5 Best Paintball Gloves – [Ultimate Buying Guide 2023]

Best Paintball Gloves

Is it challenging to protect your hands during paintballing? If yes, then all you need is the best paintball gloves for securing your hands. Paintball is a popular hobby in the community where you can have an exciting battle on the ground.

Though remember your hands are subjected to risks when you practice the paintball game whether it is speedball or wood ball. In some cases, your hands are even vulnerable to cuts on rough ground with many thorns and splinters.

That being said, gloves are a must paintball gear. You keep your paintball weapon in the pocket, crawling on the ground, hiding around, and guarding yourself, everything is a part of the game. Best paintball gloves keep your hands free and secure throughout the intense sports.

Surely, it’s an inexpensive way to up your game level. Gloves can guard you against any ground debris and dust and impact from artillery. Also, they offer additional grip to enhance the accuracy of your shots. Whether you are a beginner or a proficient player, the best paintball glove will help you play the game at your best.

Take a look at the reviews below for the top 5 best paintball gloves on the market. Every review includes product features and pros and cons. Further, you will find a comprehensive guide to help you understand what factors contribute to good quality paintball gloves. Read On!

Top 5 Best Paintball Gloves Reviewed – Comparison Table




Best For


Small Product Image of Exalt Death Grip Paintball Glove - Full Finger Skeleton Hand Glove with Bones

Exalt Death Grip Paintball Gloves

Beginner To Professional

3D Rubber Bone Structure.

High-Density Silicone Palm.

Full Finger Hand Gloves.

Small Product Image of Bunkekings Supreme Full Finger Multi-Sport Paintball Gloves

Bunkekings Supreme Gloves

Beginner To Professional

Exclusive Military Grade Fabrics.

Feels Like A Secondary Set Of Skin.

Use Your Phone With Gloves On.

Planet Eclipse Gen 4

Beginner To Professional

Integrated Soft Padding Covers.

Mesh Venting For Improved Air Flow.

Tactile Resin Palm.

Small product image of HK Army Paintball 2014 Pro

HK Army Paintball Gloves

Intermediate To Professional

Thermoformed Neoprene Hand Protection.

Silicone Screenprinted Palm.

Lightweight And Protective.

Small product image of Maddog Full Finger Tactical Gloves

Maddog Tactical Gloves

Beginner To Professional

Perfect for Paintball/Airsoft.

Low Profile Shielding.

Mesh Fabric For Ventilation.

Best Paintball Gloves

1- Exalt Death Grip Paintball Glove (Feather Like Weight)

Image of Exalt Death Grip Paintball Glove


  • Offer optimal protection to hands
  • Lightweight – weighs only 3 ounces
  • Durable and comfortable leather design


  • A bit pricey

The Exalt Death Grip Paintball Glove comes with full finger design resulting in optimal quick firing. The product features a synthetic leather palm and a neoprene exterior for the ultimate protection of your hands.

Besides, it has a 3-0 rubber bone structure that engrosses, influences and flexes with your hand motion. The gloves are built with ultra-durable rubberized palm to keep your hands well-guarded. With these gloves, you don’t need to be concerned about losing your grip and therefore it makes our top pick.

2- Bunkerkings Supreme Gloves Full Finger (Our Top Pick)

Image of Bunkerkings Supreme Full Finger Gloves


  • Durable and comfortable
  • Stitch line to let you either completely cover your fingers or leave them halfway as you prefer
  • Easily operate your phone while wearing gloves
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Feels like a second skin


  • It may be somewhat difficult to remove the gloves in case you don’t have a BK Pull Tab

Constructed by unique and special military-grade fabrics, Bunkerkings Supreme gloves are all you need for the exciting paintball activity. These gloves come with a stitch line which allows some part of your fingers out.

What’s more interesting is you don’t need to worry about using your phone with these gloves. The full fingers gloves are designed with high tech smart touch fingertips so you can use your gadget even by wearing the gloves.

The gear features padded air mesh included with super slide pads. They are very much breathable to keep your hands dry. Though you may require a BK Crown Pull Tab to easily remove the gloves.

