Display/Home Storage Stand

It can be used for both purposes on priority! In addition, this paintball marker stand comes with a collapsible design that fits easily into your gear bags. 

Therefore, it is ideal for the players or game organizers to use it as on-field display stands. But the individuals who intend to store their guns at home can also use them for the purpose without any hassle. 

  • Compatibility With Gun Storage

Irrespective of the size of paintball markers, this stand can store almost every model. In addition to that, this stand has a broad dimension which lets the gun owners store the compressed air tanks or CO2 tanks by keeping them attached to the gun. So, you do not have to get your specific gun-compatible stand, as this product is ideal for storing all kinds of markers. 

  • Build Quality

The build quality of this gun stand is non-abrasive and has a soft touch to the markers. As a result, it doesn’t scratch the markers while stored on it. In addition, the material used for making this stand is also anti-scratch, which means that your marker guns won’t leave a mark on the stand while you take them on and off frequently. 

  • Setup

The setup for this gun stand is easy, as you just need to open the fold to get the stand back up and ready to hold your gun. You won’t find much of a hassle in setting this stand-up! 


  • Easily collapsible and packable to carry anywhere for feasible storage of your marker.
  • Comes with a non-abrasive build but is sturdy, durable, and long-lasting. 
  • Broad dimension to store, not just the gun but also the Co2 or compressed air tanks along with it. 
  • Different color variants


  • Not possible to mount it over the wall and use it as hanging storage for your paintball marker. 

#2 Value For Money: Hongmei Gun Racks Wall And Mount Shotgun Hook Rifle Hanger Gun Storage Display

It is a multi-purpose product worthy of investment for storing your paintball guns. It is not completely cheap and expensive as most dedicated paintball guns stand. It consists of certain features that might not be specific for storing paintball guns but serve the necessary purpose. The features include:

  • Set Of Hooks

This gun rack comes with a set of four different hooks that you can attach to walls for storing multiple guns. But you need to decide upon the gaps between two hooks because close installation might not permit two wider paintball guns to be stored next to one another. The spacing consideration should be with measurements. 

If you have just one paintball gun in your house, then you can use the rest of the hooks for storing your hunting rifle, guitar, Airsoft gun, compound bow, or anything else. Therefore, this product is termed a multi-purpose stand! You get all of the installation accessories with the kit, and it is easy to set up the stand in just a few minutes. 

Suppose you have more markers than the set of hooks that can’t accommodate in one quantity purchase. In that case, you can buy a desirable number of sets to have space for hanging all of your paintball markers. As the price is low, it will be better to invest in hook stands than on the expensive and dedicated paintball gun stands that can accommodate just one gun by purchasing a unit. 

  • Setup Process

You will need a drilling machine to drill measured holes on the wall to install the hooks. Then, when you have drilled the holes, you need to hammer the screw adapters inside those holes. 

Now, you need to place the hook and the screws above it. Tighten them with a screwdriver properly to make them strongly attached to the wall frames.

When you are over with it, you can now bring your paintball markers and hang them on these hooks to ensure that it is safe when you are not using them. If you have kids in your house, then you should install it out of their reach. It is to ensure that the kids do not reach the gun easily because if they knock it off, your marker gun will drop from a height and might even break. 


  • You can use these hooks to store the paintbal markers vertically and horizontally.
  • Can hold marker guns of up to 10lb
  • Hooks come with soft sponge pads on their arms to prevent the marker guns from scratches


  • Removing the hooks and replacing them at the different sites needs a lot of hassle and effort. It also damages the wall upon forceful extraction. 

#3 Best Cheap: KikStands And Displays Of Handguns

If you have the mindset of going with just the cheap and budget-friendly products in the line, then this is the right product for you. It is not just cheap, but it also has fewer compromises in quality. Hence, this means that you can save your money and still get a moderate-quality paintball gun stand. The features for it are:

  • Build Quality

This is a paintball gun stand PVC material, making it a highly durable and robust paintball marker stand. You can expect this stand to last for a very long time with minimal care. It also comes with a label holder on the front to display the gun’s name. 

  • Versatility Of Paintball Gun Storage

It can store various paintball markers that are currently popular in the market. Therefore, people can count on spending this small amount on getting a minimalistic stand for their paintball marker without any model concerns. 

  • Setup

You can set it up easily by snapping the paintball marker with the already-set stand. Moreover, this stand also has a sticky surface with double-sided tape for holding the tags onto them. And the best part is that it doesn’t occupy much placement space. 


  • Highly Durable and robust kind of paintball marker stand.
  • Versatile to accomodate all kinds of markers.
  • Extremely cheap and affordable


  • None

Buying Guide For Best Paintball Gun Stand

The paintball gun stand is accountable as one of the important accessories amongst the necessary gears! Most people intend to buy paintball markers, wearable gears, compressors, and ammunition. But only a few people think of getting stands and organized shelves for storing them before any accidental color spill happens. 

The people who do not count on getting the gun stands in the first place will eventually get them after they experience the trouble of storing the guns without them. In addition to proper storage, the stands also keep them safe from accidental impacts around the house. For example, when you lean the gun against a wall or table, there is a chance that you might just knock them off unconsciously! 

These negligence factors can cost you the gun’s look, functionality, and monetary expenses. Therefore, it becomes really important for you to decide on whether you need it or not. 

