Tippmann 98 Custom Paintball Marker Review

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The step taken for the latest advancement of the well-known 98 Model is Tippmann 98 Custom. It inhabits the best features and qualities of its predecessor but gives the players the choice to upgrade their marker easily, and it comes with a lot of new functionalities and features.

The beginners or the inexperienced players will enjoy playing with the Tippmann 98 Custom as it can be used easily and does not require frequent cleaning as the rest of the markers do. The point that Tippmann 98 Custom can be customized extensively with a list of available upgradations and is among the sturdiest ones on the market.

​Tippmann 98 Custom Review


Unmatchable Durability

For the wider use of the gun as the rental field, there is a significant reason why Tippman 98 Custom is chosen. It is produced to bear the falls of the players, rolls, crawls, weather inclement and other stuff as well. It is most likely to work properly at its best.

One of the proud owners of the Tippmann 98 Custom claimed that the paintball gun was driven over by him intentionally but the gun still properly worked afterwards. Others claimed that they didn’t clean the gun for years but it still managed to work properly like the newer ones do.

It is created with the metal of high standard quality which is comfortable for gripping in the front and rear both. Even after playing for an hour or two, its lighter enough still and softer as well with ease relatively.

An elbow which is hinged is placed that can be disassembled by the players in mere few seconds for getting access to the chamber of the marker. The marker has the capability of being openly split into 2 halves so the player can get a clear view and can easily tinker the mechanics internally as well.

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While opening the marker up for the 1st time it gives a little awkward feeling but the players will get along with it when it is done for a few times. It must be kept in mind just that springs and pins are things, the players must keep an eye on and stay sure about it.

This is due to the fact that the springs and nails may get tumbled out from the marker when it is taken apart, especially the spring on the front sight. The players won’t be looking up to lose them but they have the ability of slipping out when the player opens up the marker.


The Most Important Concern: The Shooting

When it comes to the prowess of marker’s shooting, it delivers certainly. It gives shots which are quite accurate and the rightly sized trigger. The shooting of the Tippmann 98 Custom is similar to the marker of paintball which are of premium level and are placed at the higher end of the spectrum of price.

The operation of the gun is either on CO2, or the air compressed. The ASA’s regular sights of blade are given along the variety that is adjustable as well. Almost 8 shots/second can be rattled off the marker, this speed is satisfying for most players of paintball.

Comparing with the other markers, it consumes lesser air. If the web is searched for the Tippmann 98 Custom’s opinions than the player might find the paintball players who have won different competitions using this gun. It’s a bit astounding but not completely unbelievable.

The criticism being faced by it in terms of the shots is that the recoil is a little more than the paintballers would have anticipated from the marker. This can have impact on the consecutive shot’s quality. It is quickly noticed by the critics that the barrel of stock is just of 8 inches.

This might be on the shorter side for majority of the paintballers but it is worth pointing out that the outer and inner diameters of Tippmann marker have been altered so it can’t be compatible with the previous version of barrels. But the newer barrel of Tippmann 98 Custom has compatibility with the older ones.


Enormous Potential Of Upgrades

The upgradation ability of the marker is the one of the best feature of the Tippmann 98 Custom marker and can get upgraded with many niceties. These upgrades are available widely and are simpler to install.

The add-on's of the Tippmann 98 Custom on the web can be pursued by the player for hours and the player will keep getting the new options for marker. Some guns include amenities available like system of cyclone feed, electronic grips, drop forwards, triggers response, custom stocks, electronic kits conversion and etc.

The responsive kit triggers are especially a good addition as they intake the air unused through the breech for driving the piston which is pneumatic and push onwards, the trigger of the gun. Once the air gets exhausted, the player will be able to press the trigger for the automatic simulation of fire.

This means that the player won’t be needing to keep the trigger pulled for keeping the gun firing. The options of marker’s customization are the best of its features.


Design And Look

Whereas the aesthetics of the marker are not a concerning thing for majority of the players, it does not matter that the Tippmann 98 Custom has a look which is unique. It causes a deviation from the mainstream traditional style of most markers. It is longer in size and has a grip which is put apart by the air whose that is steel braided.

Some players are going to like this style while the rest are going to dislike it. When it comes to the marker of Tippmann 98 Custom, beauty lays in the hands of its holder. The look of the marker will be ignored by the beginners. It should be kept in mind that parts and unique upgrades can be added as desired by the player.

If the gun is well customized than it may be turned into something which seems closer to an assault rifle. This flexibility will be loved by the people who use it for reenactment or the simulation of welfare which is real.

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Tippmann 98 Custom Paintball Marker

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