Best Action Camera Protector For Paintball – Top 3 [Buying Guide]

As the name suggests, action cameras will not let you miss the special game moments on the paintball ground. With the action cameras turned on at all times, it will record every perfect shot you take. Several reasons promote recording paintball games like the physical fun, learning tactics, and understanding the overall game. These can be for learning and educating purposes or even keeping it as memory.  

Best Action Camera Protector for paintball

The first reason is that one gets the chance to learn from their mistakes. If you have the match on records, you can easily determine which decision was wrong to get you out of the round. Recording the paintball games to learn and improve the skills is a good decision.  One of the best ways to study and learn paintball games is to watch the game live or record. 

Secondly, some bad habits might consume you during the game heat. And for that, you impose some bad habits such as playing foul, getting aggressive, hurting intentionally, or others. However, when you see yourself and your reaction in the video, you will eventually thrive on overcoming that habit. 

Finally, the action camera recordings are just for memories and fun sharing. You can share it with your friends and family or store it as an action memory forever. You can flaunt your skills to your friends and develop their interest in the game as well. The real task behind recording the game is to keep your camera safe from paintball shooting

But with all of the perks of using an action camera for paintball, the necessity of considering its protection is also important. The worst thing people do is, take the action cameras to the field without any protective covers. Hence, that exposes the body to dust, physical impact, dirt, and liquid damage. 

Therefore, if you want to ensure that the efficacy of your action cameras lasts for a long time, you must get the best action camera protector for paintball games today. If you have not thought or researched about it before, then this guide is here to help you out with the best products in the line. 

#1 Best Overall: Fire Rock Screen Protector for GoPro Hero 8

Fire Rock is one of the popular screen protectors for action cameras. They have the best strength, durability, and transparency. This camera is specially made to shoot paintball and other action games that involve extreme physical movements. They are the best overall action camera protectors to save the screen and lens from paintball blows. Here are some features to consider about this screen protector to help you make better decisions:

  • LCD Touch Screen and Lens Protector

The clarity rate for the protectors available within this pack is 99.99, and the item hardness is 9H. Hence, you can conclude that these protectors are destined to take multiple heavy blows on the paintball field without breaking the touchscreen or damaging the lens. 

The lens protector available with this combo is accurate to fit the size of the lens over Hero 8. It can fit the lens size of other action cameras but might not perfectly sit from edge to edge. In addition, this protector keeps the dust, dirt, and scratches off the lens surfaces. 

The close shots of paintballs on the lens and screen of the action cameras will not damage the protectors. But you need to keep in mind that consistent close combat shots hitting directly on the vulnerable parts of the camera might compromise the protector. Again, this is because high-impact shootings can cause breakage of protectors. 

The protectors are for preventing accidental impacts and not the planned ones. Therefore, make sure you take note of that. If by any chance, the camera is getting hit by the paintballs more frequently, then you should either change its placement on your helmet or keep it aside for the round. 

  • Silicone Lens Cover

With this combo deal, you are also getting a lens cap made up of high-quality silicone. This cover feels comfortable when you take it in your hands, and it sits softly over the camera body as well. In addition, this cap aims to protect the lens when it is not in use. 

You can just place the silicone lens cap over your action camera when you are off the field, and the game sessions are over. It will keep the lens safe from any kind of standing accident. For instance, if the camera falls from its mount due to loose bolts, the lens might experience some grave damage. And if the lens suffers damage, the entire camera will lose its value. Hence protecting the lens is crucial during paintball games. 

But with the lens cap on, you can protect at least the vulnerable part of the camera. Furthermore, this cap comes with a suction cup design, which prevents it from falling off so easily. Hence, it effectively reduces the risk of experiencing any kind of screen rupture. 

  • High Definition and Sensitivity

The screen protector and lens protector are optical glass and have undergone a longer tempering time. As a result, the protectors have a high hardness of 9H+, making the camera more durable to drops and sharp object encounters. 

The transparency rate is also high for these protectors, making it a high definition and clear viewing experience. You get a 99.99% HD clarity with a thickness of 0.3mm. Hence, this maintains a high-sensitive touch response over the camera as well. 

It comes with six layers of smooth and professional design, featuring 2.5D round-off edges. This design makes all the edges smooth and touch-friendly without any risk of cuts or injuries. You can flexibly shoot the entire game without having to risk yourself or your skin. 

  • Easy to Fix/Remove

You just need to swipe the screen and lens properly with a soft cloth and cleaning chemicals. Now, install the lens protectors over it by matching the edges. Finally, press it with a squeeze to push out the edges’ bubbles and get a clean installation. 


