Empire Mini GS Paintball Gun Review

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The latest Empire Mini GS is next in the list to the Empire Mini which was a great success. The new Empire Technology is incorporated to the Mini GS via new updates. An ASA ON and OFF, a new skin of rubber and a list of upgrades are now included in the Mini GS. As the marker of intermediate speed ball, the originals version of GS was wildly successful and with Mini GS, Empire took it to a greater level.

Empire Mini GS Paintball Gun Review

New Features and Updates for Mini GS.

The 4 of the new upgrades which are extremely important to Mini GS have been listed below.


ON/OFF Venting ASA

The latest ASA On/Off is a great addition in the Mini GS. It is an important improvement in the follow up to the old Mini GS as it was easier to remove its tank. The ASA On/Off allows the purging of the air in the tank easily. It is similar to the one which was used in Empire Vanquish, which Is a very costly gun retailing about $1,500.

The ASA used is among the best ones in the market and allows the easier attaching and removal of the tank.


Anti-Chop Eyes of Break-Bream

There are eyes of beak beam in the new generation of every marker of electronic paintball now. There is a receiver and a transmitter that allows a beam pass through the middle of them. The beam is broken whenever a paintball gets loaded and a circuit board of the Mini GS is relayed to it. Getting the balls which are chopped off is a rarity.


Feedneck Clamping

There is new feed neck clamping of low profile. It is the similar feed neck which is used in the edition of Empire Axe Fiber of Carbon, which is a marker of $800. In comparison to the Mini original where the hopper had to be screwed on, the feed neck clamping of the Mini GS is a usable breeze. When the players are hiding behind the bunker, the low profile of the feed neck is useful because it stops the sticking out of the hopper.


Trigger with Micro-Switch

There is a new trigger of micro-switch with the Mini GS. Each time the shot is fired, a distinctive click is made by the trigger. This type of feedback is loved by the majority of the players because it allows the players to feel every shot fired by them. This is the same trigger of a micro switch which is placed in Empire Axe.

Including MILL and PSP, there are many regulations of tournament standard which comes with the trigger of Mini GS, like the many other guns of Empire.


Mini GS Performance

Out of the box, around ~275 FPS are fired by the Mini GS. At the chronograph, the Mini GS was to be taken up to 293 FPS after is got warmed for some time. An Allen wrench can be used for the adjusting of the velocity. For the sitting, it is among the solid FPS.

Taking a look at the way it performs on the on the field. With the standard tank of HPA 45/4500 Ninja and Premium Empire Paintball, about 11 pods or almost 11,000 total paintballs were fired before the running out of the tank. It has a very standard kick.


High Ergonomics Improvement

The Mini GS is a gun which is lighter in weight and weighs approximately about 1.2 pounds, in the current market, it is listed among the most lighter markers of paintball. It has been complained by some players about the light weight of the gun but is not among the significant of the problems and players will be used to it in a while.

The grips of rubber are a great improvement for the Mini GS. It provides a sturdier feeling to the gun. The grips of rubber protect from the elements for more excellent durability.



The maintenance of the gun is going to take some time, and it is the reason why the marker is not recommended for the beginners. Unless the removal of the bolt of the Empire Axe without any tool, there are many smaller parts of Mini GS which have to be independently taken apart.

The player shouldn’t get into following the steps because there a number of technical steps but a list of videos on YouTube which display the complete break-down of the marker. These steps are not a necessity so the players should be ignoring them.

Taking out the bolt and lubing it took about 8 minutes. The body of the gun was not attempted to be taken part as it was box packed and didn’t need any cleaning. Normally, the bolt is to taken out for more cleansing of the paintball marker.



The features of the Empire Mini GS include the .68 caliber, utilization of HPA, Electro-pneumatic marker, a barrel of 12-inch, a weight of 1.18lbs, and the shooting off paintball for up to 18 balls/second. These are the main features of the gun which are mentioned here and attract the players towards the purchasing of this gun.


Extra Reviews

The Mini GS is available for purchase on the Amazon. Currently, there have been 11 reviews of customers with a 4.4 / 5 average score. The features which have been praised by the players are the ASA on/off, overall pricing and latest triggers, quality.



There have been no flaws recorded in the Empire Mini GS and is among the best markers of paintball which have been reviewed. Maintenance of the gun is among the slightest of the flaws of the marker and does not create any problem for the players having experience.

If a player has experience of playing paintball and is looking for a gun having the latest features, it is the gun to be chosen. Tippmann or Spyder would get beaten easily when played against Mini GS. It is rightfully a great steal around the price of $380. No other gun with such features and pricing gets closer to the Empire Mini GS.

Empire Mini GS Marker

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On January 3, 2017
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