Azodin Kaos Paintball Guns Review – Does It Worth it?

Paintball is a hardcore sport that demands very agile, fast, and active movements throughout the rounds. It is not like any other mobile game where you play, shoot and run virtually. Instead, a paintball game is a real-time game where you devise different combat strategies and use paintball guns to play on the field. And that is the fun element of this sport!

Azodin Kaos Paintball Gun Review

The best part of the game is painting your opponents in different color bombs to knock them out or eliminate them using your paintball gun. A lot of people have the wish to play this sport to showcase their stamina and skills. But what pushes them away is the plethora of instructions and lack of knowledge to select the best paintball gun to play the game. With so many brands out there, it might be difficult for you to choose the one that fits your needs and is affordable.

Most of the paintball guns with high-end features and capabilities are expensive. And the beginners usually don’t like paying a hefty amount just to start with the game. Therefore, it is better to look for an affordable paintball marker gun that doesn’t compromise important gameplay features and capabilities. Hence, Azodin Kaos series paintball markers are the best inline products for you.

This Azodin Kaos paintball gun review guide is to elaborate upon the common features, capabilities, specifications, and other such details of this series of paintball markers. This knowledge will help you realize the implementations of this brand upon making its products stand out.

Azodin Kaos 3 Paintball Gun Epic – Review




Best For


Azodin KAOS 3 Paintball Gun Epic Package Kit

Beginners To Pro

- Twelve inches multiphase honed barrel.

- Lightweight

- Screw-lock feed neck

- Feather Striker System embedded marker

- It comes with a single Delrin bolt

- Compatible with CO2 & HPA

Paintball is quite thrilling and demands complete focus on the game. A paintball marker is a prime asset for you in the game. Therefore, you should not select just any random paintball gun to play the game, but instead, the ones that can help you win the rounds. Azodin Kaos series paintball markers are ideal for beginners to help them learn, practice basic tactics of the game. Professionals also use it to polish their skills and grow in this sport.

This review highlights the brand’s common features in their Kaos mechanical series guns. Three versions are available over their website, upgraded mostly in looks and colors. However, most of the features of this paintball gun are similar to other paintball guns in the paintball game. But what differs this paintball from other paintball guns is what we’ll be discussing in this review, which will focus upon the specific features of the Azodin Kaos paintball guns series in specific.

Suppose you are a beginner and are willing to start with the paintball sport; begin by approaching it in simple ways like going on game rounds with opponents who are beginners like you or are averagely skilled. It is because entering the field with professionals will get you no chance to learn! You will just be shot and eliminated within the first few minutes of the game.

The only goal you should focus on at the start is to play safely using solid gears. Do not just grab any complex paintball marker gun that is difficult to understand and use. You can do it later when you are professionally better in the game. Until then, Azodin Kaos guns would work well. Here are some of the considerable features and efficacies of this paintball gun to give you an idea about its capability:

Economical Aspect

The Azodin Kaos has professional-level potential but is mostly preferred for beginners. The skilled professionals mostly go with higher complex marker gun versions than this! And that comes at a very hefty cost. However, with Azodin Kaos paintball guns, you can compete with the players on the field and gain experience for higher-level paintball games.

The price of this series of Azodin Kaos guns is nominal and has good resale value if you are willing to upgrade to other paintball guns by selling Azodin Kaos. This gun is of very good quality, especially for beginners. Most beginners mistake this gun for its low quality because of its light-weightedness and sometimes because of its small price tag! But surprisingly, It is strong, durable, and can last for a lifetime if you are willing to maintain it properly and periodically.

Semi-Automatic .68 Caliber Marker

Azodin Kaos paintball guns are semi-automatic .68 caliber markers, a standard specification. The design is especially for beginners, but professionals use it less often for testing the gears and playing low-intensity rounds. The paintballs will load automatically one by one after you take every shot.

Semi-automatic guns are a good start for beginners into paintball. It is because this feature will help them develop accuracy in their shots. The fully automatic versions will fire in bursts, which might not be good for beginners to aim well. However, bursting fires in the paintball game demand more control over the marker guns and a good level of expertise.

