Tippmann Cronus Paintball Marker Review

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From the retails of Tippmann Sports, the marker of Paintball Tippmann Cronus costs about $89 to $95. As per Tippmann, these markers are designed to bear the tough rigors of the environments outdoor, and this is a just claim. It would be justified by the ballers that the guns made by Tippmann have Cronus with exception quality and are high-quality ones.


Tippmann Cronus’s Basics

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The Cronus is made for the paintball players who are from beginner to average level. In all aspects, the Cronus has looks which are indeed cool and they are serviceable. With a composite that is rigid, the marker is very light in weight and has a body style of mil-sim which is very cool looking.

These features make them easily carriable by people of all stature and physique or those who have endurance which is very poor. Due to its easy grip made of molded rubber, they are easy to hold. A gas line is also internally installed to give a boost to comfort and makes the movement easier during the movements which are tense.

The in-line bolt system of Tippmann is the most featured Cronus that is regarded highly. But still, the inside of it is not new. Critics point out that it is of the 98 designs and is only given newer aesthetics. Even the critics who are the harshest mark the chronus ideal for the beginners.


Specifications of Tippmann Cronus

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Just before getting towards the performance of the gun, the specifications of the gun must be reviewed. Its caliber is .68, HPA and Co2 are the capabilities if its air, also includes a trigger that is mechanical, a stock of barrel having a length of 9 inches, a color of exteriors is tan or black. A feed of gravity, the bolt that is open blows back and weighs 3.7 pounds.

This gun has the capability of getting upgraded to the complete marker of tactics for more money. What separates the normal one from the tactical one is the reason why a deeper look is taken.


The Reason For Cronus’s Pack Separation

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The reason why the Cronus is the best choice for the beginners and the average players. One of the reasons is its reliability. As it has a similarity with the Tippmann 98, it is among the most rented markers of paintball all over the world.

Across the globe, the inspiration for Cronus’s sue is rented out in the fields across the globe a great deal more than the other guns. This is all because of the durability and reliability of the marker. When they are put simply, they get beating which lasts. Demolishing the Cronus is difficult until the player himself tries to destroy it.

It was built by the engineers at Tippmann while keeping the experiences of the users in mind. The gun is easier to play with and disassembling and reassembling of the gun in order to maintain it which is quite an achievement for the company and its workers.



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The Cronus is best for the beginners is due to a significant reason that it shoots really well. While the marker is fired, the player feels ease as the gun easier to hold and also there is a little recoil. In the hands of the players, the gun feels balanced due to the help obtained from stock which is attached to the remote that is running.

Also when it's placed in a tank after being removed, the hands of the players quite firmly fits the palms and fingers of the player.


Opportunities For Customization

The customization of Cronus is very easy and is based on the unique baller play style. The guns can be modified by the multiple types of rails. They can be updated to the newer version as well.

This has the contrast stark with the rest of the beginners, the markers of the styles paintballs which come as a single plain design which can not be improvised and changed in any usual way. Cronus is different and can be altered as per the desires of the baller.



Under $100 will be the amount under which the players will be finding Cronus. It is retailed typically between $89 to $95 but still it has greater value than the current. Because of its solid building, reliable material and techniques of superior engineering the gun is likely to last for about a decade.

It was built in Tippmann 98’s image, and many ballers will assure that the Tippmann 98 they owned, lasted more than a decade.


Tactical Edition of Tippmann Cronus

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The tactical edition for the Tippmann Cronus is also available which contains a few updates over the original version. Its costs for about $110, which is approximate $30 more than the version that is regular.

This edition is half automatic as well and is shot smoothly more even. The comforting grip at the front is removable and works as per the player’s desire. Like the ones on the markers of Tippmann, there are stocks at the back which are collapsible. On top of the shroud of the barrel, there is a sight along with a rail at the gun’s top.

The rails of Picattiny styles are also available with the guns. Below and on the sides as well, the rails have been attached. They might be used for the accessories attaching, making it convenient to hold the extra sights or flashlights. Barrel of Cronus of the tactical edition is A-5 having a shroud at the front and is similar to the other barrel guns of Tippman.

Squeegee which is pull through, a sleeve of barrel and kit of parts with keys if Allen, o-rings, and oil, these all are also some of the notable aspects of this gun. This gun is quite reliable and good for the paintball purposes, and anyone who starts new must pursue it rather than buying any other which is of lesser quality.

The information about guns must be kept by the players.

Tippmann Cronus Marker

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