Best Paintball Shoes In 2023[Review And Buying Guide]

Are you an avid paintball player who is in search of new paintball cleats? Are you a new paintball fan who wants to know more about the sport and how to play it? No matter who you are, this review and buying guide is of your use if you are interested in the Paintball game.

Can you play Paintball wearing just about any shoes? Do you need special shoes for the sport? Every sport has special shoes that players wear while playing. Paintball also has special cleats that give players an advantage during play. 

Most people think that the paintball gun is the most important device for playing Paintball. However, paintball cleats play a vital role in helping people play to their best capabilities. Most players spend hours in research before the purchase of their paintball guns. However, the purchase of paintball cleats happens as a later task. 

It is wrong to give paintball cleats less importance because these special cleats help you stand and play in the arena. Furthermore, the right paintball cleats help you survive in the neck-to-neck competition of Paintball in a challenging, wet, and rugged arena. 

After reading this, if you choose to devote time to research for the best paintball cleats, we have it all here. In this review, the best features of a good pair of paintball cleats find a place. The guide also helps readers find the best paintball shoes recommendations according to features and uses. 

By the end of the review, a reader knows more about paintball cleats than an amateur in the sport and I will also give you my buying personnal recommendation in case you are still hesitating.

Now, let’s start with the review for more information on the best paintball cleats. 

Paintball Cleats Overview 

Paintball cleats are special combat boots people use in the paintball arena. Paintball arenas are rugged, wet, and dirty. Therefore, a paintball player needs good control over his feet to navigate through the arena of challenges. 

Paintball cleats are heavy-duty boots that help players navigate rugged terrain with ease. Such boots or shoes are also apt for military or combat use. Think about it. Paintball is only a milder form of combat, even with guns for fighting.

The only difference is that the bullets are painted and not real. Thus, it makes sense that paintball cleats are military-grade sturdy in nature. In addition, paintball cleats help keep the traction in slick, wet, and muddy areas. 

A good paintball shoe offers comfort, breathability, and flexibility to the foot. Thus, it is important to buy a pair of paintball cleats after much research. First, you have to find the paintball cleats that match your specifications and needs. 

You need a pair of paintball cleats that have adaptability. For example, the paintball cleats must support sudden activities like running and stopping. The pair must also support sudden accelerations and detours. The pair of shoes must adapt to changes in direction too. 

Therefore, paintball cleats must have many features and benefits for the wearer. 

What To Look For In Paintball Cleats? 

By now, you have a brief view of what to look for when purchasing a pair of paintball cleats. Next, let us elaborate on what to look for when shopping for the best paintball cleats. 

#1 Lightweight

The ideal paintball cleats are lightweight and breathable. The paintball player uses these cleats to run for long distances. Lightweight cleats are easy to run in and also airy. 

The breathable fabric of the cleats reduces sweating of the feet. It, in turn, also reduces the chances of slippery feet and accidents. As a result, the players face less discomfort when they wear lightweight, breathable cleats for the sport. 

Lightweight cleats also protect your body from overheating and fatigue. You don’t know how long the paintball match will last. Lightweight, breathable cleats keep you in the game for a long time. Therefore, if you wish to emerge as the winner, a lightweight, breathable pair of cleats is a great choice for a paintball game. 

#2 Ankle Support 

Your ankle is a sensitive spot in your feet where all your feet’ bones pivot. In sports, including Paintball, it is common for people to suffer from ankle strains and fractures. To avoid the chance, you need shoes with good ankle support. 

There are many vigorous movements in Paintball. Running, ducking, dodging, and tackling, all maneuvers need a sturdy shoe with proper ankle support. An ankle support cleat minimizes the chances of straining your ankle or rolling it in action. In addition, a good ankle support pair of shoes saves you from a lot of pain and trouble. 

#3 Slip-Resistant 

A paintball arena has diverse terrain to make the game more challenging. In such challenging terrains, you need good slip-resistant paintball cleats. The paintball arena is usually filled with mud and dirt. The muddy and wet terrain, coupled with grass, has a slippery nature. 

To avoid slipping to your defeat, choose paintball cleats that offer a firm grip and good traction. In addition, the pair of cleats must keep you stable and going even in challenging conditions. 

