Best Paintball Guns: A Complete Buying Guide

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Try to choose your gun on the basis of your skills and abilities in paintball. We don't want a beginner to buy a gear set that is used by professionals or trainers. Trust me, the equipment can have a lot of effect on your game. The right equipment gives the player the confidence he/she needs. I hope after reading this buying guide, you consider yourself perfectly knowledge equipped and educated to purchase the best paintball gun that fits your needs.

List of Best Paintball Markers 2017




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empire axe pro marker

Empire Axe Pro


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Tippmann a5


Empire Sniper


Tippmann Cronus


Tippmann 98 Custom


Azodin Kaos


Spyder Fenix


Dye Proto Rail


Empire Vanquish


Empire Mini GS


Spyder MR100


Dangerous Power G5 32


Gog Enmey


Tippmann X7 Phenom


Invert Mini


Dye Dam


Planet Eclipse Etha


Tippmann Gryphon


Best Paintball Guns Reviews 2017 (Updated)

We understand that finding the best paintball guns can be very hard at times. Therefore we have decided to include some popular and good guns in this article. Below you will find some examples.

Tippmann Cronus Paintball Marker Gun

Tippmann Cronus Paintball Marker Gun Image

Tippmann is a very known brand when it comes to paintball guns. Similarly, its Cronus is nothing less. One cannot overlook its realistic design. Basically, it’s an improvised version of 98 custom. In addition to that, this gun has a stock which enhances its looks and a removable barrel shield. If we look at the user’s review, there is one thing you will find is all: ACCURACY.

Another plus point is that it has a very attractive rail system. One cannot ignore the ‘red dot sights’ on the gun. Even the price is not that high. Moreover, we cannot forget its extreme durability. Basically, this Tippmann Cronus Paintball Marker Gun is for beginners or intermediate players. This gun doesn’t come with any baggage.

Spyder MR100

Spyder MR100 Image

This gun is a perfect fit for beginners and intermediate level players. Spyder MR100 is very similar to Tippmann Cronus. Some even say it’s the exact copy. However, there are some differences like the barrel length is more and even has a well-built stock. This adds more accuracy to the gun. One cannot overlook the all black color of this gun.

To make the gun more durable, a paintball marker is made from high-quality materials. To add some versatility to the gun, a double tap trigger is constructed. This is beneficial for both woodsball and speedball. This gun provides a good range for the shooter.

Tippmann A5

Tippmann a5 Image

If Tippmann Cronus is the famous ‘ War Machine’ then Tippmann A5 is ‘IRON MAN.’ Get my comparison? Just like the iron man and it’s extravagant features, Tippmann A5 can also turn into anything. For me, it’s the best ever paintball gun. Just name it. From tactical HK 417 t AK-47, everything.

You shouldn’t overlook its realistic look. It even has a variety of barrels, stocks, grips, and magazines in it. Basically, the combinations in this gun are infinite. In addition to this, this gun focuses on the safety of the user; therefore, it even has a fire selector. One can fire up to fifteen paintballs within a second. Finally, something you can compare with Flash!

The features of Tippman A5 are actually neverending like the threaded barrel. Yes, you heard me right. This feature lets you swap out as it’s comfortable with other guns too one can also try the electronic trigger in this gun just by swapping the grip. Due to which you now have support on both single and auto shots. One cannot forget its loader while discussing Tippman A5. Also, it’s outclassed paint job and cyclone loading system. When you combine all these silent features, you get an amazing set for any professional player.

Tippmann US Army Project Salvo

Tippmann US Army Project Salvo Image

If you are looking for the coolest paintball gun ever made for paintballing, then Tippmann US Army Project Salvo is the one for you. It’s perfect for indoor games too. Not only it has a very realistic exterior, but it also lets you fulfill your desire to play simulation games.

If you are one of those people who are always hungry for some attention and compliments, then you have come to the right place. People absolutely adore its outlook and the ‘bad vibes’ it gives.