Use this semi-automatic .68 caliber marker gun by Azodin Kaos to gain control over the game and gun altogether. Of course, you can always convert the Azodin Kaos gun into an electric marker by tweaking the controls. But before that, you need to clear the rite of passage by learning how to trigger properly during intense rounds on the field.

Ergonomic Design

The engineering of Azodin Kaos involves hard aluminum, which is a durable material that can withstand tough blows on the field. Unlike other brands that use lighter materials for making their markers, Azodin uses aluminum for its mechanical series guns. As a result, the damage possibility during the intense games is low. Moreover, aluminum also has the capabilities to withstand weather adversities without deteriorating.

All of the harsh elements such as rock, dust, dirt, pebbles, and others won’t affect the functionality of these guns. Moreover, besides being strong-built, these guns also have a sleek design which makes them look appealing. So, you can conclude that this gun is rich in functionality and has quite an aesthetic appeal with a sleek design.

The design perks aren’t over yet! The Azodin Kaos guns are handsome and light in weight. It just weighs around 2 pounds, which makes it easy for beginner players to handle the gun. The benefit is that you won’t be draining your stamina by holding the gun for a long time in an extended game round. Paintball game sessions can last long. So, the weight is somehow a plus point for this marker.

The frame of this marker is also light for the young players to handle easily. The lightweight design makes it easy for players to maneuver in the field. You do not have to use both hands at all times for shooting with this marker. Just stick the gun out of your hideout when you see an opponent and just fire it with a single hand.

The shots might not be steady when you fire them with one hand, but still, the color splash is enough to eliminate your opponent. It is a perfect blend of lightweight construction and enhanced durability, which is responsible for making these paintball guns last forever, with timely & easy maintenance throughout the paintball games.

Rapid Firing Potential

The semi-automatic feature of Azodin Kaos is the firing speed depends upon the triggering pace. You need to remember that this paintball marker is not ideal for long-range shooting. You need to tactically advance to your opponent and shoot them in considerable short range. Don’t go for firing at a very short range, as it might injure your friendly opponent.

Even though it is a short-range gun, you can still shoot from around 30-40 feet with Azodin Kaos markers. If you are shooting from any distance farther than that, then you might not hit your air. But accidentally, many players aim for the back of their opponents from sniping positions and end up hitting the leg because the elevation of paintball will drop at such far distances. There are different guns for letting you snipe at your opponent in paintball.

With a considerable amount of practice with this double trigger setup, you can improve your rapid-firing potential. You don’t need a fully automatic marker for firing baggage full of paintballs at your friendly opponent. This semi-automatic gun can do the needful, with little practice over time. The purpose of a double trigger is to give you an extra finger-space upon the trigger.

With it, you will have good trigger-pull strength, and that will ultimately help you fire more shots per second as well. If you are confident enough to use only one finger for pulling out those continuous and rapid shots, then with the double trigger feature, you have the flexibility to choose the finger you want to use. The firing speed is enormous with every shot, but the number of firings per second depends upon your pace of pulling the trigger back-to-back.

Azodin Kaos 3 Paintball Gun Review

Compatibility with Compressed Air and CO2

Azodin Kaos paintball guns are compatible with both compressed air and CO2. These two types of gasses are preferably used for the paintball markers. And they have their pros and cons! It is all about what you intend to prefer with your marker. For example, some people prefer to use compressed air for their paintball markers, which is more consistent.

On the other hand, most people prefer using CO2 because it is cheaper than compressed air cans! Therefore, with Azodin Kaos, you are free to choose based on your preferences. However, a rule is specified for the paintball markers upon using these two gasses. The electronic paintball marker guns should use only the compressed air cans as their power source. But only the machine guns have the privilege to choose between the two!

CO2 Cans

CO2 is stored in a specific CO2 gas can in liquid form. Every time the trigger is pulled, only a small amount of CO2 leaves the bottle enabling the gas to enter the gun chamber. Hence, this gas is then used for firing the paintball at a whooshing speed that will gush at the opponent. The biggest problem that people point out with the use of CO2 is its slow expansion from liquid to gas form under high temperatures.

This transition from liquid to gas occurs at a warm temperature of around 23 degrees Celsius. So, if you are out in the winters to play a paintball game with CO2 cans, it may not expand efficiently. As a result, the PSI rate will drop mid-game, and the gun’s performance will deteriorate. In addition, due to low temperatures, the co2 liquid takes excess time to convert into a gaseous form.

