Best Camera For Paintball in 2022 [Most important Features]

This game originated in the early eighties in the United States, involving two different team members or players just fighting against each other and eliminating the other team players by firing the paint pellets from the compressed gas paintball marker or gun.

image of best paintball cameras

Paintball gaming is an entertaining social game where individuals can spend quality time with their friends, loved ones, family members, and with some anonymous people from any region. Some players in these modern days enjoy the thrill and share with others show much interest in recording their paintball gaming videos. 

As the technology keeps increasing, many cameras are available in the market with various features. So they can record the best moments on the battlefield to share with family and friends! 

Due to modern technology, the player can record the games without the help of a third person. Taking the help of a third person to record the games will create a disturbance in the battlefield and may not capture all the moments. Hence, players prefer to go for the best paintball cameras to have fun and record real-time memories in the field.

Benefits Of Recording Your Paintball Games

Players can gain the below-mentioned knowledge or memories by recording their games.

  • Capturing and sharing the auspicious moments

Despite enjoying the thrill on the battlefield, capturing the moments and sharing with loved ones will give us the utmost inspiration and admiration

  • Identifying bad habits

Videos give us a chance to know what factors cause eliminating the game. If any of our bad habits is the reason? Try to avoid them while you are playing on the battlefield.

  • Reviewing own gaming techniques

Having a look over the own game in leisure will help identify the mistakes we make. Discussing the same with the experienced players will help us learn new techniques.

  • Learn or gain advanced skills

Reviewing the game techniques that other players in the team or opponent team are doing will help learn new techniques and gaming strategies. 

Now players may get confused on what requirements and specifications the best camera to be optimal. Action cameras suit best for recording these types of action (Paintballing) games.

Action cameras have become the favorite tool for many sports enthusiasts and content creators. However, it is difficult to find a good action camera for yourself in the current market. Still, upon investigating the market, we can find plenty of choices with good performance features. 

All action cameras are not built with the same features. In contrast, they recorded action games like paintballs, a camera with good features to be selected, without any limitations. There are plenty of cameras available in the market, but the best one should be opted based on the few built-in specifications.

Important Features To Know Before Choosing A Paintball Camera

We have to look for many essential features in a paintball action camera. Few of them which you should consider points listed below


Stabilization of Video

Quality of Video

Life Of Battery


Protective Covers or Cases

Storage Capacity

Resolution of Camera

Live Streaming

Water Resistant Features

Internet Connection


EIS – Electronic Image Stabilization

EIS is the most critical factor in buying an action camera like a paintball. It helps prevent the blur of the image and balances if the external factor shakes the camera. EIS of a camera should be considered to get better quality in video and audio files.

Stabilization Of Video

Video Stabilization is a vital feature to be considered in a paintball action camera. It is a digital setting that reduces the movements and vibrations added to the video, which happens in the case of shooting or running.

This feature is not available in outdated and cheap cameras, but this type of feature is mandatory while recording the complete ground in an action game like paintballing. This feature will act as a buffer room that automatically reduces the video shakes.

Quality Of Video

The selected camera should record high-quality decent video and frame rate. A camera should record 2.7k at 60 frames per second (fps) to get a high-quality video. In the case of zoom cameras, adjusting focal length helps get good quality video.

Life Of Battery

The worst thing you can do to anybody who is capturing their game is for the camera to cut out just before your spectacular move or just before the auction begins.

Extended battery life allows you to film all day without bothering the camera battery. If the camera allows you to change the battery or even if it has an opportunity to connect to an extra battery, you can continue recording without worrying about anything.

Note that capturing the video at a higher frame rate can drain your battery faster since the camera performs more. 


The camera’s weight plays a vital role as it is attached to your mask. Selecting a camera with lightweight is highly recommended. Almost all the action cameras are available with this feature.

Protective Cases

We merely spent several hundred dollars on your camera settings, but we should protect the camera with the protective cover to prevent your cameras from being damaged.

Most cameras are durable, but the LCDs can only withstand so much before they are broken. Fortunately, most cases are inexpensive and straightforward to repair. If any damage happens to the camera on the battlefield, replacing the protective cover will be sufficient.

Storage Capacity

Because action cameras do not have internal storage, you must have a micro SD card on hand to avoid not being able to record in the middle of a paintball game. Remember that having an additional memory card is always recommended, as you may need to change between the two at some point throughout the game.


Camera Resolution plays an important factor in buying an action camera for paintball. Selecting the best camera as per the player’s need is preferable. Also, if you make the effort to provide a respectable frame rate, the camera will function much better—almost all cameras record videos at 720p and 24 fps. The camera should capture the 2.7k video at 60 fps to better quality.

