How To Play Paintball Like A Pro (The Ultimate Guide)

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For playing paintball, the first thing required is to create boundaries. A walk must be taken across the field, and boundaries must be indicated to everyone clearly who is going to play. It should be made sure that the boundaries are not either too big not too much congested.

For a 3 on 3 games a 50-yard-wide and a 100-yard long field is great, but if the team is of 16 members, more room is required. If it is possible, starting bases should be formed on the sides opposite to each other, and these must not be viewable to each one of them.

If the course on which the game is being played is speedball, then no brushes nor trees should be chosen as it won’t be convenient.

The area Marked Dead should be clear to everyone, and it should also be assured that everyone in the team knows its location and that they must not shoot near or in it. As it is the area allocated for the people to access when get eliminated from the game. It is also the place where access paint and paintball gear is placed during the game.

Ideally, this zone should be away from the game where players can remove the paint from them and their masks to rest without any risk of getting hit again by the players who are still in the game.


The Objectives of the game should be cleared to everyone before the game begins. Any specific rules involved in the game or objectives should be clarified. Whether it’s a game of elimination or capturing any flag. The objectives must be clear to every player.

There must be limited time for each game because no one likes to play a game that has unlimited time span as nobody is going to do anything except waiting for others to show up with a lot of time in hand. Setting time has 2 main ways. Firstly, the start time from the beginning of the game or from the 1st elimination.


It must be kept in mind that games should be kept small and sweet as the long games are discomforting for the people who are eliminated at the start. The team must be divided fairly. The experienced and the beginners must be mixed so that all the playing teams are balanced. The number of individuals in each team should be kept equal.


If few people are playing in a team, it’s quite easy to remember them all, but if that number is large, then they should be marked with arm tape, cloth or anything for their identification. When both the teams are ready at their camps, the game begins. Both teams respond one after the other that they are all geared up and ready. Then, the first team starts the game by calling out “Game On.”

Paintball leaves a mark which is nickel-sized and small that can be anywhere on the equipment or body of the player. In various paintballs, hits by guns aren’t counted, or multiple hits are needed. Any hit on the equipment or body is considered in most professional tournaments and fields. The occurrence of Splatter is due to the hit by paintball where it doesn’t burst when hit but on as it falls to the ground splashing the paint on the equipment. Until it forms a solid mark, this is not counted.


Paint check is important when a person is hit but can’t assure whether the ball burst or not e.g. if the ball hits at the back, the player can’t check the paint. So, paint check must be called by calling the closest player out by saying “Paint Check” and that player will come to have a look at it. It the player is hit then he must get off the field and in other cases, he must carry on with the game and for the player who came for checking would say “Game On,” loud and clear.

The guns must be placed over the head, and the player must shout that he is hit and leave the field immediately and go to the dead zone. It should be made sure that guns are placed over the head and when new players come by; they must be told that the player is already hit to avoid any misconception.

All the players must be notified on the field when a team is successful in completing their tasks. Masks must not be removed until covers of the barrels are placed over all the loaded guns A new game type should be tried after the completion of one game and the steps from the beginning must be repeated all over again.

It is important to notify everyone the safety rules and precautions for a game without any accidents, and it should also be made sure that these rules are followed until the end of the game.


Some basic precautions are that Masks should be worn all the time, Blind firing is not allowed. Surrender is allowed in the game, FPS must be shot lesser than 280, Barrel plugs must be used, drinking and playing is not allowed, and common sense must be brought in use.

During the game, proper equipment is a necessity of every player. The things all the players must be geared up with includes, paintball markers, air tanks, masks, hoppers, paintballs and the things which are required for a good gaming environment are friends who are all geared up and a place nicer enough to play paintball.

All the players must play fairly and do not try to win by cheating as it is not more than just a game and all the people who have come to play are there for fun and having some good time with their friends. So, the playing zone must not be turned into a fighting zone, and the game should be played without any hard feelings and for fun. Paintball seems difficult in the beginning but gets normal when people get used to it.

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