A slip-resistant pair of cleats reduce the chances of accidents and injury. Slip-resistant cleats also reduce the chances of collision and foul play with other game players. 

#4 Comfortable 

The last criteria of selection for good paintball cleats in comfort. If the cleats are not comfortable, you fail to wear them for a long time. Moreover, since you do a lot of activities on the field, you need comfortable shoes that let your feet move. 

Uncomfortable shoes for Paintball also cause injuries and strains. Comfortable cleats help you enjoy the sport and go back to it again and again. If you want to keep aches and pains at bay, choose a comfortable pair of paintball cleats. 

#5 Long-Lasting 

Your paintball cleats will see a lot of activity and action. They will travel with you through difficult terrain and challenges. Therefore, you need high-quality, long-lasting paintball cleats. 

Choose good paintball cleats that become your constant companions for every paintball game. Choose a pair of high-grade, long-lasting paintball cleats instead of any other generic pair of shoes. 

#6 Materials In Use 

The paintball cleats you choose have to score on comfort, breathability, and lightweight material. Usually, 100 percent leather cleats are great for use in paintball games. However, you also have choices in a combination of materials. 

Technology has helped in the creation of new, highly comfortable cleats material. Synthetic materials for cleats offer high breathability and comfort. Choose cleats that have a mesh lining on the inside. 

#7 Design Of The Cleats 

The design and style of the cleats matter a lot as it impacts your performance. Therefore, the design of the cleats is not only for appearance but for functionality. 

For example, the design of paintball cleats is usually studded. It helps in providing grip to the shoe. Usually, players search for eight studs. A little fluctuation in stud number is manageable.

However, a player should not choose cleats with less number of studs. It will only make him lose grip on the ground. Instead, you need to choose the best design for grip and functionality. Then, choose a pair of paintball cleats that suits your feet and allows it to play to its best abilities. 

#8 Shock Absorption 

When you research the material of the cleats, make sure you also research the material of the insole. An ideal insole is comfortable and shock absorbing. Shock absorbing properties help reduce the chances of a foot injury and accidents on the field. In addition, such shock-absorbing insoles reduce the chances of strain on the heel and ankle. 

#9 Spikes 

Choose cleats with spikes underneath. The spikes help improve the grip of these shoes. They also help increase traction, so the player avoids accidents and falls. Paintball cleats have more spikes than athletic cleats. 

#10 Flexibility 

As a sports shoe, the paintball cleat requires adaptability and flexibility. The paintball cleats should flexibly adapt to the feet. The shoes must flexibly move with the feet of the player. If the cleats do not provide room for moving your toes, they don’t fit you properly. 

Always look for paintball cleats in your size to perfect the fittings. The cleats should perfectly fit your feet and help in a smooth movement. 

#11 Laces Or Buckles 

Paintball cleats are available in every variant, from laces to buckles. What type of cleats you choose depends on you. If you feel comfortable in laced shoes, choose lace-type cleats. 

On the other hand, if buckles are more comfortable for you, you can choose buckled paintball cleats for use. It all depends on the player’s preferences. 

However, laced-up paintball cleats are more secure and are highly recommended. If you do not know how to lace your shoes securely, you can go for the easy buckling system. 

#12 Appearance 

When we discuss the appearance of cleats, it is not because the look of it matters. The look of the cleats depends on how you prefer your shoes. However, there are some color suggestions that you must consider. The whole idea of Paintball is to gain an advantage by camouflage. 

To use camouflage and stay undetected, always wear darker colored cleats. Do not go for flashy light-colored cleats. Similarly, light-colored cleats are difficult to wash and clean completely. 

The Best Paintball Shoes And Cleats – Comparison Charts




Best For


HK Army Digger X1 High 

Beginners to Pros

Excellent traction and control on the field.

Confort and stability.

High density sole

HK Army LT Diggerz_1 Low

Beginners To Pros

High performance adhesive

Good traction and control

Dual strenfh sole attachment points

HK Army Diggerz_X 1.5 Hightop

Beginners To Pros

Superior Grip and traction

High top construction

Memory foam insole

HK Army Shredder 2.0 Paintball Cleats - Gray Black

Beginners To Pros

Durable sole

8 Traction points

Camouflage option with deep grey and black combination

 Performance Mundial Team Turf Soccer Cleat


Comfortable rubber sole.