As a result, the PSI will again drop for making the Azodin Kaos gun lack performance. The beginners can go with CO2 cans because they are cheap. However, you don’t want to go with expensive compressed air at the very initial stage while learning this sport. The approximate payout cost is $22, and you can shoot around 1000 or slightly more paintballs.

Therefore, it is the best way for beginner players to play for a long time, with just a little cost. In addition, there are kits available with Azodin Kaos guns with CO2 gas cans as accessories. So, you can also try to look for those combination kits to get all of the gears and essentials at once, without the necessity of buying them differently.

Compressed Air Tanks

Compressed air tanks also gained popularity because CO2 was not compatible with the extremely fast shooting of Azodin Kaos guns. Compressed air also consists of N2, Nitrogen tanks, and HPA (High-Pressure Air) tanks. Don’t get confused, as all of them are similar in construction! The compressed air tanks come in different sizes, such as 3000 PSI or 4500PSI.

The difference between these two compressed air tanks is not output pressures but the amount of holding pressure capacity of the tanks. So, you can conclude that 4500 PSI tanks can shoot more paintballs than 3000PSI tanks. But they are expensive! To enjoy a seamless experience while learning the game, you can use compressed air tanks over CO2 cans. You can look for certain kits that include compressed air tanks as accessories in the Azodin Kaos gun.

Single Delrin Bolt System

It is an intelligent and modern system embedded in the Azodin Kaos paintball guns. The use of this system is to implement a faster and effortless cleaning of the paintball guns. The single Delrin bolt embeds a single bolt that holds the upper portion of your paintball marker. Therefore, it provides an easy method for cleaning your Azodin gun after every game or round.

Removing the Delrin bolt for cleaning your gun is a simple task. Then, you can open the gun and re-assemble it to make it workable again. Once your paintball gun is re-assembled, you are all set for another game. The system available with this gun has been tested extensively to increase your shot count with a 3000PSI compressed air tank. Hence, this Delrin bolt allows easy cleaning and takes more accurate shots with your Kaos guns.

While you take off the Delrin bolt for cleaning the gun, you can count on oiling the O-ring of the bolt before re-assembling it. It also enhances the performance aspect of the Delrin bolt during the gameplay. Remember to oil just the O-ring and not the inside of the bolt. Then, you can test the change in the firing potential of the gun while you enter the ground again.

Grips For Convenience

There are many paintball markers of diverse brands that lack a good grip. Without a proper grip, it becomes difficult for the players to hold and manage the gun. In addition, the paintball marker brands often prefer adding an aesthetic look to the gun to draw the paintball players’ attention. But that doesn’t work at all times! If the paintball gun is not giving any tactical advantage, people will reject it.

Proper grips allow you to take control of the gun more proficiently, and your hands won’t get strained during long game sessions. Therefore, this aspect in the paintball gun is taken care of on priority. Furthermore, Azodin cares about the experience that the customers will have upon using their products. Hence the gun’s light-weightedness and added grip lead to comfortable and stable holding.

For the Azodin Kaos paintball guns, the vertical gas-thru foregrips are right in front of the trigger housing. In this setup, both of your hands will be close to each other while intending to shoot the opponent, which will help you shoot precisely without any disturbance during aiming. This is one of the many good things, which makes Azodin stand out in the industry of paintball gun makers.

Attractive Colors

With the modern upgrades made to Azodin Kaos paintball guns, the company has released five colors for its paintball markers. These colors serve no purpose in making the game better but are a visual treat to signify the player’s personality. Many people want to match their paintball suits with their marker guns. So, now they have the option to change their paintball-ready suit from standard colors to different multi-color options.

Azodin Kaos 3 Paintball marker

Azodin Kaos offers you blue-black, red-black, purple-black, green-black, and orange-black colored guns. Now, you are free to choose and decide the gun that matches well with other gears of your gain. You can also get matching loaders to glam up the look of your paintball gun and pair it with other accessories in terms of color with the Kaos marker guns. So irrespective of whether you are a beginner or an average player, you will stand out amongst all with the Azodin Kaos paintball gun.

The 12-inch multi-phased honed barrel is standardized as black in all color options. It gives this paintball gun an aesthetic-like gun to appeal to people to buy these guns.

