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In 1986, the first Sniper marker of paintball was ever made and is going strong until today. It is based on the famous design of Auto-cocker, the Sniper is a marker of paintball which is of tournament level and is available at the cost of $350 to 400.


The Build of Empire Sniper

The Empire Sniper is a pump style marker with low operations of pressures, barrel automatic cocker threading, a system of vertical feed of 10 round and an automatic trigger which fires off rapid shots. A barrel of 14-inches of aluminum and inserts of 3 barrel of .680, .685 and .675. It is constructed of the assist plate of a removable pump, an inline regulator.


Functionality of Empire Sniper

For using the marker, all that is required is an air bottle, paintballs, and a hopper. It is among the lightest of the CCM marker’s pump with weight just above 2 pounds and with a remarkable gun balance.

The inside parts of the marker are kept operating and moving as planned, gratefully to the dual pump rods of stainless steel. There is a pump of spring return handle which is extremely light in weight and can be held easily.

This function is very convenient as the shooter is empowered for holding his target and rattling off the sequential shots easily. A variety of air bottles and hoppers of various sizes depending upon the preferences of personal playing can be used by the players. The marker is functional highly and works as per its design exactly.

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The Empire Sniper Firing Performance

The grip of the Sniper has a wrap molded across it for access comfort. A good groove for finger is also there as well. The marker gives a great feel in the hands, and the firing performance of the marker is taken in high regard among the whole community of paintball.

While its appearance seems to be as the original Sniper, the upgraded version of the marker has a feature of the pump in contemporary which puts it further ahead of the pack pump.

There have been a lot going around about the Sniper as it performs like an absolute champion. It shoots almost as same as the other semi-auto markers of paintball. A majority of the players consider it as the gold standard which is for the models of an elite pump as it fires with accuracy and speed.

The pump assist of the marker is handled by the pump of the marker and empowers the paintball players to re-cock the gun by just the squeeze of the two fingers. It can be achieved by keeping the barrel still and pointed towards a target. With the stick precision, the shots which are followed up can be executed efficiently.

The adapter of the marker allows both the left and the right-handed players to lick the shots off easily. The frame of .45 is ergonomic, and for the ideal weight, the trigger which is single automatically is drilled. An easily useable button for safety is also present.

Although, it is a contention point but the majority of the players like the shots of the Sniper to be quite fairly. It is linked to the 2-piece aluminum barrel of the marker and the single automatic trigger for the significant porting measure.


The Style of Empire Sniper

The color scheme for the Sniper is only gray/silver colors. The parts of the sniper are all of the color black which makes it a boring marker looks wise but is still enough for the style to be decent halfway. The color scheme helps the marker to stay camouflaged in woody and other environments of play.


Maintenance of Empire Sniper

The marker Empire Sniper is ready for use when taken out from the box. The players will love the little maintenance required. The primary duty of the players will be to the cleaning of the marker’s bolt and application of lube. Following the given processes will help to ensure the sticky and silent shot relatively.

It might be found by the players as well that lubing of pump rod improves the stroke of the pump. Since 4-5 cases each, the regulator must be removed and then lubed. The hummer lug of the marker can also be adjusted by the player for alteration of when the trigger will be enabling the hammer for firing.


Faults in Empire Sniper

A majority of the players of paintball love the Empire Sniper. Some of these players had complaints which centered typically around the marker’s barrel kit of 3 pieces. As per many paintballers, it is insufficient. Also, only a few upgrades are there in the market for the modification of the marker.

Exalt Reg Grip, CP Reg Extender and TechT Hush Bolt for lowering the volume of firing are among the upgrades which are limited in amount. It has also complained that the gauge of the marker is fragile and can be broken when enough force is impacted on it. Some complaints about the greater marker sound when fired in comparison to others.

Many players have also noticed that the stroke pump of the marker seamless enough as it was expected. Certainly, some players have also noticed that the rubber on the detents of the marker can move across the bolt when a great deal of pressure is applied to it.

The weighty marker’s main spring return spring is to be added, and it gets comparatively easy to view why stroke of the pump is considered by some players to be more rough than usual.



The Empire Sniper is one of the amazing pump markers of paintball. Its cost is a bit higher, at the price of about $350 but is definitely going to attract the players who are having a budget for shopping. It is among the markers for the hardcore paintball players and delivers some very good value.

The paintballers who play pump paintball tournaments or recreational paintball games will enjoy playing with this Empire Sniper.

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