  • The hardness of this protector ensures its durability on paintball grounds. 
  • The brand offers a refund window for 90 days and will ask no questions upon any complaints. 
  • The tempered glass is touch-friendly from all edges. 


  • The size is perfect from edges to edges, only for GoPro Hero 8 and no other action camera. But you can use it on others without expecting an accurate edge-to-edge fit. 

#2 Value for Money: DYKEISS 2.5D Curved Tempered Glass Full Coverage Foils for DJI OSMO Action 4K Camera

If you want to invest in action camera protectors available at nominal rates but are optimal in quality, his product by DYKEISS is an ideal consideration. You need to count on some of the features of this screen protector to differentiate it from the other options. You can buy the best for your paintball action camera.

  • Scratch and Impact Protection

This protector is designed for the DJI Osmo Action Camera, with 9H hardness and scratch-resistant construction. The thickness of this protector is 0.33mm, which makes it highly responsive. Even though the hardness quotient is high, there is no reduced impact upon these protectors’ knees or touch sensitivity. Therefore, the protectors of this camera make them extremely favorable for people who want to shoot paintball games. 

The protectors also promise HD viewing conditions due to their minimalistic thickness. Apart from that, the durability makes it resistant to punctures, scratches, yellow and UV lights. As a result, you can expect complete protection of your screen and lens from all types of adversities that could take place on paintball grounds. 

  • Anti-Glare and Anti-Fingerprint Design

These lens and screen protectors come with 99.9% HD clarity oleophobic and hydrophobic screen coating. Hence, it protects the screen against the oil residue and sweat from the fingerprints. The compatibility assurance of these protectors is with the DJI Osmo Action camera, but these features will be the same, even if you use it upon other action cameras. 

The size of the protector might not fit perfectly on other action cameras, but they would work the same. This coating technology isolates the oil stain and water over the film’s surface. And then, you can just wipe off all of the residues of paintball game rounds easily without leaving behind any scratch or tough stains. 

  • Precision Cutting & Easy Installation

This screen protector by DYKEISS is designed with laser cutting technology to offer maximum coverage for the screen. The installation essentials are also given along with the pack. You just need to follow the instructions, and the installation will not take a minute of your time. 

You get one-push installation with these protectors. You cannot leave any fingerprints over the glass, even if you intentionally wish to. The bonding between the screen and the adhesive part of the tempered glass is so smooth and strong that it would feel like part of the screen from all this time. 

  • Money-Back Guarantee

All products you get in this combo pack have a 100% money-back guarantee. It means that you do not have to take any load on your mind if the product does not work well for you. For instance, if the adhesive doesn’t stick well to your camera lens or screen, players can get a complete refund from the brand even after proper cleaning. 

Every time you raise a query with the brand, someone will get in touch with you within 24 hours to solve the problems you are facing. The brand intends to ensure that every lens and screen protector for the action cameras by DYKEISS is working the way customers want it. 


  • The 0.3mm thickness ensures smooth touch response compatibility and sufficient protection simultaneously. 
  • You get a 100% money-back guarantee if the product is not appropriate for your necessities. 


  • No cons for this product

#3 Best Cheap: Huipuxiang Screen Protector for DJI Osmo Action Camera

The paintball lovers’ concerns are also attended. The paintball players who want a cheap yet efficient protector can rely upon this product by Huipuxiang. It is a cheap combo product of lens and screen protectors, but the quality is nowhere compromised. Here are some features for you to relate to its efficacy:

  • Compatibility

The compatibility of these protectors is with the DJI Osmo Action camera. But it can also fit with other action cameras of nearly the same size. The only problem is that you cannot expect an edge-to-edge fit with this protector for your dedicated action camera other than the compatible model. However, the compatibility of this camera works fine with the cameraman’s requirement. 

The amount of protection offered to the lenses and screens of all action cameras with these protectors will remain the same. However, the size differences might expose a small portion of the screen or lens to dust, dirt, and other elements on the ground. Therefore, it is suggested that you either size the lens protectors accordingly or get the compatible one as per the model. 

  • Hardness and Thickness

These protectors come with 9H+ hardness and a thickness of 0.3mm. The hardness quotient makes these protectors durable and efficient to take on the heavy impacts of paintballs in action fields. In addition, this hardness is essential for the paintball action cameras to prevent damage from close-range fire impacts. Finally, the hardness and thickness work fine while shooting the pokemon shooting game. 

This hardness also intends to protect the screen and lens from damage caused by sharp objects and accidental drops. In addition, the 0.3 mm thickness makes it possible for you to enjoy seamless touch responsiveness without any hassle. Some ordinary brand protectors provide heavy thickness to enhance the length, which deteriorates responsiveness. 