Feather Striker System

Azodin Kaos paintball guns do not equip the traditional striker design. But instead, it uses the Feather Striker system. With this inclusion, the recoil in mechanical paintball guns reduces by 30%. Hence, this reduction intends to give a smooth shooting experience for the player.

Moreover, this paintball gun has a breakthrough design that is not available with most paintball markers at a decent price range. The feather striker system provides an entirely different dynamic to this paintball gun that allows the striker to propel with lower pressure and maximum pressure force.

The FSS or Feather Striker System combines the hardened steel and Delrin bolt for enhancing durability and reducing the weight of every shot. Azodin has designed and combined this system with the lighter valve springs and mainsprings. As a result, it gives out unparalleled performance signatures to the Azodin guns.

The Delrin used in the Azodin guns is self-lubricating, enabling this feather striker system to be lighter during application. Moreover, it also helps minimize drag as the striker system moves within the receiver. In addition, the Delrin face is further cupped for enhancing the blowback potential. As a result, this will again reduce the mechanical recoil to a further extent.

The hardened steel core that you get with these Kao’s guns gives you dependability. And it is not wrong for you to expect the same with the Stack Tube blowback system of these guns. In addition, the complete assembly of the Feather strike system is combined and has undergone several tests with both compressed air and CO2 to ensure the construction’s durability.

The average weight of the Feather Striker System is 1.60oz or 45.5gram, whereas a traditional striker system weighs around 2.42oz or 68.5gram. Hence, Azodin Kaos paintball guns have successfully implemented the FSS system to make their guns even lighter from inside out.

Azodin Kaos Paintball gun

Additional Features

The above explanations were for the powerful and noticeable features of the USPs for Azodin Kaos paintball guns. But, apart from that, some other features are common in most brand markers but are better in Azodin products. They include:

#1 Dual Ball Dents Design

The dual ball dents design over Azodin Kaos paintball guns keeps the balls in one place before you fire them. It is destined to help the gun with improved accuracy in terms of ammunition loading aspects. So, with the dual ball bent design, you can be sure about having no hassles with the paintball loading mechanism during the game. These dual ball dents also have a solid grip frame around them to make it easy for the players to manage the entire gun.

#2 Screw-Lock Feedneck

The purpose of the screw-lock feed neck is to let the gun hold the hopper firmly during the gameplay. Unfortunately, the ordinary or local brand paintball guns do not have reliable feed necks, resulting in which the hopper might disengage during the game. Azodin Kaos comes with a feed neck that can be locked by fastening the screws. Hence, you can be sure of durability and no interruptions due to the hopper disengaging during the game.

#3 Stainless Steel Hose

The stainless steel hose used in this paintball marker makes it resistant to corrosion and rust problems. It is important because paintball is a game that is not restricted by weather conditions. Irrespective of whether the climate is hot, cold, dusty, or rainy, paintball games are played with the same intensity. Therefore, Azodin Kaos guns have embedded a stainless steel hose to prevent deterioration due to harsh weather.

Final verdict: Should You Buy Azodin Kaos Paintball Guns?

These features and explanations are accountable for giving you a brief understanding of the product. However, you are now possibly aware of this brand’s innovative changes to its paintball markers over the years. There are multiple brands with technologically advanced and complex feature-loaded paintball markers, but the pricing is always the main concern for beginners.

No beginner should plan on getting a complex paintball marker right from the beginning, just for the sake of showing off to your fellow mates. The truth is that you won’t be able to use those complex features over your paintball gun if you are not aware of what it does! Therefore, it is better to go slow upon your paintball sports passion and give a chance to a beginner-level marker such as Azodin Kaos guns.

These guns are cheap and have impeccable and unique features in them. The beginners would love to explore and enjoy this gun on their friendly game rounds. Prepare yourself well by practicing enough with the right gears for the gameplay. Then, when you feel ready, try this gun out on competitive levels as well, and you’ll see how witness Azodin is in its products. You can also count on getting complete combo kits where you don’t just get the Kaos gun but also the safety accessories with it.

So, go ahead and place your orders for this beginner-level, positive-reviewed paintball marker used by multiple paintball professionals. Azodin is a wise solution to all beginner’s paintball game problems



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