Live Streaming

If you desire to broadcast your live stream, your camera is regarded as essential equipment which plays a vital role in the live stream’s performance. Some Paintball players might share their experiences via live broadcasting. As a result, you ought to be cautious regarding the characteristics of the selected camera.


Get an entirely waterproof one if you intend to use the paintball action camera in all-weather situations. However, having a water-resistant camera should not be an issue if you frequently play in clear weather. The camera should be able to record even in bad weather.

Internet Connection

The most recent paintball action cameras typically have an internet connection, permitting you to publish your captions or movies immediately to your social media account while being on the field. Another advantage, player can avail with the internet connection is transferring the data to other devices. 


Planning to buy a paintball action camera and meet one financial standard. The action cam are available from a wide range of $50 to USD 500.

But opting for the cheap camera, you will find the essential capabilities. At the same time, the costly one comes with more extensive features like higher quality, video stabilization, water-resistant, internet connection, and live streaming facility, which are highly trending now.

Tips For Capturing Your Paintball Games

  • Capture the recording with the highest resolution
  • Fix the camera in the correct angle and position
  • Adjust the color correction
  • Check the adjust the noise 
  • Adjust the Camera to get a clear view of the field
  • Adjust excess movement of the camera
  • Take care of your protective camera cases

TOP 6 Best Paintball Camera 2022 – Comparison Chart





YI 4K- Sports and Action Camera


Good Battery Life.

Image stabilization also available at 1080p.

Available with Bluetooth and Wifi connectivity.

2 Mics.

Record videos with different resolutions.


6 Mics.

Panoramic Effect. 

4 Lenses Available.

Panoramic Effect Available.


DJI OSMO Action Camera

Affordable Price.

Bluetooth And Wifi Connectivity.

Wind Noise Cancellation Facility.

Wind Noise Cancellation Facility.

Shoot 30 frames/sec with a resolution of 4k.

GoPro HERO8 Black

High Quality Stabilized Pictures.

Easy Access To The Battery And Card.

Sharp Touch Screen LCD.

Olympus Tough TG-6

Designed For Dustproff And Schockproof.

Very Resistant.

Good Record Even With Low Light Conditions.

Built With GPS And Sensor System.

4K Resolution.

Dragon Touch 4K

Good Video Capture Under the Water.


Slow Motion.

2 Batteries Provided

Best Paintball Action Camera

Many players might face difficulty finding the best action camera from online stores. This may be due to a lack of product knowledge in considering the best one. This article will make you aware of the 6 best paintball cameras available in the market for ideal purchase. Read the complete article till the end. 

YI 4K- Sports and Action Camera
DJI OSMO Action Camera
GoPro HERO8 Black
Olympus Tough TG-6
Dragon Touch 4K

#1 YI 4K – Sports and Action Camera

Image of YI sports and action paintball cam

This camera has superb image quality, robust construction, long battery life, WiFi connectivity, 4K video recording, a wide-angle lens, touchscreen display, 1-Lithium polymer battery, and many other features. This camera is relatively tiny and gives a lot of value for its price. 

Let’s go through the complete information without any delay.

The YI 4K Action is designed in almost the same manner as the GoPro Hero, with a rectangular body that is compact and modest. The model number of the product is FBA_YI 4k BK-WP. This smartphone comes with dimensions of 1.18Lx2.56Wx1.65H inches,  and it has a 2.19-inch touchscreen LCD on the back, which Corning’s Gorilla Glass protects. This camera comes with an EIS feature, where the video can be captured without any blur.

It also has a crisp resolution of 640×360, which is fantastic for its size. It provides quality content with its brightness settings, making the display viewable even in direct sunshine. This camera comes with 2 mics so that the audio will be recorded clearly.

On this gadget, you’ll just find a micro USB connector for charging and connecting your smartphone. The video captured in the camera can be transferred via Bluetooth and Wifi. The live-streaming feature is available on this device so that players can share the video recordings in live mode. 

 Both connections were good and provided outstanding performance. The accompanying app was robust, with some fantastic photo and video editing options for simple touchups and changes.

One limitation of the gadget is that it is not resistant to water. The waterproof case is not included in the base package; therefore, you should get a case cover separately to protect the device.  

The player can record super smooth video footage at a very affordable price with this camera.