These protectors are not the case, as the design is precise and evaluated to ensure both strengths and ease of functionality. 

  • Transparency and Fingerprint Protection

This protector has 99.99% HD transparency and oleo-phobic and hydrophobic screen coatings that protect the camera screen against oil stains and finger sweats. This protection is especially efficient for action camera protectors since the rusty hands might touch the camera to set positions or check recordings during the paintball. 

  • Easy Installation

These electrostatic adsorption protectors are easy to install without bubbles. The adsorption is automatic after you have made the side alignment. There is no need for glue paste for sticking the protectors on the lens and screen. They are also easy to remove. Hence, this camera works very well and has an easy installation process, making it favorable to many people. 


  • 9H+ hardness ensures durability against heavy impacts on playing grounds. 
  • It comes with electrostatic adsorption that makes it easy for even the rookies to install these protectors without bubbles and other such hassles. 
  • This set of protectors has a hydrophobic and oleophobic coating to protect the camera lens and screen against stains and sweat. 


  • free to use it over other action cameras and set it accordingly to have the same protection features. However, remember that the adjust protectors might not accurately fit other action cameras, and you might need to make some adjustments for the camera to work perfectly. 

Buying Guide for the Best Action Camera Protector for Paintball

Now that you understand the best protectors for your paintball action cameras, it is time for you to get an insight into choosing factors. These factors will help you decide upon buying the best amongst the three, as per your suitability. You just need to understand that there are loads of products on online platforms. The three mentioned above are the best-shortlisted ones amongst them all. 

And to help you out in understanding what’s best for your action camera, you need to consider the crucial buying factors. So, they include:

#1 Hardness and Anti-Scratch Potential

The hardness quotient of the glass or protector made of resistant oleophobic assures strong resistance against the scratches from heavy blows and impacts. The screen protectors for the action cameras in paintball games need at least 9H or higher hardness levels in their protectors. It is the first and the most important feature to consider for any tempered glass protector, either for mobile phones or action cameras. 

The anti-scratch property and durability quotient goes hand in hand. Paintball is a rough game, and there is a possibility of falling, tripping, and even more aggressive style gameplays. Therefore, there is a possibility that your action camera might be hit with small stones, pebbles, dirt, dust, physical blows, and for much worse, get shot with a paintball. In such scenarios, the anti-scratch and durability factor is what will save your lens and screen from heavy damage. 

You need to dig a little deeper and research if the manufacturer of the glass protectors is using optimal levels of hardness or not. Without it, the glass protectors won’t serve the purpose. Most of the manufacturers make use of high-alumina glass for the production of these protectors. With this, the results out of these protectors are good, and it lasts for a longer period. But not all brands make use of this material.

The hardness and anti-scratch potential of the protector screens should give a smooth feel to your fingers upon touching them. Your fingers should slide on the surface of the protector and should make you feel like the protector does not exist at all. This smooth feeling ensures the anti-scratch and anti-stain properties of the protector glass. Count on these factors, and you can judge if you have picked the right action camera protectors. 

#2 Size Compatibility

The above options listed in this guide are specific to particular action camera models. But, the size of these protectors allows the users to use them with setting adjustments over other camera models. But the problem is that even a little gap around the edges will leave room for dust and dirt to accumulate at that spot. As a result, this will push the adhesive out, and the protector might just eradicate it from the placement. 

Therefore, you can look for your respective action camera model-wise protectors from the above-listed brands. The features will be the same, and the only difference will be the sizes. So, make sure that you get the size compatibility to ensure that you don’t have to compromise upon protection aspects of your paintball action camera. Look for the edges as well. There should be 2.5D edges that will sit well on your lens and screen of the action cameras. 

The edges should not bulge out of the screen or lens frame, as the adhesive won’t stick well on the frame of your action camera. It is meant to be set perfectly on the lens and screen material. If the adhesive loses its strength, it will loosen the entire placement. Hence, the protector will be compromised. 

#3 Anti-Fingerprint and Oil Properties

The fingerprint and oil stains over the lens or screen will deteriorate the functionality of the action camera. The stains and fingerprint marks over the screen will lower the visibility rate. As a result, you will spend most of your time wiping and cleaning the screen. When the stain or fingerprint persists over the lens, the video quality deteriorates. You cannot remove the oil stains from screens or lens surfaces easily.

