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The marker Empire Vanquish is a power symbol. The unmatchable design and performance are the key elements for completing all the requirements of paintball players. An engine Spool Valve of pressure balance is adapted for used by the Vanquish as it has been changed to reduce drop off shots first and efficiency increase.

It is among the pinnacles of advancement in technology, where a transducer that is highly hyper pressure accurate. Has got the gauge replaced for providing the reading of pressure inputs. A user interface of ultra-intuitive is provided by a 5 ways navigation joystick and an OLED screen of extra-large size for the options of considerable boards.

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They cater any kind of setup as designed by the player. The maintenance of the marker is allowed by its innovative new design by bringing in use the removal system of bolt button and still requires only the wrench of single hex for each screw. This body that is hinged gets split for easy and quick access to the interface of USB and board.

Where, the settings can be allowed to change by the software of the custom marker of Empire, and the custom screen of boost up can be designed with computer and USB port. With the barrel of a super freak fiber of the Vanquish allows you to shoot it with extreme smoothness, silence, and accuracy.

Empire Vanquish Review


New Horizons

The Empire has formed a new standard in the paintball game, and by having the vanquish in the hands, the challenger can be defeated easily.

It is among the highest ending markers of paintball which were released in the year 2013. Few of the coolest features are featured by the marker including the Allen key for taking the whole gun apart. A platform which is extremely light in weight, the cleaning of the fire system of the marker of paintball without any tool.

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A screen which is quite easy for using to get the settings changed. A barrel kit also comes with the paintball marker and a very nice case of carrying in response to the smaller kit of parts. The gun was introduced to common public on the 26th February, 2013. A high end was to be put out by the Empire after missing out for years from that part of the industries

The overall review of the marker Empire Vanquish has be deeply done in the videos given by the video maker John at the PB nation.

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Empire Vanquish Pros

The pros of the marker include the Allen of 3/32 which is the only one Allen for taking the gun apart. For permitting the maintenance and cleaning of the marker quickly, the body’s top must be swiveled over, the Out Read PSI of the Digital Pressure.

The marker is utterly hose-less, and the removal of the bolt through push button is a possibility. The trigger can be taken out by untying only a single screw and getting no apart time for the whole gun. The weight of the marker is lesser than 2 pounds.

The case of the marker is quite soft and made of the Neoprene, the tip of the barrel is made of fiber of carbon and kit insert of super freak, the gun also contains only one hopper and 8 pods and air tanks numbering more than 68,450.

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The 2nd variation to the Vanquish is the Vanquish GT; it is due to the 2.0 Vanquish body, and the third version of Vanquish is yet to be released. The essential point of inclusion of this marker is the latest V16 Vanquish bolt.

The Empire said that the new bolt brought improvements in the efficiency of air, the elimination of the stock of bolt and lowering maintenance. The only significant change brought to the marker is the latest bolt. While, the marker is always considered similar to Luxe.

The Empire Vanquish takes it to an even further step, and it seems like it is made sure by them that the marker can resemble with Luxe more often. The colors in which the vanquish GT will be available at the time of the release are 4 in number which are Raider, Lead, Desert Fire and Acid Grey.

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The price at which the marker Vanquish v16 is going to be sold on a separate basis to the dollars 199.95 and are going to fit marker Vanquish 2.0 with every handy feature entirely. It is a very convenient price for most of the players, and the players can have great fun with it especially if they are casual players and are new to the game.

The players are always in search of individual markers which have most of the features of their desire, and they also come at a low-cost price. In the case of this marker, the mid-range pricing of the marker allows it to stay cheap while it remains in the top tier when the features of the markers are being considered.

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The gun performs well under pressure because of its unusual feature and won’t be disappointing the players which are bringing it in use. The players who got linked to the gun gave the positive response about the weapon’s performance while in the middle of the game. The players enjoyed, and not much complains has been received about the gun as well.

Usually, there is a list of complaints about the markers which highlight their problems and lacking but in this marker’s case, there has been no complaint recorded at any level which troubles the makers of the marker and the marker is loved by the players as it is less costly, has great value features and has a very cool body which attracts the players for buying it.

It should be kept in mind that while going to purchase the marker for paintball, the marker must be chosen wisely as there is a heap of markers available on the market which gets them confusingly crazy.

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Empire Vanquish Marker

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