  • It gives excellent quality in image
  • It captures very sharp and colorful images
  • Design is compact with LCD gorilla screen
  • It has a good battery life
  • The device is available with Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity
  • It comes with a slot for USB charging
  • Image stabilization also available at 1080p
  • Designed with different features
  • Exhibits good performance
  • Record videos with different resolutions
  • It gives good quality video
  • This camera has two mics


  • The LCD screen is hard to use in direct sunlight
  • Difficulties in accessing the slot of Micro SD card 

#2 GoPro MAX

Image of GoPro Max camera

This camera comes with a new design with dimensions of 10.04Lx4.8Wx3.23H and a 1.7-inch display screen for previewing the record. It consists of three cameras and four lenses. The camera is provided with a USB port and a slot to insert a micro SD card. 

This camera captures images significantly stabilized with an Electronic Image Stabilization feature. Video captured in this camera can be transferred through Bluetooth, WiFi, and live streaming. 

This paintball GoPro camera captures the video resolution in 1440p60/1080p6, HERO mode, and the photo resolution is 16.6 MP. The camera weighs about 1.12 pounds and is easy to carry. This camera has the feature of resisting the water.

The camera’s battery will withstand for 50minutes only, as it captures the resolution in 360o. Recording the video with less resolution may increase the life of the battery. If the user opts this camera, it is advisable to carry separate batteries for continuous shooting.


  • Different skin tones are available in this camera
  • Camera screen responsive is good
  • Even if the camera is rotating, the image displayed on the screen will not be affected.
  • Six mics in the camera will record the best audio
  • Can shoot the video in Panoramic effect
  • Captures live streaming in HERO mode
  • Four lenses are available for capturing narrow, Wide, Liner, ad Max Super-view photos and videos.
  • Unbreakable stabilization gives ultimate image memory
  • The camera has inbuilt water-resisting proof up to 16 feet 
  • It comes with 03 cameras


  • SD card is not available
  • The camera lens is very delicate; they may get damaged easily

#3 DJI OSMO Action Cam

Image of DJI Osmo Action Paintball camera

The next that comes in the queue is DJI OSMO Action Camera. This product entered the market with exciting and distinct features like high-quality video, image video stabilization, excellent display in the frontal camera. The features will be explained in detail.

In terms of style, the DJI OSMO Action resembles the classic GoPro Hero series with its rectangular body, with dimensions of 2.56Lx1.65Wx1.38H inches; the camera has a resolution of 12 MP with a massive lens on the front, display in the rear, and the mounting technique. 

The size of the front screen is 1.4 inches, and the back screen is 2.25 inches. 

What sets it apart is that it has a two-tone finish on its body and a fabulous metal body with a gripping textured band that goes around the frame. This device is lightweight, with a 1.4-inch screen and pixel density of 300ppi and a maximum brightness of 750 nits so sound recording will be done with this camera even in the sunlight.

These devices are provided with 02 slots, one for USB –(C-Type Port) and the other for inserting the Micro SD card. The display screen is available in 2.25 inches, with a sensor,  and an aspect ratio of 16:9. It records and delivers high-quality images. The camera is provided with the connectivity of Bluetooth, WiFi. 

It can shoot at 30 frames per second in 4K resolution at a 4:3 aspect ratio and 60 frames per second in 4K at a 16:9 aspect ratio. If you reduce the resolution to 1080p or 720p, you can get up to 240 frames per second for long shots. However, you should be aware that the camera captures at 60fps and shoots at 12MP.


  • It is available at an affordable price
  • Records high-quality video
  • The screen is available in transparent mode and is responsive
  • The LCD monitor is great for vlogging
  • Captures high-quality image
  • It is provided with Bluetooth and WiFi facility
  • Has wind noise cancellation facility
  • Has rock steady image stabilization
  • It is available in very light 
  • It is pretty compact
  • Gives quick setting feature with QS button
  • The camera can shoot 30 frames/sec with a resolution of 4k
  • The extraordinary screen is provided to make everything visible under direct sunlight


  • Extra battery should be carried for continuous recording
  • It is heavy to carry

#4 GoPro HERO8 Black

Image of GoPro HERO 8 black paintball cam

This is one of the cameras preferred for recording the action games like paintball games. It comes with a good design, image and video stabilization, a new microphone, and tons of features justifying its price. 

This product can resist water and shock; this also comes with the lens on the Gorilla glass to improve further resistance. It is available with a pair of hinges for placing the device on the tripod stand. The camera weighs about 10grams; it is available in a smaller size with compact product dimensions of 2.9×4.8×6.6.6 cms.

The device comes with a 1220mAh battery with a good lifespan and some improvements. It also records continuously for about 50 minutes in 4K resolution. It also has a microphone in the forward-facing camera, perfectly recording the sound. If we set the resolution to lower, the camera can capture the video continuously for 2 hours.

