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When talking about the best paintball guns, individual research is required to assure that gun player buys is the most reliable, accurate, easily maintainable, and all the other expectations which are desired by the player are met. The marker named as Spyder MR100 is the one that must be considered seriously while purchasing one.

The reason that makes it the best one to be considered is that it is perfect for the ones having their beginning period in paintball and for those who are pretty experienced with the paintballing game due to its light weight and accuracy, that are the two most significant factors while opting for a gun for paintball.

Due to its solid structure, it’s an extremely safe gun which is a good advantage for the ones in the beginning periods and also it has the material which is durable. So, the injuries causing material are not flying all over the place.

If a player is having his beginning sessions then it is great for him that this gun is affordable and also there is no need of buying a marker that is expensive and is not properly handled or maintainable by the player. Also when there is no surety of the players interest status about the paintball game.

It is convenient to start with rather cheaper marker and then with progress, it should also be given way up to the order of the expensive ones. It all depends on how much the player gets better in sports.

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Spyder MR100’s Disadvantages And Advantages:

The Spyder MR100 have some certain pros and cons which are that before buying the product, the reviews of the other people who have bought it must be checked and then decided whether to get forward with the purchase or not as it provides the accurate details of product.



The reviews of the other people have been surveyed for the process of determination that whether it is the right gun or not for the player. Some of the advantages which were most common are that the gun is very accurate, the marker gets a smooth shot and that too with the minimum of recoiling., it is light in weight yet an extremely powerful gun.

The other advantages that were obtained are that these guns are easily usable and maintainable. The gun can be bought along with a kit for starter, which includes the mask that is fog proof and tank of 20 ounces of CO2 called visor, paintballs of heavy duty and oil of gold cup.


Adverse Effects:

The disadvantage are minimal for this gun and are hard to find, the one disadvantage that was extracted from the surveys is that the no doubt about the accuracy of the gun but often the shot comes out slowly making it almost a miss hit.


A Look Inside:

Having a closer look at the Spyder MR100, it is the product initiated by the Kingman group, which initiated the production of their accessories and guns for paintballs in the year 1992. The marker of Hammer pump-action was the first product launched by the company after that they came up with the makers of Spyder which are semi-automatic.

They are known as the leading group of companies for the production of paintball manufacturing. As the guns produced but they are very durable, affordable and they made guns very popular because of the quality products provided by their company and they gained a lot of benefits and profits as well because of it.

There is not point of spending a great deal of money at the paintball guns top and it also won’t cause any greater difference for the game and is not easily maintainable. Also when the player is inexperienced. The marker which is easier to use must be selected for purchase and is also easily cleanable.



Now, talking about the performance of the gun, the review was conducted about the guns performance to see how each marker does in reality. A 20 oz tank of CO2 was used, 1580 approximately shots are available till the CO2 got out. This is a great achievement and is very close to the one claimed by the Spyder.

The velocity adjuster made it really easy to change the velocity otherwise; the calculations may been wrong and everything would have been done and dusted. If someone is willing to spend $30 more than a gun which is superior to the spyder pro may be bought that gun is named Gog eNMEy.

A design of spool valve is being used by eNMEy and has one found lesser than the Spyder MR100 Pro. This fun is also used for the military simulations and not only the use for paintball games. The guns should be cleaned before every game so that there in no problem on the field for the player. The gun must not jam and fire paintballs smoothly.



The gun experience which is provided by the Spyder MR100 is not provided by any other gun and the one searching for the better one will find themselves hard pressed as it is not easy to find a gun reliable and also which is affordable by the people. It provides a great gaming experience.

The light weight of the gun allows the players to perform stunts on the field to get to safety or perform action against the opponents. Also, it is easily cleanable, the assembling and disassembling of the parts of the guns is quite easier and seems fun.

While buying the gun, it should be kept in mind that it would be changed after an interval of time so there is no need to buy an expensive one since the player becomes an experienced one from the beginner level.

The mega set which comes with the mask must be taken, tank of CO2, various and harnessing pods. A lot of money is saved by this purchase as everything comes in one package rather than being bought separately.

Review of: Spyder Mr100

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On January 2, 2017
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One of the most reliable, accurate, easily maintainable paintball marker. Spyder Mr100 paintball gun is a killer no doubt.

One of the most reliable, accurate, easily maintainable paintball marker. Spyder Mr100 paintball gun is a killer no doubt.

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