If you have reached this guide so far, you are probably willing to get one! But, even with the three best products listed above, you need just one amongst them! So, here are the important factors that you should take note of while buying the best paintball gun stand:

#1 Durability & Material

When choosing a paintball marker stand, you need to prioritize the tough, long-lasting, and durable product. The stand should last more than that of the paintball marker. You can change all the paintball markers you want within a short or long period, but the stand should stay intact without any degradation in quality. 

Most good paintball marker stands are high-density and robust PVC, polyethylene, or plastic composite material. These materials ensure that the stands are not light in weight and stand sturdy. 

Hence, this makes the paintball marker stand resistant to wear and tear over time. Moreover, they won’t even scratch the body of your marker, which is again a great consideration. 

Hence, looking at material and durability factors will eventually help you protect your investment in a paintball marker. Not just that, but it will also be looking good, even when you put it up on display or storage. 

The durability quotient is measurable by the unbreakable property of the stand that you shortlist. Check on the tested reviews to know if they stand breaks, shatters, or cracks on light impacts.

If the material pick were right for making a stand, these breakage aspects would not be the problem. However, count on ensuring the fact that if you are investing in some add-on accessories for your paintball passion, then it just is worth the expense and hassle. If it is not durable, you will have to change it every time you change your paintball marker, which is not economical! 

#2 Setup Proficiency

The next important factor is the ease of setup for the paintball marker stand. These setups are not just meant for home storage, but the game organizers also use them to display their set of paintball markers for the enrolling players. So irrespective of whether you want to get one for home storage or field display, these stands will serve either purpose. 

You need to look for stands that you can easily set up at any place and time. Apart from that, you need to count on these setups don’t demand many hardware tools, as not everyone will have access to unusual ones. For example, if you are looking for a home storage paintball marker stand, you should make sure that you are getting a stand that you can set up with just a screwdriver. 

But, if you are willing to use it as a display stand for the playing field, it might not be the perfect setup stand for you. It will consume a lot of time to assemble and disassemble it every time you reach and leave the fields. For the field display aspects, it is better to get collapsible marker stands that can easily fold and fit into the bag of your paintball gears

#3 Design Aspects

The design of the paintball marker stand is one of the most crucial and inevitable considerations of all time. The overall design choices are different for different individuals! 

You must choose the paintball marker stand’s design, size, and other crucial aspects. The first thing that the buyers need to consider is the number of paintball markers they wish to store on stands. 

If you are a single person with just one paintball marker at home, you need a smaller stand to accommodate just one marker. But if more members of your family have their paintball markers, you should consider getting a design that can accommodate more paintball guns on them. But remember, just the number of paintball markers should not be your consideration; the size also matters. 

If you have a kid in your family who has their paintball marker, it would be smaller than the adult ones. Therefore, it cannot fit in the rack of the big paintball guns, as it needs a shorter one. 

Therefore, you will need to filter out the design for that case! Apart from that consideration, if your paintball marker is equipped with quite many accessories, you will need big dimensional stands for it. 

Some paintball marker stands can accommodate the markers and the compressed air tanks fitted onto them. So, count on getting an ideal option that suits your design and storage needs. 

#4 Space Accommodation

Indeed, the paintball gun stands are helping you organize the space for your paintball markers. But, you also need to consider the stand size, whether it’s consuming too much space. 

Suppose you have a studio apartment with a small space, and you are a paintball fanatic! Now, you need to store the paintball marker over the stand, but you got one with big dimensions, the width of which is not that useful. 

Now, you will fall short on places to keep the stand around your apartment. As a result, it will block your way and interrupt your free-flow movements around the house.

Therefore, you need to always check on the dimensions of the stand that you are willing to purchase. That will give you an idea of how much space it would occupy around your house for storing the paintball markers. So, count on considering these factors! 

#5 Price

It is the last consideration factor because costing should never decide your primary idea of purchasing a quality product. If you are willing to keep your budget low without considering the necessary quality aspects, you will spend that money on waste. Therefore, it is always better to add a little hike to the budget and go for a quality product rather than spending on something cheap. 

The case is the same as the paintball gun stand you plan to buy. You have the cheap option listed in the guide, optimal quality! But there are many low-cost options available online that are not up to the mark in the aspects of their build quality, longevity, dimensional accuracy, and storage proficiency as well. 

Therefore, you should go ahead and get a product that doesn’t cross much of your line of the budget. The three options listed above in this guide are affordable and the best-selling ones in the market. 

Final Verdict

The features mentioned above are what you need to understand and analyze paintball gun stands before getting one. Yes, it seems like it is just an accessory for you to purchase, and you don’t have to consider so much in detail for it. 

But the purpose of this guide is to help you make the investments in the right products. So irrespective of whether it is $1 or $100, your investment should always be on the right product. 

Therefore, this guide has shortlisted the best overall value for money and the best cheap paintball gun stand available online. These products are picked after active comparison with all of the other options in the lot. 

Moreover, this guide is also based on the customer and the expert reviews of the selected products. The high count of positive reviews states that these products are worthy of investment. 

Paintball guns are evident gears for the game, and their longevity is what will help you preserve that high cost and will let you play over and over unless it functionally fails. Therefore, storing them at the right place is  important to ensure that the paintball markers do not experience damage while they are static. Accidental drops from a moderate height can damage the gun’s functionality, which can be avoided when there is a proper stand for storage at ground levels. 

So, put an end to your search for the best paintball marker stands, and count on the three best options listed above. To help sort your search from three to one, you should prioritize the important factors! 


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