If you want to dominate in the battlefield, just combine this gun with any cyclone feed system. I am hundred percent sure you will get great results. It also has a long barrel making it more accurate. The best part about this gun is that it goes with every type of paintball match. How’s that possible? Well, it has a collapsible rear stock, red dot sight and a strong grip. The only shortcoming with this gun is that its features make the gun little heavier than normal ones. There’s one thing that Tippmann US Army Project Salvo provides and its STIMULATION.

Dye Proto Rail MaXXed

Dye Proto Rail MaXXed Image

The Dye Proto Rail is an ideal gun for intermediate level players. It also suits those players who are looking to upgrade their equipment a little without many drastic changes. Dye has always focused on its products quality. Therefore it has a fourteen-inch barrel. Due to which one player can easily fire about fifteen balls in the second time.

The best thing is it never chops excessive paint. It saves air along with many games as it has an e-trigger. This indicates that an electronic circuit is placed in the gun that powers the firing mechanism. Due to this manufacturer, very less sound is generated when someone shots. We can’t overlook its detail to accuracy. Along with many fantastic features, it has a light marker and sticky grips. Why the sticky grips, one may ask? Well, this lets the user have a better grip and also makes them feel very comfortable. This gun is ideal for all intermediate level players out there.

Empire Mini

Empire Mini Image

Yes, it is as mini as the name suggests. If you have even a little interest in guns, you should know about this famous band- empire. They deliver the best paintball markers and high-quality products. Empire Mini is, without any doubt, the smallest paintball gun in the world. Not only is very lightweight but is super easy when we talk about control. It also has an electronic trigger so you can shoot as fast as you want without creating much noise.

Perfect, isn’t it? To make the gun user-friendly two handles are used and also a pressure gauge is added near the air connector. This way you can check the air with ease. This gun is mostly used for indoor games and by intermediate level players. Overall it’s very compact and simple.

Empire Axe Pro

Empire Axe Pro Image

Potentially the best esteem mid level marker out there and seemingly one of the best. The Empire Axe Pro is an incredible adversary marker. Out of the container stock, it is peaceful, predictable, and precise. The marker itself is back substantial and has a to a great degree direct and simple to dismantle plan. The lever reg switch is to a great degree helpful. With respect to the drawbacks, I would state it would be the ergonomics of the foregrip, the board in the foregrip, and to a lesser degree, the barrel.

The foregrip makes the marker somewhat uncomfortable to hold. In the event that you put your thumb in the trigger casing, there is this jolt delves into your thumb. On the off chance that you hold it with your thumb wrapped around the marker’s body, individuals with little hands may experience difficulty. Uplifting news is that there are mods for the Axe foregrip that amplifies it further with a thumb groove.

The board is a torment in the backside to explore through. This essentially implies, in the event that you don’t have to change your marker settings on the fly, you don’t have to stress over it. Woodsball fans unquestionably don’t have to stress over it. On the off chance that you do need a superior board, there are redesigns accessible.

Azodin Kaos

Azodin Kaos Image

I as of late entered paintball and was available for a shabby, simple to utilize marker. Despite everything I had a small amount of uncertainty, therefore I didn’t need a major, bulky marker which would be over a hundred. I additionally had a companion who had…bad encounters with Spyders, and I for one don’t care for the low-end Tippmans, so I needed something separated from that.

Anyway, this marker was a reasonable bit of gear that has yet to disappoint me. Yes, in the event that you utilize a gravity bolster container, you *can* cleave. However, it is that path for all markers. Truly, however, in the event that you get this firearm, get a shabby electronic container. Doesn’t need to be a Velocity or Halo, simply something that can get paint down the incubates.

The maker is absolutely fantastic. It’s straightforward, simple to perfect, simple to totally dismantle (If you comprehend what you are doing), and (with an electric container) more dependable than electronic markers.

No batteries to kick the bucket in the marker itself, no compelling reason to set it to what your field permits, no delicate parts. It is additionally super light (I was utilized to Tippman mil sims and genuine firearms before this, so it won’t be light contrasted with a few).

At long last, this is a decent prologue to Azodin’s brilliant scope of markers. I have had two or three opportunities to play around with another companion’s Blitz, and I gotta say I am inspired that they oversaw such routine quality for so shabby.