100% leather made

Super stylish

New Balance Men's Burn X2 Low-Cut Lacrosse Shoe 

Beginners To Pros

50% synthetic and 50% mesh

Kinetic stitch stability

Dual density TPU sole

Merrell Men's Moab Edge 2 Hiking Shoes


100% made out of textile.

Synthetic sole

Low top shaft construction for arch support

New Balance Men's M3000v3 Metal Baseball Shoe

Beginners To Pros

Arch support roots for grip

Synthetic mesh inside for breathbility

No-sew construction for seamless design

#1 HK Army Digger X1 High Top Paintball Cleats

The paintball cleats from HK Army Paintball have a comfortable design and offer the player ankle support and traction. The cleats are well priced at $ 79.95. The cleats have a great design and are great in appearance too. The cleats have a spiked design and dark color theme, great for camouflage. 

The cleats are high-performance and durable. The paintball cleats are ideal for competitive paintball games. 


  • Fifteen integrated spikes for better traction and control on the field. 
  • Superior ankle support with hightop construction
  • Memory foam insole built for maximum comfort and flexibility
  • Unique flex control design that allows flexibility in on-field movements.
  • High-density sole for better arch support in play. 


  • Red streaks and spikes may make you more detectable in the game
  • Slightly high price

#2 HK Army LT Diggerz_1 Low Top Paintball Cleats

The paintball cleats from HK Army are great for use on the field. The paintball cleats come with a promise of traction, grip, and superior performance. The cleats have black and gray stripes, which are good for camouflage. In addition, the material of the cleats supports the on-field comfort of the player.  


  • 15 integrated spikes for better traction and control on the field
  • Memory insole for better comfort
  • Proprietary high-performance adhesive for better athletic performance
  • Low top construction for ankle support
  • Dual strength sole attachment points for better slip resistance 


  • Not affordable for everyone
  • Not available everywhere 

#3 HK Army Diggerz_X 1.5 Hightop Paintball Cleats 

The cleats from HK Army are high-performance, flexible paintball cleats. The cleats come in a red and black combination which is stylish to wear. The cleats offer superior grip on the paintball field. Moreover, the cleats are super comfortable to wear and play in. 


  • Fifteen integrated spikes for superior grip and traction. 
  • High Top construction for ankle support
  • Memory foam insole for full comfort and flexibility 


  • Does not offer much camouflage due to red color stripes
  • Not available all over the world

#4 HK Army Shredder 2.0 Paintball Cleats – Gray Black 

The cleats from HK Army are great for paintball professionals as it offers higher grip and traction. It also offers camouflage options with the gray-black combination. In addition, it has a comfortable and flexible structure which boosts your performance. On the other hand, the cleats come for $99.95. 


  • Durable sole for better play and long-lasting performance
  • Eight integrated traction points that help in superior grip build on the ground
  • Camouflage options with deep gray and black combination colors.


  • Priced on the higher range
  • Half size smaller than traditional shoes. Therefore, the buyer must choose his size carefully. 

#5 Adidas Performance Mundial Team Turf Soccer Cleat

adidas Performance Mundial Team Turf Soccer Cleat

The Adidas cleats are good for football as well as Paintball. The Adidas cleats offer a comfortable rubber sole and flexibility. The Adidas cleats are great for athletes who love Paintball and football. 


  • Comfortable rubber sole for better maneuvers 
  • 100 percent leather made for comfort to feet 
  • No chafe heel counter for smooth and comfortable running 
  • Super stylish to wear


  • Priced on the higher side 
  • Not available everywhere

#6 New Balance Men’s Burn X2 Low-Cut Lacrosse Shoe 

New Balance Men's Burn X2 Low-Cut Lacrosse Shoe

The Balance cleats are breathable and lightweight. The shoes keep the feet of the runner cool and comfortable. The cleat spikes of the shoes grip the earth well and give traction to the feet. The available black color ensures that the shoes camouflage your feet while playing.