3- Planet Eclipse Gen 4 Full Finger (Great Airflow)

Image of Planet Eclipse Gen 4 Full Finger


  • Padded Kevlar backing for enhanced protection
  • Velcro strap to ensure a perfect fit
  • Breathable neoprene


  • If your hand’s size is big, you may struggle to search a good fit

If you are a paintball expert who is looking forward to all-inclusive protection of the hands, Planet Eclipse Gen 4 is the perfect fit for you. You can get these gloves without compromising on comfort and mobility.

If you are searching for something more traditional, this pair of gloves protect all 10 fingers, wrist areas, and hand. The gloves incorporate soft padding in most sensitive areas to make sure minimal damage is imposed after a direct impact.

In addition to the soft padding, the gloves are built with Kevlar in the most susceptible areas. You might be concerned about whether the additional padding will make your hands hot and sweating when used for longer durations.

Well, the Planet Eclipse features breathable mesh finger venting that allows enhanced airflow and restricts any sweat built up. Moreover, the body of the gloves is constructed with vented neoprene which makes them extremely comfy.

Every index finger comes with a coat of tactile resin for ultimate grip regardless of the weather conditions. Padded Velcro settles at the bottom of the glove and offers a secure and tight fit. Further, it helps to keep away paint from getting in the gloves during intense battles.

Another bonus feature is the availability of two designs. The first one is a grey tactical camo while the other is a more traditional sporty design with grey and black color contrast. No matter which design you are going to opt for, remember you are getting one of the best paintball gloves on the market.

4- HK Army Paintball 2014 Pro (Very Protective)

Image of HK Army Paintball Pro Gloves


  • Comfortable and durable
  • Lightweight
  • Silicone palm offers ultimate grip
  • Easy to maintain
  • Diverse sizes and colors to choose from


  • At times, the paint might get stuck in the mesh

This nicely designed HK Army Paintball glove brings you dependable protection and lightweight design. Similar to other premium-quality paintball gloves, the HK Army uses a range of art materials to build these gloves.

Constructed from super-quality neoprene, the two-finger-less design offer optimal breathability and durability. Further, a mesh padding is incorporated into the finger parts to allow excessive moisture to escape thus keeping your hands as much dry as possible.

The silicone palm grip will provide an optimal level of grip so you can securely hold your paintball gun. While low-profile gloves may affect the flexibility, the HK design makes sure your fingers are not stiff and have complete flexibility.

Every finger can easily bend and move freely to ensure effortless and quick motion. Velcro straps settle at the base to offer an optimal snug on your hands. Besides, you can choose between two colors – green and tan. The design is identical, though the color scheme is unique.

Since the gloves are available in four sizes, you are sure to find a perfect fit for your hands. If you are looking for unmatched protection with a perfect blend of ultimate comfort, the HK Army full finger paintball glove is the right choice for you.

5- Maddog Full Finger Tactical Gloves (Budget Friendly)

Image of Maddog Full Finger Tactical Gloves


  • A lightweight and firm fit
  • Fabric is durable enough to withstand the rough and tough use
  • Adaptable straps that allow a perfect fit


  • Don’t have some added gripping elements on palm or finger tips

Maddog Tactical Gloves are designed for airsoft players. These gloves can be used by anyone on the paintball battlefield. Speaking of the durable build, the fabric of these gloves is both comfortable and breathable.

Besides, the palms are cushioned in a way that allows free movement and enhanced flexibility to your fingers and hand. It might not be exaggerating to say that wearing these gloves will make you feel you are wearing nothing or a second skin of your hand.

In addition, the strap will let you fit the gloves firmly and this fit surely feels more natural. Though if you are someone who don’t want all their fingers to be covered, this might not be the perfect option for you.

Best Paintball Gloves – A Buyer’s Guide From Pros

Types of Gloves

When it comes to paintball, you are more likely to think about the best paintball glove. Well, the best pair primarily depends on your playing style and what features you are looking for. Paintball gloves are diverse with varying levels of protection, paintball gun handling, and trigger control.

Some gloves are designed considering mobility while others are designed for more protection. In general, there are three types of paintball gloves listed below:

Fingerless Gloves:

Fingerless gloves are a popular choice as they guard the palm of your hands and leave your fingers free to pull the trigger, carry out manual operations and press buttons.