Planet Eclipse Etha

Planet Eclipse Etha Image

The Etha bolt highlights double stage quickening with the goal that it gets the paintball at a lower speed before quickening further to push the ball completely into the barrel. The front of the jolt has a sloped elastic area. This augmented elastic piece is both removable and replaceable and intended to flex openly so as to avert cut-out of the second ball in the stack and in addition to be adaptable in the face to pad the paintball as its pushed toward the barrel. Both of these components work as an inseparable unit with the Deftek Feed System and Break Beam Sensor System to keep any events of barrel breaks to a flat out least.

The Pull Poppet that discharges the air from the terminating chamber is driven by another, super-vigorous high weight solenoid that is controlled by the completely customizable PCB. The PCB controls the terminating mode (self-loader and inclining), the rate of flame, stay and de-skip through the multi-shading LED mounted in the back of the edge. It is pre-customized with modes perfect with all significant competition arrangement meaning no redesign required wherever you play.

Dye Dam

Dye Dam Image

It is genuinely a major stride up in advancement for the woodsball and situation markets, and I think Dye is truly breaking new ground with a strong marker that is anything but difficult to utilize and shoots both container and magazine nourished with the capacity to utilize first strike rounds. All things considered, this marker is not for everybody. I’m not going to survey every one of the components in detail; however, I will say a few, yet rather give an impression of the distinctive things I observe to be imperative in a marker:

Convenience 10/10: For me, I think this is one of the best paintball markers I have ever utilized as a part of terms of setting up and use on the field. There are not very many screws other than connecting the stock in the event that you need or joining the feed neck to utilize a container. The battery can be embedded or changed without taking out a screw, however, I found making sense of how to open the compartment took a bit getting used to. Capacity to mag launch from either side, straightforward slide piece to change from container to mag bolstered, a simplicity of exchanging flame modes. This marker is exceptionally natural and feels better than average.

Precision: 10/10: This is for the most part because of the stock barrel I think which is an amazing color Ultralite. It is as precise as any paintball marker I have utilized and more exact than most. You can utilize the first strike adjusts also which I trust helps exactness an awesome arrangement, however, even with standard paint, this marker is a superior worker.

Tippmann 98 Custom

Tippmann 98 Custom Image

The main feature of this gun is the dependability. This weapon has never fizzled me regardless of what I have put it through. Rain. Mud. Earth. Nothing has yet to prevent it from shooting. This is fundamentally the most compelling motivation you would want to purchase this weapon. I have put many instances of paint through this firearm and have never hacked a ball utilizing only a gravity container (Proto Primo). In the event that you need the paintball identical to AK 47 dependability.. this is it.

Presently I have HPA and attempt to utilize great paint with this marker which truly helps in this class. I can make decent tight groupings and chrono as of now at +-3fps in shots.

The Colossal rundown of extraordinary moves up to look over. From useful to corrective. You can make it completely electric or keep it mechanical and include the reaction trigger. The rails on top make it simple to include any kind of sight you may wish.

The weapon has a very much outlined hold and foregrip that is divided well for myself yet I do have longer arms. In the event that you have short arms, it might feel a major clumsy with the compass to the foregrip. Weapon bears well with the tank mounted on the firearm.
Sound can be unpleasing for few people. A firearm is truly uproarious not exactly as boisterous as an A5 but rather still noisy contrasted with most markers albeit a few people that way.

Barrel Threads. Utilizes an old style 98 strings which are turning out to be increasingly elusive yet there are still a lot of alternatives as of now.

Tippmann x7 Phenom

Tippmann x7 Phenom Image

This new lower cost X7 Phenom alternative will speak to players who lean toward the mechanical choice however like the execution of the FlexValve, and additionally players who want to put later in the hardware.

The includes e-hold is greatly improved then the extra for the past X7. For one thing, the marker is not exclusively in light of battery power. At the point when in self-loader mode, the weapon shoots without battery utilization. When you flip to full-auto mode, you go into the e-hold elements of the weapon without using an Allen torque to tap on the power on the grasp like with past e-grasps. So you don’t have to stress over the battery biting the dust on you on the field.