  • 50 percent synthetic and 50 percent mesh for breathability 
  • Kinetic stitch stability for airy design 
  • Dual-density TPU sole for better traction and flexibility 
  • Very Good Quality


  • Not in the affordable range of price 
  • Not available everywhere 

#7 Merrell Men’s Moab Edge 2 Hiking Shoes

Merrell Men's Moab Edge 2 Hiking Shoes

The Merrell Men’s Moab Edge 2 Hiking shoes are great for grip and running through difficult terrain. In addition, the shoes are great for moving through rough terrain like the ones created in the paintball field. The shoes come for $71.88 to $202.81. 


  • 100 percent made out of textile for comfort 
  • Synthetic sole for breathability 
  • Low top shaft construction for arch support 


  • It is at a higher price range than others on the list 
  • It is not available all over the world

#8 New Balance Men’s M3000v3 Metal Baseball Shoe

This is clearly my personnal recommandation. The new Balance shoes come with arch support roots for superior grip and comfort. The cleats are ideal for baseball but really nice for Paintball as well. The support roots and spikes are great for balancing you on the paintball field. In addition, the cleats are high-performance with inbuilt synthetic mesh for flexibility. 


  • Arch support roots for grip and support 
  • Synthetic mesh inside for breathability and flexibility 
  • No-sew construction for seamless design and better support


  • It lies on the pricier side of the budget 
  • Not available all over the world and has limited shipping options 

The Best Way To Maintain Paintball Cleats 

Now that you know how to buy the best paintball cleats for your game let us move towards maintaining the cleats. Cleats are special shoes that gain exposure to dirt and mud. Therefore, you need to clean them in a very different way from other shoes. 

For example, you need to clean the cleats after every game. You cannot wait for another game to clean your paintball cleats. It will allow the dirt and grime on the shoe to eat away at the sole. 

On the other hand, soft mud is very stubborn to remove. So, after a game of Paintball on soft mud, always use a popsicle stick or putty knife to scoop out the soft mud. Sometimes, you need the putty knife on the field, too, so the mud does not stop you from running. 

After scooping out the dirt and mud with a putty knife, always brush the rest of it off with the help of a toothbrush. You can also use a towel to clean off the debris completely. 

Sometimes, removing the soft mud is difficult. To avoid any challenges, you should let the mud dry. After the mud dries, bang the two shoes together to break the dry mud and shake it off. The dry mud will come off in bits and pieces. After this, you can wash the soles too. 

Do not use your cleats on hard, concrete surfaces if you will use the cleats on soft ground. The use of cleats on hard surfaces leads to the degradation of spikes. 

Wearing the cleats on hard surfaces leads to wear and tear of the spikes. In addition, it leads to loss of sharpness from spikes and studs, which lose their edge. It, therefore, results in loss of grip and traction. 

Air-dry the cleats once you take them off at home. Air drying them will make them free from pungent odor. A good trick is to keep a few pieces of crumpled paper inside so that moisture and sweat do not remain. However, do not expose the cleats to direct sunlight for drying them. 

You can always clean the cleats using a soft-bristled toothbrush. Never use a bucket full of water and hard detergent to wash the cleats. Moreover, do not use a washing machine to clean the cleats. Using vigorous methods of washing will reduce the longevity of your prized cleats. 

If the cleats are made of 100 percent leather, polish them occasionally. It will give them some shine and keep them in good condition. 

Your cleats help you play the sport of your passion. Your cleats keep your feet safe and moving on the field. Therefore, you should also take full care of your cleats after buying them. 


Final Verdict

If I had to choose only one pair of paintball shoes among this list, I would take without any hesitation New Balance Men’s M3000v3 Metal Baseball Shoe which according to me remain the best paintball shoes in terms of comfort and durability.

However paintball cleats are high-grade sports and military-level shoes that help players navigate the challenges on the field. Such cleats are made with the best materials and technology. So whether you are an avid paintball player or an amateur, you need the best pair of cleats that suit you. 

When choosing your cleats, always choose them with research and thought. Your cleats will make a difference in your game and heighten your performance. Do not mistreat your cleats and keep them well maintained.

A pair of good, well-maintained cleats have the power to make you a champion of Paintball. In addition, a good pair of cleats do not restrict you in your field of play; it expands your abilities. 


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