What To Wear For Paintball: The Ultimate Guide

What To Wear For Paintball: The Ultimate Guide Photo

If someone has played paintballing for fewer times or is new to it, they would be wondering what should be their outfit while getting in depths of battle. For greater comfort level and protection, the veteran players are also open for suggestions about the clothing and the gears.

What should be worn for the assurance of an enjoyable and a safe experience is the most important thing which must be kept in mind before going for paintball. It is pursued by the players of all the playing levels.

What To Wear For Paintball

Opting Thicker Garments than Thinner:

Opting Thicker Garments than Thinner Photo

All the people are aware of the fact that going out on the field for paintball in half sleeve shirts or in shorts is a pathetic idea, but many people are still unaware of the kind of gears and clothing which prevents pain from occurring and allows a free movement range.

Actual paint is not softer than the one used for paintballing. In some scenarios, they are shot from the range at the velocities which create a hole or rip through the clothes of the player.

Thin garments must not be worn if going for paintball. The thicker clothes which can absorb the impact created by the paintball fired at a great velocity must be opted.

It is not convenient to put old clothes on for the sessions of paintball but instead, for minimizing the effect of the paintball which hit the body. Multiple layered old clothing must be worn. A space is added to the extra layers of clothing between the skin and the clothing’s outermost layer.

The layers in between will accept the greater extent of the impact of paintballs in order to prevent the person from feeling much pain when he is hit. If paintball is being played in extremely hot conditions, then piling on layers of clothing is not convenient. If a player is dressed appropriately then, the experience of paintball can be possibly pain-free.

It must be taken care by the players that they must not get overboard with the layers of clothing in order to prevent overheating if the group is playing under extreme heating conditions. I should also be kept in mind that new clothing must not be worn while going for paintball as marks on clothing and the gear will be left behind when a player is hit by paintballs.

It is essential that skin is not left exposed at any cost no matter what happens. When the unprotected body gets hit by a paintball, it stings. A welt can also be left on the exposed skin if a player is hit at a right spot. Often, it stings even when they hit the protected part of the skin.

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Protection of the Upper Body:

Upper Body Protection Image

As the beginning base layer of the particular garments, At the top of the extra padding add one more layer at least. It must be topped off with a thicker sweatshirt or a hoodie. A paintball jersey or a lighter rain resistive shirt is opted by some players. Some padded garments are made by the companies such as UnderArmour which are padded garments likely to those made of the compression styles.

Significant protection is provided by this kind of shirts and has the ability to replace the extra layer of clothing. They are rather costly but comfortable as well as available in varieties of long and short sleeves both.

Fewer layers must be opted, but extra must be brought along to the field in case they are required. If it is desired, they must be added during the games. Some players choose to wear ghillie or styled sniper suits. Hunters usually wear the Ghillie suits typically, but because of the comfort they provide, paintball players have opted to wear them as well.

Ghillie suits have the ability to provide camouflage and to break up the outlines of the head. Ghillie suits are available for purchase online or from the stores of sporting goods while the sniper suits can be purchased from the stores of military supply. Ponchos, Jackets, and Pants of Ghillie styles can also be purchased individually if desired by the players.

Vests are added on the outsides by some players over their shirts. They are worn typically in paintball competitions of the scenario styles where they are brought in use for holding grenades, pistols, paintballs, and sundries. These paintballs vests are available for the full range of colors and patterns. Some of them are sold along with unique themes like offbeat styles or military police.

Protection of Lower Body:

Lower Body Protection Photo

A pair of elastic baggy sweatpants must be worn. Or, long johns must be opted to worn with a pair of old and baggy jeans inside. Players also opt for the pants which are made especially for paintballs, jumpsuits, cargo pants.

Most of the players of paintball crawl, dive, roll around, kneel while playing paintball. So, the thicker and baggier the pants will, the better it will be. They allow free movements; bruises are less likely to take place, and paintballs do not break when in contact with them compared to the tighter ones.

If a hole is formed in the thin outfits during the game, then the skin will remain exposed for the rest of them the game. It should be kept in mind that the players who play paintball in the outdoors have the exposure of rough twigs, terrain, rocks, thorns, dirt and other stuff that can make holes in the outfit easily.

Which is why only durable or doubled up protected pants must be used to prevent any significant problem of skin exposure and injury, it would allow players to play freely and with protection.


For the styles of clothing, camouflaged or darker colored jackets, shirts, and pants should be opted which gives the opponent a very hard time to find you. Before choosing the color of the garments, the exquisites of the environment in which the game is to be played must be checked.