The flex valve has been totally changed (apparently switched) for a much smoother operation with simple access to speed alteration and no compelling reason to ever chicken the firearm.

The firearm is more smaller than the past X7 display. The littler magazine is much better than the previous X7 demonstrate. With the littler plan and the better separating from the trigger, this takes out the requirement for the cover or a handle to clutch the firearm.

Amazing Facts About Paintball

Paintball Facts By ProsPaintball

I can’t imagine a person out there who doesn’t just love playing paintball with friends in their free time or leisure time. For people out there who are unaware of this amazing game, don’t worry I have you guys covered. This game goes back to the 1980s. Basically, players have to ‘kill’ the opponent team players using their paintball guns. Don’t panic! The bullets are not real, and they are made with breakable, dye-filled, oil and gelatin.

To make this game even more fun and lively, a variety of vibrant colors are added to the ball shaped bullets. For people who don’t like outdoor games and try their best to avoid them. Worry not. You can also play paintball indoors! Perfect, right? To play this game, you need an appropriately leveled field or if you like more adventure add some bumps and short hills to it. Whether you prefer natural or artificial land, it all depends on you. You can design your battlefield in any way you want or desire.

Nowadays with the high trends of full adventure life, there are a lot of places around the world where paintball is offered for pleasure. You can just go there and have a go at it! For a beginner, paintballing can be very fun and a creative way to spend your free time. Much to your surprise, paintballing is also used for military training. To add diversity to the game, many types of games can be played like elimination, defending or attacking, scavenger hunts, ammunition or capturing the flag. For safety measures, players are asked to wear masks, gloves, and protective jackets. Be aware, things can get far-reaching while playing paintball. So here it is, all of you can now die in peace.

To add diversity to the game, many types of games can be played like elimination, defending or attacking, scavenger hunts, ammunition or capturing the flag. For safety measures, players are asked to wear masks, gloves, and protective jackets. Be aware, things can get far-reaching while playing paintball. So here it is, all of you can now die in peace.

Playing paintball is not just considered as a leisure game, but it will be very beneficial for your healthy and physique. Don’t have time for gym or jogging? Then paintball is the perfect solution for you and your lazy butt. What can be more better than doing exercise and not getting bored at all? Paintball can add a lot of variety to your daily routine compared to normal activity. The gym isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Some people manage to cope up with the rigorous routine of workout at the gym, but many fail to do so.

Paintball is something which could make the workout a little more joyful and entertaining at the same time. Practicing the same routine daily makes it boring and less impactful so paintball would make it refreshing. Many exercises just focus in one direction of movement but paintball helps to experience all types of movements. Paintball can also help in your weight loss. The intensity associated paintball can do wonders for your sleep and metabolism. In addition to that, a major outcome of paintballing is the release of endorphins which ends in lightening the player’s overall mood.

Not only does paintball helps in burning calories it also decreases the rate of having a heart attack or any other disease. Nowadays people are so busy with their fast paced lives that need a sport that can help in releasing stress. This stress can very harmful for professional players and at times even affect their physique. Paintball allows us to take our frustration in a very positive way.

Who doesn’t enjoy shooting random strangers? Through paintball, we can also vent and display emotions wide open in the field. Believe me this venting or letting go of anger can be very helpful at times. Many people also use paintball to improve their leadership skills as many paintball games are all about following someone’s lead.


Like all other guns, paintball guns also has a lot of types. We will now brief you about all the types of such gun.

Pump Paintball Guns:

So basically the pump paintball gun is the oldest and the primary gun used for paintball. It was used by our forefathers they named this type as the best paintball guns. Creepy, I know. These guns are known for their originality and basicness. This gun is preferred by many beginners for its simple maintenance. What makes it unique and original you think? Well, you will have to pull the trigger on the gun before using it. Therefore, it will make more time to reload.

With so many new designs, these pump paintball guns are becoming obsolete. Despite the fact that they are old, many users prefer pump paintball guns for its reliable pump markers and its accuracy. Unlike many other guns these guns don’t focus on firepower. Pump paintball gun lets you have an advantage with your opponents.