Therefore, people look for protectors that come with anti-oil and anti-fingerprint properties. It helps in repelling the oil stains and fingerprint marks. It’s the work of oleophobic and hydrophobic coating embedded upon the action camera protectors. These two coatings are important features primarily being used over the screen protectors. Any stain drops over the lens or screen can be wiped clean easily with just a soft cloth. 

You won’t find the oleophobic and hydrophobic coating in low-end and extremely cheap screen protectors. As a result, they will smudge the fingerprint stains and oils when you clean them with a soft cloth. The ones listed above are rich with these coatings. So, depending upon your other preferences, you can get any one of the three listed products, and you will get the anti-fingerprint and anti-oil properties in it. 

#4 Shatter Proof Manufacturing 

Shatter-proof manufacturing is ideal for the enhanced safety of action camera users. This feature ensures that if the action camera falls from a great height and experiences an impact on the lens or screen, the protector will crack but not shatter into pieces. The glue will hold those pieces in place for you to safely take that protector off the camera. Hence, you will not be injuring yourself with the broken glass pieces. 

All of the protectors listed in this guide have gone through the drop tests from different levels. As a result, this adds another feather to the crown of these products. The crack possibility is less with these protectors, as the 9H hardness has proved it during the testing phase. Even with the drop tests, these protectors resisted most heavy blows before they cracked. The tests done over these protectors are beyond natural impacts. The impacts in paintball games are easily withstandable by these guards. 

As per the technicalities specified by the experts and the action camera fanatics, one should always go with the protectors that are 0.33mm thick and have 2.5D double strength embedded on their tempered glass. 9H+ hardness is already stated as a mandatory consideration for buying screen protectors. 

#5 Touch Sensitivity

The manufacturers should design the screen protectors for action cameras to make them feel just like the actual screens. The smoothness and the feel should be like there is no protector over the camera lens or screen. The shooting quality through the camera should not be affected as well. It is only possible when the thickness is limited to 0.33mm. This thickness is not obtained at the cost of strength and durability. 

Even with the minimalistic thickness, the strength, hardness, and durability quotients are prioritized. The action cameras operate by touch, and a thick protector will compromise that, which is not acceptable. Therefore, you should consider this aspect as a priority to know if the touch functions are working well with the protectors or not. Depending upon that, you can decide upon the product you wish to buy. 

All of the three products listed above are touch-friendly. So, depending upon this factor, you can pick any one of the three. 

#6 Easy Application

It is not the prime consideration, but still, people have mentioned it as a problem with a product of some brands. Many action camera owners want to install the protectors by themselves to save a few bucks. However, the professionals charge players to install the protectors not bought from their stores. Therefore, individuals are now looking for easy installation with screen protectors. 

Some of the protectors come with electrostatic adsorption, while some come with adhesive installation. In either case, the quality of installment does not deteriorate. But the lower quality projectors use poor adhesives that hamper the screen and lens of the action cameras. In addition, it leaves behind stains and residues when you take off the glass. So, make sure you get the protectors that are easy to install and are made with quality adhesives underneath. 

#7 Pricing

Last but not least, pricing is the ultimate concern for every buyer. People who own expensive action cameras do not want to compromise on buying protectors, and they go for expensive and branded ones. But the strict people on a budget will intend to adjust with just any protector glass, which should not be the case. So price and budget should be the concern, but not at the cost of quality products. 

You need to understand that compromising on quality for saving a few bucks will eventually lead you to pay more in the long run. Poor strength of protectors cannot help save the action camera lens and screen from paintball blows. Hence, the camera will take the impact, and you will have to bear additional repair costs. Therefore, spend a nominal amount of money to get a decent yet good protector for your action camera. 

All of the products listed in this guide are cheap and the best in their lot. So, check them out and consider all the factors before you decide on filtering it for the price’s sake. 

Final Verdict

These are the things that you should know on priority. Apart from just the products, you should also have a brief idea of how you can choose the best amongst the given options. Therefore, this was a complete guide for getting a simple yet most necessary product for the action cameras you take to the paintball grounds. Paintball is an action-packed game, and it is unpredictable upon what physical challenges the game will show you on the spot. 

Therefore, it is important to save the vulnerable on priority. Your vital body parts are covered with protective gears such as face masks, paintball pants, gears, pads, and others. But with the trend of recording paintball games, people now have action cameras embedded in their headgear. Now, they are exposed to not just dirt and dust but also major physical impacts during the game. 

So, seeking minimal protection for them with screen protectors will help them withstand the moderate level of unintentional impacts. If you wish, you can also get full-body covers for your action cameras as per their models, increasing the protection rate exponentially. You can search for the same over Amazon. But first, the protection for the most vulnerable parts of the action camera, screen & camera lens is a priority. 


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