Hues which gets mixed with the fields of paintball in which the game is mostly played must be chosen for a good game that is enjoyable for everyone, and no one feels any regret about it.

Spare Padding:

Spare Padding Image

The protection provided by the long-sleeved pants and shirts do not satisfy most players of paintball. Some players chose to wear arm pads which cover the forearms from wrists to elbows. They are significantly helpful for those players who ought to dive and slide in the whole field of play.

The pads which are used softens the blows when the arm gets into contact with the ground. Few players wear shin pads also to provide extra protection. Slider shorts which are specially made for the players of paintball must not be forgotten while purchasing the stuff for the game as they are designed specially to provide ample protection of the lower body.

Protection of Head:

Protection of Head Photo

Put on baseball cap fitted backward, winter hats, do-rags or move forward and if hoodie is worn then flip the hood. Wearing a helmet or mask designed for playing paintball is imperative. 280 feet/second is the speed of the paintball flying through the air and 200 miles/hour is the equated speed.

Paintball hitting the head will hurt if there is no protection on. So, a helmet or a mask of paintball must be taken over for the complete protection. These helmets and masks cover the player’s face, and there are covers available which protect the whole head entirely.

It must be brought to notice. However, that mask will be fogged up, and the vision will be decreased when the head is covered. The mask that fits the most and is comfortable must be selected while purchasing them. It must be assured that while rolling, running or doing any maneuver evasively in an extensive battle, the mask doesn’t come off or slip, it should stay affixed firmly with the head.

Additional Protection for Head:

Paintball Goggles:

Paintball Goggles Image

Paintball goggles pair should also be picked out. The thermal style lenses used in building paintball goggles are really effective as they stop the fogging up of paintball mask. Thermal style variety should always be chosen while opting between the goggles of a single lens and the goggles of thermal lens.

For preventing fog from getting into the lens in humid conditions, the goggle fan must be added. It should be made sure while purchasing the fan that it works fine with the goggle fan. The goggles which are not for being used in paintball must not be bought. The goggles available on the regular shops will not work properly.

It is necessary to bring in use the goggles which are intended for the paintball games. The sight of the eye can be lost if hit by a paintball while wearing regular glasses which are non-paintball. For the paintball safety, easier or cheaper way must not be taken.

Protection of Hands:

Protection of Hands Photo

Without gloves, a paintball round must not be played, if hands are left bare and exposed, they are going to get hurt badly when a paintball hits them. The fact that the hands must not be left exposed during the whole match as bare hands are used for pointing guns at the opponents which downwards in the range.

The impact with the hands will sting and hurt more harshly as the hands are tender more in comparison with the other parts of the body. For the protection of hands, a particularly good pair of paintball gloves must be purchased.

Football gloves, gloves of lite duty mechanics or gloves for gardening can be chosen if someone doesn’t want to pay extra money for specific paintball gloves. The gloves may have a plastic protection or extra padding, in the section at the hand’s back.

It is not the best and convenient option to use the fingerless gloves used for weight lifting as some players do like the outside skin of the fingers are usually more sensitive and will hurt badly if a paintball strikes them. Especially at the close range, if someone licks off the shot.

Winter, welding, or any other kind of latex gloves must not be worn. As they are extra thick and won’t allow the easy movement of the trigger when intended by the player during the game and will create a lot of problems.


Paintball Shoes Image

Sneakers of high quality are a necessity for footwear terms. Because of all the running, diving, jumping, pivoting and other sharp movements of the lower body, players often experience ankle injuries of harsh kinds. Some players opt to wear football or soccer cleats while others go for the boots of military style or sneakers for hiking.

Low cut boots or the old but durable boots must be used not the best pair because with the older ones; players do not mind getting wet or dirty. Wearing open toed sandals or shoes must have refrained as it can cause injuries to the foot and paint may sting if it gets to the foot.

Groin and Neck must not be forgotten:

Paintball Groin Protection Pic

Protector must not be forgotten and must be of a strong type it protects the most sensitive skin of the neck. A bandanna which can be tied to the neck must be purchased if a person doesn’t want to spend money on a neck protector or finds it harsh and uncomfortable. Or, a sweater of turtle neck can be put on.

It is an argument for many that crotch shots are a rarity in paintball, but it can be very painful when they occur. While it is comfortable to secure the area of groin with a cup, the protection will be provided additionally for the most sensitive places.

It must be kept in mind that complete protection must be taken and checked while going for playing paintball. Before going for the paintball games, all the gears must be tested and loaded.

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