Electronic Paintball Guns

Before electronic paintball guns used to be very expensive but not everyone can afford it. In order to fire this gun, you don’t have to pull a manual trigger, but it has an electronic gun’s trigger which clicks a laser beam or micro-switch.

A nine-volt battery is normally used in these guns. Basically, you will be firing the marker with an electronic solenoid. Only one trigger or click can create a high amount of fire, so be careful. These guns can do full auto, ramping and many other modes due to its connecting circuit boards that control every command there is. These guns can be further divided into three sub guns; pneumatic poppet valve, electric sear tripper, and spool valve.

What’s so special in electric sear trippers you may ask? Well for starters you can’t ignore its various firing options. It’s amazing feature; moving the sear catch using solenoid also can’t be overlooked. The best part about this is that its maintenance is very easy. The known tripper markers are Tippmann A5 with E-Grip, KingmanSpyder Fenix, and the Empire Battle Tested BT-4.

Spool valve markers are known worldwide for its low maintenance. The best part about them is that you only need to move one bolt while operating it. Moreover while shooting it makes very minimum sound. One cannot overlook its low, compact profile. The problem with them is that it’s not gas efficient as other markers. The famous spool valve markers are Empire Mini, GOG eNMEy, Empire Axe and Planet Eclipse Etha.

These electric guns are very approachable, delicate and have the latest technology. How does it control the marker, you may think? Well, they use LCD panels and computer chips.

Mechanical Paintball Guns

These guns are the most used guns in paintball. Basically, they function as semi-automatic; one shot per trigger. Even their maintenance is simple and straightforward. Let’s not forget its price. It’s super affordable.

When these guns are paired with the accurate add-ons, it makes the gun perfect especially for the point and shoots camera. Since these guns work on CO2 or Compressed Air, you can easily fill them up even at commercial fields. For some reason, if compressed air doesn’t get in your gun’s tank then use CO2 as it’s available everywhere.

Many of you may know about ‘blowback design.’ It’s basically the same as the mechanical gun, just a change of names. How does it work? The sear catch is moved when someone pulls the trigger. This movement releases a strike in your gun. Basically, this strikes helps in opening the propel off the paintball. Pressure is created in the gun due to which space for the next paintball is made.

Some examples of these mechanic paintball guns are Tippmann guns, Kingman Spyder guns, nd BT-4s or Valken SW-1s. The advantage of Stack tube designs is that they can compress more gas compared to other guns. You won’t need a lot of refills. Whereas Inline guns are not that effective compared to Stack tube but it does have more variety when it comes to upgrading.

Ramping Paintball Guns:

This is another type of gun used in paintballing. It has the ability to shot up to fifteen shots in a second. Most people use this gun to protect themselves against other fully-automatic guns or semi-automatic guns. How does this gun protect you? Well, ramping guns can fire more shots and even target more people.

People use this gun for various reasons, but at majority times it is used by players in serious tournaments. Basically, there are three ramping modes; NXL Ramping, PSP Ramping or Millennium Ramping.


Much to your surprise people also use pistols in paintball. Moreover, it is used as a backup firearm. The only shortcoming of a pistol is that the range is very limiting and the ammunition used is low tech. So it’s better if you don’t consider it as your main weapon.

Paintball Gear

Paintball Gear Image

In order to succeed in paintball, one needs to have the best gear ever while buying some best paintball markers. You can’t compromise on any gear or equipment that is required for this sports. Having a better gear set gives you an advantage over your opponent. What comes in this perfect gear, one may think?

Well, you need goggles, making gloves, lighter vests, helmets and obviously your GUN! Your gun is the main emission when it comes to paintball. Never forget that! Similar to traveling, going light is always the best option. You get to move more easily and wisely. If your suit or gear is heavy, your concentration will be divided make you lose focus on the ‘real’ game. Don’t select your equipment set on its looks. Always remember, looks can be very deceiving.

Your selection must depend on your professional level. Like if you are a beginner don’t go for a professional kit. Use a basic set instead as it will provide you with a better view about paintball. Whereas if you are an experienced player you will know the best paintball guns range from all prices and designs. Contrary to popular belief, the lightness of the gun doesn’t just make the weapon good; one must also keep in mind the length of the gun barrel.

