How To Clean A Paintball Gun (Step By Step Guide)

Image of Cleaning A Paintball Gun

Cleaning the marker of paintball might be the most boring experiences one can ever have, but it might be one of the significant things to be done. A well-kept and clean paintball marker can make the whole difference while in the game. Jamming or the gun getting stuck can cause catastrophe for the player and his team.

For cleaning of the gun, it is necessary to pull it through the squeegees. Perform swabs, as per the recommendations of the manufacturer, tube and oil must be used along with the warm water and the towels which are made of paper, for the disassembling of the gun tools or keys must be used. It must be made sure that all tools are gathered before the cleansing of the gun is initiated, so it is prepared for the game.

1st Step: Removal Of The CO2 Tank

Safety comes first with all the other stuff in paintball. The CO2 tank must be the first thing removed before anything else is done as it will stop any misfires from occurring and also any kind of injuries. An Asa lever is connected for degassing of the most guns.

2nd Step: Disassembling Of The Gun

The players like to get hold of their schematics, and for that, the disassembling of the gun is done. The players like to assure that they are rightly disassembling and assembling the parts of the paintball markers. These schematics are available in the manual of instructions which comes with the marker or the box, and if they have been misplaced by the player, then the website of the manufacturer may be checked.

When the instructions are found, and if the player wants to carry on without them then the disassembling of the gun must begin, the hopper, bolt, barrel., hammer, and the frame of grip should be removed. Then, they must be carefully placed in order to prevent them from misplacing, and fasteners must be kept close as well.

3rd Step: Beginning Of The Barrel Cleansing

The cleaning process Is ready for beginning as the whole gun is disassembled. The barrel will be the first to go with. Now that you have properly disassembled all of your gun’s parts, you are now ready to begin the cleansing process! We’ll begin with the barrel. Begin with pulling the squeegee from the gun’s barrel. Any residue of paintball which can prevent accurate shooting and gun’s jamming will be grabbed.

When the squeegee is run through once, a paper must be dampened down into warm water. Then, a dried towel of paper must be taken, and it must be made sure that the bottle is utterly dried and cleaned. A sparkle should be given to it and must be made ready for the gaming session.

4th Step: Cleaning The Marker’s Body

When the whole inner parts are disassembled from the gun, the body then can be cleaned. The squeegee is allowed the gun then it must be done. It is important for getting rid of any scrap that can jam the gun. Then for making sure that all the parts of the guns are dried off, the gun should be wiped with the paper towel for drying purposes.

5th Step: Cleaning The Hammer And Bolt

Hammer and the bolt will be used not along with the paper towel carefully to clean the whole gun and would be significant to assure that it is dried completely. While the parts are disassembled, on both of the components, the o-rings must be examined carefully. The damage and the marks of waring must be checked on the o-rings. The common one is wear, and there is a limit to wear which on most guns of paintball are accepted.

6th step: Inspection Of Damages

The damages to the guns which require fixing, the O-rings which have been cracking must be fixed and dried. For the gun to work at its complete potential o-rings plays a very significant role as they keep the CO2 sealed in tanks. Without these tanks, there is no chance of standing the paintball match. Then the internal parts such as the springs must be checked if there are straight or not and the screws as well.

If anything requires repairing or replacement, it is better to get along with it and repair them as they might create problems during the game as the players don’t want to see their guns breaking up on them in the middle of the paintball game.

7th Step: Oiling And Lubrication Of The Paintball Gun

After examining the guns thoroughly and cleaning of the each part carefully. Using the paintball oil, lubrication and oiling of the gun should begin. Using the paintball oil only is crucial because, if any other Is used for this purpose, there is a chance of damaging the gun. In this case, as well, the one that is recommended by the manufacturers is necessary.

It must be made sure that the o-rings are lubed with the oil or with silicon. It must be made sure that the whole ring is covered with oil lightly.

8th Step: Reassembling Of The Marker

After the gun is cleaned thoroughly, it is time to reassemble the gun for the upcoming gaming session. The schematics provided must be followed once more to reassemble the gun’s parts and bring it in proper shape. It would get the gun ready for the next playing session and overcome the competition.

If there is still a problem in cleaning the gun, then it may be asked online by the experts who are waiting to help and guide the place in their way through and for the people to have a great paintball playing experience. The cleaning of the gun is better for helping the people to work their way out.

Paintball is a kind of game where the gears must be in perfect shape. Otherwise, there will be a lot of problems waiting for the players during the game and will get them eliminated at probably the beginning.

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