Tippmann Gryphon Paintball Marker Review

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Among the most significant rules of paintballing is the one that urges the players to make sure that they have the proper marker. But, if the player is a beginner or a casual one to this sport. Knowing what type of marker is required is quite confusing. The player may buy one that is expensive and complicated to use.

Likewise, the player may get a gun which is a cheaper one and a complete waste of money. Fortunately, for providing some useful perspective, Tippmann Gryphon was comprehensively studied.

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Tippmann Gryphon Paintball Gun Review


Look and Design

It is a blowback inline marker which is lighter in weight and a decent looking one, and it is based on the classic yet simple Model 98’s design, except the cocking bolt at the top. It has a body which is highly composite and also has a trigger blade of 2 fingers. The grip of .45 is comforting and in the front of the frame of the trigger is the fore-grip.

The marker comes with the standard vertical locking field where the hopper can be placed by the player. The job is done by the hopper as is still a basic one. The design of the marker is perfect for the ones new to the sport or playing casually. Also, it is the 1st marker of beginning level which contains a line of internal gas.

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Gryphon’s Performance

Acting strategically, planning, communicating and thinking are the things taught by the paintball game in a quick time period as it is a game of tactics. So, the new players should learn how to locate threats, stay cool under great pressures and move.

When the player has the gun, which performs as per the expectations related to it, it increases the confidence of the player the performance of the Gryphon was impressive overall. Although, the pull of the trigger is a bit shorter in length but was still stiff enough to bring in use 2 fingers for shooting.

Though the pull of the trigger’s weight caused a bit in marker’s performance but the marker Gryphon still managed to deliver more than 8 balls/second with hopper’s feed of gravity. The kick could be noticed when firing dry but drastically improves when paintballs are fired.

Another of Gryphon’s impressive features was the way it handled the paint which is brittle. No breaks were there, and there were problems with the consistency when quickly firing shots. It was significant to notice however that the change of speed was lesser noticeable when shots got fired at the pace which is normal.

Making markers which are reliable, durable, having a decent accuracy of shots and easier to use is what Tippmann is known for. There is no exception with the Gryphon as well, whether the marker is thrown in a pond or is mud caked, it will still work.


Gryphon’s Maintenance

The beginners are always confused about the way they can maintain their guns which is why they are at a loss sometimes. Gratefully, the new style of Tippmann is nice because it has few parts which move, the wearing and tearing parts and the o-rings.

The requiring amount of minimal maintenance is what markers of Tippmann are known for. Hence, it is not likely for the Gryphons to get leaks and have various other issues that may require repairing. No maintenance is required except the oiling in ASA by pouring one oil drop, and there is no need of taking parts of the gun apart.



Various threaded a5 barrels can be utilized with Gryphon, and the marker has mods which are limitless and can get upgrades. It can also be customized to look like rifle M16. But if the player is interested more in the tactics rather than the aesthetics, a longer barrel or a larger tank of CO2 can be considered for better range, firepower, and accuracy.



Reliability and durability of guns are the features linked to the Tippmann brand; same is the case with Gryphon. Though it is a gun for starters and is inexpensive relatively, it performed pretty well when put under the circumstantial conditions on the field.

It was even more impressive to observe that it didn’t stop firing after it got dropped into the muck and water. It was obvious that the marker is going to do pretty well regardless of the criticism and negligence is dealt with the owners.


Gryphon’s Bottom Line

The Tippmann Gryphon is the marker which is designed for the new ones and casual players who like paintballing with friends. This marker is of price tag which is just decent and has relatively all the good features.


Gryphon’s Conclusion

Buying a gun which is expensive is not a need for the starters or the players who play casually when they have Tippmann Gryphon. All they need is to get out there on the field and get some gaming experience for which this gun is great for the newcomers or the inexperienced ones.

It works efficiently and effectively as well and carries a great deal of bang as well for the buck. This is a perfect marker for any new player of paintball overall, with upgradations and modifications, this marker is a great deal.

This marker is almost nearly indestructible, lighter in weight, easier to use relatively, upgradeable, affordable and most importantly, it is efficient. For a beginner, it is a gun which is solid with some improvements to be made to the barrel of stock.

Because of its features, it gets placed among the great candidates of the excellent markers which are having all the user required features, is cheaper and performs well when used in the game. It is worth noticing when going to the market for purchasing the marker.

The marker surely is the one of the best among the markers of the similar price range and can also be used as a second gun by the players during the game as it has the quality of competitiveness and ability to compete with other markers available.

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