The length of your paintball basically depends on your paintballing style. Like for some a longer barrel may not be perfect for some or a shorter barrel too. The quality of your paintball also matters a lot. For a better accuracy of the shot, buy the best quality of paintballs there is in the market and keep them in a safe place.

After many pieces of research, people have developed or discovered that your barrel should be at least six to eight inches long. This length ensures maximum efficiency. The difference between short and long is that short barrel can compress more gas as less air is needed to launch the paintball. For players who want to get into tighter areas prefer short barrels.

The disadvantage of the short barrel is that they generate loud noises which end up giving your location to the opponent’s team. However, the long barrels don’t make that much noise as they have a lot of porting in it. In addition to that, long barrels let you shot with covers too. How so, you may think? These guns have a little extra length which results in entering the air bunker more. Hence the coverage.

The only problem with ‘long barrel’ is that it’s not efficient when it comes to gas. If a player wants to aim for a sniper shot, then I recommend he/she uses those barrels whose length are eighteen to twenty-one inches. This length allows you to hide while you target your opponent and also provides perfect coverage. No more worry about exposing yourself, now!

In conclusion, the best and most wanted barrel length is fourteen inch. If a paintball gun has this specific, then it gives the perfect size of woodsball and speedball.  However, many players prefer a sixteen inch provides you with the ideal coverage, and for violent players or an intense game, twenty inches are recommended.

Qualities of The Best Paintball Gun (What To Look For):

What can make a decent or good paintball weapon can shift fiercely starting with one individual then onto the next. Paintball gear is very individualistic and relies on upon both individual inclination and your play style. I’ll attempt to go through a portion of the general ideas.

1- For players who just take it as an activity of recreation, it’s about “It’s just gotta work.”
It must be easy to keep up, and it must have the capacity to get destroyed – a recreational player won’t value a marker that stops to work since they dropped it. For these people, a basic inside design with tough segments would be the best.

It ought to pass on the electronic eyes, timing necessities, or all that jazz and just ought to flame when you pull the trigger. It doesn’t should be quick or favor; it simply needs to work when you haul it out of the storeroom and clean it off following quite a while of disregard. It ought to likewise be modest. In case you’re just going to utilize it three or four times each year, there’s no motivation to spend an excellent on a paintball marker.

2- For a speedball player, you need something light and responsive regarding taking care of. It additionally must have the capacity to stay aware of your trigger finger. Frameworks set up to counteract cleaves and discharge failures are an in addition to (a need, truly, in the more aggressive speedball fields), as are disturbance or forcibly feed frameworks to expand the bolster rate past what gravity can oversee (in spite of the fact that nourishing frameworks are frequently all found in the container, and are along these lines obtained independently).

A thin body and a vertical feed neck will help you embrace the shelters somewhat better. The massive rec ball and situation body styles, while conceivable to play with, will impede you to some degree on this respect – particularly since in pretty much every speedball game weapon hits tally.

3- For situation or scenario players, it’s about the versatility. They require the “tough” perspective as well (since situation recreations can be *rough* on the gear) however a marker that is versatile to fit a situation player’s picked put on the field (on the off chance that they need to “fix it up” for lacking elbow room, or biggie-estimate everything for bolster fire, or add an underslung situation launcher to go up against the feared Paintball-Tanks) is prized. Picatinny/Weaver rails and a decent measure of secondary selling body packs are an or more for situation weapons.

All players, regardless of which side of the game or which level of the game they’re at, they definitely look for as solid marker. There’s nothing more frustrating than a paintball player than having his essentials to go down during the diversion.

Combining everything, there are a few things that all paintball players require i.e. ease and simple, understandable designing. All paintballers appear to have the intrinsic need to change it to improve it, make it quicker, more exact, or just to LOOK cooler.

Here it is all you need to know about paintball and its equipment. I have tried to everything related to it. At the end of the day, it all depends on you and your preferences. Whether you like small barrel guns or long barrels, auto or semi-auto, electronic trigger or manual. Decide wisely by keeping in mind your desires and needs.

Goodluck and Happy Paintballing!

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