Paintballing Tips and Tricks: A Complete Guide

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A very exciting experience which is unlikely to be forgotten is going to paintball for the very first time. But, beginners can see themselves at a disadvantage when scarred opposite to those who have experienced it before.

Paintball hurt lesser than expected when it gets hit. But, it might sting and leave its small dot. After a few moments, it would be forgotten, and attention would be back towards getting back in the game.

It can be hard for beginners, however with few tips and tricks; you can make it an unforgettable experience.

18 Tips To Help You Improve Your Paintball Skills

1- Beginners seem so afraid of getting hit that they take the cover of the tree and spend their whole game hiding. It not only the boring way of spending the first game but also not a very likely way of preventing oneself from getting hit.

2- Most players fail to do good in the game because better players take good positions with sharp moves and agility putting others in a situation of disadvantage. So, make sharp moves and bite the bullets because it’s just paint.

3- Wear extra clothing underneath and using extra gloves will help the people who are afraid of getting hit, it might make them feel hot but will help them in feeling nothing when hit. To ensure that the face remains protected is the best way to make sure that the first experience is joyful and safe as possible as it gets.

4- The paintball guns are really noisy so make sure to be ready for intake of paint while taking a shot at others. The reasons you take shots at others are quite fascinating. When the sight is fixed at the opponents, and the chances of tagging them are bright, the shot must be taken at them.

5- When the opponents are taking a cover of a tree, they should be kept there by putting them under heat so the other team mate can get into position and take them out. Before the game, all the gears must be checked, and the markers should be working properly so it must not disturb the game.

6- Opponents at the great cover or having good cover must not be made target as it would only result in the waste of paint. Stay silent, vigilant, sharp and fast in actions unless or until a right position is found. If a person can’t get sight of his opponent in paintball, then he is not a good player.

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7- It’s a very dangerous move for the beginners to put their heads downwards as they would be surrounded by opponents and won’t get a chance to counter the move of their opponents.

8- The field must be scanned as quickly as possible and the strategic locations and members of the enemy teams. It should be done within 3 seconds ideally due to the fact the opponents may notice these actions in 1 second and take aim at you in the 2nd and rain paint at you in 3rd.

9- When leaving cover for taking out opponents, try to expose the body just enough to check out and shoot not the whole body so the opposition can’t target it.

10- If an opponent is spotted on the right side of the cover, it’s a better perception to come out of the left side as the enemy may be planning to make people leave their hidings with putting a bait. Coming out from the left will create difficulties for the opposition in tagging.

11- Paintball games may be won or lost because of knowledge. Communicating with the team members can increase the knowledge of everyone and a proper planning and strategy can be made to counter the opposition.

12- Before the game, communicating with the team members is also necessary because it would make the team an efficient unit and help in devising a plan and allocating different positions to the team members on the field.

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13- Communication is the key before you try and make a run whisper what’s in your mind to the person next to you, so they provide cover while the run is being made. Informing others about the opponents tagged allow them to keep the idea about the opponents left on the field.

14- Shouting to the other team members about the change of position or the targets will alert the opposition and would cause trouble for the team. If the paintball gets hit, it may break down signaling that the player is out of the game or either bounce to show that the player survived.

15- Beginners often feel that they are hot and call out as they don’t realize that they didn’t get hit, it was the paintball that was burst near but didn’t hit and covered them with paint. But, it doesn’t count in most parks, and one doesn’t have to give up. Whenever there is a shadow of a doubt, the referee must be asked to come check for the paint. Paintball is played at different places with different goals.

16- Paintball in most games mean that without getting tagged, cover opponents in the paint, but often, some positions are to be protected, rescuing hostage and flag capturing. To achieve the goals, a captain should be appointed, allies’ coordination should be achieved, and a plan should be made.

17- Most beginners try to stay behind but there is a small number that has the opposite approach and wants to quickly get forward which will get them spotted by the opposition team, if they are not tagged out as soon as possible, and they won’t be able to protect themselves from all the paint bullets fired at them. It would be convenient to think about a cover and make two moves. Also, avoid taking dangerous positions.

18- If teammates are not giving any sign of taking everyone along then shout to them to check whether they provide cover of not. The primary purpose for everyone who is present there is just to have some fun time. Paintballing is one of the electrifying experiences; one can have, and it may be intimidating a bit for the beginners, but it would be fine when they get used to it. They would learn from the mistakes they make for the first time.

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