GOG eNMEy Paintball Marker Review

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Paintball market for accessories and guns is so packed that for many people finding the place to begin from in quite devastating. For the beginners and the seasonal players who like to have a product which is reliable, GOG stands out of all as the leader of paintball guns, the latest product by GOG is eNMEy.

Several hours were spent on the testing of complete aspects of eNMEy within the time span of two weeks and the gun scored highly among each category as expected from any weapon made of GOG.

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Model and Design

The design of the eNMEy is not a fancy one but rather a standard industrial one from the outside at least. An unusual industrial design is followed by the gun with a pistol grip of heavy duty. The loader of paintball on the top and the forward grip, having air tank at the bottom.

The eNMEy acts differently is the way it operates when the gun is fired. At this point, the other guns rely on the batteries, hammers and springs for the paintballs to keep flying. However, in the case of eNMEy, a state of the pneumatic art design is used for the forward propulsion of the paintballs.

The moving parts reduction means the fewer pieces are needed to be broken and have greater reliability than rest of the guns. It is impressive, the way the pneumatic design offers a steady and smooth fire stream, even after the operation of several gaming hours.



The solid construction is given by the gun’s heavy plastic which must hold up to the situation of gameplay of any type. Even when the gun is completely loaded, it is light in weight.So, it will not be causing any trouble for the beginners to carry in their beginning games.

The plastic used seems to the brittle one, and there exists some concerning of plastic breaking or chipping if the gun gets dropped on solid or concrete surfaces. The construction does not constitute of something which really stands out, but they do not have any errors as well which are glaring.

The construction is like the roads middle ones but isn’t expected from the gun which is of great value.



The ability of the weapon to fire is improved for anti-chopping the technology and lowering the bolt pressure is boosted by the eNMEy. The bolt is returned by the technology to the original position in cases where the ball isn’t properly sealed, eliminating the chopping possibility.

Since the bolt can be removed easily and removed, the players will not like to waste time with the unshootable weapons, the gun’s accuracy can be increased by the including spool valve of high end, by providing a continuous flow of air every time the trigger is pulled.

The better accuracy and grouping of the shot is obtained when the player knows that every time the shot will leave the gun, the result would be the same. The gun’s pressure can be adjusted for confirming the tournament’s different conditions or the areas of play which the player wants to enter.

The beginners will feel this gun comforting because of the high accuracy and fire rate. Rather than the discouragement of missing the shot every time. The beginner would be encouraged because of their success with the use of eNMEy.


Care of Gun

Once the firing of the weapon is done, it’s time for it to be taken apart and kicking in maintenance. For this purpose, the several items which are parts of the care kit are to be bought and used every time the guns is to be cleaned. There are lesser parts which are to be taken care off and cleaned.

It may take quite some time for the player to take apart the eNMEy for the first time, but once the player gets the idea of how to get the pieces together, it would then become easier to clean it within 10 minutes.

For the cleaning of the gun, the curve of learning is not steeper and is quite easier to put it back when cleaning is done. It is recommended to invest in the kit of GOG detent for keeping things for proper functioning.



It’s been quite some time since GOG has been manufacturing accessories and guns for paintball which gives a lot of options for the players. Initially, the gun color must be picked which reflects the personality and playing style of the player.

After the gun is taken into hands and is been tested by the player, it would be noticed that the hopper needs an up gradation but is a cheaper change relatively for the gun. It would be likely to invest for the barrel, and in majority circumstances, the best choice for the player to make is to have the Freak barrel that comes from GOG.



The GOG guns have been considered of a great at the piece they are sold at, and eNMey is also like it. It's beginning retail price is around $149.99 which labels it at the lower end of the guns which are of higher performance.

It is perfect for the ones who want to get their toes dipped in the competitive waters of paintball and don’t want to spend about $400-500 on the premium guns. The price suits the output results for the players, and only some competitors get the blend of performance and cost.


Annual Verdict

The eNMEy is highly recommended the beginners or the ones who want a gun for backup in the present in the inventory. It won’t become the dominant gun in the field, and there will come a time when a player will wish for having a gun with high fire rate or greater accuracy at longer ranges.

For getting there, a player must know how the game is played. The eNMEy allows a player to get a grip on the basics of the game and practicing them, so the player can analyze at whether the players enjoys having a competitive game or not.

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