Person Wearing Fingerless Gloves

An economical fingerless glove featuring plastic armor on the back makes a great choice especially for beginners who are looking for both enhanced impact absorbing and budget-friendly options. You will hardly feel if you get hit. Other fingerless gloves are typically designed with lightweight padding on the back to allow more hand movement.

Full Finger Gloves:

Full Finger gloves offer excellent protection to the hands and fingers. The one slight drawback is they may limit finger movement to some extent. Some gloves have entire plastic armor on the back of the hand and fingers subsequently giving a maximum coverage.

Person Showing Paintball Gloves

On the contrary, others are more streamlined for improved dexterity. Paintball players may want to cut off some of the tips for a better experience, though that again depends on your playing style.

Two Finger Gloves:

Two Finger gloves are gaining immense popularity nowadays. As many players prefer cutting off the two trigger fingers and here this design comes handy. The gloves are designed considering the maximum rate of fire for tournament paintball markers. It allows the fingers free to handle the trigger with ease.

Paintball Two Finger Gloves

Sleeve Paintball Gloves:

Lastly, we would talk about sleeve type paintball gloves. They are designed especially for speed ballers who prefer padding on the palm and back of the hand. Also, they allow free finger movement. The hand smoothly slips into it and perfectly stays in place by a wrist strap and thumbhole, leaving the fingers free and open.

Sleeve Paintball Gloves

The Right Type of Material

It is important to consider the type of material from which the gloves are made. Remember the best paintball glove withstand the roughest situations on the battleground. They incredibly protect you from direct hits. Gloves exclusively designed for paintball are frequently made of sustainable materials. Let’s take a look at some of the common types:


When we talk about Kevlar, the first thought that may come to your mind is a bulletproof vest. You are not wrong! Kevlar is used for multiple reasons and paintball gloves are one of them. You might be thinking of how Kevlar makes a good material for paintballing.

Kevlar Gloves

The answer is simple yet satisfactory. It is specially designed to slow down or stop any paintballs hitting you. Also, it is capable of handling a major paintball impact. This synthetic fiber was initially developed for racing tires to make them heat and cut resistance.


Silicone is another common type of material used on the palm of paintball gloves. It enhances grip in which you are holding a paintball gun. Also, this synthetic material is commonly used in a variety of products you come across every day. Overall, the material is waterproof and very versatile.

Silicon Gloves


The synthetic material is frequently used as an added flexible padding. Typically, neoprene is used on the back of the glove to safeguard the backside of the hand. A material that truly withstands extreme sports strategies!

Neoprene Gloves

Comfort and Durability

You will surely don’t want to play this intense sports uncomfortably. To make sure you are comfortable and playing the game with your best moves, a pair of reliable and comfy gloves is a must. With several options available on the market, it might be confusing to get the best paintball glove.

Don’t forget to compare and contrast varying models. The most important aspect is the size. Get the gloves that perfectly fit in your hand. Owning a large pair than your hand will have consistent readjustment issues while a too small one can restrict the movement of your hand and fingers.

Materials Used in Paintball Gloves

Another key factor is durability. Since your hands are subjected to the toughest paintballs and the obstacles on the battlefield, think about it! Not only you will be protecting yourself from these hurdles but at the same time loading your paintball gun, aiming and firing it.

All activities with your hands! You never know when you need to get down on your knees and crawl to hide from opponents or to secretly attack them. Be sure to get a high-quality pair of gloves so you don’t need to replace them time and again.

Flexibility, Padding, And Protection

Just like durability, your gloves should be flexible enough to allow freehand or fingers’ movement. Your hands play the foremost role in paintball and definitely you don’t want to make the game more challenging for you.

Remember to get a pair of gloves that offer perfect snug and at the same time allow full range of motion. Padding in gloves is another important factor. The topmost of your hand is often vulnerable and therefore requires more protection.

Showcasing Paintball Gloves

Many gloves that are designed not for paintball doesn’t have padding. We strongly recommend you to opt for gloves that are specifically designed for paintball. Also, it would be better if the gloves have additional padding.