The device was improved in HDR mode and night mode. If the video is recorded in 4K resolution, it will be recorded in 60 fps (frames per second). If the camera resolution is reduced to 2.7K, you can shoot the video at 120 fps (frames per second). In detail, the camera available in the market with good performance in image stabilization.


  • Captures a high-quality, stabilized picture
  • Easy post-production using the app
  • Auto-leveling of the horizon
  • Access to the battery and card from the side
  • Sharp touch-screen LCD
  • It can record video continuously for 50 minutes


  • It may not be as challenging as previous GoPro cameras
  • Heats up when recording
  • Untrustworthy voice orders
  • Wi-Fi video transmission might be time-consuming
  • Small LCD with 4:3 aspect ratio

#5 Olympus Tough TG-6

Image of Olympus Tough TG6 camera

Olympus Tough TG-6 is the most advanced action camera in the market. It is packed with distinct features, easy to use, records, and delivers superb quality images and videos. It is included with an incredible beautiful zoom lens and captures video resolution at 4k. It can record the movie; the resolution of the screen is 12MP.

This is the company’s sixth iteration of the Tough TG series, and like all its predecessors, this is a rugged, durable and tough device, as its name implies. It is effortless to carry in pockets measuring about 4.4×2.6×1.3-inches, and its total weight is about 8.9-ounces. The device comes with advanced features of resisting shock, water, dust, crush, and fog which makes it a suitable camera for playing paintball.

Coming to durability, this device is marked as a king, as it can withstand and record up to 15 meters of depth underwater.


  • The device is designed for dustproof.
  • The device is designed to shockproof up to 2.1 meters
  • It is also designed as freeze proof up to -41o Fahrenheit
  • It also resists the screen for anti-fogging features
  • The device is designed to crush-proof up to 100 kilograms
  • It has a 12MP ½.3 inches sensor for delivering versatility in many various conditions
  • It records very well in low light conditions, meaning it is suitable for recording in night mode
  • This device will capture the shots very perfectly in underwater
  • The lens in the camera designed with an aperture length of f/2
  • It is suited for recording both movies and stills
  • It is built with GPS and sensor system for delivering records immediately on the field
  • This camera will record 4K resolution video at 30 frames per second, 120 frames per second at 1080P resolution video


  • The device cannot be controlled manually
  • Can shoot only 12MP image of resolution

#6 Dragon Touch 4K

Dragon Touch 4K action camera comes with 4X zoom. It is a professional camera as it records video at 4K/30 Frames Per Second (FPS), 2.7K/30 Frames Per Second (FPS), and photos at 16MP. It also captures videos with a zoom range of 1.0X to 4.0X.

This camera is provided with a wireless wrist remote control. Install the camera firmly onto your helmet and tie the remote control on your wrist, where it enables you to capture beautiful moments. This remote cannot resist water, so proper care should be taken. This can capture up to 33ft.

This camera has Wifi and a 2” Screen, where the camera can capture beautiful moments, and you can transfer to mobile devices with APP XDV. This 2 inches screen will allow the players to view the video. You can use WiFi up to 33 feet.

It is designed with waterproof facilities up to 100FT, so it can also be used for other sports than paintball like swimming, diving, surfing. This camera contains 2 batteries of 1050mAh where they can be rechargeable.

This camera has additional features for recording in mobile mode, slow motion, time-lapse, and dark exposure. 


  • It is built with a Wi-Fi facility
  • Its WiFi can reach up to 33 feet
  • This camera can capture clearly under the water
  • Its also used for recording swimming, surfing, and diving
  • It  captures the video in dark exposure
  • It will capture video at 4k resolution
  • It can record with Time-lapse
  • The camera can withstand waterproof up to 100 FT
  • External case is also included with the camera
  • Image rotation is possible in this camera
  • It can capture videos in slow motions
  • It is designed for waterproof
  • Two Batteries provided for this camera are rechargeable
  • It captures the videos from all the angles


  • The device is not compatible with Mac
  • It can capture video up to 60 fps

Final Verdict

This article briefly described the essential specifications to refine the search results to buy a new paintball cam. Just take the time to read the options cited in this article and judge the best camera per the need and budget.

Then get your camera as per the choice, capture your real-time moments and make the best paintball video, have fun and share with your loved ones by promoting on social media.

Michael’s Choice:

Personally I use the GoPro Hero 8 and I can say that I’m very happy with it for its reliability and stabilization and this is certainly one of the best camera for paintball. The only inconvenience is maybe the lens cover which is not easy to replace if broken. However if you do not have the budget to buy a GoPro you can try this Dragon Touch 4K that does the job but don’t expect the same quality than a Gopro for this price.


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