For added durability, look for gloves that are built from cut-resistant fabrics. You don’t want to get your hands hurt if the battlefield has thorn bushes. In case you are playing outside, weatherproof gloves make for an optimal choice.

Whether it’s raining or snowing, your gloves should withstand any weather conditions. Prefer looking for waterproof gloves to avoid any accidental damage as a result of raining or even when you are cleaning the gloves.

Buying The First Time? Here Are Some Useful Tips

If you are a beginner, you are more likely to get yourself familiar with the world of paint. You might be very confused with the never-ending paintball gloves on the market. Paintball gloves are available in several sizes and designs which significantly vary from one brand to another.

Being a novice, it can be challenging for you to navigate and figure out the one that works best for your needs. Below we have listed some of the important factors to consider when buying best paintball gloves that offer optimal protection.

  • Paintball gloves are available in different designs. The three major types are full coverage gloves, fingerless gloves, and half finger gloves. We have discussed all these types above. Consider this very important factor when choosing one. Opt for the gloves that offer sufficient mobility without being very chunky.
  • Prefer buying the gloves that let the user adjust the closure at the wrists.
  • Check out whether the size of the gloves is appropriate. If the gloves come in standard sizing, make sure to check if they fit properly. If the size of the gloves is not exactly according to the size of your hand, it is going to be very challenging to grip the paintball marker properly.
  • Paintball gloves should not make your palms sweaty as it can affect grip and of course the target.


If you play paintball occasionally, we recommend you invest in an upgradable and reasonably priced paintball gloves. If you play the game more frequently or participate in local or international tournaments, go for premium quality and extremely durable gloves. The rule of thumb is simple – higher price and better quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Wash Paintball Gloves?

To wash your paintball gloves, all you need to do is stick them in a mesh bag and throw it in the washer. Once cleaned, air dry it. Also, make sure the water is cold.

What Type of Gloves to Wear for Paintball?

With a wide variety of gloves available, the three common types are fingerless gloves, two-finger gloves, and full finger gloves. Look for the one that suits your playing style. Also, avoid latex or winter gloves since they are quite cumbersome and thick for trigger sensitivity.

What are the Best Paintball Gloves?

The best paintball glove is big on protection. They have a complete finger coverage with rough and tough knuckle protection. Also, they are more likely to have breathable 3D mesh. Many of them may have imprinted neoprene grip on the fingers and palm that ensure the shots are perfectly lined up and controlled.

Are Gloves Necessary When Playing Paintball?

Paintball gloves are not an option, it’s a must! From crawling on the ground full of obstacles to loading the paintball gun and targeting at the opponents, a good pair of paintball gloves make an important requirement. Also, you don’t want to hurt your hands with those hard-hitting paintballs.

Are Two Finger Gloves Better than Full Finger Gloves?

It’s more of a personal choice and what you are expecting. For instance, if you want ultimate protection, full-finger gloves make a perfect choice. For more speed and agility, two-finger gloves are the best option.

How Long Does a Pair of Paintball Gloves Last?

This frequently depends on the intensity of the playing session, how often you use them, and what quality they have. Typically, high-quality and best paintball gloves last for a few years.

Final Thoughts:

Paintball is an intensely physical sport that requires your hands take a beating out on the field. Considering the significance of paintball gloves, we have compiled the above guide to help you find the right pair. Whether you are a speedball or woodsball player, your hands are vulnerable to never-ending obstacles throughout the day.

Your hands will probably get hurt while crawling over rough ground with many spikes and splinters on the way. Your palms will be covered with scratches and rub burns from diving on the field. As we have discussed above, the fingers and back of the hand are very sensitive to get hit by a paintball particularly in a close-range shot.

This is when a good pair of gloves is worth your money. Above we have also discussed our Top 5 Paintball Gloves in 2021. If you have read this far, you will surely make a wise decision. We hope this extensive buying guide will assist you in comparing various models to deciding on the best paintball gloves.

If you have enjoyed reading this guide, do give us your feedback in the comment section below. Your input will be highly appreciated! Get all-set for the BIG GAME!

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